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Milania A.
Milania A. 2 months ago

Love your makeup!

msmuniz23 2 months ago

I have a Google home I haven't used it yet though. But I got it free for subscribing to Spotify for 2 months which I thought was a great deal

Lillyrain Blue
Lillyrain Blue 2 months ago

Gordon has YouTube channel too. I have the t shirt tradition for birthday and Christmas. Hope you have a Merry Christmas 🎅

Mrs. Buttersworth
Mrs. Buttersworth 2 months ago

Hang in there. The office is leaving netflix soon.

Leah Tackles Disney
Leah Tackles Disney 2 months ago

Yes, Tito’s is the go-to for me and I am in the Midwest.

Jennifer Garmany
Jennifer Garmany 2 months ago

I got my husband a New England Patriots Pillow and soft Blanket and that was $100 lol 😂 then I got slippers, and some Harry Potter / fantastic beast books. In his stocking he got green apple jack, a holiday survival flask, candy, a toothbrush and a axe loufa thingy. This was the first year in a long time I got to buy for him and I was really happy with my purchases 😬 I know he will love his patriots stuff 🤮

Blessedmommaof2 _
Blessedmommaof2 _ 2 months ago

You could use clear nail polish and paint the inside of the quarter ring, that way it doesn’t turn his finger green.

Blessedmommaof2 _
Blessedmommaof2 _ 2 months ago

Can you link the slippers?

Gina Schweppe
Gina Schweppe 2 months ago

I got my husband a Jord watch awhile ago and he is complimented on it almost daily!!

Melissa 2 months ago

Gordon Ramsey shirt!!! I must get one!!

Blondie Brand
Blondie Brand 2 months ago

My husband is the same way with wanting specific things (and it’s usually tech stuff was well) The past few christmases I just have him email me a wishlist with the links to stuff he wants😅 makes it a lot easier!🥰

morgan coggan
morgan coggan 2 months ago

I loveeee your Christmas videos for men!!! I swear every year I buy 2-3 things from them 😂

Shaunalea 82
Shaunalea 82 2 months ago

Great video, my hubby and I write each other a list for the gifts we want and then we add in a surprise or two. I’m big on gift cards for him. One of the big things i buy him is clothes bc my poor guy doesn’t have good taste but ofcoarse i try to be conscious of his style and the things he likes, also he’s big on technology too, and also love retro stuff from when he was a kid.

Jess N
Jess N 2 months ago

Love these! You should get a watch display case! There’s a bunch at Marshall’s and TJ maxx!

Hranac Fam
Hranac Fam 2 months ago

😂😂 love your rant about the office! Lmao. Love all the gifts!

Pierre Guy
Pierre Guy 2 months ago

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other

Mama's Kitchen
Mama's Kitchen 2 months ago

I promise I'm not being disrespectful but what race is your husband? Y'all have beautiful daughters. My husband is Native American and we have a dark haired, chocolate eyed daughter, a blonde haired, hazel eyed daughter and our itty bitty girl is red haired and blue eyed. 😁 This has absolutely nothing to do with gifts but I watched a previous video with your girls. Maybe I should have commented on the other one lol. Nice gift ideas. 😁

jojoaug 2 months ago

Ohh and btw love your eyeshadow look, what shadows have you used! Super pretty!

jojoaug 2 months ago

So happy that I found your channel when searching for christmas ideas for the kids a few weeks ago, love your videos! So much joy and inspiration all rolled into one, a new favorite! I also have a list on my phone for gift ideas for my husband..he never wishes for anything so need to have my ears and eyes open ;)

Ryan Pack
Ryan Pack 2 months ago

i think you are just adorable! i have the world's awfullest time getting gifts for my husband. i get him stuff all year and at christmas i am just lost!! this is our 19th christmas together and it is still hard to buy for him. (i'm using his yt acct. too btw, my name is luann-lol)

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