Kid Rock ~ Happy New Year (Explicit)



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Title : Kid Rock ~ Happy New Year (Explicit)

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Kid Rock ~ Happy New Year (Explicit)

Kid Rock ~ Happy New Year (Explicit)

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LA CRISSA 2 months ago


Peggy Latham Oneill
Peggy Latham Oneill 2 months ago

I'm so in LOVE with you, Till my last breath ♥️😍😎

Alan Hakala
Alan Hakala 2 months ago

Wow, ur almost as cool as me.

Lisa Stewart
Lisa Stewart 2 months ago

I do love you. Happy New year my Love. Where's my ring ? Lol. We we did saw forever right?

Jimmy Kerr
Jimmy Kerr 2 months ago

when you have the talent he has you don't have to choose a lane he's a country rocking lil bit hip hop soul OUTLAW !!!!! can do it all and does it all !!! kid Rock for President baby !! He could do that as well ......

Victoria Sircy
Victoria Sircy 2 months ago

my fav. song love love love it love

DasavageAndNena gaming

kid rock can b and is both he is awesome

Brian Freer
Brian Freer 2 months ago

Kid, I truly loved your Devil, American Badass, Cocky, but after that man your albums have sucked...I've seen you nine times in concert. Pick a fuc*in side man you're either country or rock, not both....