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Boat Zone
Boat Zone 2 months ago

Canelo Alvarez is the fourth-highest paid athlete behind only a trio of soccer stars — Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. Are you a boxing fan?

Tom F
Tom F 2 months ago

Is anyone else finding these people a bit tacky?

Fabrizio Moretti
Fabrizio Moretti 2 months ago

Silicone and cellulite saga

Leandrew Williams
Leandrew Williams 2 months ago

A Yacht Full of Dudes? Come on man..

Ian Foulds
Ian Foulds 2 months ago

Love the dude with a booty in his face, eating a chip...

Juan Pindonga
Juan Pindonga 2 months ago

How many ordinary people with some money in their pockets

huevon14200006 2 months ago

Someone tell Canelo his boat is way too nice, and he has way too much money to be cruising around in a sausage fest.

Unaccommodating 2 months ago

dude has the univista insurance sponsor hes def from miami 🤣🤣💯

Steve Diaz
Steve Diaz 2 months ago

Yeap a couple of years down the road he will be broke. All his friends will be gone as well especially if he keeps spending all of this lavish money👍

bug productions
bug productions 2 months ago

Gold digger central. Win for the viewers though.

Calvin H.
Calvin H. 2 months ago

That Sunseeker 101" that belongs to Canelo Alvarez, cost him a little over $7. million. It came from France, and its original name was "BLACK LEGEND". There's no way anyone would pay $62 million for that 101-foot yacht. You can buy that 174-foot yacht named MIZU that looks like a battleship for $10 million.

Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings 2 months ago

Even the Dolphins are posers down there!!

Mark Wandrey
Mark Wandrey 2 months ago

Should have called this one "Boats and Hoes"

Lea remington
Lea remington 2 months ago

And this is EXACTLY why i wont take my boat anywhere near Ft. Liquerdale.

Pakunin61 2 months ago

Veo a esa gente que simula divertirse en esos barcos, y me parecen patéticos. Todos, desde el típico pobre hombre que presume de músculos sin tenerlos hasta la mujer que mueve su culo como una prostituta, sin dignidad alguna. Son penosos.

Lizz Bien
Lizz Bien 2 months ago

All the girls there chasing the money. Whatever it takes! Plus the twerking was vile 🤮 wtf are they thinking!!!

computerbob06 2 months ago


No Mankini's?

computerbob06 2 months ago

4:05 It must take a lot of money to maintain a body like that!?

All that fancy gell coat!

777jones 2 months ago

Good lord, Midnight Thunder girl 🤩

Thomas Mo
Thomas Mo 2 months ago

Big congrats to the shots. What a variety. Excellent!!!! The jumping dolphin - yesssss! During a diving trip around Yucatan and Cozumel i've touched wild and free dolphins three times under water. Their skin was like a mixture from silk and velvet....and try. Thank you very much!!!! Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany

King K. Rool
King K. Rool 2 months ago

Where is this at? The women are wow,!

Tommy Wilson
Tommy Wilson 2 months ago

Wow. Classy gals...

jason suttle
jason suttle 2 months ago

You can tell Canello been hit in the head too many times. In S. Fl. He buys a black boat with red seats.. smh....

Emanuel Arnold
Emanuel Arnold 2 months ago

The Sunseeker 101 "Canelo" (ex. Black Legende) was more like 6 million dollars when he bought it.

Lil Baby
Lil Baby 2 months ago

For a second I thought this was Lake of the Ozarks

Ynech 2 months ago

Nice video. I love this channel.

Josh H
Josh H 2 months ago

I'll be damned if I buy a boat for 60 million or lease for $60K and it just be a sausage party

Nikko 2 months ago

Love the color scheme on that Nor-Tech 390. 👍👍

Nikko 2 months ago

2:09 - need some thicker rope to hold those up.

Brandon Wine
Brandon Wine 2 months ago

Sorry sir you are WAY off on the price.

Ron Hayes
Ron Hayes 2 months ago

Is this a compilation of videos that you have accumulated over time of the Miami River? Or was this shot on the particular day this week? I live in the area and was just curious because it seems if this was one particular day it was extremely busy and I can't think of a day during this week it would have been like that. I love this area however I usually boat up in the Palm Beach County area and I'm thinking about relocating down to Miami. Thanks for your help.

Megs Velasco
Megs Velasco 2 months ago

Sorry i don't think a sunseeker 101 is Worth 62 million. Maybe between 6-10m but not 62m. I googled it. And I've been watching to many superyacht videos to have an idea.✌️✌️😁

Nikos Per
Nikos Per 2 months ago

4:30 ....is it a normal sight there? America here i come

Jon M
Jon M 2 months ago

I noticed that the non white under privileged people had a smaller yacht then some people and I demand reparations for them.
Thos poor folk most likely have to head home to their multi million dollar homes and sip cheap 300.00 champagne the rest the night. Go fund them.

Alan Ibarra
Alan Ibarra 2 months ago

140 millions Canelo. That number is way too low. I think is more than that

Rodney Johnston
Rodney Johnston 2 months ago

Most of all these boat owner should never be allowed operate a boat you never let anyone sit in front of the boat cuz what if you sled off to the front of the boat and you went under the boat into the prop idiot people

sebskee 2 months ago

That seal stole the show

John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago

Big boats are sometimes ridden around by big douche bags. Especially in Florida.

Glenn Lepien
Glenn Lepien 2 months ago

Time 4:47 Mystery boat is either an East Bay by Grandbanks or a Vicem .. love that down East cruiser look. At 7:15 No PFDs on the Kids .. but, nice to see Flipper is alive and well.

Alessandro Bacci
Alessandro Bacci 2 months ago

Fjord design went the wrong way!

Игорь Дымари

Умопомрачительно как шикарно...

Michael Somerset
Michael Somerset 2 months ago

Myster looks like a Sabre

Ed budgen
Ed budgen 2 months ago

Dam I go out of Ponce inlet fishing..we don't get to see all that female scenery.dissappearing island can get pretty crazy though..lol🦈🦈🦈

Someone That Watches YouTube

Twerking for the whole world to see is incredibly unattractive.

Bryan Christiansen
Bryan Christiansen 2 months ago

Sorry, where was the crash?

Cliff 2 months ago

Net worth of 140 million. Spends approximately half of it on a boat. Yeah that was fukking smart

Adam Tedder
Adam Tedder 2 months ago

Love the kids on the bow dancing with no life jackets despite the law. Good parenting.

Swimming Pool Company

4:28 she wanted to flash

HipHoponatimus !
HipHoponatimus ! 2 months ago

@Boat Zone that rear view of the Midnight Thunder might be the best I’ve ever seen on this channel. Or any other Miami boat channel!

Musicians Hotsheet
Musicians Hotsheet 2 months ago

"Self crewed" is a subjective term. Lessons in seamanship are worth the extra money if you can afford a yacht.

Eli Anselmi
Eli Anselmi 2 months ago

Nice video! Was laughing at the Fjord at 3:25.. Norwegian boat named in Latin (Amici - Friend) .. I can see that in a Pardo, but why not use Venn (Norwegian) or something in Old Norse like Felagi??!?!? Great video as usual

Cynthia Cler
Cynthia Cler 2 months ago

That's pretty funny you all flash a boat insurance company add when that yaht hit the boat tied up. LMFAO

PAPA Smurf
PAPA Smurf 2 months ago

I like this channel and watch it often but today I was struck by another thought that popped into my head. With the volume down and just focusing on what I see I was struck by how Crude and Nasty people can be when they have no inhibitions. Girls with big flabby asses in G-Strings grinding there blow hole in there mans faces. Like saying , is that what you want baby, ya come and taste this sweetly Mellon. The only thing separating us from animals we wear cloths. We kill and eat other animals just like they do. We are more intelligent but can become an animal in a split second.

Thomas Grunow
Thomas Grunow 2 months ago

Thank you Alex, great Job 👍😍

Ron A
Ron A 2 months ago

Give me yachts, megayachts and loadsssss of sexy girls... please

thecorsair1945 2 months ago

His net worth is $140M......but spends over $60M on the yacht..?
I know he is chartering it but that is a LOT of money to plunk down😣

brian griffith
brian griffith 2 months ago

That dolphin jump was a hell of a shot.

fishheds 2 months ago

That NorTech is a great looking package all the way around, even if the radardome gives it a slight 5-0 vibe.

KRRZ350 2 months ago

Lovin the preview feature of the videos now

kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan 2 months ago

Is that Bandman Kevo the scam rapper at 9:26

Fernando Cervantes
Fernando Cervantes 2 months ago

Canelo net worth 2021 is 800mdd not 140mdd

Billy Oltmann
Billy Oltmann 2 months ago

Fjord 40 , Ugliest boat I've ever seen!

kevin callaghan
kevin callaghan 2 months ago


Luca &Logan2737
Luca &Logan2737 2 months ago

Mystery boat is Grand Banks

good2 golden
good2 golden 2 months ago

Sexy girls and power yachts
Meh....too much compensating
I prefer cool boat handling
Red top and ?

Ron Heim
Ron Heim 2 months ago

That will buff out.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown 2 months ago

A sausage fest on the Canelo...

papa bits
papa bits 2 months ago

The boxers boat was nice but no chicks ! What’s up with that?

James Eduardo
James Eduardo 2 months ago

Another one for 2021, love the Hinckley.

D McD 2 months ago

Kids on the boat with no life jackets at 7:16 and dancing on deck..... Outside of the lack of care for the kids and following regulations- put a sign on your boat... TICKETS PLEASE OFFICERS.

FBRR2 2 months ago

Hey! Let's rent a boat and hire a few hookers!

Allan Salzman
Allan Salzman 2 months ago

Mystery boat is Eastbay 49 HX

Jim B
Jim B 2 months ago

Classy boats and classy boaters. Waves, nods, a little shake. Then there's the lovely ghetto twerkers.

randalljames 2 months ago

I am not a strippper....... really

Todd Tanner
Todd Tanner 2 months ago

He paid nothing close to 62 million for that Sunseeker ... LOL

Rob Gorta
Rob Gorta 2 months ago

Youtube erased my cover picture with my girlfriend in a thong for my latest video. Let's see if it happens to you.

toby dog
toby dog 2 months ago

White men can't jump and white girls sure can't dance. It's embarrassing ladies, stop it please!

RLN1972 2 months ago

wearing a skimpy bathing suit is kind of like open carry...just because you can dont mean you should

Roger 2 months ago

And the yacht that crashed, wft is up with the anchor not being in the pocket....what a F tard!

Roger 2 months ago

I think the mystery boat is a Hinckley

Judith Chambers
Judith Chambers 2 months ago

Love that blue NorTech!! Nice yacht for that boxer! I don't follow boxing, but hey, taking poundings from others in that sport, the guy deserves a yacht.

eric slade
eric slade 2 months ago

Never get out of the boat no tigers just sharks

wjatube 2 months ago

I would be the guy wearing the mask so no one would see me sticking hundred dollar bills in that dancer's crack.

Tom Drummy
Tom Drummy 2 months ago

Please notice me !!! That’s why I’m sitting on the bow of a 50’ boat.
And yes, i need a drink in one hand and my cell phone in the other to enjoy it

John Doe
John Doe 2 months ago

I believe your Mystery boat is a Hinkley. Just about the only boat with classy people on it too!

R L T 2 months ago

Does anyone know who has the Spray n Wash concession here?

Eric Powers
Eric Powers 2 months ago

HEY!!! You scratched my anchor

anthony michel
anthony michel 2 months ago

Musique please 4:30

Captain Dax Hallock
Captain Dax Hallock 2 months ago

Love how the mate yells at the Captain!!! Neither one should be on that boat communication is key and a look out is always a must!!! Go back to sea school or MPT freshen up your skills and learn the rules!!!!!! Lmao

Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen 2 months ago

Canelo must have had a few knocks on the noggin to buy a fully black boat in Miami.

mike baaz
mike baaz 2 months ago

I like the wildlife

Tommy Cox
Tommy Cox 2 months ago

You never see 20&30 year olds with multimillion dollar Boats. Greedy parents... can't give their kids a few million when they make that in a few months

Michael Cowan
Michael Cowan 2 months ago

It's is true that strippers love boats.

scoggin 2 months ago

Are "sexy girls" and "sluts twerking" the same thing?

.:: KOEN ::.
.:: KOEN ::. 2 months ago

I don’t know this Canelo, but looks like he’s living the life... wow

Killer B
Killer B 2 months ago

Great video... Dolphin shot was awesome, manatees and some nice boats and other assets... That whaler was probably the same price as my house. Didn’t see damage though, hopefully that was the case. Lastly, love the women but I’m so over the twerking. Not that I would say no if it was in front of my face...

59patrickw 2 months ago

can a nice boater that looks in take Boat Zone out for a day and we can see the inlet from a boat in and out with Boat Zone

Tim Wise
Tim Wise 2 months ago

Mystery boat is an older Burger.

Phil Tanics
Phil Tanics 2 months ago

Dont gotta worry about tainted meat and getting busted with illegal handwraps on the the water, makes it a great place for Cownelo. Only downside, no vegas boxing commision and judges to save him if he gets in trouble out there LOL.

Thunderbyrd 2 months ago

It's funny how girls being photographed while on a boat brings out the stripper in them. lol.