Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One



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Information Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

Title : Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

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Frames Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

Description Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

Doctor Who: The Snowmen Prequel: Vastra Investigates - Christmas Special 2012 - BBC One

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13 is my doctor and I love her.

0:38 Jenny’s expression of “yeah, yeah. Been there, seen that, got the t-shirt.”

13 is my doctor and I love her.

“Good evening. I’m a lizard woman from the dawn of time, and this is my wife.” Iconic. Madam Vastra is my favourite character

Julia Naylor
Julia Naylor 2 months ago

Human filth.😆

jj sa
jj sa 2 months ago

So it's not the alien from outer space or the lizard with high intellect that has him stammering...its the lesbian relationship.....

Maviş Boncuk
Maviş Boncuk 2 months ago

Turkish people are very hospitable and kind!!! They are not like Strax!!!

metal 2 months ago

"Turkish, is he?"
as a turkish person im highly offended

simon jackson
simon jackson 2 months ago

Is it acceptable to consider Lady Vastra to be very attractive!!!

Senju Hashirama
Senju Hashirama 2 months ago

Funny looking Turkish fellow ? It was unnecessary. How racist. Shame on you Moffat.

AGamingChannel 2 months ago

lesbian lizard™

AGamingChannel 2 months ago

just want to bring this up again: the official bbc youtube channel has this clip at 480p

Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly 2 months ago

Hey, remember when woke was fun? Chibnall must watch these waiting for the fifteen minute lecture on polution

bluerisk 2 months ago

They did a good job with the re-imaging of the Silurians. Reptilia and yet quite pleasant to look at.

sedef keskin
sedef keskin 2 months ago

Turkish fella? Seriously? That really wasn't necessary..

Marvlotte 2 months ago

A man with two hearts carries twice the pain

Richard Dominguez
Richard Dominguez 2 months ago

I think she invented the first furry

Zhiqi Huo
Zhiqi Huo 2 months ago

Vastra is so lovely!! (btw I wonder what does 'identical twins' mean...

Jenny x Vastra
Jenny x Vastra 2 months ago

Omg, those two are my perfect OTP! A lizard woman from the dawn of time and her badass but supercute lover... I'm so happy they're canon😍❤️

Greasy hair
Greasy hair 2 months ago

The hardest part for him was the lesbians haha

Ellie Howard
Ellie Howard 2 months ago

Anyone else getting Sherlock vibes?

Patchwork Fellow
Patchwork Fellow 2 months ago

The Chief-Inspector who works with Vastra is ridiculously calm, considering his situation. He works with a lizard-woman from the dawn of time, her lesbian partner, and a psychotic potato-thing, and doesn’t have panic-attacks every second 😂😂😂

scantopup 2 months ago

"he can't sulk in his box forever" have you met the doctor, I bet every time he saves something he goes back into the tardis and sulks about who died

pond_ cosplays
pond_ cosplays 2 months ago

Vastra: I made the most elementary of errors. looks at Jenny lovingly
Inspector: what, with the Turkish fellow?

Morgan VS The Internet

Poor guy. Aliens giant Turkish guy and lesbians

Silver Moon Studios
Silver Moon Studios 2 months ago

BBC is missing out on a gold mine with a spin off of these three! Also cant wait to see vastra flirt with 13 xD Jenny is cute when shes jealous lol

45H16E 2 months ago

Vastra, Jenny and Strax should have had their own series. There's so much depth in supporting characters in the Who-verse they should have created a show just about them.

Natalia Madison
Natalia Madison 2 months ago

shocking people with gay is my favorite

Glucose Guardian
Glucose Guardian 2 months ago

The intergalactic space lesbians

Edit: even if that title is not entirely accurate
It will not stop me

Terry 2 months ago

the only true otp

coegj 2 months ago

I miss this particular cast, they were fun to watch, it's really to bad there was never a spin off, and off course there must be Strax.

Comicman 06
Comicman 06 2 months ago

Why is this not a show

jeniel cross
jeniel cross 2 months ago


Koen Beaulieu
Koen Beaulieu 2 months ago

They made Class over this!!!!!!!!

olivia xx
olivia xx 2 months ago

i miss them so much please bring them back

olivia xx
olivia xx 2 months ago

i really miss them pls bbc take them back

joseph Thompson
joseph Thompson 2 months ago

are you telling me ANOTHER ship burnt up in the atmosphere?!?!

you'd think it'd be space ship grave yard

Robert Currie
Robert Currie 2 months ago

What do we call Silurians nowadays, as they don't come from the Silurian Era? Would it be Homo-Reptilia, or Saura-Sapiens, or Eocenes due to the Third Doctor saying they come from the Eocene Epoch?

Sleeping Groke
Sleeping Groke 2 months ago

Well that's one way to make people confused about everything and start questioning the universe...
Tho, time travel in itself is very confusing to the first place.
All those possible changes that could occur in history...

Lewis Murphy
Lewis Murphy 2 months ago

A spin off for vastra, jenny and strax is so needed and episode with the guy who thought he was the doctor in the episode "the next doctor" would be cool although they'd have to make him look 30-40 years older
(I'll be honest I didn't come up with that it was in a comment in the next doctor video)

MephProduction 2 months ago

not sure why theses are listed as prequels when they came out BEFORE the main episodes. a prequel comes out afterwards, hence the name. Other wise we could say every episode is a prequel. Anyway, it's a pity theses were not included on the Iplayer along with all the other episodes.

X Blooky X
X Blooky X 2 months ago

What freaked the man out was the fact that they were a gay couple

Myrk Wood
Myrk Wood 2 months ago

Turkish? Racist!

Cassiano Souza
Cassiano Souza 2 months ago

Vastra, jenny e strax merecem uma série própria !

AInternetUser0123 2 months ago

la serpiente y al manzana estos seres saldran de bajo tierra de aqui a unos años.

asya s
asya s 2 months ago

"Komik görünüşlü biri TÜRK mü ?"
Ne demek ya

Danica Bulatovic
Danica Bulatovic 2 months ago

I take such pleasure in watching that guy sweat.. Sorry not sorry.. Best! Couple! Ever!

omegafan101 2 months ago

The lack of a spin off show for them saddens me

Jupiter 2 months ago

It’s 2018 and we still want a spin-off. GIVE IT TO US!!

Michelle Chambers
Michelle Chambers 2 months ago

I would love to see their origins

marta Lis
marta Lis 2 months ago

Some scenes on TV you see and just know their so good that nothing you say can do them justice

Darkxpazz 2 months ago

Team vastra should have their own Tv show

renji90998 2 months ago

Vastra and her team seriously needs a spin off or at least an origin story in a Doctor Who episode

Ladylesso 2 months ago

Lol, Jenny is such a Watson."THE CLOUDS""What about them?"Oh for God's sake Jenny, do you have eyes?!

Walter Hale
Walter Hale 2 months ago

Give her and her wife their own spin-off show. Now!

Mister crustacean
Mister crustacean 2 months ago

Damn you bbc

Unwarranted Dumbassery

"This day can't get any weirder"

Seamus Murphy
Seamus Murphy 2 months ago

"quite some distance from a clue one imagines"
Oooh burn man I love madame vestra

Can Kandemir
Can Kandemir 2 months ago

Turkish fellow -.-'

Not today Satan, Not today

Omg I love this so much

Not today Satan, Not today

Those two seriously remind me of my girlfriend and I 😂😂😂

Victor Peterson
Victor Peterson 2 months ago

Sooooo Turkish people are potatoes now?

Bramble Inhabitant
Bramble Inhabitant 2 months ago

Such sassy bad girls!

Neelsen Bugayong
Neelsen Bugayong 2 months ago

Heart break is a burden to us all, pity the man with two...thinks of Amy and Rory

Victor Peterson
Victor Peterson 2 months ago

Did he really think that a humanoid intelligent reptile fell in love with a humanoid potato?

Victor Peterson
Victor Peterson 2 months ago

I wonder how Vastra, Jenny and Strax met I mean it's not like Jenny bumbed into them while she took her morning walk so how did a Victorian girl meet an intelligent humanoid reptile from a race who lived with the dinosaurs and a humanoid potato who loves wars!!!

janet c
janet c 2 months ago


Outrider 2 months ago

So, I've heard Vastra's origin mentioned in a few episodes but I've never seen it. Did I miss an episode somewhere? Is it another minisode? Or did it just happen "off screen"?

Lewis Murphy
Lewis Murphy 2 months ago

"quite some distance from the truth one imagine"

ooh burn

Chandler Sun
Chandler Sun 2 months ago

Is this their first appearance?

Margaret Čapáková
Margaret Čapáková 2 months ago

Geez, everybody get a room! They are so perfect, so sweet, so pure, my poor shipper heart is so happy to see those two together! I need to see more! Give them a spin off, or at least two or three episodes in season 10!

Otaku of alot
Otaku of alot 2 months ago


Mille Liza
Mille Liza 2 months ago

moffat could you be more subtle?

Katie Brady
Katie Brady 2 months ago

There should definitely be a spinoff show where Madame Vastra, Jenny and Stark solve crimes. Sherlock Holmes meets Doctor Who.

Killer Joy
Killer Joy 2 months ago

Ooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkk......... I might be a descendant of that detective because I feel just as weirded out as him. Like exactly. And of all thing why does ever modern show have to include gayness?!?! Shows are in my opinion better with out. Cause with it it adds too much extra content just to explain.

Slytherin Forever
Slytherin Forever 2 months ago

Victorian man reacting to homosexuality. Why do I find it funny? I'm bi.

Jon Mutanen
Jon Mutanen 2 months ago

I <3 Jenny Flint

Joseph Saul
Joseph Saul 2 months ago

So... did SHE voice Tracer?

TheOriginalJphyper 2 months ago

2:07 What do clouds have to do with anything? I've seen it snow without clouds. Not a single cloud in the sky nor even a slight whisper of a breeze, yet it was snowing fairly heavily that day. Still not sure how, but it happened.

Dmitri 2 months ago

Is that Nicholas Briggs? Voice of the Daleks.

Yogi Trisna
Yogi Trisna 2 months ago

i came here to looking for tracer voice from overwatch :|

TheYacu 2 months ago

Vastra and her team totally deserve a spin-off show. Do you hear me, BBC?!? Jack Harkness should be in it, too, for some more interspecies non-hetero stuff.

Tyler Wagner
Tyler Wagner 2 months ago

there should eventually be a crossover of doctor who, and sherlock, cause it would be pretty funny to see how sherlock reacts to the doctor's life, and how the doctor reacts to sherlock's, inhumane perception abilities

Mille Liza
Mille Liza 2 months ago

this is clearly Johnlock Crossworlds fem Au except its Official! Cool!

Yesica1993 2 months ago

It's so tiresome to see homosexuality promoted on a show that was originally intended for CHILDREN.

Kristi Hart
Kristi Hart 2 months ago

oh lord oh lord
I would be like

Pedro Domingos
Pedro Domingos 2 months ago

Investigation intensifies!

Claire Evergreen
Claire Evergreen 2 months ago

Tracer is that you? O.o

Vanja Šević
Vanja Šević 2 months ago

0:45 That burn though.

Abbz World
Abbz World 2 months ago

Jenny and Vastra are freaking ADORABLE together! :D Who knew that an interspecies, lesbian and Victorian couple could make such an impact on me and plenty of other people! :)And Strax is SO funny! XDMoffat: Spin-off. NOW! Along with one for Missy! :DAnd as for the investigator that was speaking with Vastra and Jenny... He took the news of Strax being a clone, Vastra being a lizard woman and in a relationship with a human woman rather well. :P

JellyLovesFaith 2 months ago

This is basically Sherlock and John. Johnlock is so canon

Hannah Gerber
Hannah Gerber 2 months ago

it's so cute how they call each other "my sweet" and "my love"

Sommerelb 2 months ago

Well, only on doctor who you can have an inter-species lesbian relationship with a pet potato...

pinkbelly7123 2 months ago

I wanna see the scene after clara falls and has a moment with the Doctor.

Sydney FLEMION 2 months ago

:22 The sass 😂

Caesium 2 months ago

Doctor falls in love with human girl and is separated by the void from her with the fact that she probably will unhappily live the rest of her life thinking about him, alone (at the time)- immediately finds new companion and happily hops around saving worlds.

Doctor loses a couple of very close friends but knows that they will happily live the rest of their lives together in New York and that they already are comfortable with living domestically and they have each other love- refuses to take new companions or save anyone, and bitterly lives on a cloud in his box above humanity, letting them solve their own problems

Makes sense.

Ohhhh Moffat

Jess Caron
Jess Caron 2 months ago

How do they get away with this without causing public outcry about aliens on earth???

Rowdee Munkee
Rowdee Munkee 2 months ago

Is there any better time to mope than in Elizabethan era london?

lamooregalore 2 months ago

Love how in America, if someone makes a small religious comment, the country explodes. 
Meanwhile, on BBC, they have a lizard woman who's married to another, and an omnisexual immortal American that later turns into a floating head and no one complains.

Isabella Felipe de Oliveira Campos

Reptilians infiltrated into the Victorian society? David Icke would be hysterical about this!

TheSpiderJaws 2 months ago

Poor guy. Never watched Doctor Who before.

Kitkate02 2 months ago

This would be the best TV show ever!
The Great Detective or The Black Veil or something.

The Sherlock-like show with a sci-fi twist!