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Amy Grant - Highland Cathedral

Amy Grant - Highland Cathedral

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Coryn Spiers
Coryn Spiers 2 months ago

Not too bad, for but for a full Scottish version - with all the power and goosebumps watch this by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Janet Hankes-roberts
Janet Hankes-roberts 2 months ago

Beautiful music...❤️

Awkwardtunity 2 months ago

I wanted this to be played at my wedding, for the procession down the isle. We ended up not having a traditional wedding and therefore did not have a "walking down the isle" song. Something about this song just makes me want to cry, and as a little girl I always thought this would be played at my wedding. I only regret not having a traditional wedding because of this song, lol.

Douglas Brown
Douglas Brown 2 months ago


Mike Gorsiski
Mike Gorsiski 2 months ago

Good song reminds me of my dad he plays this every Christmas ❣️

john bennett
john bennett 2 months ago

I just love this tune it always bring lump to my throat and tears to my eyes for good sake I wish people stop cutting onions

Michael Abbott
Michael Abbott 2 months ago

The P
Piper deserves the credit for this song, not Amy Grant.

Dan Bylsma
Dan Bylsma 2 months ago

My wife used this for our wedding March

Benjamin Lloyd
Benjamin Lloyd 2 months ago

Played this on tour with her years ago. Still gives me chills.

David Hannah
David Hannah 2 months ago

My Scottish heart loves this too!.

Denise Mary Thompson
Denise Mary Thompson 2 months ago

My Scottish heart just loves this piece!

Jamie Robertson
Jamie Robertson 2 months ago

Where is Amy????

Bruce Dull
Bruce Dull 2 months ago

I was expecting her to sing being a vocalist. VERY disappointed, but it was a very good instrumental piece

Rachel Garton
Rachel Garton 2 months ago

Yay she's my girl I would want to live with her forever in Vallejo she's the boss so pretty and humble

Tina Berns
Tina Berns 2 months ago

the song is way too short :(