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Elementis Regamus Proelium

I guess most of the people who were all for storming area 51 didn't want to be bombed by the airforce.
It's never a good idea to try and take over any military base.

Really Useful Trackmaster Fan

One person got in and one person Naruto ran

Stoic 2 months ago

OHH YEAH! 7:08

mods 113
mods 113 2 months ago

Pretty cool cakes, Magnus brand is hit or miss in my area, have to keep an eye out for them. Didn't realize Antonio was such a chatterbox!!😁

Heaven's Warrior
Heaven's Warrior 2 months ago

Definitely enjoyed, I do believe we need to see more from this brand very impressive cakes! 👍🤜

Faith Frank
Faith Frank 2 months ago

4$4;( |§¥ ~[\<…] __<_[_[__6^3[

Jeff Kowal
Jeff Kowal 2 months ago

Cody, have you shot the “Bite of Death” zipper cake?

Pyro 65
Pyro 65 2 months ago

wish that we in Sweden also have such cakes in the package canon good cakes ... ❄

Hans Gruber
Hans Gruber 2 months ago

Firework companies like this get some great PR from you. I loved this cake assortment. I'd buy that. Thanks for going out in the cold of night to light off these fireworks. I hate the cold and you deal with some serious weather. I'm sure you make some money from doing these videos but you invest so much in these fireworks. I can only imagine how much you spend every year purchasing these. The last couple of years I've become enamored with fireworks and I get what I need from your videos. Keep it up! Let's see some more of your vintage stash now.

josh reman
josh reman 2 months ago

You should try some of the Grizzlies products fireworks

Darkspazzy 30
Darkspazzy 30 2 months ago

Nice Group of cakes did you buy a case for your collection? Seems like a perfect set to do just that.

Sparks 2 months ago

Awesome art work and great idea and the cakes themselves were great, they can't stop all of us my favourite thumbs-up Cody for choice and braving the cold 👍

Eric Peiffer
Eric Peiffer 2 months ago

Do a shell comparison with the best shells on the market

north east pyro
north east pyro 2 months ago

We can't set fireworks off when we want in the UK I dont think

Dan Mcintyre
Dan Mcintyre 2 months ago

Have you ever watched any videos on German cakes or tried to buy some? not sure what they cost or if you could even get them but seem to be a lot bigger better!

Anthony Andino
Anthony Andino 2 months ago

There was a huge crowd at the gate when the "Storm Area 51" thing happened.. It was super funny to watch the video of it. And those cakes were very nice!

Cloud Pyro
Cloud Pyro 2 months ago

Sweet set cakes there funny as hell

Pinnacle Fireworks
Pinnacle Fireworks 2 months ago

Magnus has a bunch of great names and labels. One of my favorite brands!

Ducati 749
Ducati 749 2 months ago

For $120, that's actually pretty good. The breaks were decent, and good color too.

Lloyd Bellis
Lloyd Bellis 2 months ago

Those cakes were really cool

Avishek Dey
Avishek Dey 2 months ago


Casper Friis
Casper Friis 2 months ago

Awesome cool cake

Chris Duitsman
Chris Duitsman 2 months ago

For the value, this cake assortment was amazing. 120 bucks that was well spent.

itdoesn't makeSense
itdoesn't makeSense 2 months ago

Now if we a get a trump won assortment id have two assortments id have to buy 🤷🏼‍♂️🤗😂

eric81872 2 months ago

Thank you for the video! ☺ ♥

Pyro RONNIE 2 months ago

Extremely nice cakes

Cesar Yamil Canals
Cesar Yamil Canals 2 months ago


grovermatic 2 months ago

If I recall correctly, a bunch of people showed up to hang out by the gate, but the guards were cool and everybody got along.

Scott Galbraith
Scott Galbraith 2 months ago

Magnus makes good stuff generally. This is one of the few times you've shown stuff that was available near me last season. I thought the pace of these cakes was weird.

Aerospace Matt
Aerospace Matt 2 months ago

Not many people actually showed up for that Area 51 thing. The 20 or so who did I think just stood around outside the gate looking to the sky for UFOs. Probably would have mistook a canister shell for an intergalactic visitor.

Allen Miner
Allen Miner 2 months ago

Loved the green ones. Big bucks.

John Walker
John Walker 2 months ago

I haven’t even watched the video yet but I think this is my favorite assortment ever.

Hoe Central
Hoe Central 2 months ago

the effects are nice

Sirens & Alarms of Northern IL

These things are great! Love those crackles, but the breaks seem quiet but idc. Great assortment!

Jm legend YT
Jm legend YT 2 months ago

Amazing cakes Cody keep up the content its so amazing.

xChickenTeeth 2 months ago

Wassup Elite Fireworks. Ever checked out Hawaii New Years traditions? If you haven’t I suggest you take a look. Best in the nation by far.

paul urban
paul urban 2 months ago

They look like 200 gram cakes with the full screen ... horrible video

Dave Skro
Dave Skro 2 months ago

good assortment

jayssafeandsane 2 months ago


Jack Ross
Jack Ross 2 months ago

Hey can you try the tiki box sampler from red apple fireworks

Anthony Lee
Anthony Lee 2 months ago

Cool fireworks ‼✊

Gustavo De La Torre
Gustavo De La Torre 2 months ago

I believe it was supposed to happen on September 20 2019

Louis Hoey
Louis Hoey 2 months ago

I remember this people did show up and camp I don't think anything happened with it Obviously lol. Wait you didn't do it in order🤔. Eskimo kisses is gonna be a Cody Meme 😄. over all I liked these cakes cool concept and decent breaks 👍🏼👏🏼.

Gustavo De La Torre
Gustavo De La Torre 2 months ago

Naruto run really that’s dope ASF 🤣

Arthur Kitchen
Arthur Kitchen 2 months ago

Very nice

D.H-PYRO 2 months ago

Those were a nice assortment, I'd grab it

Ken Doran
Ken Doran 2 months ago

Definitely worth the money, cool assortment

George Smith
George Smith 2 months ago


Ryan Newhall
Ryan Newhall 2 months ago

Man Cody ima say it again your the pyro king I learn so much information and products and demos all the vids I greatly appreciate bro plus the time it takes and u make my day every week just like all of us and can’t wait for LFR shells thanks.. also love the assortment and art work plus that last cake

TallR26 2 months ago

Alien running away from Area 51 Firework Store LoL…

Wow cody you have almost 100 million views on your channel, I can wait to see happens goes off on future

ACE420 2 months ago

They cant stop us all was my favorite. They all was good though. I bet all 3 would be cool together...

Randy Stephens
Randy Stephens 2 months ago

Man that's to cold for my butt lol

KrazyD 2 months ago

Why do they put fak stock photos on cakes?

Michael Onorato
Michael Onorato 2 months ago

I'm digging this assortment, very nice

Michael littlejohns
Michael littlejohns 2 months ago

R u planning to do a video on 7 inch canister shells

Michael littlejohns
Michael littlejohns 2 months ago

Great video cody

Jordan Dempsey
Jordan Dempsey 2 months ago


Meryn MTG
Meryn MTG 2 months ago

Those were actually some pretty nice breaks and good duration. All 3 of those shot together would make for a solid finale. 100% worth.

Trap House Pyro
Trap House Pyro 2 months ago

Great 🎂 assortment 🔥 wrap dope video

an225 2 months ago

The fact isnt a festive day and all the year he throw fireworks its insane

PyroDisco Flash
PyroDisco Flash 2 months ago

At least 1 Girandola UFO Cake would have been Spectacular in this Assortment, of Course the Concept is awesome, Back Road Pyro Legends

jhit2Smooth 2 months ago

You should try the Halo 6” canisters they are good.

elliott deiters
elliott deiters 2 months ago

man those cakes were not bad but what i really like about the assortment was the art work on the cakes super cool and awesome i would buy that assortment

Thistle Dawn
Thistle Dawn 2 months ago

They actually stayed there at the gate and proceeded to have a party with food trucks and some merchandise stands lol

EtNick Trujillo
EtNick Trujillo 2 months ago

Cake are pretty cool. Glad you are finally doing Videos a bunch again.

Timothy Conwell
Timothy Conwell 2 months ago

#3 👍👍👆🖐✌❗

Schalt mal ab
Schalt mal ab 2 months ago

Nice 🤩 and 💪 strong

Joe USA i1
Joe USA i1 2 months ago

You really press the button of the recording with your nose

Maurice Nations
Maurice Nations 2 months ago

That’s some awesome cakes.

Ace productions
Ace productions 2 months ago

Love what you’re doing out here

Ace productions
Ace productions 2 months ago

Any tips for a small fireworks display

Jayden Danger
Jayden Danger 2 months ago

Good cakes 👍💯🎇

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago

Cody i love your videos keep up the good work 😉🤠

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago

That can't stop us all LETS GOOOOO

Jonah Smith Fireworks

Ah yes, the area 51 "break in" back in 2019... I remember that haha. Those cakes had some really nice effects on them though! Great vid!

jhit2Smooth 2 months ago

i remember

Djakadylan 2 months ago

Yes they actually did meet up at the gate but nothing happened. They had videos at the time of the meet up all over the internet

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


PyrotechnicVeteran 2 months ago

Lookin forward on seeing what you think of the LFR shells, They’re really good shells!

Moises Mancinas
Moises Mancinas 2 months ago

Definitely the last cake Was the best if I were to get this pack I would light them off all at once 😎🔥🔥

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


yellowgroove Pyro1
yellowgroove Pyro1 2 months ago

Out of focus btw

satinderjit4 2 months ago

Those were nice cakes.

yellowgroove Pyro1
yellowgroove Pyro1 2 months ago

Labels look good bro love the ufo references

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago

NEW VIDEO 📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸📸

yellowgroove Pyro1
yellowgroove Pyro1 2 months ago

Hanger 18 was where aliens were stored as the story goes, area 51 was the crash ! Heavy metal band megadeth had an actual song called hanger 18 and I actually been to that air force base , there is a museum at wpafb! Write Patterson air force base in Dayton Ohio

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


Jaliscodrummer2009 2 months ago

Damn those r some hard hitters 😅

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


H SiFF 2 months ago

Magnus fireworks are LEGENDARY. ( I tryed em)

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


De Pyro kabouter
De Pyro kabouter 2 months ago

Are we gonne raid area 51 with this now?

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


JacobCarr108 2 months ago

Awesome 🎇🧨🎆

marshmallowfanhere 2 months ago


WisdomDays 2 months ago

Those look deadly 😂