Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review


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Information Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

Title : Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

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Frames Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

Description Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

Mariah Carey - ‘Merry Christmas’ | Album Reaction/Review

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Loudeil Lunzaga
Loudeil Lunzaga 2 months ago

You reacted with a wrong holy night mv. This was from 2001. 1994 has no music video. 😂

I am Meriah
I am Meriah 2 months ago

Thank you for this review! I love it !!! Made my day !!

k ke
k ke 2 months ago


C R 2 months ago

You're about to react to her two best albums next.

C R 2 months ago

The video version of Miss You Most is a lot different from the album version. And the O Holy Night video you watched is the 2000 version of the song. You also listened to the live version of Joy to the World instead, lol. The Santa Claus video version you watched is from the 2010s, I believe.

JJ 2 months ago

You forgot the bonus track for this album!! God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman is AMAZING!!

Chris Hr
Chris Hr 2 months ago

Hello, If you don’t mind, can you react to a music video? It’s an 80’s R&B electro-funk band called: The S.O.S band. The song is called:
Take Your Time (Do It Right).

Cameron Alexander
Cameron Alexander 2 months ago

I think randy was in holy night he stays performing with her all throughout her career

Zul 2 months ago

Jesus born on this day was written by herself

indakut 2 months ago

Whitney live
"Why Does it Hurt so Bad"

pk_ xo
pk_ xo 2 months ago

Loved your reaction. Mariah is a legend. Her career/achievements is just unmatchable. She’s truly the Queen of Christmas. There will never been anyone like her. I mean not only is she one of the greatest vocalists of all time. But also an incredible songwriter. She deserves more recognition for her writing talent. She’s inspired a whole generation of singers. I’ll always be greatful for her music👑🦋🎶

Dajuan H.
Dajuan H. 2 months ago

I love “Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)” a favorite of mines... Sidenote: I spotted you in The Save By the Bell reboot 👏🏾🙌🏾!!!

Hamdi H
Hamdi H 2 months ago

Another great review!! I'm loving your Mariah reactions. I cant wait for daydream and butterfly. my favorites <3. Happy new year!

jeremimi 2 months ago

You watched the 2000 version of OHoly night, not the album version.

Renato Amaral
Renato Amaral 2 months ago

Great album by the queen of christmas.Love how she made the songs hers and even added to the old classics by writing and producing her own,including the biggest xmas song ever(imo).Have a good new years eve!!.Btw,you have range and a nice tone if you had training you could be sangin' looool but anyway,daydream next(one of her best selling albums with 2 debuts at #1 with fantasy,which stayed for like 8 weeks at #1,and One Sweet day,which for like 22-23 years was the longest running #1 song ever on the bb100 chart,staying for 16 weeks.This era is regarded by lambs as the absolute prime of mariah's belts and technique as she ascends the scale with easee so be ready for the vocals haha also after that butterfly has some of her best songwriting and producing and layering ever!

An Actor Reacts
An Actor Reacts 2 months ago

Happy New Year’s Eve y’all!! Here’s my last Christmas post (and last post of the year)! Mariah (The Queen of Christmas) says Christmas music is still acceptable until the New Year so we’re all good! Enjoy and I’ll see y’all next year!! ✌🏾😊