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Title : Saints Row 4 - Dubstep gun

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Saints Row 4 - Dubstep gun

Saints Row 4 - Dubstep gun

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MohammadReza Bagheri
MohammadReza Bagheri 2 months ago

they have it in area 51

Yash Gangurde
Yash Gangurde 2 months ago

They got the idea from Corridor Crew

MachTanker 2 months ago

I like how the cars dance too lmao

THE rotten pumpkin
THE rotten pumpkin 2 months ago


ItsMe_Cherry{Sin Remover}

Dupstep gun: makes npcs dance

Cars: this is fine.

Warriorsorb 2 months ago

Saints Row 3: Drive around with spikes on rims just to intentionally pop tires and watch drivers go nuts and speed off with popped tires

Saints Row 4: Spend countless hours firing dubstep gun at everyone just to watch them break dance non-stop (cops included)

Oh, what fun. Saints Row rocks forever

Loco runner
Loco runner 2 months ago

dem cars brothaaa

Andrew Vertical Dangler Lowery

Saints row should never die, it’s genius like this that keeps me going!

RaidPhoenix_official 2 months ago

Cars dancing is normal :)

Dark Storm
Dark Storm 2 months ago

The pop star skin is vindicate by datsik and excision

Braydo The Ghost Hunter (ETPS)

Love the last part. Those dj guns is that song I listen to the mostest on Spotify and dodnt know that song was played on saint row 4 because I played that game before and I was so familiar with that song I played don saint row 4 until 5 years later that song just popped up on my spotify and I was like hey i know this song from that game i played before! So glad i found that it and got it out of my mind but still plays on loops sometimes lol

Frederic Laflamme
Frederic Laflamme 2 months ago

This is the reason i bought the game back then

Illogicbomb 2 months ago

shame super powers made weapons pointless :X

ruler ruliento 2031
ruler ruliento 2031 2 months ago

single word...

I need

That fucking


Raser 2 months ago

So I'm not the only one who looked this up

XxTNTBOSS750xX 2 months ago

When games were fun

zack IOIOIOI 2 months ago

"Alright guys, What if there was a gun that shot _dubstep?_"
"What? What does that even mean, 'shoot dubstep'?"
"Whatever, let me show you.."
"Bob, I'm giving you a raise."

silex dark
silex dark 2 months ago

Number tho like

BFG Division
BFG Division 2 months ago

Ultimate Ancap wet dream.

Sookie Bookie
Sookie Bookie 2 months ago

Season 2 episode 8 of big mouth 11 minutes 55 seconds in

Eric N.
Eric N. 2 months ago

Dubstep Gun songs:
Dubstep Gun = Polyhymnia - Scout McMillan (Dubstep)
Industrial = Malcolm Kirby Jr. - Dubstep Gun Theme 3
Pop Star = Datsik & Excision - Vindicate

Topic Infinite
Topic Infinite 2 months ago

The greatest weapon of all time

webbtail245 2 months ago

0:16 for those of you who wish to just see the gun

Sfaccimt 2 months ago

Name a cooler gun, i 'll wait

Slam 2 months ago

Me looking for 7 yo comment: 👁👄👁

Order of Shadow
Order of Shadow 2 months ago

My favorite was the “Drop the bass”

sandwich_tv 2 months ago

Best gun ever

FlyingPaper 2 months ago

21Century's Bards:

TexasHangunLawJoke 2 months ago

Autistic sure

Munkee Playz
Munkee Playz 2 months ago

1:40 <3

Name 2 months ago

Imagine having the option to choose between a bunch of dubstep songs to load up into the gun..

Adelard 2 months ago

Industrial slaps HARD

cody price
cody price 2 months ago

That dude at 1:15 on the left just straight gettin it

The ultimate corn dog :1

Millers one is the best

Artem Bentsionov
Artem Bentsionov 2 months ago

Hail the great gunsmith Skrillex!

Mathias Alarcon
Mathias Alarcon 2 months ago

Nombre de las canciones de las armas?

Rudra Sharma
Rudra Sharma 2 months ago

This gun should be real!!!!!

Alienninja 27
Alienninja 27 2 months ago

Sounds like Tekken 7 haha

gabriel calimerio
gabriel calimerio 2 months ago

nostalgia lol

Danil 2 months ago

Fuck me, it's crazy

BegissoR 2 months ago

2020, still best gun ever. Should be remastered.

Ido Weizman
Ido Weizman 2 months ago

Can I get it in saints row 3 remastered with all the dlcs???

Curoca 2 months ago

Ah good ol' days of Saints Row

ladislav trojan
ladislav trojan 2 months ago

wrong music... it should be xmas

love genna
love genna 2 months ago

michael buble

Sushi 2 months ago

6 years later still remember first getting this ingame.

bipher versão alternativa

The best gun 🔝😂👍👌

Marcus Baumgärtner
Marcus Baumgärtner 2 months ago


xZombiexHunterx 2 months ago

Dubstep gun:


ST_RC 2 months ago

the Cars be vibing tho.....

Müllerman 2 months ago

Love that the dubstep gun is a traitor weapon in Garrys Mod TTT

BegissoR 2 months ago

I want more music weapons like this!

Diego MasterYT
Diego MasterYT 2 months ago

The third one is lit bro!!!

Brushmy Ego
Brushmy Ego 2 months ago

Anyone here after the remake?

Dark okami
Dark okami 2 months ago

It's way better than the new remastered one

Ansh4 everrr
Ansh4 everrr 2 months ago

GTA V : saints row copied GTA V

2020 : look who's copying now

Captain S
Captain S 2 months ago

Imagine Cable from deadpool use this gun 🤣

Mohammad Hussien
Mohammad Hussien 2 months ago

I like how the cars and npcs dances with the dub step gun. Cool little details.

Bob 2 months ago

Reminds me of 2011.

Goca Gonyalı
Goca Gonyalı 2 months ago

pink is everyones choise

Makram Fakhoure
Makram Fakhoure 2 months ago

The first actually fire 🔥

Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez 2 months ago

Is the song at 1:35 inside the store real? Cause if it is, I need it

Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown 2 months ago

Dubstep gun is the best gun in existence.
Change my mind.

You'rent'sam'd 2 months ago

I feel old at the fact that I remembered this and searched it.

TheEscaper 2 months ago

I wish they are going to make something as cool as dubstebgun in the next game

DDGX 28 2 months ago


Trixster Million
Trixster Million 2 months ago

I smirked at the name and concept, lolled when I heard the gun fire, and when the carts started bopping along to the beat I pissed myself.

Two Stripes
Two Stripes 2 months ago

Wish I had the dubstep gun irl

James Urban
James Urban 2 months ago

explosive wubs

kylesteinhauser 2 months ago

Gonna go ahead and watch Kroll Show for hours now

karremania 2 months ago

I blew up hunderds of cars, killed thousands of people, i'm no murderer or villain.. i just love dubstep.

CAVERMAN 2 months ago

dubstep gun

Ian Charles
Ian Charles 2 months ago

Deadly rays of purple wub wub

NemesisProductions 2 months ago

Which Dubstep gun is your favorite?

The Original
Pop star
Reply with your answer

(I'm trying to reach 50 subs btw 🙏🏻)

Kala Murphy
Kala Murphy 2 months ago

The first one is my favoiet one

TheGreat Octoguy
TheGreat Octoguy 2 months ago

I went crazy with that weapon

Archie S
Archie S 2 months ago

Music pls?

I Keep Strumming
I Keep Strumming 2 months ago

Thats dumb

Extreme Songs
Extreme Songs 2 months ago

I like all Saints row games | Saints row 1 2 3 4 Agent of Mayhem

Julia Zempoaltecatl
Julia Zempoaltecatl 2 months ago

Me: this brings back memorys

Also me: Looking for the disk case for the past 3 weeks

Jack Huncho
Jack Huncho 2 months ago

A group of about 12-15 people sat at a conference room table and argued the pro’s and con’s of a dubstep gun concept. i would of loved to have been a fly on the wall for that. GOLD

Limus Edion
Limus Edion 2 months ago

This is crazy nice fun stuff !

Erick Rodriguez
Erick Rodriguez 2 months ago


Kmaleon 2 months ago

Cant wait to get this on GTA Online.

Echelon 2 months ago

Literally the best gun ever created in every any game, period. 🔥

putri novinria
putri novinria 2 months ago

I love this gun

Snigdhodyuti Chatterjee

When fully upgraded it is the ultimate weapon.

devin chrishaun
devin chrishaun 2 months ago

I think i was the only one who searched for this lol.

tipology 2 months ago

Foolish for them to add the other songs like they could compete with 1:39 😂. I keed i keed.

Revoke 2 months ago

Me and my friend laughed our asses off for 5 minutes when we discovered this gun online. Good memories


This guy: SHOOTS

Cars on the street: DANCING INTESIFIES

Or should i say it becomes lowrider

Otherwordly Evil
Otherwordly Evil 2 months ago

Танцуют Все!)

Maks 2 months ago

Я один не понимаю что за хуйня там твориться?

Vidit Bishnoi
Vidit Bishnoi 2 months ago

Does somebody remember that weapon which we would shove in people's ass and launch them into space

Dubstep Army
Dubstep Army 2 months ago

D - U - B - S - T - E - P

Aldiano Y. Widjaja 02

Bass Cannon

Triple Threat
Triple Threat 2 months ago

Why this being recommended to me in 2020 I grew up with saints row 2

Diễm Quỳnh
Diễm Quỳnh 2 months ago

Very nice recommended

yung氷 2 months ago

when youtube was rad

assguard 2 months ago

2020 ¿?