10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!


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Information 10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

Title : 10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

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Frames 10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

Description 10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

10 SHOPPING SECRETS Dollar Tree Doesn't Want You to Know!

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The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy 2 months ago

If you enjoyed this video, please give it a THUMBS UP as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm! 😀 Do you have a tip when it comes to shopping at Dollar Tree/Dollar Stores?

Melat Demessie
Melat Demessie 2 months ago

You’re humble

Maria Tsounakis
Maria Tsounakis 2 months ago

My dollar tree told me they do not accept coupons. What can I do?

Big Taste
Big Taste 2 months ago

Am so happy today my Ex is back, after the casting of dr godfatherspellcaster on YouTube, I really want to appreciate Dr Godfatherspellcaster on YouTube for helping me restore my relationship

Renee Berry
Renee Berry 2 months ago

Thank you for your research and info. Little secrets do help when on a tight budget.

Da fN
Da fN 2 months ago

It may sound nasty to many but they sell the big cans of sardines. Spend the money on good crackers.

One Fun Diamond Painter

I love DT and I love your channel! 😊

Valkyrie 2 months ago

That little, "I love you" at the end, was so ridiculously sweet. First time watching any of your videos and probably would've just gone on to the next in the queue...except for that goofy little I love you. You know, we women really are suckers sometimes. New subscriber. And hey, I think I 💕 you, too 😊.

Jackie Price
Jackie Price 2 months ago

I don’t buy a lot at the Dollar Tree for some reason, I don’t know why but I usually buy cheap cookies, maybe chips etc.

Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez 2 months ago

How can you do about the coupons and were can you get them from? I will really appreciated

Waleska Colon
Waleska Colon 2 months ago

Subscribed and notifications on

Sunny Azuli
Sunny Azuli 2 months ago

It’s funny how you said “... coco puffs” AS I WAS LOOKING at them

Cortrell Davis
Cortrell Davis 2 months ago

Number 1:everything isn’t a dollar😐

Dawn valarie
Dawn valarie 2 months ago

Thanks for the info, you are not annoying. We all use our fingers to stay focused, etc. 😁 Take care!

Dona Joseph
Dona Joseph 2 months ago


Iconic Girl
Iconic Girl 2 months ago

They absolutely DO NOT offer you a discount for buying bulk. Just made a purchase costing over 300.00 on two separate items and there was zero discount. It's easy to have the items packed and delivered or ready for pick up vs putting it all in you cart in-store but there is no Discount. FYI in-store pick up wasn't available on one of my items so I needed up having to ship it and it cost me over $44 raising the price significantly. Maybe able to find it cheaper on Amazon...JS....OH and they don't qaurentee the shipping date so beware if your buying for an event.

Tara Noel
Tara Noel 2 months ago

I am so glad I found this channel!! Thank you , I never knew about the smaller quantity section online 😃👍

Batool Hayat
Batool Hayat 2 months ago

I watched this all video just to listen to him talk he is funny

Brittany Billy
Brittany Billy 2 months ago

Is there any need going for shopping without having Money in account? That's why I invest

K. Anderson
K. Anderson 2 months ago

Some people with smaller households sometimes don’t want HUGE containers of things. I like being able to get stuff that I will use but not have for a year. I also think it benefits people who are low on money & need a few things. Its better to spend $5 on five items (even if they are smaller) than one big item for $5. $5 for a giant bottle of shampoo or $5 for smaller bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste & lotion. No, it won’t last is long but I would rather have the necessary things than 1 necessary thing that I can only do one thing with. People with disposable income may not need to do this but if you don’t have a lot it helps

K. Anderson
K. Anderson 2 months ago

In the off season school supplies can be a good deal. Stores usually have extreme school sales in August & September but not the rest of the year. Close out stuff is a good deal. I have gotten stuff that retailed for $10 on Amazon & got exact same thing at Dollar Tree

Annette Lemmer
Annette Lemmer 2 months ago

Dude, look over this video again. You didn't tell us the name of thewebsite where we could get cash back for certain brands.

Sarah Fabian
Sarah Fabian 2 months ago

Guess what your videos are

Sarah Fabian
Sarah Fabian 2 months ago

Are you lying

Cathy Brown
Cathy Brown 2 months ago

We think your great. The tall glass candles, no matter where I buy them after they burn about 1-2 inches down can’t get them going again. I have even poured the melted wax out.

Aleta Adams
Aleta Adams 2 months ago

You are helpful
You keep my interest while I save money

lorrianne ferreira
lorrianne ferreira 2 months ago

Very good video. Keep the hand movements and keep being you. Great job

Hammers Without Handles

lol steak

Anita Rogers
Anita Rogers 2 months ago

I was wondering if you have a review on the three stick on backsplash

hashim gilani
hashim gilani 2 months ago

You could have done some homework !

Cassie Bodnar
Cassie Bodnar 2 months ago

Just here to subscribe in order to increase your self confidence

Amber Scida
Amber Scida 2 months ago

I don’t know if many know this, but you can use SNAP Benefits at Dollar Tree as well. I’m guessing it’s all of them like super market’s.

Joanna Martin
Joanna Martin 2 months ago

I just recently ordered in the "smaller quantities" section on dollar tree website 4 10" hanging baskets and 4 coconut liners for them, so for $8 I got 4 , which is a great buy. They do charge a handling fee which was a $1.80 for all 8 items which wasn't bad, but shipping was insane if I wanted them shipped to my home, it was $32!!!!! Just for shipping but they do allow you to have them shipped to your nearest dollar tree. So I do have to pick them up but they never sold them in my dollar tree store, so I'm ok with that. There's no way on earth that I would spend $32 for shipping on $8 worth of products.

Jessica Gadd
Jessica Gadd 2 months ago

You can buy the case and then only keep what you want of it and be refunded for the rest. They will sell the rest in store. I'm an assistant manager at a Dollar tree

Mary Young
Mary Young 2 months ago

Thank you

Tiffany Feldman
Tiffany Feldman 2 months ago

I get my note books .25 tax free weekend at Walmart

Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor 2 months ago

Cocoa Puffs 😶

This World IsCrazy
This World IsCrazy 2 months ago

Dude.....it's a dollar lol

Melissa D
Melissa D 2 months ago

Hey Deal Guy... are your videos always applicable to Canada or only when you specifically say so?

Awenda Awenda
Awenda Awenda 2 months ago

Filet mignonette is round and not flat and is no more than three inches around? They could have been flank or round steaks from or from an old cow or bull, priced to sell. Remember,the older the animal the less desirable the meat. Tough unless you slow cook it with some citrus or for an entire day on low. Then it will fall apart. I know that because I have a farm and raise cattle. BTW the best time to butcher an animal is a year or less for optimal taste. Chickens so they are around 5/6 lbs at most. But I do love my dollar tree especially for special holidays for decorations and designs. There are a lot more but as always, consumers beware. Thanks for the great advice!

Mikka Hackenberger
Mikka Hackenberger 2 months ago

No. You are not allowed to get a cash refund at a dollar tree. They carry name brand yes, they accept coupons, but they are used to be affordable for low income families and inexpensive. Those that have alot of money are not required to enter or purchase items from the store. Why be picky if it's affordable and disposable. They negotiate with the direct name brand company to allow them to sell the item at a price that is able to be considered reasonable. The items are also going to be sold in a case. It is still $1. DT does tell people this, no one reads anything anymore. when is the last time someone read terms and conditions? It's literally the same thing.

Carmen Nunnally
Carmen Nunnally 2 months ago


Seana J
Seana J 2 months ago

I like the excited hands. Shows enthusiasm for good deals!

Seraphimgirl1 2 months ago

Great tips! If only they applied to Dollar Trees in Canada!

Jess Chiu
Jess Chiu 2 months ago

Hand motion=confidence

artzyyma 2 months ago

I love everything about this, don't change a thing! This video popped up in my recommended, I'm so glad it did, you have a new subbie!

Mr Slinky
Mr Slinky 2 months ago

You remind me of Dr Mike, another great youtuber. You're like his economic counterpart lol

Jessica Cuevas
Jessica Cuevas 2 months ago

Thank you this was very inlightining of some if this needs so thank you your doing a great job

Jana West
Jana West 2 months ago

Cool! Didn’t know about the coupons!

DIY Crafty Paws
DIY Crafty Paws 2 months ago

You really have a problem with those hands. I think you been locked up too long with some kids or something, lol. Thanks for the tips

01 02
01 02 2 months ago

we all talk with our hands!!, those of us who have hands anyway..so it's no problem, totally natural for most people to do.🤗
& thanks for all the continuing great tips!👍

b Consilio
b Consilio 2 months ago

I’m a retired teacher the stickers are not always a good choice! They fall off both the paper and the original sticker backing! Disappointing!

hotpinkstars325 2 months ago

This guy is funny :)

Ronnie Ferguson
Ronnie Ferguson 2 months ago

Ummm..., I know DANG well dude got some marriage proposals and whatnot after this video. Buy stuff AND save money? He’s a keeper!

Margaret Rice
Margaret Rice 2 months ago

Hi Deal Guy
I discovered you with Cisco and BJ'S
and am so glad I did. Thank You so much for all the help you send your subscribers way. We're Grateful.

thrilla manilla
thrilla manilla 2 months ago

I need to write these down! Lol
I tried a price home depot hack at costco 🤣😂😅

Blue Lee
Blue Lee 2 months ago

please show us how to find item's we are looking for in dollar tree on an android phone, thanks the deal guy

herrenkohl 2 months ago

Steak makes a good sandwich

Rotrice Summerville
Rotrice Summerville 2 months ago

Great content 💜

Emily_ Gross
Emily_ Gross 2 months ago

The allergy medicine at Dollar Tree is really good.
I am a regular purchaser of the boxes "compared to Zyrtec" pills.
The price is great compared to other stores and to name brand.

Elise and Philip Irminger

That low self confidence comment cracked me up. LOL.

Amber N.
Amber N. 2 months ago

Hand gestures are important in keeping your audiences attention.Try watching a pastor who stands still then watch one who uses gestures and props.. Stop worrying about it. A video about saving money could be pretty dry .keep moving..

E De-Armond
E De-Armond 2 months ago

DOLLAR TREE wants you to know these things. Why would they want you to NOT know that they sell GREETING CARDS. A more truthful title would be 10 SECRETS THAT DOLLAR TREE COMPETITORS DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW.

Domini Rocco
Domini Rocco 2 months ago

1.25 speed lads

Rachel Strahan
Rachel Strahan 2 months ago


Gunilla Skonie
Gunilla Skonie 2 months ago

Be aware, many of the products are made in China. Check any eatable products and medication, like aspirin.

ProgressiveHeart 2 months ago

Thank you for mentioning about possible lead in DT toys. I sometimes pick up things my cat might like (yes, in the toy section). I’ll get rid of those now.

Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy 2 months ago

You are the Greatest! Handsome, and you keep using those hand an arm motions all you want. 😊

AJStar8 2 months ago

We love you, with, or without your hand, and arm gestures, so please don’t feel self conscious about that. 😊😄👍

sierra adams
sierra adams 2 months ago

Pandering and talking s*** at the same time... That aside pretty funny thanks for the tips

Michelle Palmiter
Michelle Palmiter 2 months ago

I love your charm. Thank you for teaching us how to save even more. When you say to scan your receipts, where do we scan them? Ibotta or?

Jared Boswell
Jared Boswell 2 months ago

You are the most legit deals channel I have ever seen, thank you

The SHADOW Knowz
The SHADOW Knowz 2 months ago

You Do Not have to buy in bulk to get discounts at Dollar Tree! I shopped in Virginia and across America to Las Vegas to California...there isn't any bulk unless you want it and can order online!

SLone3251 2 months ago

One huge secret I've heard from someone who used to work at a Dollar Tree: the security cameras are fake. That being said, nothing at a Dollar Tree should ever be worth stealing.

Moonstruck Exploring
Moonstruck Exploring 2 months ago

I went shopping at Dollar Tree and it wasn't that great. But the worst was finally getting to the check out and being told there are no bags to bag up the groceries. Really. I buy two weeks worth of groceries at a time and you don't have any bags? What am I supposed to do take arm loads to my car? LOL

I left it all with the checker and walked out.

They need to put a sign up next time so you don't waste my time and waste $200 worth of frozen groceries.

Beth Chananie
Beth Chananie 2 months ago

Best Dollar Tree secret ever — the dog bones. All made in The USA. and all natural ingredients.

Ann Wig
Ann Wig 2 months ago

The sizes of dollar tree products have shrunk to Rediculous sizes, I was shocked!! Not worth even 1:00, cleaning products

Cunsert3 2 months ago

Don't milk he died

Furious Stylez
Furious Stylez 2 months ago

Dollartree 🍖 your a brave man

dianne delledera
dianne delledera 2 months ago

The frozen fruit is super! Especially for smothies.

dianne delledera
dianne delledera 2 months ago

Sometimes you don't want a huge bottle of shampoo!

Anji Grace
Anji Grace 2 months ago

You look like Paul Simon

Kay Dixie
Kay Dixie 2 months ago

This tie & shirt really work well together! And the shirt is not too tight. This look will get you promoted.

Patricia Vyce
Patricia Vyce 2 months ago

This is awesome !”👍🏻”Thank you for sharing.”👍🏻”

Victoria Kimball
Victoria Kimball 2 months ago

I don't mind the hand motions at all!

larzuga1 2 months ago

I felt that I love you 💞💞

larzuga1 2 months ago

Some of the best greeting cards are there especially Christian based cards, Dayspring, which is an extension of Hallmark. Often good ones 2 for $1 and the extra beautiful ones $1.

larzuga1 2 months ago

Anyone who buys books there don't know books

larzuga1 2 months ago

Don't use cheese. Was like plastic. Has best gift bags. Identical ones at Target for $4-6.

larzuga1 2 months ago

I love Dollar Tree. They have the best stickers. Some I've seen at Michael's for almost $5. Jamaican patties that taste delicious!!!! Hard to find restaurant.

rose budd
rose budd 2 months ago

Dang, them were nice ass dollar tree stores lol

Christine's Creativity Cabinet

You are mistaken about the smaller quantity items on the website. Yes, you don't have to buy a whole case, but you do have to buy a smaller minimum amount. The smallest I have seen is 4 items. I have never seen an item you can buy only one of, or any quantity you like. It's still worth checking, as many of the smaller quantities are much more doable than a whole case, but you're mistaken if you think you can order any quantity you want.

Holly Miller
Holly Miller 2 months ago

I always buy the 1 dollar steaks, I use one steak per person plus one additional (so I buy 3 for 2 people) and a bag of broccoli to stir fry, rice ...5.00 total

Pearl Meacham
Pearl Meacham 2 months ago

Best place to buy balloons blown up.

Bunny Bravato
Bunny Bravato 2 months ago

Are you Italian? We use our hands ALL THE TIME...I was told "if we tie your hands down, you won't be able to talk !!"😁

Anita George
Anita George 2 months ago


Deborah Lloyd
Deborah Lloyd 2 months ago

Speakers at TED talks who use their hands a lot are perceived as better speakers.

zZz’s ASMR
zZz’s ASMR 2 months ago

Man.... my fiancée and I ordered some mugs in bulk from them and about (12 in all) and literally 7 of them were broke.. got refunded for the 7 mugs but the shipping cost was still absolutely insane. When possible order to the store to ensure quality.

Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess 2 months ago

For beauty and personal care PLEASE CHECK EXPIRATION DATE.

Phly Gerl
Phly Gerl 2 months ago

#1 Smaller quantity size.
#2 Food/meat.
#3 Closeout/liquidation sections.
#4 Good greeting cards/bad vitamins.
#5 Money back on purchases.
#6 Expensive notebooks/school supplies.
#7 Toys have lead.
#8 Bulk buys.
#9 Smaller quantities.
#10 Manufacturer coupons.