Vanessa Williams - Heartquake- Diva's Christmas Carol


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Vanessa Williams - Heartquake- Diva's Christmas Carol

Vanessa Williams - Heartquake- Diva's Christmas Carol

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J1ntu 2 months ago

Why am I watching this in May?

Diana Calahorra
Diana Calahorra 2 months ago

Beyoncé’s life story 😂

Mr Vibe
Mr Vibe 2 months ago

This came up on my feed. It’s pretty flattering to read all the comments. I wrote this song and produced it for the movie and my wife wrote the lyrics. She came up with The word Heartquake....She then tied other words together and came up with “you can’t be serious there must be some mistake am I delirious or do
do I feel a Heartquake

MariaAdelina 2 months ago

I saw this movie ONCE on VH1 a million years ago. Never forgot this song. ♥️

King Duly
King Duly 2 months ago

Im glad I'm not the only one here because of American Dad lmaooo

JackStacks Tv
JackStacks Tv 2 months ago

My favorite song on the movie

SIN Jones
SIN Jones 2 months ago

American guy will always bring us here!!!

Drequynn Rod
Drequynn Rod 2 months ago

Still my favorite

DDWilliamsYT 2 months ago

I WISH this was real lmao but I love it 🤣

Dushan Williams.
Dushan Williams. 2 months ago

Fan of Vanessa's since the
"right stuff babby" always wonder if she's preggers with Sasha in this😳

Michele Rogers
Michele Rogers 2 months ago

I love this damn song

whatevercincere 2 months ago

This was My Jam💃🏽

Fabián Ferrada
Fabián Ferrada 2 months ago

This looks like Mariah Carey's Glitter movie LOL

Aleisha Marie
Aleisha Marie 2 months ago

I know it's a tv movie but I still would love a soundtrack album

NICOLE SMITH 2 months ago

This song is a bop💕

JackStacks Tv
JackStacks Tv 2 months ago

Great song

Jonathan D.B.
Jonathan D.B. 2 months ago

Oh no she didnt bring that mic up to the front. Ha! She straight up beyonced them before beyonce was beyonce. Lol

Not very cancer patient

Gonna eat a cheesecake...
honestly love this song lol
But i like Steven Smith's version better

ThousandLightSky 2 months ago

I wish there was a full version of this without the dialogue

Cynthia Reyes
Cynthia Reyes 2 months ago

Watch this every Christmas Eve! Love Vanessa Williams!

Franke 2 months ago

2019 and still here.

S. M.
S. M. 2 months ago

Watched to day .It's showing on Hallmark chanell this whole week

Sadie cat tv
Sadie cat tv 2 months ago

2019 still love this

bzneeez 2 months ago

Does this song randomly pop up in anyone else's head ? I mean it's August and out of nowhere I hear " You can't be serious must be some mistake, am i delirious or do i feel a heart quake WHAT?!!

Ne Ne Zilla
Ne Ne Zilla 2 months ago

Who is here in 2019? Me and my husband....we love this movie!

God Bear
God Bear 2 months ago

These girls can really sing that's not up for debate. Like all their harmonies but I came for the Cheese Cake.

This is serious! What's it gonna take?! Watched the whole video but still don't have my Cheese Cake. 😡

Nur La grande
Nur La grande 2 months ago

Thanks for this lol I was trying to understand the Steve from American dad references😂

Romero Hamilton
Romero Hamilton 2 months ago

American dad brought me here for cheesecake 😂😂😂I love Steve

ThatguycalledDan 2 months ago


Sean Sherrod
Sean Sherrod 2 months ago


B MOORE 2 months ago

It’s crazy that in this movie chilli was in a girl group trio and died in a car accident and the same happened to left eye a couple years later

victor pickett
victor pickett 2 months ago

Steve smith brought me here

The Train
The Train 2 months ago

Vanessa Williams was and still is smoking hot

Angel Visions
Angel Visions 2 months ago

Love this film and love this song!!! Vanessa is fab in this!



Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones 2 months ago

Yes lord!!

Patrick Caddy
Patrick Caddy 2 months ago

Don't be so serious
There must be some mistake
Am I delirious or do you want a cheesecake?

mommak10 2 months ago

So excited for December 2017! :)

Lady Lyrics
Lady Lyrics 2 months ago

🎶 "i can see it when you walk, tell it when you talk, see it in everything you do- even in your thoughts" -- same exact melody lol

Sean Sherrod
Sean Sherrod 2 months ago

Watching A Diva's Christmas is one of the BEST part of my holiday season! "Heartquake" is my JAM!!!

Dangelo Duncan
Dangelo Duncan 2 months ago

my fav part of the movie

Chasity Crow
Chasity Crow 2 months ago

Love this scene. Vanessa looked a lot like she did back in the 80s when she first came out with her The Right Stuff music video.

Christina S
Christina S 2 months ago

We're gonna eat a cheesecake

Sentinel Liberty
Sentinel Liberty 2 months ago

I'm here for cheesecake.

Mrs Carter
Mrs Carter 2 months ago

One of my favorite movies

Rex J.
Rex J. 2 months ago

"All for one."Ebony meant that. lol

TLC lover for life
TLC lover for life 2 months ago

This song needs to be real and CHILLI IS KILLIN THAT HAIR #gotem #therealchilli

David Hill
David Hill 2 months ago

I would love to have this on my IPod for the gym and if I could get it played in a spin class, even better.

Aleisha Marie
Aleisha Marie 2 months ago

its that time of year!

Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter 2 months ago

this is a classic

Ms Iam Everythang
Ms Iam Everythang 2 months ago

Hot damn song for a tv movie, it should've bee a actual song.

Esther Pinder
Esther Pinder 2 months ago

I love that song

angelbaby2128 2 months ago

My cousin and I watch this movie every year and crack up laughing every time!!!

MrDavidKen77 2 months ago

CAN'T WAIT to watch this next week!

Ulysses North
Ulysses North 2 months ago

Vanessa looked a bit too old for this scene. Nevertheless, good movie.

k jay
k jay 2 months ago

They really had the 80s down packed.the hair,clothes,dance,music

MelodyMaker151 2 months ago

This is funny because this really is how the groups looked back then. lol

Jason Miles
Jason Miles 2 months ago

I wrote this song. My wife write the lyrics

dinkypoo92mkm 2 months ago

Love this song

winkyworn 2 months ago

hi was in that movie can't beleive it was 12 years ago it was shot in montreal and i was in the past part

kellyannabama 2 months ago

i love this movie

scott102590 2 months ago

Oh Ebany, you bitch.

dh 2 months ago

funny seeing chili of tlc here.

nicole brown
nicole brown 2 months ago

watching this now, its awesome!

Ororo Rogue
Ororo Rogue 2 months ago

Love this song

old school chevy
old school chevy 2 months ago

I envy the guys who have been lucky enough to pull her Panties off.

K. 2 months ago

Anyone see the chick on the left misstep at 0:30 lol ... this song is a guilty pleasure

Kaitlyn Gaines
Kaitlyn Gaines 2 months ago

omg been looking for this everywhere

Airez Reed
Airez Reed 2 months ago

Just bought this movie the other day $5 at wal mart...had to have it!!

truthiskey1 2 months ago

i love this movie

Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball 2 months ago

I love this movie!!!!

old school chevy
old school chevy 2 months ago

That was Sexy

free2bmissa 2 months ago

this definitely could have been a hit in the 80s!!!

Troy Goodwin
Troy Goodwin 2 months ago

Great Joint, VDub. Good movie. You ARE a Desperate Housewife.

Nayyar Tenner
Nayyar Tenner 2 months ago

thats chillys real hair

perpetual61 2 months ago

Ever since this movie first came out in 2000 I always look for it every Christmas.

Shanice Jones
Shanice Jones 2 months ago

Anyone who has seen the movie know if at the end of the movie, was the baby Sasha (Vanessa's daughter)?


my favorite part of the movie

booginas 2 months ago

This movie just went off on TV and I had to see if this song was posted. I love it. I don't care if it is dated. Ms. Williams is one of the few living triple threats. Get it V.!!

Danni H
Danni H 2 months ago

This movie is a great 2000 movie go Vanessa Williams and Chilli. Go Vanessa Williams. No homo, but she is the prettiest one up there and the best singer.

ugcxft23 2 months ago

been lookin for this for the longest *_*

serdovia 2 months ago

gr8 movie ppl, gr8 movie. i didnt know who i was till i heard this album! jk ;P