Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1



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Information Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

Title : Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

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Frames Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

Description Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone | DRs Store Juleshow 2016 | DR1

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Maria Babara Joseph
Maria Babara Joseph 2 months ago

Shakin Steven still look handsome n ever green man

Seh Pianist
Seh Pianist 2 months ago

Lovely song 👏👏🎄 Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021 🥰❤️

Angus Meigh
Angus Meigh 2 months ago

He is 72 years old now! As he was born in 1948. He was 68 years old when he performed this song in 2016.

philip perryman
philip perryman 2 months ago

Love the tenor sax solo.

Alice Andersen
Alice Andersen 2 months ago

En af de bedste julesange

Richard Davies
Richard Davies 2 months ago

Country vibe to this

Chuckle Fun
Chuckle Fun 2 months ago

Good video great song.

Fallen Ursus
Fallen Ursus 2 months ago

👼 🎅👼 🎅👼 🎅👼 🎅👼 🎅👼 🎅👼 🎅

Dave Oneill
Dave Oneill 2 months ago

Why isn't it sir shaky?????

Louise Evans
Louise Evans 2 months ago


Pez3477 2 months ago

Realy nice song. Verry good live Version.

Richard Waldron
Richard Waldron 2 months ago

You've still got it Shaky, what a true entertainment legend. Merry Christmas everyone.

Helen Bosworth
Helen Bosworth 2 months ago

I love this Christmas 🎅❄️🌲sings Shakey Stevens still got it

O's Gallery channel
O's Gallery channel 2 months ago

wish your make happy!

jacksoncrate 2 months ago

Not bad at all. Sax perfection. Nightmare song to play

Miyagi92 2 months ago

He still sounds good live

Aurora.A 2 months ago


Shimmie Queen
Shimmie Queen 2 months ago

Miserable audience

Steve Carter
Steve Carter 2 months ago

I bought this when it came out ,still have it.what a Christmas song.shaky you have given me so much joy for the last 38 years & still do keep going don't know what I would do with out you in my life .thank you shaky

Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé 2 months ago

Very beautiful song, it's a pity that in Russia do not sing

Olaf Graap
Olaf Graap 2 months ago

The time is coming....:-D MCE for ever...

Neuza Moreira
Neuza Moreira 2 months ago

Ele, é demais !!!!

Vania Rebouças
Vania Rebouças 2 months ago

Maravilhoso show de Shakin Stevens ! ❤️😁🇧🇷

Neuza Moreira
Neuza Moreira 2 months ago

É só alegria!!!!!

Agirl00 OnEarth
Agirl00 OnEarth 2 months ago

Amazing! This really is the best Christmas song ever 🥰💙🇬🇧✌

shahid latif
shahid latif 2 months ago

The chief.. Respect

Boo Leneghan
Boo Leneghan 2 months ago

Great to hear Shaky do his thing live, he's so often made to lip-sync

JAc Mac
JAc Mac 2 months ago

Shakin' Steve deserves a yearly paycheck for creating such a warm, feel-good song.

Kerstin Persicke
Kerstin Persicke 2 months ago

this is the best christmas Song by the best Singers in the world.

Ruby veitch
Ruby veitch 2 months ago

It was love and understanding also exchanging glances to maybe forgot the lyrics haha

hali tom
hali tom 2 months ago

Shakin you are still so beautiful,

David foster
David foster 2 months ago

he is a Legend) he had big Heart attack so was not well for a long time ♥

UpnDownDelinquent 2 months ago

You gotta give it to the Germans, when they do something they do it properly...

Mária Czibere
Mária Czibere 2 months ago

Nagyon boldog karácsonyi ünnepeket kívánok neked kedves Shakin'.

rebecca hooper
rebecca hooper 2 months ago

we still love you shakin stevens xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bo Poulsen
Bo Poulsen 2 months ago

Denmark loves Shakin Stevens

rub mak
rub mak 2 months ago

Я один русский?

Elizabeth Galligan
Elizabeth Galligan 2 months ago

Was looking for a live version of this . Found this wonderful version. My favourite Christmas song. Love this!❤

Derek Coen
Derek Coen 2 months ago

One of my christmas fav's...but what's with shaky's country and western twang

John Emsley
John Emsley 2 months ago

Some nice guitar playing going down there

Sabine Schreil
Sabine Schreil 2 months ago

1982 hatten wir nur die Bravo Zeitschrift, wir beide Tante und ich waren 12 Jahre alt, als unser erstes Konzert in der Olympia Halle München stattfand. Nähe Bühne links von Dir, Sitzplatz. Die hinter mir sass, meinte Sie müsste mit Ihrer Kerze ständig meine Jeans Jacke volltröpfeln. nix sagen, daß Wachs musste ich danach abkratzen. Sie starb mit 15 Jahren. Aber seit dem Konzert - nix mehr Elvis. Ja und ich fragte letzte Woche noch meinen Sozi, der ist dreißig, nur nach dem Aussehen beurteilte Menschen - Favorit ? Ja für mich immer nur Shaky, Leider. Ich sagte nur nach dem Äußerem.

ROSE MARI Barbosa 2 months ago


Reyhan Kartal
Reyhan Kartal 2 months ago

SHAKİN STEVENS Ben seni çok seviyorum ve çok görmek istiyorum

Darren Nicholl
Darren Nicholl 2 months ago

brilliant song my no one Xmas song I sing it

Mária Czibere
Mária Czibere 2 months ago

Ez a legszebb Karácsonyi dal, amit valaha is hallottam. Köszönöm neked Shakin! Imádlak!!

Mária Czibere
Mária Czibere 2 months ago

Mindig feldobod a napom! Köszönöm, hogy vagy!

Mária Czibere
Mária Czibere 2 months ago

Gyönyörű ez a dal! Büszke vagyok rád!!

evelyn ohrt
evelyn ohrt 2 months ago

ich .liebe ihn

evelyn ohrt
evelyn ohrt 2 months ago

würde mich freuen einen fan zu treffen

evelyn ohrt
evelyn ohrt 2 months ago

ich geh zum konzert am 11.02. 2019 wer geht noch hin in hannover am aegi

Janete Pereira
Janete Pereira 2 months ago



The best song!

Ewa Waszak
Ewa Waszak 2 months ago

This is best song for it.Shakin Stevens my favourite him .He is brilliant and amazing man.💝

SUAWEK tomcat
SUAWEK tomcat 2 months ago

polish people loves you

evelyn ohrt
evelyn ohrt 2 months ago

ich geh jetzt auf demn konzert in hannover

Asta Anneli
Asta Anneli 2 months ago


Elżbieta Poradzisz
Elżbieta Poradzisz 2 months ago

wesołych Świąt z polski 🎄🎄

Mike Galvin
Mike Galvin 2 months ago

Shakey has a fantastic voice

Kurt Müller
Kurt Müller 2 months ago

He's more Static than Shakin now 👍🎄

Steven Harris
Steven Harris 2 months ago

Merry Xmas British legion and shakey!

Leo Taylor Welsh patriot

Do it for Wales shaky.

Ronald Goodhall
Ronald Goodhall 2 months ago

well Don shaky keep up the good work don't stop your you keep on singing merychristmas to you shaky

PJ Colwell
PJ Colwell 2 months ago

Anybody else notice that on 57 seconds, Shaky turns and has a major stare to his left as if something might have pissed him off? the guitarist perhaps? Guess we'll never know. Good effort at the song, given he was 68 at that time.

Kenny Karlsson
Kenny Karlsson 2 months ago

One of my childhood favourites. Check out the boppers on YouTube. Kind of shares the same music style.

pingu penguin
pingu penguin 2 months ago


Ewa Waszak
Ewa Waszak 2 months ago

I adore him.beautiful song.

Melissa Pattemore
Melissa Pattemore 2 months ago

Always my favourite😍 His music has meant the world to me. I first saw him on tv when I was 3 and I am now 43. I saw him live a few years ago in Tunbridge Wells and it was a fabulous evening. I can't thank him enough for making me happy through the music and the dance moves.

Maria Castro
Maria Castro 2 months ago

Asisto todos os vidios e todas as musicas de shaquin stevens diariamente mi tras boas energias amo de mais.

M.Caroline Szőke
M.Caroline Szőke 2 months ago

WOOOW SHAKY!Excellent Christmas song,brilliant voice!Fantastic singer & Rock'n'Rock'n'Roll Giant!THANKS,LONG LIVE SHAKY!💖🌞💙🎤🎵🎸💖🌞💙♥️🎸💛💚👍

Ewa Waszak
Ewa Waszak 2 months ago

Brilliant artist.l love him.💝

Maria Castro
Maria Castro 2 months ago

Maravilhoso shakim

Maureen Virgo
Maureen Virgo 2 months ago

This one gives me one good memory nine years or more ago it makes me smile xxx☺☺☺

Tony Jax
Tony Jax 2 months ago

He must rake it in every Christmas with this hit! I know Macca gets £400k just for wonderful Christmas time! Good luck to him anyway!

Ewa Waszak
Ewa Waszak 2 months ago

Love this song.The best and. Brilliant Shakin Stevens 💝

Jorunn Fuglår
Jorunn Fuglår 2 months ago

The best Christmas, cause it is Shaky 👏👏

Steven Rose
Steven Rose 2 months ago

He is still a good Entertainer. Age comes to us all. A bit of DW40 will loosening up a bit lol. I have seen him 3 times over the years.

Smart Arse
Smart Arse 2 months ago

He changed the lyrics to distract from the fact that the vocals were awful. No wonder most of his stuff was mimed

Theresa Clare
Theresa Clare 2 months ago

He is best ever keep on going strong love u

Peter Henrik Poulsen
Peter Henrik Poulsen 2 months ago

Merer horn....

Bill Presley
Bill Presley 2 months ago

Love shaky and this is a great Christmas tune and its up there in the top 10.

coral 2 months ago

Awesome, shaky you still have it!! keep shaking

lena viklund
lena viklund 2 months ago

Love fr.o.m. Sweden. Tomteland

ErnieCG 2 months ago

Good music

John Stevens 1966
John Stevens 1966 2 months ago

Der Song macht Spaß

Sylvia Trojan
Sylvia Trojan 2 months ago

Thank you 🎄🎄🎄 Merry Christmas

Asia Kwiatek
Asia Kwiatek 2 months ago


M K 2 months ago

He looks younger than 30 years ago :-)

Console & PC Gaming
Console & PC Gaming 2 months ago

Awesome song , great singer . Was huge in the 80s and he still can sing now

Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 2 months ago

Wow that was such a great production, well done

Dawid S
Dawid S 2 months ago

Spoko piosenka

Levi Wilson
Levi Wilson 2 months ago

Hope and understanding? I remember it as love and understanding!

charley Farley50
charley Farley50 2 months ago

First star I loved as a little girl. Loved Shakey! Still do 😊

Paddy Rabbitte
Paddy Rabbitte 2 months ago

He sings the wrote Lyrics in the 2nd verse if anyone didn't spot it :)

Vania Rebouças
Vania Rebouças 2 months ago

Adorei ! Emocionante ! Parabéns Shakin Stevens !

Vaio San
Vaio San 2 months ago

It's only me, or he looks like Al Pacino? ! :-)

Kaj Larsen
Kaj Larsen 2 months ago


Philo68 2 months ago

I bloody LIVE for that "key change!". The greatest Christmas song ever? I think it may be...

lena viklund
lena viklund 2 months ago

Love Fr.o.m. Sweden.

jacqueline Oyarzo
jacqueline Oyarzo 2 months ago


mistofoles 2 months ago

Now THIS is live....a full orchestra with backing singers, and they're all wearing earpieces so they can take direction and keep to the tempo.