Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)


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Information Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

Title : Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

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Frames Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

Description Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

Classic Christmas Music with a Fireplace and Beautiful Background (Classic) (2 hours)

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Autumn Breezes
Autumn Breezes 2 months ago

😊💗 Thank you for this wonderful music, it's St. Patrick's Day, I'll probably listen every month til Christmas !🎄 😊 💕

Sam Rhodes
Sam Rhodes 2 months ago

This was on Avery night at Christmas

POTATO 444 2 months ago

I can’t believe it’s already March. We have 9 more months to go

Emmy 2 months ago

i’m still here about 6 months later

Olga Calderero
Olga Calderero 2 months ago

Someone in march? 2021?

Nicnac610 2 months ago

It's nearly St Patricks Day, and I'm sitting here, listening to Christmas music. No regrets

Not Gojo
Not Gojo 2 months ago

Be honest, your still Listening to this in 2021

MIKEY EMILY 2 months ago


AJ the SeaWing
AJ the SeaWing 2 months ago

Let's be honest, you searched this up, it didn't come in your recommended.

kayden Chorowiec
kayden Chorowiec 2 months ago

How’s here March 2021 Guess were 9 months away who’s excited

Helen Horne
Helen Horne 2 months ago


LISA BYRNE 2 months ago


Meels memes
Meels memes 2 months ago


LISA BYRNE 2 months ago


Benjamin Sutherland
Benjamin Sutherland 2 months ago

whos here in 2024? I know i am!

Boys Telles
Boys Telles 2 months ago

I like all of the carols

Ben Perez
Ben Perez 2 months ago

hey im back, happy 2021 :D

Tommy's Auto Repair
Tommy's Auto Repair 2 months ago

It’s 1/5/21 and me and my 8 year old son are still listening to this! 🥰🥰🥰 🎄🎅🏼

All about everything
All about everything 2 months ago

2021 ❤️😍😂

Daniel Mona
Daniel Mona 2 months ago

Only 356 days to go until Christmas 2021


Jay Da Realist
Jay Da Realist 2 months ago

Ok can we appreciate how this person took the copyright like a god

Tsotne Darbaidze
Tsotne Darbaidze 2 months ago


Elik Qasanov
Elik Qasanov 2 months ago

for a new Year to the happy and healthy days 🥂

Печень Ричард

Ok who's in 30 December - 02 January?


Merry Christmas 🎅 2020

Nancy Harvey Steorts
Nancy Harvey Steorts 2 months ago

Most beautiful Christmas music with gorgeous fireplace and Christmas tree which is magnificent. More than 2 hours of continuous music for over 2 hours... Thank you for such outstanding programming.
Nancy Harvey Steorts

RhinoSavage 2 months ago


joshua figueroa
joshua figueroa 2 months ago

Ya it’s Christmas

Cody Vidal
Cody Vidal 2 months ago

Merry Christmas to everyone. Much love to you from my family and I. Help someone today, love someone today. Amen.

Tranquila Music
Tranquila Music 2 months ago

Love the vibe of this. The video we just uploaded is similar but more on the calm and soothing side of things. Merry Christmas ❤

Manuel Sotelo
Manuel Sotelo 2 months ago

Merry Christmas god blees us

Jason Storms
Jason Storms 2 months ago

it is christmas in 2020 today

Jason Storms
Jason Storms 2 months ago

merry christmas from US 2020

sakura Yun
sakura Yun 2 months ago

Merry christmas..

Caleb Holin
Caleb Holin 2 months ago

Mery Christmas

elena avramopoulou
elena avramopoulou 2 months ago

17:00 song?

American Dream Awaits

One of the best Christmas lists on the tube

Insta Stories
Insta Stories 2 months ago

My name is Marie

George Slining Jr.
George Slining Jr. 2 months ago

i love this song

Jay Da Realist
Jay Da Realist 2 months ago

Im listing to this the day before Christmas

Loriena Laci
Loriena Laci 2 months ago

✨ Who's here in 2021 ✨

Christina Villegas
Christina Villegas 2 months ago


Sarah Ravenclaw
Sarah Ravenclaw 2 months ago

Ok, is anyone else as excited about Christmas as you are about 2020 ending?

Kasia Gmerek
Kasia Gmerek 2 months ago

Listening to this while packing Christmas presents! The best vintage oldschool Christmas songs!

Bug alo
Bug alo 2 months ago

Idk about you but it’s about 2 days till Christmas and it doesn’t feel anything like Christmas. And I feel guilty for that, but life goes on and that scares me but I hope you all have a great Christmas or whatever and I hope you are doing great

alez johuk
alez johuk 2 months ago

Its cool

Katie Lee
Katie Lee 2 months ago

that mirah carey hits hard- XD

Katie Lee
Katie Lee 2 months ago

this aint two hours its two hours and a second UnU

Thomas Floyd
Thomas Floyd 2 months ago

I listen to the soundtrack all the time when I’m doing our projects because I do our projects a lot

Jeremy Prunick
Jeremy Prunick 2 months ago

You have the best music on here

Yamin Thuzar
Yamin Thuzar 2 months ago

Thank you so much for the precious classic Christmas songs. 🥰
Christmas without songs is meaningless to me.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Stay safe everyone

Marlene Martinez
Marlene Martinez 2 months ago

4 days

Hubert Smith
Hubert Smith 2 months ago

I'm french but I love all of these songs ☺🎄🎄

Steven Butcher
Steven Butcher 2 months ago

whoever lives in that house is lucky. It's beautiful

Kara Maddox
Kara Maddox 2 months ago

five days till' christmas

Lisa Sharaba
Lisa Sharaba 2 months ago

Happy New Year- people from 2019

"Happy" New year, really.

Kylie Turner
Kylie Turner 2 months ago

Where I live in Korea we just got like 1,000 new cases Ik I shouldn’t be complaining cuz that’s little compared to the US but we just went on Charlie and not allowed to do anything this Christmas and I wanted to hang out with friends and do a bunch of stuff but I’m now stuck doing zoom calls every weekend- not what we had planned 🥲

Asia Duran
Asia Duran 2 months ago

I love to hear it for my homework <3

Lisa Mckenney
Lisa Mckenney 2 months ago

These songs Bring Back Family Memories!!!! Thanks Soo much!!! Merry Xmas!!!

Conner Perkins
Conner Perkins 2 months ago

This is so great

Jermaine Henry
Jermaine Henry 2 months ago

Christmas music every night until Christmas. Who is with me?

enaniadkins 2 months ago

Im listen to this right now it is amazing. Keep going👍

Ace War Legends
Ace War Legends 2 months ago

This year is really something. I used to enjoy Christmas every single year. But this one, well, I don't really think I can.

I lost a few people, good friends. I lost my father in law, my job, etc... 2020 is really a bad year for many of us.
Thank God I have my little son and my wife who cheer me up. I pray that the new one will be better :( . . . and dear friends, don't give up, don't give up, DON'T GIVE UP!

PS: I'm a new streamer (or at least I'm trying my best to become one). I will really appreciate it if some of you would support me on this new adventure. Thanks ahead! Stay safe and God bless you all!

Bence Rozs
Bence Rozs 2 months ago

32:34 What's the name of the song?"

John Leed
John Leed 2 months ago

I don’t wanna stop believing it’s winter; because it is still Easy to chill when celebrating. Especially indoors with all your loved ones and friends enjoying a warm meal and drink with good company inside a warm house. Gotta love the winter season, who else agrees?

Vanilla C
Vanilla C 2 months ago

I love Christmas music ❤

Dan Fanelli
Dan Fanelli 2 months ago

Eight days till Christmas! I have been on here yesterday and the day before over and over counting down the days till Christmas. Then a few days ago I said, "Hey! I missed the twelve day of Christmas. On here, and physically."

Aybrielle Russell
Aybrielle Russell 2 months ago


Currently thinking about 2021? CHISTMAS MUSIC
but most of all..

Francine Briones
Francine Briones 2 months ago

peace and mercy to all GOD bless you

Michael Tavares
Michael Tavares 2 months ago

This helps me be relaxed, especially with all of this covid stuff. Merry Christmas y'all.

Yugene Lee
Yugene Lee 2 months ago

Shout out to my Political Science teacher who is playing this in class

Lilian Cortez
Lilian Cortez 2 months ago

This is going whenever it's Christmas

enaniadkins 2 months ago

Dude i have been adding coments to see if dope pazz will see it and he does it makes me so happy this is the only happiness i have this year. 😊

Vicky KFC dogo
Vicky KFC dogo 2 months ago

Mom: Don't go on youtube when you are in school.
Me: Goes on youtube and plays Christmas Music :P
Who's in 2020 and is doing the same
Christmas is my favorite Holiday and i certinly can't wait for new year right
Stay Safe everyone and merry christmas :)

katelyn strawbridge
katelyn strawbridge 2 months ago

It is December 15th,2020 I am here because I am listening to this while doing school work because it is so relaxing to listen to

Mściwoj GrOoOżnY
Mściwoj GrOoOżnY 2 months ago

I love this songs this is my favorite songs

Teodi G
Teodi G 2 months ago

christmas is my favourite time of the year

mha rocks
mha rocks 2 months ago

Me just listening while doing school.

Jordan James
Jordan James 2 months ago

10 days before Christmas and I am the 1000th comment. For all who see this I hope 2021 is/was better than this damned yeah and all the best in your endeavors. Should you see this a decade down the line. I hope you may never have to experience a year like this and that you may share the story with future generations to come. To make 2020 a legend.

• aesthetic_ali •

im in class rn listening to this in 2020 lol its almost over merry christmas to all

Da Vinci Cosmetics
Da Vinci Cosmetics 2 months ago

i love Christmas songs

David Lyn Jr
David Lyn Jr 2 months ago

What’s the name of the song that starts at 1:26:00

Isabella Oliver
Isabella Oliver 2 months ago

I listen to this 24/7! This one is my favorite!
Who else wishes Christmas is here already?

Samuraï Officiel
Samuraï Officiel 2 months ago

jadore ses vraiment fluid very good

S L'ECLUSE 2 months ago


Cali Beutler
Cali Beutler 2 months ago


Kristofers Pavziniuks

Only 10 days left

Jerry Ramsey
Jerry Ramsey 2 months ago

I remember A Charlie Brown Christmas.🙂

Katelyn lamel
Katelyn lamel 2 months ago


RU 2 months ago


June Allison
June Allison 2 months ago

I love this mix!!!

jesus osorio fernandez

I like this :)

S L'ECLUSE 2 months ago

Iam so happy for all the songs that you made

S L'ECLUSE 2 months ago

Bonjour je vous souhaite un très bon NOËL

Catherine Field
Catherine Field 2 months ago

Who's here like a week before Christmas to cheer themselves up!😅

Justin 2 months ago

I love this ! It brings the spirit full circle. Thanx.

S L'ECLUSE 2 months ago

Bravo pour vos chansons et JOIYEUX NOËL

•Catxhii• 2 months ago

Almost Christmas !!

Mayalyn Garcia
Mayalyn Garcia 2 months ago

I don't know why but christmas music get me motivated and happy

DEMOCRACY WINS 2 months ago