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fastest1321 2 months ago

The dance he deos when the bartender is pouring his drink is priceless, you guys gotta re-watch that

Mike M
Mike M 2 months ago

I’ve been going back to past episodes
And I noticed that Amanda’s doctor in the flashback is the man in the shrimp costume Nick kills in the first episode.
At least I’m pretty sure.

A Girl Has No Name
A Girl Has No Name 2 months ago

This show makes me appreciate Chris meloni as freakshow from Harold & kumar that much more.

robert kent
robert kent 2 months ago

you fucking sux bitch!

Genesis Foy
Genesis Foy 2 months ago

Happy is a great show.

Heather's Sculpted Leather

First I have to say that I am in love with Happy! Honesty I would not have watched if it had not been for your reviews so thank you for that. When you said "This show is not for everyone." I knew I had to check it out. I am such a bitter bitch that I had boycotted the syfy channel after they canceled Farscape and had not watched a single show until from syfy until The Expanse. I am so excited that they are taking chances again and I hope they will continue. (still bitter about Farscape though)

kukrae 2 months ago

Keep in mind the show was filmed in Brooklyn. Even the VO work was cross-country. Patton in a booth here in LA and Chris would go to a booth in NY to run the lines to Patton. Another tie to the show's past is Alison Fraser who is Mrs Claws...she was in SVU during the earlier years. Lili grew up in the industry...her mother is Ellen Mirojnick, a noted costume designer (most recently Greatest Showman). And :gasp: at the art from Darick! Been asking on twitter how it'd be possible to get a Happy sketch! Please figure out how to do this soon!!!! I need a Happy sketch for my office!! Enjoying your podcasts on this show.

BAM 2 months ago

the episodes keep getting better. i`m totally hooked on it. it made me cry from laughter and some pretty good scares. and some totally shocking moments i LOVE it soo much.
and if it wasnt for HAPPY i probably wouldn't have found you guys and you guys are great. thanks again for the podcast

Michelle Lynn
Michelle Lynn 2 months ago

It is such a great show. I truly hope it gets more popular. I will be soooo disappointed if it gets cancel. 🦄

aKrazyGuyUKno 2 months ago

I checked out “Happy!” on a whim on its premiere night and knew after one episode it was my new favorite show. It’s appoint TV for me and I’m so glad you guys are covering it! I ordered the graphic novel on Amazon and am holding off to the season finale to read it. 😁