Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!


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Information Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

Title : Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

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Frames Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

Description Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

Youtuber eats DEADLY mushroom!!!

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Bob The Bob
Bob The Bob 2 months ago

If you dry a Amanita Muscaria and eat it, COULD you still get a good high? Im not sure if when you dry it, the effects go away.

Josh Rutter
Josh Rutter 2 months ago

Why lie and say they're deadly or also known as death caps?

I am Mote
I am Mote 2 months ago

Haaaaa. I come from Thailand. 😁😀😎

Cleatus Jr
Cleatus Jr 2 months ago

as an American NO ONE says Fungai like that and if they do they arent from the US originally.... butcher your own country dumbass....

Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon 2 months ago

I smoke them! They're my last call while drinking you can't eat them while drinking so I smoke em!

Detective Angelo
Detective Angelo 2 months ago

We'll be right back

Jo Baby
Jo Baby 2 months ago

Damn Mario & Luigi was tripping on mushrooms this whole time???? In they room with they homies imagining they was in a different world. Running, driving, fighting, throwing things etc etc

Ryan_n 2 months ago


Greenie Gene • 25 years ago

It's a power up mushroom


Just gonna save ur time

He didn't eat that instantly, He deep fry it.

P. Patrick Tukkers
P. Patrick Tukkers 2 months ago

You ate the wrong mushroom...
...Please try again with a real deadly mushroom like a Deathcap.

Boris 2 months ago

Take 2 aspirin and call me if you wake up

Blood Epic
Blood Epic 2 months ago

Not deadly.

Heidi Schulze
Heidi Schulze 2 months ago

it is not deadly

Colin Heintze
Colin Heintze 2 months ago

Not a deadly mushroom. You can safely eat them if properly prepared (you'll get high). Eating them raw you'll have a real bad time, but there's no evidence anyone has ever died from them. The fatal amount is likely so high that no normal person could eat enough to get a lethal dose.

Amanita Dreamer
Amanita Dreamer 2 months ago

For clarity, this mushroom has NO ammotoxins. It looks nothing like the ones that do. This mushroom is not deadly. It’s a highly valuable medicine for helping with panic and anxiety and getting off benzos and alcohol. It’s being studied for use in treating nervous system disorders. I have a forum dedicated to it and it’s research.

Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 2 months ago

Gutted you chucked water away, you can micro dose with it.

Amanita Dreamer
Amanita Dreamer 2 months ago

This mushroom is not deadly, has never killed anyone and because of videos like this MY actually educational videos on this mushroom get strikes. I have to deal with hateful comments and people shaming my education on a highly medicinal mushroom. Please change your title. Please.

2Sleepy 2 months ago

No one has EVER died from amanita muscaria in recorded history. Other amanitas in the same genus yes but not muscaria. It isn’t harmless and can cause convulsing and seizures in high doses and/or if not prepared properly which isn’t good but none the less no one has died from them.

Dumpster Dingo
Dumpster Dingo 2 months ago

amanita muscaria isnt deadly unless your allergic lmfao. they just tell us theyre toxic because they can get you high and some people puke.

Chris Parto's Bro
Chris Parto's Bro 2 months ago

And that was his last video.

Till the next one.

Lucy Dayton
Lucy Dayton 2 months ago

Why do women live longer than men? Well here's your answer.

Oscar Tangas
Oscar Tangas 2 months ago

polimixina B if you eat deathcap, might not save you but might as well do if done in time

Paul Stroh
Paul Stroh 2 months ago

Fuck this. Its a medicine. Not something to be glamorized

Pengu Comrade
Pengu Comrade 2 months ago

Pleas reply my comment if you still alive

I hope you still here

Luvrboy 2 months ago

I’m American & ive never heard anyone pronounce fungi like fun-j-eye

Jolyon Davis
Jolyon Davis 2 months ago

Not really deadly

Shaman's Shed
Shaman's Shed 2 months ago

why didn't you just simmer for 20 mins and enjoy the tea? that won't do u any harm. U may as have well have microwaved it or not eaten it. Cool video tho

BackRoad TV
BackRoad TV 2 months ago

Irish druids used to feed it to animals and then eat the animal meat or drink the urine to filter its psychoactive chemicals making it safer to ingest also micro dosing to build a tolerance , theres also claims its colours are linked to santa claus, saint clause or st nicolaus how ever you prefer to say

Sarah Oughton
Sarah Oughton 2 months ago

loving the mushroom education, mush love

R.C. 2 months ago

You had to eat it fresh, and you would go to another dimension.

Sea BądźDobrejMyśli

TIK TOK💪 Very educational video. My uncle told me if its prepared right its edible, but I couldn't believe him. 😅

laurabirkin12 2 months ago

You’re like the steve irwin of mushrooms😆 Love your vibe!

tyler galt
tyler galt 2 months ago

Came here to say that americans don’t pronounce fungi as funjai

rajan 420
rajan 420 2 months ago

Came here from tiktok, love your vibe man! :)

Jak Johnson
Jak Johnson 2 months ago

Literally just found you from ur tiktok giveaway on paul stammets book, think ur such an entertaining guy and yr videos are so great and very well put together for a smaller channel , keep doing what ur doing man n youll blow up❤️❤️

SadVoidz 2 months ago

20mins nooo way

Mr Mr
Mr Mr 2 months ago

Look up Amanitadreamer here on YouTube.

Carol Kristian
Carol Kristian 2 months ago

Really interesting and entertaining episode. What a lot you know , loved it xx

meet Alexa
meet Alexa 2 months ago

My anxiety went 📈 even though I know you uploaded and edited this video after.

Alexander Bhyzon
Alexander Bhyzon 2 months ago

Excellent video! Keep it up :)

Stuart Griffin
Stuart Griffin 2 months ago

Great work 👌

Ollie K
Ollie K 2 months ago


Jacobo Warait
Jacobo Warait 2 months ago

First ⭐️⭐️