Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death


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Information Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

Title : Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

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Frames Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

Description Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

Sisters get heartwarming Christmas gift after father's death

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Tony Le
Tony Le 2 months ago

This hit me like a truck. I wish u guys endless blessings. U still have each other.

Ericak 2 months ago

Man that made me UGLY cry!!!!!

Fiona C
Fiona C 2 months ago

Aww Bless Them Both 💛 What A Thoughtful Gift x

Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim 2 months ago

Bless those two girls ❤️❤️😘

ur Noze
ur Noze 2 months ago



I’m crying 😢

Dayroom Trinn
Dayroom Trinn 2 months ago

My boyfriends mom passed away this month I’m trying to do this for him 😕

ToXiic Huevon
ToXiic Huevon 2 months ago

If you look for videos like this i pray you find happiness🙏❤

CuteaPie Creations
CuteaPie Creations 2 months ago

Anyone else here after watching a bunch of heartwarming or sad videos JUST BECAUSE you feel like crying? YeH. Anyways Imma put the phone down and go hug my dad. BRB

Brian Compean
Brian Compean 2 months ago

my dad pass away 10 years ago and I still hoping to hear his voice 🥺 every day i send text to my uncle's , cousins if thay have some video of him please send it to me but they say that they don't have none 💔🥺

Casey Louise
Casey Louise 2 months ago

Yeah, I'd hug my grieving kids instead of filming them! Ffs!

Sheehy family
Sheehy family 2 months ago

What a beautiful moment and gift.

Hammer Lou
Hammer Lou 2 months ago

I don't know you girls but I LOVE YOU BOTH !! Pls love your mum and each other. Life will get better as you grow up and always remember the times that you had with your daddy.

Sil k
Sil k 2 months ago

This really hit me and was beautifully emotional. How wonderful theses girls can still smell and hear their dad 🌸

Mother Honey
Mother Honey 2 months ago

My eyes are leaking again...🤧😭sweet babies ❤

Daniel Pippenger
Daniel Pippenger 2 months ago


carlie cavanagh
carlie cavanagh 2 months ago

Poor babies 💕 such a lovely gift 💕

Tracy Gandy
Tracy Gandy 2 months ago

Omg mooommmmm you are so sweet im so sorry pretty babies 💔💔🥺🥺🥺

MaxSmell210 2 months ago

Poor babies😪

masked bearシ
masked bearシ 2 months ago

I'm not crying Its just when I'm sad water comes out of my eyes

Losing My Favorite Game

It's okay.

Losing My Favorite Game

It's okay.

Ariel M
Ariel M 2 months ago

That gift will mean the world to them when they get older. They will cherish those teddys more than anything.

Laura Jones
Laura Jones 2 months ago

So sad for the girls they hear there dad's voice in the bears I like it I like to hear my nanna's voice. My Grandad's voice and nanna lil my nanna's sister voice I miss them too much

skylar mann
skylar mann 2 months ago

May their father rest easy. No one should have to go through this. God bless. Sending love to your family♥️

Bianca Amparo
Bianca Amparo 2 months ago

Oh this was so sweet

diddl 03
diddl 03 2 months ago


Indraneel Murkumbi
Indraneel Murkumbi 2 months ago

Sad. God bless the family. Love ❤️

kaylee b
kaylee b 2 months ago


Chad Austin
Chad Austin 2 months ago

This is a tearjerker

Pearl Kravetz
Pearl Kravetz 2 months ago

This is the most gut-wrenching wonderful amazing gift that is the most thoughtful thing the most painful thing all wrapped up into one nice job I'm so sorry for your loss did he RIP also need your futures be bright full of happiness I so hope your Christmas was amazing God bless

Williejr71 Williams
Williejr71 Williams 2 months ago

That's strong! Very heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.

Tomie Kawakami
Tomie Kawakami 2 months ago

Crying my eyes out so beautiful

Bloop Bloppy
Bloop Bloppy 2 months ago

Poor babes

Tracie 2 months ago

Beautiful just beautiful

1 2 months ago

I feel it's almost cruel to give a gift like this to kids so young.

Kontessa B
Kontessa B 2 months ago

Born and raised from Phoenix Arizona. Not gonna lie but this one right here hit really hard for me. Tugged on all my heart strings. I lost my mama(grandma) spring of 2017. I know how it feels to lose someone you loved with all your might. She was and always will be my queen. She was every parent a child needs to prosper. So I am very glad and pleased to know they have someone to make sure they are safe, happy, loved and cared for.

Amelia S
Amelia S 2 months ago

This literally put me in tears

O Bailey
O Bailey 2 months ago

These are the saddest videos IN THE WORLD!!!

Kesha Elmon
Kesha Elmon 2 months ago

I'm crying so much

latashia darrisaw
latashia darrisaw 2 months ago

This made me cry 😭😭😭

H Kirk
H Kirk 2 months ago

I cant believe people disliked this

Raigan Holliday
Raigan Holliday 2 months ago

sees the 1 dislike

Norma M
Norma M 2 months ago

😫😭😭😭😭😭😭 no!!!!

Xicho Ctrl W
Xicho Ctrl W 2 months ago

damn ninja cats cutting onions... I'm going to dehydrate

Ollie Stegall
Ollie Stegall 2 months ago

Real tears 😢

Max Dubs
Max Dubs 2 months ago

Is it just me or this is the meanest yet nicest thing they couldve received

Kaoyer Xiong
Kaoyer Xiong 2 months ago

I’m sitting here watching this, then for some reason my eyes start sweating

Winsi 2 months ago

I'm not crying, you’re crying ;-;

Monica Sanchez
Monica Sanchez 2 months ago

Brought tears to me. Im trying to get something like this for my mom i just cant find where.

Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray 2 months ago

Awe my heart!😭

Shuushi 2 months ago

I am sitting here watching tons of emotinal videos

Dawn Lustre
Dawn Lustre 2 months ago

I cried in happy and sad tears

someone that you don't know

Im crying 😢

Arelyne Delgado
Arelyne Delgado 2 months ago

Alright who’s chopping onions

T F 2 months ago

Whoever’s cutting onions, I just wanna talk...

tony ramirez
tony ramirez 2 months ago

I don’t get it. Why do that to them ... I guess it’s just me.

Jusuf Nurkić
Jusuf Nurkić 2 months ago

Who the frick is cutting onions?!!

Layla Strong
Layla Strong 2 months ago

I’m gonna go hug my dad Now...

whogoes _
whogoes _ 2 months ago

This seems a little unfair. I dont think those are happy tears

Khala Ká
Khala Ká 2 months ago

So sad dude...but what an amazing gift.

Becky pureheart
Becky pureheart 2 months ago

Videos like this melt my heart, what an awesome gift 💖