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Information Better brain health | DW Documentary

Title :  Better brain health | DW Documentary
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Date of publication :   5 Mar 2020
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Frames Better brain health | DW Documentary

Description Better brain health | DW Documentary

Chocolate reduces stress. Fish stimulates the brain. Is there any truth to such popular beliefs? The findings of researchers around the world say yes: It appears we really are what we eat.

A study in a British prison found that inmates who took vitamin supplements were less prone to violent behavior. And in Germany, a psychologist at the University of Lübeck has shown that social behavior is influenced by the ingredients consumed at breakfast. But what really happens in the brain when we opt for honey instead of jam, and fish rather than sausage? Scientists around the world are trying to find out. Neuro-nutrition is the name of an interdisciplinary research field that investigates the impact of nutrition on brain health. Experiments on rats and flies offer new insight into the effects of our eating habits. When laboratory rats are fed a diet of junk food, the result is not just obesity. The menu also has a direct influence on their memory performance. The role of the intestinal flora has been known for some time, but scientists are currently discovering other relationships. So-called "brain food" for example: The Mediterranean diet that’s based on vegetables and fish is said to provide the best nutrition for small grey cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, for example, protect the nerve cells and are indispensable for the development of the brain - because the brain is also what it eats!

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Comments Better brain health | DW Documentary

Mary S Yama
Very true! too much of carbohydrate diet with less mediterrenian & fish diet had always make me sleepy in class especially after lunch! What impact on my neurons!😁🙋
Comment from : Mary S Yama

Healthcare BinBon
thanks admin, good information
Comment from : Healthcare BinBon

germaine patdu
i can't believe this documentary is in comic sans, but i love the infos available here
Comment from : germaine patdu

coelo physis
I have grown to dislike the BBC very very much. Defund the corrupt, parasitical and bias BBC.
Comment from : coelo physis

Laila V
Thank you labs rats, you have served your purpose very well. 🐀👍
Comment from : Laila V

J Chr G
So if you'll eat fish, youl''ll think behave and live like a shark ..haha
Comment from : J Chr G

Paul Rice
I do like brains 🧠 they are delicious 🤤
Comment from : Paul Rice

Myrna Poblete
we are what we eat


Comment from : Myrna Poblete

Aries Vera
Needs more study but very interesting.
Comment from : Aries Vera

Jessica Loveland
So I'm now understanding why all my obese roomates that eat mainly fast food have no common sense, are very angry all the time, are not very smart, and are depressed and hate they're lives BINGO
Comment from : Jessica Loveland

Michael Sotomayor
So if we reduce fat and sugar (sucrose, glucose, fructose) then that just leaves us with protein as a source of food.. which is linked to heart complications as well or through gluconeogenesis turned into "sugar" as well.. so that leaves me with water.. and salads lol
Comment from : Michael Sotomayor

boy i eat meat but it only causes inflammation!
what the heck protien is doing to me?🤯🤯🤯🤯

Comment from : I M MAD

Jean-Luc Commeau
Is taking the bad deal a good deal? What's the massage there? I the exploitor found a victim, he'll be back with a better deal. Is "money" protein?
Comment from : Jean-Luc Commeau

Tadeo Guerrero
Fun fact, the images of the food in the streets is Buenos Aires, but they change all the street names, put some ads of deliveroo (service which doesn't exist in Argentina) and translated/changed the names of many things (the 41 bus is not going to the airport).
Comment from : Tadeo Guerrero

Maria Tamayo
Diet is very important I’ve seen what it does y try healthy diet with my autistic son and he’s got better very functional and he’s healthier too !!
Comment from : Maria Tamayo

Gubbi Mari
Grandma 👵 can never go wrong 😍
Comment from : Gubbi Mari

Gubbi Mari
Why such useful information required for entire life right from birth to death is not taught anywhere?!
Comment from : Gubbi Mari

Bumble bee
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicines should be our food".
Comment from : Bumble bee

Gatcha Ken QwQ
In my case, I get angry when I'm hungry.
Comment from : Gatcha Ken QwQ

Fat is a broad term like which fat? From plants or animals?
Comment from : Smeargut

Alex Gomez
Fast Food Corporations in the U.S. are killing Americans.
Comment from : Alex Gomez

panget c ako
Am watching this while drinking sugary soda... i promise it will be my last sugary juice
Comment from : panget c ako

Mad Rush
Wow, everyone needs to see this.
Comment from : Mad Rush

Aruna Tiwari
In India we have saying for many years like jaiso khave an vaise hove man
Comment from : Aruna Tiwari

anthony walker
How do we compare animal behavior to humans? This was a good documentary but the variables used kinda threw my thought process off. I'm not a fly or a rat so how does that help me a human??
Comment from : anthony walker

Amanda Brower
I find it yummy the brain is on a plate with vinaigrette.
Comment from : Amanda Brower

Spanish Dancer
But don't many people know that already? A cousin of mine prepared a seafood feast and after everyone had eaten, she'd borrow money from her guest and no one said no. And the saying: the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!
Comment from : Spanish Dancer

Laszlo Chiriac
I don't eat those
Comment from : Laszlo Chiriac

Mohamoud Dualle
Very good documentry thanks DW News
Comment from : Mohamoud Dualle

N. Leticia Trevino
Thank you so much. I wish I had known/understand how food affects our brain. I struggled helping my first son with “learning disabilities” I did helped him with food choices the best I could, without prescribed drugs by psychologists in 1979.
Comment from : N. Leticia Trevino

Michael Zahnow
Eat fruit in alphabetical order?
Comment from : Michael Zahnow

Davide Deblasio
seal the gut,, FIX THE BALANCE of microbiome,,,, and see a CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTOR,,, so that he have FIX your postures, and sturcture, and NERVOUS SYSTEMS,,,,, must be NOT IN HIGH STRESS,,,,,,,,,,,,
Comment from : Davide Deblasio

Davide Deblasio
eat organic,,,, GRASS FED orGANIC ANIAMALS, AND EGGS,,,, yougurts from GRASS FED animals,,,, ORGANIC,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, veggies, fruits,nuts, butte, seeds, fish, old spelt, guinoe, brown rice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ALL ORGANICALLY GROWN,,,,thats half the battle,,,, cheers to all
Comment from : Davide Deblasio

Davide Deblasio
SO,, WHO ARE THE criminals ^?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,there MORE TO COME,,,,,,, soon,,,, its more than sugar, and glyfosates,its well, youi will fing out , cheers to all
Comment from : Davide Deblasio

shiki sekki
this is true. gut influences our food choices.i eat yogurt (unsweetened)everyday for years and been taking probiotics as well. and when i see pizza and burgers i wanna vomit lol. they all look disgusting to me. my stomach talks to my brain i can sense it.my gut bacteria only wants me to eat yogurts and nuts. lol.. im 30 and never experienced getting fat. still at 39kg.
Comment from : shiki sekki

Lizza Lundin
Very knowledgeable, thank you
Comment from : Lizza Lundin

I really don't agree coz my siblings eat more junk food than me but they are having higher education, think brilliant than me.
Comment from : 敏大人PenguinLand

Just incredible. I appreciate the work that has gone into this.
Comment from : AfriHerpPhoto

I eat healthily but I still easily get lost and have poor memory. It cannot explain this fact..
Comment from : 敏大人PenguinLand

merry cris villanueva
this documentary is very useful and helpful and even before watching this i already understand the concept of too much intake of sweets and bad fats could lead me to a very unhealthy life which could perhaps shorten my life. so i have been avoiding eating too much sweets and junk foods, although i bake cake but not often and as much as possible i tried to lessen the sugar added, although im not sweet tooth addict. i balanced my diet well and try to incorporate my variety of foods.
thanks for this docu, it gave more additional insights of how do brain works and functions with the effect of food we chose from.

Comment from : merry cris villanueva

Carolina Medina
Comment from : Carolina Medina

Nông dân dấn thân vào Netbiz
I saw that there are many people are getting scare sugar ! This is a great prove which will push our mind change!
Comment from : Nông dân dấn thân vào Netbiz

Cristina Gusatu
Not drink soda for many years sometimes I like chocolate. In rest am eating very healthy vegetables fresh fruit drinking water. Eating nuts also when am pregnant all am like eat is icecream banana and drink milk for all 9 months and what my son are healthy born 7 ponds only problem am had 10 ponds over with last pregnancy am try hard not eat sugar not drinking sugar drinks I drink just water. My favorite fruits are blue berry and trasbery ,am like eating fresh vegetables salad tomato. Sometimes I like nuts pecans almonds.
Comment from : Cristina Gusatu

Mountain Man
Well I'll keep on hunting eating organs and growing my own food till I fall flat on my face!
Comment from : Mountain Man

Saosaq Ii
Diet high in fat is fine by itself

Diet high in carbs and sugar are bad

Diet high in BOTH fat and sugar will screw you up.

Comment from : Saosaq Ii

Awtachew Raya
If not for you tube , how could i see this fantastic documentary ! Thanks for the video .
Comment from : Awtachew Raya

Aldo Sogata
This documentary make me addictive as like a sugar addic
Comment from : Aldo Sogata

Deep Balran
Comment from : Deep Balran

Kim Cruz
What about KETO? we all know the significant benefits of eating high fat low carb diet. All backed up with science.
Comment from : Kim Cruz

You aRe wHat y0u think i am.
This is what most people are missing off cause from a belief in something false and impossible!
Comment from : You aRe wHat y0u think i am.

Poor rats
Comment from : Kuutamo73

Maria Faustina Moscol Cutin
Interesting documentary! 🤩🧠
Comment from : Maria Faustina Moscol Cutin

several important ideas to take away from this great documentary.
Fast food, causes you to loose your memory, it affect your sensitiveness to be more irritated or anger, sugar causes addiction, and when you eat it frequently., the consumer tends to loose the feeling of satisfation and behaves your brain the same way as drug users. overall eating healthy its vital to keep yourself in good shape and have great performance.
so intersting about the omega 3 contribution to our brain functioning and also the calcium.
awesome documentary Dw danke schone

Comment from : Dr_pensamiento

Mariah Tagawa
Loved this documentary, thank you! Decided to get fruit and a salad for breakfast
Comment from : Mariah Tagawa

Abhishek Kumar
Ok so it’s lack of omega 3 I couldn’t top my last exam not my lack of effort.
Comment from : Abhishek Kumar

Uche Uwah
Really interesting and educative documentary
Comment from : Uche Uwah

Dunya J
Short brief for you!

Mentioned human behaviour depends on nutrition. Such as:
Human after high protein breakfast has more tolerance to accept the unfair offer
Human who had less protein breakfast has less tolerance to accept the unfair offer

Result of feeding with sugar and cocoin and comparing the addictiveness of brain to drugs or sugar, brain is more attracted to sugar.

Junkie foods makes human double eat and by eating junky food often brain memory loses.

Comment from : Dunya J

Extremely informative documentary! I enjoyed the various research this video highlighted and the multitude of ways food effects our brain. One question, We all understand the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet because it’s been the topic of research for a while, are there any other ethnic diets that also support these benefits?
Comment from : JoshieEats

Varduhi Hakobyan
and everywhere is the advertisement of a bad food
Comment from : Varduhi Hakobyan

38:10 Remove the fish, and it turns a vegan diet. Voila!
Comment from : karr

abc xyz
37:00 What happened to his microbes? They certainly aren't positively affecting his food choices!
Comment from : abc xyz

James Kaftar
I hate how they vaguely term “fat and sugar as culprits”, when its the source of these macronutrienrs are rhe causes. Table sugar vs dates, refined vegatable oil vs Extra virgin olive oil.
Comment from : James Kaftar

Bobby B
and that is why I am vegan!
Comment from : Bobby B

Raza Daza
Fibre has been debunked... it’s no use to us, don’t take my work for it... vegetables are not has healthy as it seems.. don’t take my work for it
Comment from : Raza Daza

Jonathon Harington
Except this dietary advice is wrong. The only thing I agree with is that sugar is bad
Comment from : Jonathon Harington

Rabia Tasdelen
needs to talk about good soil now. No matter we think we r eating healthy food but we don't know how much chemicals farmers put in the soil.
Comment from : Rabia Tasdelen

Palamirtam Marimuthu
pregnant women must have vitamin b3......or they will turn cannibalistic......ok????...beware.......1/8/20
Comment from : Palamirtam Marimuthu

Chakravarthy C
We are no eating what we need, we are eating what the bacteria wants us to eat, so don't say I eat I don't care wether U are putting up weight, it's the bacteria which is pampering U to eat what it wants like a cancer uncontrollable growth. .
Comment from : Chakravarthy C

Helmut Gensen
Je ne suis pas un rat de blé
Comment from : Helmut Gensen

Rohit Pant
Came here for science but leaving for a cheeseburger! :))))
Comment from : Rohit Pant

Jason Anony
how terrible living with herpes virus, I got cured with madidaherbalcenter herbal medicine.
Comment from : Jason Anony

Xavier Soto
What do rats, hamsters, students and inmates have in common?;)
Comment from : Xavier Soto

vipan puri
Western world love fast food fast life which is not Good for health
Comment from : vipan puri

Zeb Qaimkhani
These are fundamentals unfortunately goes unnoticed, In Islam strongly stressed as practiced by prophet Mohammad peace be upon him every thing in moderation, your meal should be divided in 3 portion air, water, food.
Comment from : Zeb Qaimkhani

6:04 actually nuts and seeds high in omega 3 are walnuts, flax and chia seeds, not almonds.
Comment from : Awap

Muktar Manur
That why we have so many regulations around what foods we eat, how often and when not to........ ISLAM IS THE SOLUTION.
Comment from : Muktar Manur

Thank you DW very useful information 👍. There is so much misinformation that one doesn't know what to believe.
Comment from : ZAH H

Aadityarajsinh Gohil
dw makes Superb documentary is it bcoz audience are wanting it and govt themselves are supporting such critical journalism with such information bcoz indian journalism is dead and citizens are becoming spice news watchers 😆 no criticsm allowed
Comment from : Aadityarajsinh Gohil

Salt 91
Thank you..
Comment from : Salt 91

Rai Satwika
All credibility went out the window with that comic sans in the beginning
Comment from : Rai Satwika

we're all gonna die and after 100 years nobody will care about our neurones. so let's keep eating junk food! hahaha
Comment from : rashesttrack8

Eddy Leow
This is silly. Stop blaming food on weak mental and choosing to be stupid.
Comment from : Eddy Leow

Anonymous Jastyce
This study is essential but I want to add that there is something more relevant than eating Healthy Foods, and that is SLEEPING 8 hours a day I've watched a documentary that Sleeping regularly 8hours a day is the most impactful in our brain, health or overall lifestly. Now, if we combine best Sleep and nutritious food. I think that's the culmination of a better life.
Comment from : Anonymous Jastyce

centra halo
OMG thank you very much DW documentary... this is priceless, and yet i can watch it for free
Comment from : centra halo

Melinda Ligneres
I will never be afraid to love because others hate! They control minds but not hearts! They failed and that’ s why ate so cruel! God is the owner of our heart not political programs!
Comment from : Melinda Ligneres

Love Mendoza
For over 5 months, i haven't eaten any fastfood junkies, thanks to the quarantine. Now my cravings are controlled.
Comment from : Love Mendoza

Clodoaldo Donato
No more exscuses.!! Let's Cook your own meals.
Comment from : Clodoaldo Donato

ive just got over a sugar addiction , with me it completely shut down my appetite so i was losing weight , as soon as i stopped eating refined sugars (ie eating sweets to help quit smoking ) my body started craving proteins , egges, meat, nuts etc
Comment from : NOT SURE

Omer Faruk
It was such an informative documentary, yet I have some concerns, particularly about the experiment takes place at 19:30. Couldn't the extraordinary behaviour of the rat be because of the smell of the hand on the cup, rather than rat's diet & brain? I don't know...
Comment from : Omer Faruk

Baws Tricia
I've heard that there is a little truth in every believable lie...something like that.
With your exploration of self-discovery its possible that you have a few extra tools to become an amazing counselor.
Maybe consider a psychology class and pray about it~
God bless😘

Comment from : Baws Tricia

Enough of the wrong information about fat!! Kids got fatter and fatter since school switched full fat milk to low milk milk! It’s sugar, carbs and insulin’s are the devils to make us sick!
Comment from : dvdgalutube

sam sam
I need subtitles that's better for everyone
Comment from : sam sam

Helena Doherty
Why the annoying background music?
Comment from : Helena Doherty

Sir Calvin
i stopped watching 1:20 when comic sans was used
Comment from : Sir Calvin

Paola Sanchez
I hope we can find better alternatives to do these types of studies in real life people (as people live their real habits) instead of in animals+
Comment from : Paola Sanchez

truongbinh nguyenminh Official
Comment from : truongbinh nguyenminh Official

bryann kidz
no junkies today onwards.... my kids are gonna be so dead upset....
Comment from : bryann kidz

Parshva Nayak
We Indians are always been taught of this things in our Sanskrit Ved. We've been also taught that bit only the food but the thoughts wile preparing it and eating it also affects the nutritional values of that food. The best example for this the shlok written below👇🏼 which urges all the positive energies to reside in us via our food.
ॐ सह नाववतु ।
सह नौ भुनक्तु ।
सह वीर्यं करवावहै ।
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

But the only thing is we treat that knowledge of Sanskrit just as a subject to pass and that too with no interest. And this is because for us these shloks and mantras are bull-shit until we get its value certificate from the western countries. And then we claim, why those things aren't being taught to us. But the fact is they are learning form us and we are trying to avoid that Sanskrit subject to exchange with PE or Computer Science

Comment from : Parshva Nayak


Comment from : Coan菌

xoxoxo coxox9
Stupid. Sugar tastes better than alkaloids
Comment from : xoxoxo coxox9

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