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Title : A Christmas Day Wedding Proposal!

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A Christmas Day Wedding Proposal!

A Christmas Day Wedding Proposal!

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Kamilla716 2 months ago

Times are different now...serious living room spread!

Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 2 months ago

I skipped randomly to the min six, and I save life time.

Matthew Vennix
Matthew Vennix 2 months ago

Are they married yet?

Monique Antoinette
Monique Antoinette 2 months ago


Larry Roeth
Larry Roeth 2 months ago

All you idiot commentors on here couldn't have been nicer. And let him have his moment. ------- It was a well planned wedding proposal. And having the family there to share in your Happiness is well worth it. ------ All these other commentors on here are either not married and don't get it, or they're just gay idiots wanting to ruin the moment. Congratulations on your Proposal.

NTD 2 months ago

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VIKINGRAIDER 2 months ago

He had about as much style as a mannequin.

Gonzalo Tejeda
Gonzalo Tejeda 2 months ago

Check my video out

It's JustMe
It's JustMe 2 months ago

You couldn't get another person in that house with grease and a shoe horn.

C L 2 months ago

Seahawks ! <3 and congrats :3

Hunter 4559
Hunter 4559 2 months ago

You could have at least had a couple family members there to witness the event! LOL

Far King
Far King 2 months ago

How's that floating red hat in the middle of the couch?

Mandy D
Mandy D 2 months ago

That's a huge family hehe aw congratulations x

kapilmerc 2 months ago

D, Christmas Day is a good day, isn't it? Double pleasure!

kapilmerc 2 months ago

D, Don't go away

Jeremy Fine
Jeremy Fine 2 months ago

are those 3 dead kids on the couch by the big tree

Mandi Williams
Mandi Williams 2 months ago

how many people were in that house

Cristina Ortiz
Cristina Ortiz 2 months ago

Love the Seahawks gear!

Rob Hill
Rob Hill 2 months ago

shut the kids up man

BOB De pso
BOB De pso 2 months ago

trop mimi ! nice