How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies


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Information How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

Title : How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

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Frames How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

Description How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

How to HANDCUT COOKIES ~ And how to Decorate DEER \u0026 WOLF cookies

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ruth del carmen guerrero quintana

Qué divino trabajo felicitaciones

Flavia Medeiros
Flavia Medeiros 2 months ago

Apaixonante! É lindo demais seu trabalho. Parabéns. ❤️

ahlem hamioud
ahlem hamioud 2 months ago

Please I want you to give me your cookies recipe because it seems so good I wanna try it

Irina Pulatova
Irina Pulatova 2 months ago

Hello. Tell me the recipe for your dough.

Gordana Geczy
Gordana Geczy 2 months ago

Great work

J H 2 months ago

I purchased your downloads and they are not working! Says there is a error and I have exceeded the download! I only printed one of the many I purchased! I am very upset and have paid for items I can not use so please rectify and fix this immediately.

Ola M
Ola M 2 months ago

Pięknie.👍👍👍 Pozdrawiam serdecznie.❤

Lili Azua
Lili Azua 2 months ago

Hola de dónde puedo sacar los moldes de las galletas por favor

Patrícia Restani
Patrícia Restani 2 months ago

Que delicadeza de trabalho, lindooo de mais , uma perfeição... parabéns e sucesso sempre!!😍😍👏👏👏

Sonya Maxwell
Sonya Maxwell 2 months ago

Do they make beige gel?

margarita perez
margarita perez 2 months ago

again, WOW, just WOW! love with this channel!

Flora Uwera
Flora Uwera 2 months ago

So cute i wouldn't wanna eat them

Natalie Blakey
Natalie Blakey 2 months ago

Are you in NZ?

kavi sk
kavi sk 2 months ago

Your work is so neat! I got really inspired I'm gonna try making cookies very soon 😅😅

Kasia Wrocław
Kasia Wrocław 2 months ago

these are the most beautiful cookies I have ever seen <3 :) congratulations! :)

il mondo di ielle sugarArt

Super adorable!! Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Jean Little
Jessica Jean Little 2 months ago

I honestly think bakers are very underpaid just my opinion, they do such a beautiful job and takes them hours !

mochilliboo 2 months ago

hi! should the cut dough be put back in the fridge or freezer when you're cutting other ones?

Vicky Perez Roca
Vicky Perez Roca 2 months ago


Riheb Boudef
Riheb Boudef 2 months ago

So beautiful cookies 🤩🤩🤩 can you tell us the ingredients of the icing? Is it chocolate or what ?

Anamaria torero arambulo

Haces un trabajo maravilloso 👏👏👏

Siri Dompra
Siri Dompra 2 months ago

Black edible maker draw on cookies , Can i eat this cookies ?

Patricia Nogaroto
Patricia Nogaroto 2 months ago


simonacoja 2 months ago

What is your go to icing recipe? Do you make it fresh all the time or are there ways to store it in between orders?

Jaine Ribeiro
Jaine Ribeiro 2 months ago


Sandy Couryer
Sandy Couryer 2 months ago

I can watch you ice cookies all day. you are incredible! thank you xx

Cuisine Malika dz
Cuisine Malika dz 2 months ago

مرحبا يعطيك العافية ابونيني تعيشي حبيبتي زوري قناتي خليلي تعليق تسلمي قناتي على اليوتيوب خليلي لايك 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🥰🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍👍💐

Cuisine Malika dz
Cuisine Malika dz 2 months ago


alina liss
alina liss 2 months ago


Jose Ferrer
Jose Ferrer 2 months ago


Clarice Hoffmann
Clarice Hoffmann 2 months ago


sath. wali
sath. wali 2 months ago

Thank you❤️💐

Pattama Hem
Pattama Hem 2 months ago

So cute.. do we have to bake again after we paint?

SlothTea ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Hi Cookielicious, I am a BIG fan! I love your cookies too ❤️. You are very inspiring so I will try those cookies for myself!

ursula saini
ursula saini 2 months ago

Where can I get penblade to cut dough

Wendy Ling
Wendy Ling 2 months ago

nice.. but seem everytime need to throw away the cut out... and making own cookies cutter seem tedious... hope u find a better way

Lynne Johnson
Lynne Johnson 2 months ago

I feel like my heart stopped when I looked at this thumbnail! 😱😍😍 TRULY AMAZING!

Rosalvo Maciel Guimarães Neto

Parabéns pelo lindíssimo trabalho!😍😍

Baking with Jay plus Dan

Adorably cute!!!

Fathima 2 months ago

Is cookie dough different for royal icing and fondant decoration??

Alicja Without
Alicja Without 2 months ago

Hi, Can u tell me where i Can find heads of this Animal to print it? Thank you do much!

deepu thomas
deepu thomas 2 months ago

It was awesome

deepu thomas
deepu thomas 2 months ago

Will the icing dry itself

Aziriod X
Aziriod X 2 months ago

How did cookie dough have a better glow up than me😭

Martha Regina Bautista Romero

Que hermosas.!! Bellas.!!!!!

Debio 2 months ago

Wetting the blade will make it cut more smoothly with less of a rippled tearing edge.

Debio 2 months ago

These are sooo cute. I love them.

Kathleen Lee
Kathleen Lee 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your amazing videos. Adding instructions is a wonderful touch. I'm working up the courage to try it myself. I watch a video or two every morning just to start my day off on a happy note. We, in the US, need happy. And your cookies.

Zatie Razak
Zatie Razak 2 months ago

How long does it usually takes for icing to dry

SIRI on live
SIRI on live 2 months ago

How long can we store these decorated cookies

Tamara Kulb
Tamara Kulb 2 months ago

I love it the cookies are sooo cute! Also I love so much your Chanel your cookies and the way you decorate them are really cute and amazing!! Congratulations!! LOVE IT! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩😉😉😉

Jas G
Jas G 2 months ago

what colours did u use? what brand? The deer is soooooo pretty:)

Charmaine Iru
Charmaine Iru 2 months ago

Thank you dear for sharing this video great work lovely tips very useful

Bangaliana 2 months ago

What color do u use for deer’s skin tone?

JuliaSue DeBliss
JuliaSue DeBliss 2 months ago

Is the cookie dough cold from the fridge before cutting?

iyad fouma
iyad fouma 2 months ago

Well done

mimi ghniou
mimi ghniou 2 months ago

You are a ferry cookilicious my dear

Melissa S
Melissa S 2 months ago

Have you ever thought about designing your own cutters? Printing them? Making an awesome video. And selling them! :)

Microphone Microphone

Just wow 🤩

SP Store
SP Store 2 months ago

I required all these tools sokindly help me

Jenifer Alvarez
Jenifer Alvarez 2 months ago

These are so dang cut but dang a lot of work goes into these. 😱 you must have incredible patience. I don’t know how you cut out every single cookie by hand! Wow! My local libraries actually have 3D printers and they are free to use (well, normally...everything is still slowly reopening here in Nevada USA). All the materials are also free. It’s pretty cool and I love watching those machines while they are printing!

Simply ببساطة
Simply ببساطة 2 months ago

Super cute und perfect..
Subscribed to your channel.. u r having brigth future ⚘😍

Vannie Cathlene Lorica

mayron po b kau video mam about sa pag gawa ng fondant.. ano po mga ingredients nya at paano po mag gawa? hehe salamat po waiting po s answer.

Skarchan Hussain
Skarchan Hussain 2 months ago

Hello I m new to your channel. Do you have the royal icing recipe for piping flowers? Like your videos 👌

How To Jelly
How To Jelly 2 months ago

good video my friend! like!!!

Nour In The Kitchen
Nour In The Kitchen 2 months ago

These look absolutely gorgeous! So therapeutic to watch 🤗

#Unik ART
#Unik ART 2 months ago

Can you post a recipe of royal icing without egg

Laureen Wilson
Laureen Wilson 2 months ago


diana Vasquez
diana Vasquez 2 months ago

Lindas 😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

diamond in a ring
diamond in a ring 2 months ago

So cute 😍& adorable 💝
For those who made dislikes they're just dumb & jalous 👌

Alejandra E
Alejandra E 2 months ago

Sooooo beautiful! I couldn’t bring myself to eating, I think I would frame them like a piece of art! ❣️❣️❣️

Rayana McGuire
Rayana McGuire 2 months ago

A beautiful work of art from start to fi, as usual 👍🏼🤗 about what size opening would you say the tip of the tip less piping bag is (perhaps the size a a Wilton #1.5 or #2 tip)?

Rose Marie Fernandes
Rose Marie Fernandes 2 months ago

The background music was very overpowering & not really required

An Osigan
An Osigan 2 months ago

Dad cookies pls for Father’s Day. I saw your boxer shorts one I think I might try. It’ll be my first time making cookies with design. Wish me luck

Svetli B
Svetli B 2 months ago

I would feel so bad to eat these cookies knowing how much work has gone into making them ❤ amazing. Thank you for sharing 🔥🔥

Mandy Twilson
Mandy Twilson 2 months ago

Oh deer me Miss Natalia, I reckon these are sooo adorable . I’d wolf them down in a second if they weren’t so cute. 😉😍

Danyelle Samaroo
Danyelle Samaroo 2 months ago

Please make more videos

SierraAspen 2 months ago

I want to eat them sooo bad lol

Simone Belz
Simone Belz 2 months ago


Martha Gallardo
Martha Gallardo 2 months ago

Beautiful cookies

raida bilal
raida bilal 2 months ago

Cute thank's😍😍

24 years ago
24 years ago 2 months ago

That's cute

SweetArt Cookie Couture

So precise! I need to get those pen blades!

Veronika Marčáková

Love these! Always so cute. I tried also with this technique. I bought Mylar stencil sheets. They are great alternative to paper and can be reused. Have you tried it? 😊 It is great for seasonal shapes, you know you may use multiple times 😊

Зоя Кульчицька

дуже гарно і охайно

Miss Tricks Mix Crafts and DIY

Amazing step by step tutorial !

Doris Arteaga
Doris Arteaga 2 months ago

Beautiful 🥰

Paula Andrea Rodriguez

Gorgeous!!! 😍👏

lasilka 2 months ago

Beautiful! 🥰

yeverino1970 2 months ago

It’s so much beautiful detail. I love them. I wish I would have the patience to do that type of decoration on my cookies 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 I love to bake


Wow. It's a useful information to me.
I want to know how make a cookie.

Maria Kerekes
Maria Kerekes 2 months ago

Beautiful! I'm so excited to try this out!

Victoria Pulido Hernandez


Isabel Ortíz
Isabel Ortíz 2 months ago

Sooo cute 😍😍😍 I love them! You are amazing 😎 😎😎

Sonia Nieves
Sonia Nieves 2 months ago

These are so adorable Natalia 💕

CrAZy fOr mYsElF
CrAZy fOr mYsElF 2 months ago

Can you make shawol anniversary cookies?