How To Celebrate Christmas Like A Cat


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Title : How To Celebrate Christmas Like A Cat

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How To Celebrate Christmas Like A Cat

How To Celebrate Christmas Like A Cat

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Spacecow149 2 months ago

Hope you all have a great Christmas this year!

singleladyable 2 months ago

They’re adorable!❤️🐈

Dueling Express
Dueling Express 2 months ago

Cute 😺

Nebojša Milidragović

God bless you for all what you doing for that beautiful creatures :)

SARISS80 2 months ago

Sweet cat family but they haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate christmas.

Mike J O'Callaghan
Mike J O'Callaghan 2 months ago

0:20 : Can I sniff this white stuff? Hmm, don't think so.

Birds World عالم الطيور

Hello my friend😀merry christmas 😀 cute video❤💜 continue i like 👍🌷👍🌷👍🌷

Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong 2 months ago

Who is throwing all that white stuff in the garden? Its all over everything. Im not walking around in that. The humans will have to clear it up. They are not going to be happy.

Michael500ca 2 months ago

This video is so adorable. Often I miss living down there in Surrey and Langley. Good memories.

Снежана &Ташко&Маша


Anna Nisler
Anna Nisler 2 months ago

I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of cats the 2 grey kittens (monkey and thunder) are?

Theresa Baker
Theresa Baker 2 months ago

Your cats are happy and healthy

J A Jones-Ford
J A Jones-Ford 2 months ago

Merry Catmas and Much Meow to all of the kitties

waltman333 2 months ago

And a happy holiday season to all my beautiful kitties @ The Kits Cats......Walt in Miami

Laura Gadille
Laura Gadille 2 months ago

Ty for resucing these fur babies

Laura Gadille
Laura Gadille 2 months ago

Oh daddy this hat no way awww

JAMES PURKS 2 months ago

So precious! I have a feeling that none of the kitties liked the Christmas cap. I could not tell if it was Monkey or Thunder, but the look in the eyes were you have to sleep sometime. 😸😸😸😸

Cantinho da Cida
Cantinho da Cida 2 months ago

minha força 👍👍👍👍👍 neste vídeo 🎥🎥🎥🎥Convido você a visitar meu canal e deixe seu like e inscreva se...🌷🌷🌷obrigada Abraços

Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 2 months ago

love the name cupcake.

Stephen Festus
Stephen Festus 2 months ago

Believe it or not. I have a Tuxedo that looks almost exactly like Roodi's twin.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lehua Kane
Lehua Kane 2 months ago

Happy furry family!!!!

indie825 2 months ago

Aah...I'm sooooo on board with long winter naps. :) Merry Christmas

Harold Bridgeman
Harold Bridgeman 2 months ago

Too Cute Thank You!🐈🐾

The Royal Journel Official Radio

It's so cute when she throws off the hats!

The Royal Journel Official Radio

She loves the Christmas ornaments too!

The Royal Journel Official Radio

She's so adorable!

James Dennett
James Dennett 2 months ago

The glowering look was priceless. A very definite 'fuck you'! Great video.

Thanos4756775 Athianos5860

Name sog ???????????????????????????????????

Miraculous Warrior Cats MCU

It's cute!! All the cats are like what is that stuff?

Miraculous Warrior Cats MCU

if the cats attack the tree put orange peels around it. Cats don't like the smell. my cats always attack the tree

Sea Horse Linden NJ
Sea Horse Linden NJ 2 months ago

GOD Bless you and your family of Cats and have a Merry Christmas......................From me, Biscuit, Cal and Mustache.

Summer Rose
Summer Rose 2 months ago

That's very sweet, happy holidays to you and you cute fuzzy family.

Riitta Rennhard
Riitta Rennhard 2 months ago

Thankyou and MERRY CHRISTMAS for All togesther from us ja our cats Tilla and Ruben!

Clarice Sullivan
Clarice Sullivan 2 months ago

This is great! Made me even more ready for Christmas!

Ant 2 months ago

Nice I really enjoy the music and your cats. I also have a cat and this made me play with and appreciate him.

Tonya Holliday
Tonya Holliday 2 months ago

you can tell this man loves his cats and I'm so happy they have a great home

JÖYの貓 2 months ago

Ahah at the ad I got before this: why you watch so many cat videos? Via train

Ted 2 months ago

Plz... What song is this?

Victoria Bowen
Victoria Bowen 2 months ago

I came to this video without knowing the cats. This video is fantastic. When I came to comment, I noticed I need to catch up on some other videos. Yay!

Trenesa Rhodes
Trenesa Rhodes 2 months ago

Thank you. 😊

Bruno Lopes
Bruno Lopes 2 months ago

Cute 😻😻😻😻😻😻

mille cab
mille cab 2 months ago

It's always so comforting to watch your videos ! <3 I love thoses 5 cats (and every other cats on this planet) :3
Have a great holiday !

LiLSuzQ32 2 months ago

1:05 Roodi and the hat ... that was a DEFINITE case of stink-eye!

rayreineu 2 months ago

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to your family! I hope you have a festive holiday season this year! Please give your darling KitsKats extra treats on my behalf when you celebrate. :D <3

Michita The kitty
Michita The kitty 2 months ago

Happy Holidays with your pawesome and cute kitties family, hope you get many blessing this christmas, hugs from Michita and mary

gigi101060 2 months ago

liked! thankyou for the video, xxoo Gigi from Austria

Private Idaho
Private Idaho 2 months ago

Thanks for the holiday cheers. Hope your cats get lots of boxes and wrapping paper to play with on Christmas!

helmsleyy 2 months ago

2017 Kitty-Kat Resolution .........................Think inside the Box..........................

helmsleyy 2 months ago

Merry Kitsmas and a Nippy/Nappy New Year ! all................

AlwaysOnWatch2 2 months ago

So precious!

Jeannette K
Jeannette K 2 months ago

A very nice Christmas video of the famous KitKats and the catnip is the most interesting present they get so noooooo Hat :-))))))))) Have a great Holiday all together ♥♥Jeannette♥♥

Amy Rose Abdul
Amy Rose Abdul 2 months ago

i like this video😙😙

Daisy Blue & Boris SugarPuffs

Very sweet!!!

fanofbesp 2 months ago

Not a creature was stirring, not even a (catnip) mouse. Don't forget the joy of looking through the catalogue :) for the gifts we want Santa to bring! Have a very Merry Christmas!

bigmamabogeygolf 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to ALL of you!! You bring a true light to my life!!

Rhonda C
Rhonda C 2 months ago

Think they loved their early Xmas presents 😄❤️.

Lovely to see the snow, so pretty! (& a big contrast to where I am—we are having a heat wave where I am in Australia today, it's 39°C [102.2°F]). Glad the Kits Cats are not out in the cold anymore, pretty as it is—lucky kitties, thanks to you & Sharon (& VOKRA) 👍🏻.

Looking forward to catching up on the history of all the gorgeous Kits Cats 😊.

DhIrAjJ K 2 months ago

happy meow holidays😸😺

Carol Severin
Carol Severin 2 months ago

I would like to wish you both and your beautiful cats a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year.

Tracy Yoshida
Tracy Yoshida 2 months ago

have a merry Christmas kitscats

Jody Penner
Jody Penner 2 months ago

They are very dapper in their Christmas hats! Happy Holidays to the Kit Cats and to everyone else reading this!! <3

Reap The Whirlwind
Reap The Whirlwind 2 months ago

Roodi is my Internet cat crush! Those markings and whiskers make him so dreamy AND he's a lovebug too. One day I will live with people who want a cat(or by myself!) and get my own small furry demigod.

hcvertigo 2 months ago

That tree is coming down if it hasn't already.

TheDevilOfKimon 2 months ago

1:05.. Doc.. you are a dead man...

Tenfey 2 months ago

Merry Catmas.

William Squires
William Squires 2 months ago

Roo-roo always looks so cute, and Kami is such a lovely black cat - I so want to give her some kitty kisses! :)

TheKittyheart 2 months ago

That was absolutely lovely and simply glorious!

Vickie 2 months ago

Beautiful, wonderful ,kits cats. merry Christmas🎄🎄

Linda Seaman
Linda Seaman 2 months ago

Hi Doug & your family. Especially the Kitcats. My cat loves his "kitty can't cope sack" a catnip stuffed sack. It should be googleable. Hugs

Marceline Lee
Marceline Lee 2 months ago

I just love watching the sweet antics of your cats! Wishing you have a great time with your furry friends! :)

The Playhouse Pals
The Playhouse Pals 2 months ago

Heck ... now I'm borderline festive! Thanks alot Kits Cats, Doug and Sharon ... I'll get you and your little furries! =oD

Louise Stoke
Louise Stoke 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to the whole KitsCats household !!!!! All the best !!!! Don't forget to pack Taeja's favourite toys when you ship her to me for our play date !!!!

Falcon IG:Warren.Falcon1

Mean hooman, no hats for cats. It's not naps, it IS hibernation till spring

Nat Amaral
Nat Amaral 2 months ago

Very cute as always!

Denise Sayer
Denise Sayer 2 months ago

Hi Doug and "The gorgeous KitsCats" when your going to celebrate christmas in style !! It looks like the best way to do it is "The KitsCats" way. It won't be long till all" The KitsCats" stockings get filled by "Santa-Claws bless them.I loved the post very much doug !! It sure warmed the coggles of my heart.As always big kisses to the adorable "KitsCats.Lol from Denise your No1fan in the UK.🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐾🐾❤😊

Robert Chandler
Robert Chandler 2 months ago

I see your kitties aren't big headgear fans. Of my kitties, one doesn't care, one I wouldn't dare and one is so trusting and sweet that I just can't...

Nellene Ulmer
Nellene Ulmer 2 months ago

So cute. Made me smile. Happy Holidays to you, your wife and every little kitty.😊😊😊🎄🎁🎉

Sherry 2 months ago


dancinfool2006 2 months ago

And a Merry Chrismakwanzikah to all of you from all of us!

Lynette Petit
Lynette Petit 2 months ago

I love all your cats . I love them in their x-mas stocking. merry x-mas to all you kit cats.

Prudence Barnes
Prudence Barnes 2 months ago

Happy Christmas to Cupcake, Kami, Monkey, Thunder and of course Roodi! ⛄️❄️❄️☃️🎄🎄🎄🎄❤️❤️⭐️️

Simone Miller
Simone Miller 2 months ago

Nothing like a bunch of cute Kits Cats getting stoned to celebrate the Holidays. Seasons Greetings to you all.

Angela Raber
Angela Raber 2 months ago

Oh those Kits Cats Hats! So adorable...even when they look grumpy! Ha! 😸😻😹

hell0hkitty 2 months ago

and a wonderful merry christmas to you and your wife from new zealand!

kelly b
kelly b 2 months ago

I wonder if Monkey will have pine-scented poop? Lol

D Barrett
D Barrett 2 months ago

seasons Greetings Kit Cats and Crew

Theresa Baker
Theresa Baker 2 months ago

Awww! So not loved! LOL and Merry Christmas to the Kit's Cats and to Mummy and Daddy!!🐈🌹😘😇

For The Love Of Animals

I love the holidays at your house!! Priceless contributions by every one to add to the festivities!! Between the nip bags, tree trimming and Boxing Day!!----- OMG it's all so rich and egg noggy wonderful!!! Merry Christmas 🎄 all cats and humans at your house!!

Denisemarie Fergusson

Truly, the tree is 4 ur cats and their enjoyment, not yours.

Jacqueline Wong
Jacqueline Wong 2 months ago


Lilly Cham
Lilly Cham 2 months ago

Merry Christmas kit kats.

Rua Whitepaw
Rua Whitepaw 2 months ago

I've been watching the early videos of Kami, when she first came to you. And it's such a difference with how she is now. She's much, well, fuller!

Alejandra PC
Alejandra PC 2 months ago

Lovely!!!!! ❤❤❤

Dymeczka 2 months ago

Beautifulmoody movie :)

Rebecca Westerdale
Rebecca Westerdale 2 months ago

What a cleverly fantastic video of an adorable little cat family! Cant wait for more :-)

Galaxy _mooncat77
Galaxy _mooncat77 2 months ago


Ankes World
Ankes World 2 months ago

thanks, wish a Merry Christmas

ILARIO SCHANZER 2 months ago

../\../\ - MERRY CHRISTMAS -
=(’•..•’)= L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE
.(.\.||./.)¸.•*° Greetings from ILARIO !!!