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Татьяна Мухортова

Маленькое чудо! 💖💜🧡👏👏👏🌿🌿🌿

Messias Ullmann
Messias Ullmann 2 months ago


MoskitoGirl0220 2 months ago


MoskitoGirl0220 2 months ago


MoskitoGirl0220 2 months ago


Rosalind ROSSITER 2 months ago

Very moving.

jjhhhggfify 2 months ago


Beth davis
Beth davis 2 months ago

Lotto his balls haven't dropped

Carmen Suero
Carmen Suero 2 months ago

How old is he?

Carmen vargas
Carmen vargas 2 months ago

Know-It-All News: Where Are You Christmas? Faith Hill 2019

Orla perry
Orla perry 2 months ago

He's a Angel ❤😇😍💘❤

Emmanuel Mensah
Emmanuel Mensah 2 months ago

So innocent and pure it's beautiful

MrMusiclover41 2 months ago


CaseyJones 2 months ago

Counterfeits try to emulate this ?????????

TKimba 2
TKimba 2 2 months ago

I bambino sono già di natura cantanti

Felix Bloxham
Felix Bloxham 2 months ago

sixty nine people have Van Gogh 's ear for music

Stephen Black
Stephen Black 2 months ago

Wow so beautiful.

Adrienne Stark
Adrienne Stark 2 months ago

Wow! Amazing! Heartfelt, delicate, passionate. Just amazing.

Cecilia Sawicki
Cecilia Sawicki 2 months ago

Amazing voice , like an angel !

Syren Jean-Louis
Syren Jean-Louis 2 months ago

Not bad!

Ana Sofia Antão
Ana Sofia Antão 2 months ago

Unspeakable! The boy will be a soprano castrato?

Mirella Sanseviero
Mirella Sanseviero 2 months ago

Veramente un'Angelo!

Strong Aingel
Strong Aingel 2 months ago

Inspired Jackie Evancho ..

wernertrptube 2 months ago

bald ist Weihnachten und bald Tränen melken.

Ove Nordlinder
Ove Nordlinder 2 months ago


G. Andrea Piras
G. Andrea Piras 2 months ago

Pigola senza sapere ciò che dice. È comunque intonato e gradevole.

Sallie Taylor
Sallie Taylor 2 months ago

OMG I can't believe that this young boy sings so beautiful.I should have known it was Aled.


Voz angelical !!!

Davi Almeida
Davi Almeida 2 months ago

😃😃😃😃😃 Bravo !!

jean françois L
jean françois L 2 months ago

Etonnant… voix d'une justesse de timbre et d'une fraîcheur parfaites. Probablement la plus proche de la voix de castrat. Bien mieux que les voix de fausset des contre-ténors

meimeiswan 2 months ago

What year was this recorded? Thanks

Susan Oleson
Susan Oleson 2 months ago


anna daniela travaglio

wow!! quando canta si trascende,grande Aled

Akari Uchiha
Akari Uchiha 2 months ago

sorry but this sounds a bit cringe it just sounds so derpy sorry if u don't agree

Weatherboi 2 months ago

Now that Aled Jones is in his 40's, I wonder if he can still sing the high notes the same?

Thilo von Watzdorf
Thilo von Watzdorf 2 months ago

Beautiful! Bravo!

allan williams
allan williams 2 months ago


allan williams
allan williams 2 months ago


Stephanie Willetts
Stephanie Willetts 2 months ago

Listen to his later recording of this for better sound quality...the cabbalistic posting. Saw this when it was first broadcast . Phenomenal

Kutató Afrika
Kutató Afrika 2 months ago

Voice full with heart. Like an perfect instrument.

Cerbero Caronte
Cerbero Caronte 2 months ago

Tempo perfetto,note sempre sostenute,voce stupenda,bravo.

Cerbero Caronte
Cerbero Caronte 2 months ago

Fantastico,nessun errore,attacchi perfetti.

Arja Ahola
Arja Ahola 2 months ago

Where is this child today? Wonderful voice and he really puts his soul into this

bbfegc 2 months ago

One angel came to my beautiful...!

Cosimo De Martino
Cosimo De Martino 2 months ago

la voce di un angioletto

陳冠瑋 2 months ago


Dieto Prevost
Dieto Prevost 2 months ago

Never heard a castrato, but i thinks it might sound like this, beautiful

Olmo 2 months ago

Angelic voice!

Leyla PEKİN coloratura soprano


Oky Saputra
Oky Saputra 2 months ago

such an angelic voice 😇 I wish that I could watch his concert for live 😌

Michaël Wisse
Michaël Wisse 2 months ago

een engel

Antoine Hartley
Antoine Hartley 2 months ago

Aled Jones. He was a truly lovely kid and has grown into an equally nice man!

Zaíra Salim
Zaíra Salim 2 months ago


Felix Bloxham
Felix Bloxham 2 months ago

forty five people have van Gogh's ear for music

Felix Bloxham
Felix Bloxham 2 months ago

Such an amazing voice thank-you for such a delightful moment

Alejandro Morales
Alejandro Morales 2 months ago

Oh my god this boy!

Dadacomero 2 months ago


Giuliano Leandro Loy
Giuliano Leandro Loy 2 months ago


Kristin Rustad Høiseth


Hubris Inc
Hubris Inc 2 months ago

hm.. I prefer Andreas Scholl.

Saulo Bernabé Figueroa

Castrati detect! xD

you zuo
you zuo 2 months ago


Cris M
Cris M 2 months ago

Hello! Could anyone tell me when and where was this filmed? I'm interested about the event too. Thanks!

sherry gypsy S
sherry gypsy S 2 months ago

sweet and pure.

Ilie Pop
Ilie Pop 2 months ago

Un talent înăscut la vremea acce un copil !

Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes 2 months ago

Stunningly beautiful and humble. I feel the same awe when listening to the amazing ANDREY NEMZER  singing SAINT FRANCIS PRAYER. Such humility and inspiration!

Miguel Angel Lascano
Miguel Angel Lascano 2 months ago

Maravillosa voz!!!!!!!!!!!

PietraBourneuf 2 months ago

Wow! I wasn't expecting it to be so perfect. I have tears in my eyes...thank you for this... 

Daniel Ramírez de Arellano

So pure and clean, just like this aria. Gorgeous.

doobeedoo58 2 months ago

There is another clip here on Youtube you might give a listen to, and this is only a suggestion. It's Robin Schlotz singing the Queen of the Night ariai. Worth a listen.

rln sfo
rln sfo 2 months ago


Sarah Brummitt
Sarah Brummitt 2 months ago

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Sean Kirkham
Sean Kirkham 2 months ago

is it bad that i think he should have bee castrated to preserve his voice, too bad he hit puberty, i guess good things cant last forever

Zefiro Torna
Zefiro Torna 2 months ago


Brian Wood
Brian Wood 2 months ago

Aled has always been a class act.

hotchillibot 2 months ago

this is proof in itself how much more beautiful a song can be with the passion shown in facial, movements and voice. Along with a beautiful voice. THAT is a true amazing singer that can stir peoples hearts

Richard Forty
Richard Forty 2 months ago

Very good performance. I first knew this song from jackie evancho, but this kid might well be better, which considering how famous jackie is is saying a lot. Some comments here indicate he went on to a successful adult opera career, if so it is deserved.

Chase Alvins
Chase Alvins 2 months ago

It's just not punk-rock enough for me...

Junior Macedo
Junior Macedo 2 months ago

This is the music! This is Aled Jones!

Chase Alvins
Chase Alvins 2 months ago

This is gay. /watch?v=6_seSpW_DSY /watch?v=qvCX4zjp6Lc

Sky barnard
Sky barnard 2 months ago

OMFG<33333333 This kid is absaloutly extrodinary omg i think hes better than jackie evancho *O* never thought i'd ever see that!

John Flint
John Flint 2 months ago

this kid is bloody brilliant

keystovocals 2 months ago

wtf do you mean by that asswipe???

Brian Wood
Brian Wood 2 months ago

Aled was always a class act. Ombra is one of my favourites, but I am biased in that my 14yo choir boy son does this as well, if not better. Aled's time has come and gone as a treble, but he will always be remembered for his superior voice and passionate delivery.

Roy Andersen
Roy Andersen 2 months ago

It seems to me that South-East Asia now have to defend european classical music. Europeans are now forgetting theyr own culture and history. A civilization is dying.

Elisa Gauthreaux
Elisa Gauthreaux 2 months ago

beautiful but no....

ObscureAuteur 2 months ago

How fortunate for him that he does not live in the era in which this aria was composed ! The age when "Viva il Coltello!" rang out after a brilliant performance.

Nam Nhat
Nam Nhat 2 months ago


MandyJMaddison 2 months ago

@yesitsme1149 Your comments really make me smile! As a child, I always wanted to sing the solo in Once in Royal David's City. It didn't happen until I was adult! One of my sons did it at 7, and the other one at 12. None of us was perfect, but the "oldies" loved it just the same!

MandyJMaddison 2 months ago

@18aaronjames Prompted by your message, I just looked him up on Wikipedia. He was born in 1970, which makes him several years older than I thought he was!

Aaron James
Aaron James 2 months ago

@MandyJMaddison no no he is 40 right now that o holy night was a while back that was recently posted

MandyJMaddison 2 months ago

@2010wieliczka He is in his mid thirties. If you search you will find him. He grew into a lovely man who hosts a program of hymn singing called Songs of Praise. His mature voice is pleasant but no longer magnificent. There is a heartbreaking video clip of the adult Aled singing "O Holy Night" with his younger self.

skypilot87uk 2 months ago

@HerbicidalManiac Glad you like it ;o) I dont know if you know, but Aled went on to have a very successful singing career as an adult, if you check out the videos on my channel you should find lots of his adult stuff on there.. If you prefer his treble voice, then please take a look at another of my channels AledTreble, that is full of his younger material.

Blind InTheSun
Blind InTheSun 2 months ago

Every so often I stumble upon a YouTube gem that I simply can not walk away from. I have listened to this upwards of 20 times in the last week and I am still looking for it every time I log in. The wonders of YouTube- allowing "old" things to be rediscovered anew. It's a beautiful piece of heaven in this performance.

Gergely Tóth
Gergely Tóth 2 months ago

With a lot more training and maturation he would have made a fine castrato in the old days.

Aaron James
Aaron James 2 months ago

god please continue to bless him an hid aammzziinngg voice

skypilot87uk 2 months ago

@brightsorcerer I have another channel called AledTreble, please take a look at it, you will find lots of videos of Aled when he was a treble.. All the best.

brightsorcerer 2 months ago

I have tears in my eyes listening to him.... this is one of my favorites, from this opera, and it touches me to see how clearly he actually feels the power of this beautiful composition. Thank you for posting this. I will be checking some of his other stuff now.

smenkare27 2 months ago

I have always loved this aria--never more so until now--