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Title : What to Sell on Ebay in December

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What to Sell on Ebay in December

What to Sell on Ebay in December

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PROF SALES 2 months ago

What sort of items will you focus on during the month of December?

silkmillmalm 2 months ago

Tina is probably using the quick listing tool. If she switches to the advanced listing tool, she will be able to control the price of her listings.

Our New Flipping Lives

Just starting out. Thanhs for the great info.

Donna O'Shaughnessy
Donna O'Shaughnessy 2 months ago

This is my 12th month of Serious Ebay selling and my first December. So many great tips. Found that my vintage ornaments AND used clothes selling well. I think folks will buy something new for a gift and something used to "reward" themselves for the shopping efforts. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. :)

Duncan VR
Duncan VR 2 months ago

I want iphone 12 for Christmas please prof Santa send one my way lol

Rebecca Forrester
Rebecca Forrester 2 months ago

I bought your jeans book but haven't ever received it can you please help me email [email protected] thank uou

swimmer1ization 2 months ago

Santa Pirate hiliarious

NotSoPerfectlyMe 2 months ago

Most of my sales since Oct have been Christmas related- Ornaments, tree skirts, stockings, etc...

Being a Christmas 'ho who loves all that stuff and grabs it up all year long helps. ;)

Glenn 2 months ago

Great video guys, enjoyed the content. Would love to meet up soon and maybe thrift and just chat! #CLT

Leah Boswell
Leah Boswell 2 months ago

Do you use Quickbooks with your sales spreadsheet too?

Philip Murray
Philip Murray 2 months ago

Have ya'll seen the Netflix doc "Blue Gold American Denim"? It's pretty good for jean sellers.

Reseller Man
Reseller Man 2 months ago

Hello Prof Sales and Just Ask Kaaren. I will be interested in doing a meetup in Durham, NC. I am in Greenville, NC and would love to mingle with others that sale on eBay. Please advise as to when and where this will take place. Keep on putting out great content.


5797029 2 months ago

Good content appropriate to this time of year. We increased our inventory of NWT clothing from 10% of our total last year to 60% this year. They are selling well but no better than during the Summer. Aside from Thanksgiving weekend business has been down since October. Guaranteed Shipping and the filter for 1,2,3 days is not working again. It worked fine on Wednesday & Thursday but this morning it wasn't again. We offer First Class and Priority in almost every listing. When using the toggle at the top or the filter on the left side 3 day gets only a few results. None are ours. When we go into one of our listings in the shipping details First Class is showing Wednesday the 6th. Priority Mail (Expidited) is showing Thursday the 7th. When you go back to the original search list it now shows the higher shipping amount with a 1 day longer delivery than the search without the filter that had 1 day less and lower shipping cost. Our Priority padded flat rate only listings completely disappear when filtering any less than 4 days. I am pretty sure a padded flat rate will get delivered by Tuesday or Wednesday if I ship it tomorrow morning. I think this could be hurting us if buyers are using the delivery time filter. If it sounds confusing, It is. Try using the filter on some different searches. I think the only ones that are working correctly are the sellers who chose Guaranteed door to door option. This has turned into a mess. Mike

Naomi McClarrinon
Naomi McClarrinon 2 months ago

Amazon Prime delivers mail on Sunday.

She Sells By Sue
She Sells By Sue 2 months ago

Coming to Charlotte soon! I owe you guys dinner ;)