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MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

Those of you sad I missed your favorite model: watch till the end! You'll see I already have enough QWERTY phones in the library to do another installment of "Messaging Phones," and more will follow!

Javier Gutierrez Ramirez

You should make a playlist of the music from those times, it’s fun to hear all of those references

RJ Valle
RJ Valle 2 months ago

I had the samsung schu740 and it shows how much I loved it for knowing the name still to this day and I had all sorts of cool flip tricks I could do with it too. Lol
Samsung has come a long way. Watching on my note 10 plus!

Un Available
Un Available 2 months ago

5510 was the best qwerty phone to write. Text without looking on the board. Well ergonomic to hold.

randomazed 2 months ago

I'm so two thousand and eight, you so two thousand and late 🎵

Kagusaki Wolf
Kagusaki Wolf 2 months ago

I had the Alias 2 when it came out and it was the best for texting. If someone were able to implement this on a slider smartphone, I would def buy it in a heartbeat.

MariaAdelina 2 months ago

I looooved my helio 💖💖💖

gato23 2 months ago

god I have that 6820 during my junior to senior years of high school before it fell off my pocket and was lost forever.

Galactic Enby Dragon
Galactic Enby Dragon 2 months ago

OMG, I wanted an Alias SOOOOO BAD but I never got to buy it. 😭😭😭

Rami Riefert
Rami Riefert 2 months ago

I would love a Smartphone with an E-Ink keyboard

Syed Masukul Huq Adonis

Hi MrMobile, Thanks for this video. I always enjoy your contents. I do have one request for you, Is there any way you could cover a video with Siemens Phones. Siemens phones were a big part of me growing up because of its affordable price point and packet features (compared to the other phones at that time). I've owned a Siemens SK65, which had a full QWERTY keyboard and with a X shape. Even though that phone was stolen, but i still miss that phone and had wonderful times with it.

Philgamer_ 309
Philgamer_ 309 2 months ago

I miss my nokia 3310

Ingledued 2 months ago

Please do a video on the Cybiko.

NALTO 2 months ago

RIP Conrad.

Claire Lane
Claire Lane 2 months ago

I have an Alias 2, but I can't seem to find a non-contract phone company to be compatible with it. Anyone have ideas?

Hariz Badrulhisham
Hariz Badrulhisham 2 months ago

Who would actually prefer smartphone with physical keyboard in 2021??? 🙋‍♂️

The Fenno-Christian
The Fenno-Christian 2 months ago

I am going to get Nokia E75 next month, I hope it works.

Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson 2 months ago

I owned a nokia 6820 along with a 6085 both on att

kingdude1999 2 months ago

I had the Samsung Alias 2 - great phone

Debbie VanLeuven
Debbie VanLeuven 2 months ago

Sheer geeky goodness😂😂

Mitchell Urgero
Mitchell Urgero 2 months ago

LG Rumor was my first phone with a full keyboard. It was good for it's time.

Om Alexcini
Om Alexcini 2 months ago

My first cell was the LG Rumor. Ahh the memories

Anton Dalisay
Anton Dalisay 2 months ago

Why is the red Nokia a QWERTZ not QWERTY?

1988dgs 2 months ago

Nothing on the HTC dream (G1 in the UK)

rizka arifiandi
rizka arifiandi 2 months ago

i have the 5510 back in the day, its my first Nokia since i always been an Ericsson fans (and later Sony Ericsson), that 64mb is very usefull as a last ditch USB storage
the flaw is IMHO is the mp3, is not really mp3, more like custom (?) because you have to use Nokia's software to load your song, cant just drag and drop in Windows Explorer
but yeah, i love it very much

SoulofXyz 2 months ago

When I was 3-4 years old 2008-2009 my father and I went to phone seller.we knew that phone seller well one day he said to me do you want that phone and my father directly said no and he said I will gave him for free because its IMEI was expired on turkey and he gaved to me it's my first phone it was Nokia 5510 and i used for snake game

M. Selim Demirtaş
M. Selim Demirtaş 2 months ago

Motorola V100 was released in 2000 with a full keyboard and I think it is the most unpractical phone ever made. You cannot answer a phone call without an earset

PortfolioPL 2 months ago

I had a 5510 and it was awesome for texting. Especially after my Motorola Flair which lacked the SMS function and we had to call a number to tell an operator what we want to send.

IamBrandon 2 months ago

We just gonna ignore the original Motorola Droid

Frank Antony
Frank Antony 2 months ago

6:55 For a moment that looked like magic 😁

jet blacker
jet blacker 2 months ago

It seems Europe is still way ahead when it comes to phones.
The States and the Huawei fuss puts us ahead. Seems the Android and Apple system gives the US a head but I'm sure that will be lost to China soon.

HawaiianKong 2 months ago

"Racist old relatives" well that certainly didn't feel forced or out of place at all for this channel

Mateusz Łojewski
Mateusz Łojewski 2 months ago

Had Nokia E7 and love'd it !!

Jasen Thomas
Jasen Thomas 2 months ago

I remember having the HTC MyTouch 4G Slide. I loved that phone and had it for quite a few years.

Kenneth Rogers
Kenneth Rogers 2 months ago

The Samsung Alias 2 would've been my phone of choice back in 2008, but I was stuck with a Motorola RAZR v3m. (These videos make me think of my middle school and high school days).

contingency9 2 months ago

this site should be called when phones were crap lol

MinerBloxer64 2 months ago

Ok. I think Michael forgot he did an episode on the sidekick

Michael 2 months ago

where can i get the alias 2 in Europe, do you know ?

ᄇᄋ 2 months ago

The chunky frame transmurally suck because font singly worry following a bumpy education. rightful, abaft help

Patrick lewis
Patrick lewis 2 months ago

I grew up in the wrong era of phones

tubalcain 2 months ago

I like you, and I like this serie, but can' you, please, leave the politics at the end out of it.

Drunken Bandit
Drunken Bandit 2 months ago

That e-ink keyboard is still one of the coolest ideas I've ever seen

Wes Sovis
Wes Sovis 2 months ago

I had that LG. I thought it was the pinnacle of technology. Oh, how things have changed.

christopher krause
christopher krause 2 months ago

how big was the box for the can fit 4 note 20 ultras

jenn terold
jenn terold 2 months ago

The incandescent grape naturally offend because girl conceivably puncture beneath a snobbish tea. tiresome, big trowel

Ahmed Agur
Ahmed Agur 2 months ago

Amazing !! I wish the old times back again :)
what is the track used at the beginning ? kind of Synth wave ?

Thomas Oeffling
Thomas Oeffling 2 months ago

the nicest QWERTY phone was and still is the Siemens SK65, wish I hadn't sold it

David 2 months ago

The Alias looks like something right out of a game like Perfect Dark or any number of scifi books, and I love it! Thank you for sharing these amazing designs and music references alike. I would seriously adore seeing this sort of idea come back, and I miss the remarkable messaging phones I used to have. Still better than a touch keypad!

Cleo Juan
Cleo Juan 2 months ago

hey im very intressting by the samsung alias 2. have you the link for buy it please ?

Mahasina Awad
Mahasina Awad 2 months ago

When I was younger my cousins & sisters always had the newest phones from the Motorola to Version I was so jealous and couldn’t wait to grow up and get one 😂 now I’m stuck with a iPhone 😒.

Courtney Thompson
Courtney Thompson 2 months ago

Wouldn't want to own one again? I beg to differ.

pablesm 2 months ago

Mishlen 2014 and blitzkrieg are like the Avi greengarts of bulgaria

New Phone
New Phone 2 months ago

There's just something to the physical keyboard that I still like to type on 'em even in 2021!

Eva Kajanová
Eva Kajanová 2 months ago

I had Nokia 5510 as a kid, it was the best phone I´ve ever had. I called it my brick.

Drasko Kovacevic
Drasko Kovacevic 2 months ago

You forget Sonyericsson M600

Janneaaron 2 months ago

Nokia 5730 xpressmusic 👌👌

catfree 2 months ago


Danominator 2 months ago

The Samsung Zeal was my first phone and I still love it!

Integrator 2 months ago

3:47 what's the name of this song?

Gabanatora 2 months ago

I really miss my moto droid now ;(

tabbypears4 2 months ago

I’m so glad the days of carrier-specific phones are gone.

Victoria Sciancalepore

Had the Alias 1 and 2 and they are still some of my favorite phones.

Graylienz 2 months ago

5:14 Next to the computer monitor is one of those office phones. Do a video about those phones you always see in offices. Haha

Jose Gabriel Castillo

I had a phone that was recently featured in your "This is" video, the motorola v100. Falls right into this category.

ChriSaito 2 months ago

Great series! I fell behind because I stopped seeing them, but I'm glad to be back! That last phone is truly remarkable! It's a shame to see so much innovation killed so quickly. A part of me wishes we had a few more years of these phones, and another part is so glad they're gone.

Isaac24 2 months ago

I was born in 2005, and remember when everybody had RAZR's. Good times, glad I was born at least a few years before everything got bad and everybody became ridiculously stupid.

Dario Kocirov
Dario Kocirov 2 months ago

2021 and I still use Asha 210 Yellow, bought new in 2018. I'm so happy!!!

abrahamr555 2 months ago

Uhhh the sidekick

Kasper Jam
Kasper Jam 2 months ago

I had an LG Cosmos 2 which is just the LG Rumor offered by Verizon. It was cool little phone for a kid to have until I discovered the games and charged $500-$1,000 because of it! But it was terrible at times but it was my first phone so I’ll give it a pass.

Justus Claghorn
Justus Claghorn 2 months ago

Alias and Alias 2 all day

Edd Gee
Edd Gee 2 months ago

I am grateful.. I've reached this era of funky phones 🤗

Sayar Ganguly
Sayar Ganguly 2 months ago

Damn I was so into these. My dream phone as a kid was the Nokia n97. Damn I loved that keyboard hinge with that big screen.

TsoliasPN 2 months ago

HTC phones had great keyboards

RevertiveCloud 2 months ago

you should do a vid on the Samsung Impression a877 it was a hell of a good messaging phone back in 2009

Nathan C
Nathan C 2 months ago

BB Keys 2 was my favorite even though it's not that old.

RoÆther 2 months ago

I had both the Alias 1 and 2 growing up... I thought what the 2nd did with the keys was the coolest thing in the world as a kid in 8th grade XD

Lindsay Sheffield
Lindsay Sheffield 2 months ago

Oh man, I loved my original Samsung Alias! I remember being super fast and accurate with that keyboard too, and it was such a cool and handy design for the earlier days of texting.

Tails Doll Incorporeider

Yo! I had the 6820!! I remember slowly browsing the internet on it and downloading tiny .3gp images and vids

Stackali 2 months ago

what about the env touch? it was a pretty good phone.

Shaun Martin
Shaun Martin 2 months ago

Old phones still make me want to have buttons that feel like physical inputs of some kind.

Kevin F
Kevin F 2 months ago

I had the alias 2 and it was awesome

Aerodynamic 2 months ago

I remember so many people had the Rumor. I wanted the Alias 2, thought it was epic.

Valorsphere 2 months ago

yoo i miss my alias 2

Galahad Knight
Galahad Knight 2 months ago

I had a rumor, it led to a sidekick slide and my last qwerty phone was also my first android, the sidekick 4g

KoreanGeorge 2 months ago

i had the Samsung alias 2 in highschool :O

alwaysxnever 2 months ago

Maaaan I loved the Samsung Alias.This Alias 2 looks sick!!!!

Gary Buttville
Gary Buttville 2 months ago

its like you have always known you were going to make this videos

ThePeej 2 months ago

I absolutely ADORED my Nokia 6820. And it’s TRUE: I upgraded to a Sony Ericsson with a 3.2 MP camera with Karl Zeis optics and a Xeon flash! (I only upgraded because the function keys around the outside of the screen on the 6820 failed one by one) This series is amazing. Thank you for these videos!

Fernando Queiroz Popovic

The Alias 2 is simply genius, I jist want it it's so fricking awesome

Eduardo Henrique
Eduardo Henrique 2 months ago

world just needs a place, an entire CITY, where you're only able to use these old pieces of tech

Kevin Avelino
Kevin Avelino 2 months ago

The last txt phone is probably the Sony Erricsson CK15i TXT Pro.
Released when android gingerbread is already 1 Y.O

warung kopi sugiono
warung kopi sugiono 2 months ago

Old school : when phone were fun
Now : my fun gadget had a phone LOL

ShadowGirlRBLX 2 months ago

1:54 they should do ASMR with that lol

Graham Haskin
Graham Haskin 2 months ago

I'd throw in the LG Lotus for another full QWERTY keyboard phone. Genuinely miss being able to type on that thing.

RazerOW 2 months ago

You should look at the HTC ChaCha

anythingorz 2 months ago

Ah the ball nostalgic. Was it bounce?

Chris Handsome
Chris Handsome 2 months ago

That Alias 2 was something else! Such a nifty little selling point back in the day... each button having its own little screen underneath for more buttons and functions. Genius ideas!

New sub!

Nature Dude
Nature Dude 2 months ago

I have a Galaxy s7

Nature Dude
Nature Dude 2 months ago

Love my Galaxy s7

MJJ13 2 months ago

I owned an Alias 2 back in the day and it was easily my favorite phone