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Title : George Michael - Fastlove (Official Video)

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George Michael - Fastlove (Official Video)

George Michael - Fastlove (Official Video)

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Alessia Costanzo
Alessia Costanzo 2 months ago

Ho un video in cui ballo questa canzone a 4 anni 😂

Xalara82100 2 months ago

🇬🇷🇨🇾One of the greatest ever 🇨🇾🇬🇷

Hector M
Hector M 2 months ago

No me olvidó de mi artista favorito , desde El Salvador

Mr Sedlav
Mr Sedlav 2 months ago

This video hasn't aged at all. It's truly one of the greatest ever

Dave Nova
Dave Nova 2 months ago

Thank YOU George. Incredible music. The world loves 💘

Carl Adams
Carl Adams 2 months ago

"Fastlove" Fastloving it's 25th Anniversary.

Kris Swanson
Kris Swanson 2 months ago

My favourite
George Michael legend 💙

émeline kisling
émeline kisling 2 months ago

Still Alone to be two

Fabienne Guérin
Fabienne Guérin 2 months ago

Georges tu manques à la France...miss you ...ta voix inimitable et ta façon de bouger..RIP❤️

miyu may
miyu may 2 months ago

Very Cool George a Classic

The King's Servant
The King's Servant 2 months ago

RIP my Friend, you are greatly missed😔

Veronica Calcagnini
Veronica Calcagnini 2 months ago

I love

Davis Ortiz
Davis Ortiz 2 months ago

It's a pleasure to be here listening 🎧 To a so talented artists Mr George Michael R.I.P

Gabriel Aderre
Gabriel Aderre 2 months ago

2:32 I'm not sure who that man is? But I'm beyond certain, that he is one of the series men, that I've ever seen! Although, this video was part of my sexual awakening! Along with the 2nd Ninja Turtles movie, which lead to me cuddling my pillow, and pretending that it was Ernie Reyes Junior! Along with the "final bad guy," in Blood Sport! I don't recall his name! Only his beauty!

jimmy Magana
jimmy Magana 2 months ago

Great songs ....thanks michael...

Beatriz Vieira
Beatriz Vieira 2 months ago

I liked that old sound 🥰🥰🥰❤️

WINDMILL 2 months ago

my god i love this song so much

bleep77 2 months ago

There are certain 90’s songs that give me an overwhelmingly painful and bittersweet sense of nostalgia. This is definitely one of them.

Byoung chun Cho
Byoung chun Cho 2 months ago

아직도 저런 아티스트 가 전 세계 에 없는거 같아요

MJ Knight
MJ Knight 2 months ago

This needs a re-release.

patrick heimpel
patrick heimpel 2 months ago

Timeless. Without a doubt one of the best pop songs of all time.

Alessia Serpova
Alessia Serpova 2 months ago

I adore you George Michael , your songs. In my heart you are still alive. Your songs changed me. If I am in depression I know that your songs will help me better than Doctor.

Johnnie Dowery
Johnnie Dowery 2 months ago

There will never be another

Rocio Lozano
Rocio Lozano 2 months ago

The best! Elegant & sensual I love it!!

WN 2 months ago

May 2021?

LaNicchia DeiTalenti
LaNicchia DeiTalenti 2 months ago

26 anni oggi, grande artista!

Stako 36
Stako 36 2 months ago

😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️let's make Love

Viví Sandoval
Viví Sandoval 2 months ago

Uuuuu me fascina éste extasis ❤️🔊😍👌👍👏🇨🇱2021

Mel 2 months ago

Impossible de se lasser de cette musique qui me fait me sentir sexy 🧡 tellement bon !

Erica Ridenour
Erica Ridenour 2 months ago

I like all the people in it.

Наталия Молева

Я из России, но Джордж Майкл для меня легенда, обожаю, my love....

Ariel Tur
Ariel Tur 2 months ago

2021 and we still haven´t that fkn holograms...

carlocorvaro 2 months ago


Linzi Roberts
Linzi Roberts 2 months ago

Same dancer is in Madonna’s erotica

Johan Rijhkelaar
Johan Rijhkelaar 2 months ago

George Michael as a singer was the total package. Talented, unique,heavenly voice, charisma and 🔥 AF

Gelson Santos
Gelson Santos 2 months ago

90's Tinder

Jay7682 2 months ago

Only 2 celebrity deaths have I ever cried over in life.... George Michael was one. Great artist and human being. And this is still one of my favorite songs ever. RIP George.

Christopher Floyd
Christopher Floyd 2 months ago

This whole album was wonderful but FastLove was definitely the standout and the video was amazing!

ELA ELA 2 months ago

i wrote dis song, in the future

Tracey M
Tracey M 2 months ago

I am, this song is awsome the lyrics and beat wow!

Saul Calvillo
Saul Calvillo 2 months ago

I feel like there was such a good group of artists from the 80s that transitioned so fucking well into the 2000s.

Lisa Summers
Lisa Summers 2 months ago

A truly fantastic song ! Music just isn't like this anymore.

Craig Connick
Craig Connick 2 months ago

An honest ode to promiscuity. Can't claim to have appreciated George Michael first time but he was/is legendary. xx

Abhijit Chaudhuri
Abhijit Chaudhuri 2 months ago

Can never get enough of this record ❣️💛❣️

Erica Ridenour
Erica Ridenour 2 months ago

Still loving this song today.

Manuel Santos
Manuel Santos 2 months ago

Que lastima dejarnos

M0r32Lyfe 2 months ago

Did the MIB song sample the ladies bit towards the end of this song?

Deon Richards
Deon Richards 2 months ago

Miss you Cuzzie! A happy heavenly birthday!

Roldan Amores Sr.
Roldan Amores Sr. 2 months ago

2021 thats right!

BBB21 2 months ago


alberto urrutia
alberto urrutia 2 months ago

Tremendo video...todas sus canciones son excelentes.

Demetrius Thomas
Demetrius Thomas 2 months ago


Darwincho Jaen
Darwincho Jaen 2 months ago

Solo tenía 14 añitos....tanto tiempo y bellos recuerdos.

Salvatore DI MARTINO
Salvatore DI MARTINO 2 months ago

I still wonder why, and my friends where George was!!

Matthew Gardipe
Matthew Gardipe 2 months ago

Tanya gardipe

Matthew Gardipe
Matthew Gardipe 2 months ago

He never had a show that wasn't packed they were all sold out

E Smith
E Smith 2 months ago

Sam Smith and Normani's music video "Dancing with a Stranger" definitely copied this music video. It isn't as good as this music video though. Hard to compete with George Michael.

Denise Weaver
Denise Weaver 2 months ago

Still one of my favorites. Makes you wanna dance!

MUSIC ESTRATEGA 2 months ago

Miles de gracias george michael por este temazo.el vello de punta.tantos y tantos artistas que nos regalaron la felicidad.insolito ,amo esta canción 😢👌

Alfred Wigmore
Alfred Wigmore 2 months ago

Wash me.

Andre Tran
Andre Tran 2 months ago


Serena Martin
Serena Martin 2 months ago

Still a jam!! Miss him💔

Cheri Kelvin Neilsen
Cheri Kelvin Neilsen 2 months ago

I have always and will continue to listen to this man. His voice his sends me....

Christine Terry
Christine Terry 2 months ago

Good tune love , no ... 🙄

Bo Molvik
Bo Molvik 2 months ago

Love the song

Nata 2 months ago

Best 🤗😘 I love 💘 I remember 💋❤🙏

Blue Waffle
Blue Waffle 2 months ago

40197 uno

India Bliss
India Bliss 2 months ago

I LOVE you, George Michael

Laz N
Laz N 2 months ago

nice getting back at sony with style


Best Voice best man.

Luigi Boomer
Luigi Boomer 2 months ago


Luigi Boomer
Luigi Boomer 2 months ago

April 2021

Glynis Jones
Glynis Jones 2 months ago

Blessed by this 2021!

Jose Luciano Alves Machado Alves Machado

Topseira 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

James B
James B 2 months ago

Not the George Michael I knew singing.

Laetitia Barrail
Laetitia Barrail 2 months ago


Séverine Cespedes
Séverine Cespedes 2 months ago


dan page
dan page 2 months ago

So sorry he died.

Dennice Galea
Dennice Galea 2 months ago

2021 still great and missed

Ederson Cleber
Ederson Cleber 2 months ago

Excelente música

levinssonclash 2 months ago

A few days ago early in the morning I was on my way to work while listening to music on my phone I turned on Spotify in random mode and this song began to play suddenly I started walking instantly as a victoria secret model on the street with my legs crossed and my hand at the waist, I am a serious guy but this is impossible not to walk as a model while listening to this🤷‍♂️

Michelle Lawlor
Michelle Lawlor 2 months ago


Daniel Navarro
Daniel Navarro 2 months ago

Recuerdo que cuando era niño me encantaba este tema y me llamaba la atención este video tan diferente. Esperaba en frente a la tv a ver si pasaban. Hermosos recuerdos 🥰😍🤩🤩

Brandie Nicole
Brandie Nicole 2 months ago

Still here 2021 💗💗💗 God, I miss him!

Mousse Mousse
Mousse Mousse 2 months ago

ils font des choses avec les morts j'ai peur

Duck Facebook
Duck Facebook 2 months ago

The gods gave us all His love, and his songs ,I have all on minidisc!!!

Daniele Cassvecchia
Daniele Cassvecchia 2 months ago

R.I.P George 😥

Anjeli Brown
Anjeli Brown 2 months ago

талант с большой буквы. его слушать одно наслаждение

Brian Bezett
Brian Bezett 2 months ago


Sam Jennings
Sam Jennings 2 months ago

I never get tired of listening to "Fast Love".

Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll 2 months ago

26 years old
released this any year in the last 26

Eugene Lazarev
Eugene Lazarev 2 months ago

Happy 25th Anniversary to this beaty! Thanks George!🎼❤-Eugene

v 2 months ago

George’s videos were always so chic. Nobody does it like he did.

Felipe Esparza
Felipe Esparza 2 months ago

25 years from it’s release and still awesome!!

Carmen Love
Carmen Love 2 months ago

You still live in my heart baby yeahhhhh 😍💕👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💦 kissessss muaaaaa 💋🥰😘💕

D N 2 months ago

Miss knowing he is walking the planet while I am, and still get a lump in my throat trying to listen to him and get always close to tears when I am able to finish hearing a song through. George I spent so much time singing to you, your voice knows me deep and completely. For those who love you, and there are many, we are so thankful to have access to that voice via our phones and cars etc. to dial back into you and you into us. Sending you fast and MUCH love. Always.

Hope Clements
Hope Clements 2 months ago

Happy 25th birthday to this masterpiece 😍