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Title : 500 Episodes Later... Fruit Finally Did It | GG over EZ #68

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Description 500 Episodes Later... Fruit Finally Did It | GG over EZ #68

500 Episodes Later... Fruit Finally Did It | GG over EZ #68

500 Episodes Later... Fruit Finally Did It | GG over EZ #68

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B Carollo
B Carollo 2 months ago

snort candy dust (crushed twinkies)

Maxwell Cannon
Maxwell Cannon 2 months ago

My friend sneezes like 20 times in one go.

Andrue Alexander
Andrue Alexander 2 months ago

The fact that blue hates my boy regigigas breaks my heart a little

Kevin Wheeler
Kevin Wheeler 2 months ago

Victini OP

Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter 2 months ago

Absolute mad respect on staying away from the drugs and alcohol Fruit. Love you for staying clean and wholesome on your channel! ❤️

Hydra2 Gaming
Hydra2 Gaming 2 months ago

If you want to watch fate just do it stay night and zero are probably the best to start with but for the most part they are all stand alone story's that take place in the same universe. Just DO NOT start with Kaleid (Has some of my favorite fights but the story is hard to watch some times).

Zeke Needy
Zeke Needy 2 months ago

WHERE 69!?!?!?!?!

Buccha M
Buccha M 2 months ago

Its fate zero and any of the three routes for fate/stay night except i would obly suggest 2 of them unlimited blade works or heavens feels

AimbotArrow5 2 months ago

Blue casually asking Fruit to take a smoke is already the best part of this episode

Mathew Christensen
Mathew Christensen 2 months ago

I dont understand why people hate shows because of the amount of episodes it has. Doesn't make sense.

Juan Loaiza
Juan Loaiza 2 months ago


Cybo Penguin
Cybo Penguin 2 months ago

Commenting now because they told me to at the end! Very exited for next episode :D

Justus Pollard
Justus Pollard 2 months ago

Keldio is my fav 😭

SpartanSoldier117 2 months ago

My dudes just start with fate zero then fate stay/night the unlimited blade works then heaven's feel. Since fate zero Is where it starts chronologically.

Kwamaine Valdez
Kwamaine Valdez 2 months ago

Boruto is naruto on Crack. They're basically have Aliens now

Mr Content
Mr Content 2 months ago

Anyone have the video with the Pokemon size comparison they were talking about it sounded sick

Dennis Fossett
Dennis Fossett 2 months ago

One Piece slaps but luffy takes no Ls until like 300 episodes in

Skyhound 2 months ago

Naruto Shipuuden: Ninja God Aliens

There was kind of a point the writer decided to just send it and the whole fandom kind of just went with it.

Blake Sorrell
Blake Sorrell 2 months ago

Blue disrespected one of my favorite legendaries. I always got Cobalion on my team in Pokémon White.

Nik S
Nik S 2 months ago

Man I'll never understand how you trash One Piece but you can watch 500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden. It has good world/character building and it's consistent. No crazy power creeps that feel like they come out of nowhere.

Whoever told you it takes hundreds of eps to get going is not someone you should be getting your anime info from.

Toner C.
Toner C. 2 months ago

The Fate thing really doesn’t have to be complicated literally just watch Fate Zero and then Unlimited Blade Works those are the only two you need to watch anyway

Mr Dionisio
Mr Dionisio 2 months ago

You gotta have blue do a top 10 worst list with the voice he did when he was talking about the worst legendaries that voice was hilarious

Taylor 2 months ago

I never fix my foods ever rob!! I think that’s weird haha

Brett Stone
Brett Stone 2 months ago

I've sneezed 9 times in a row one time😂

Xian6402 2 months ago

Dexter App. At least on iphone.

Robbie Farmer
Robbie Farmer 2 months ago

Mr Fruit smoking a hookah is something I actually need in my life

gadbesavage 2 months ago

i started one piece a month ago and i gotta say even though its long its so very worth it, im in ep 350 or something and bruh isnt it just so good, give it a try

Daniel G
Daniel G 2 months ago

I got you with a banger anime: Code Geass, enjoy 😉

Jared Holt
Jared Holt 2 months ago

When he talks about dragging out arcs in Naruto is how I felt about the chimera ants arch in Hunter x Hunter

Jared Holt
Jared Holt 2 months ago

I luckily didn’t get into AOT until this season so I just watched seasons 1-3 right before season 4 started

Wings of Silver
Wings of Silver 2 months ago

Boys boys boys PLEASE give fate a chance. It's literally one of the best anime franchises in my opinion. I know it's intimidating and complex to get into but give it a chance and I promise you'll probably be super into it. Start with the original 2006 fate stay/night adaptation, it's (arguably the best place to start) and it's what I started with. Go from there and see how you go! Love you guys, keep talking about anime I'm hereeee for it! :D

Jeremy George
Jeremy George 2 months ago

Just catching up on some GG/EZ podcasts and I’m honestly shocked how the Sinnoh Lake Trio didn’t even enter the worst legendaries conversation.

Paxton Barrick
Paxton Barrick 2 months ago

Request #1
Dream team please watch The clone wars and Rebels

Jim Beck
Jim Beck 2 months ago

When you guys talk about stuff you don't want to spoil, I would rather you guys don't hold back. It's much more enjoyable. Just edit in time stamps to skip to for those who don't want spoilers.

leothatlion 68
leothatlion 68 2 months ago

More people should be watching this smh 🤦

Jamie Francis
Jamie Francis 2 months ago

Mr Fruit is being circumcised AGAIN??

miverick86 2 months ago

Leg sized fingers. Looking like a curse in jujutsu Kaisen

Jason Checinski
Jason Checinski 2 months ago

I know its allot of editing but putting up pictures of the pokemon you mention would help those who don't know the pokemon(me) stay engaged

Deadbones 2 months ago

"Mr. Fruit Tokes a Fat One" -Blue. 😂😂😂😂 im literally dying

David Baranowski
David Baranowski 2 months ago

I know I’m late but the lack or respect put on waffle fries, potato skins, potato wedges, and THE BEST OF THE BEST a twice baked potato?!

SaucieFellow 2 months ago

Top 3:
Legendary Emalgo
The letter Y

Nate 2 months ago

Hey fruit love this podcast. One request is could you add time stamps either in the scrubbing bar or description? I'm not a Pokemon guy but I love your other discussions.

Dark Storm77
Dark Storm77 2 months ago

Wait wait wait woah woah woah.....wait...a...minute...

Are you guys joking with dork being on the next episode?!??

The 4th 1
The 4th 1 2 months ago


Ferdinand Von Aegir
Ferdinand Von Aegir 2 months ago

Yo, I'm gonna weigh in with my top and bottom 3 legendaries. Excluding all ultra beasts and including all mythical Pokémon:

Top 3:

3. Lugia

Pokémon Silver was the first video game I ever played, and when my stepbrother showed me that you could catch this stupidly overpowered birb that could OHK my entire team at the time, I was all in. Admittedly, this one is only in my top three for the nostalgia. There are quite a few legendaries that I find cooler or more useful, but Lugia is still sick.

2. Giratina (both formes)

Giratina doesn't take shit from anybody. This mf got sent to the Shadow Realm because he was too violent in a world where 10 year olds make their animals fight each other for fun. Giratina will kill a man and I'm down for that.

1. Zacian

Sword. Doggo. Need I say more? No, but I'm going to anyways. Absol was my favorite Pokémon of all time until Zacian came along. Now it's a tie. I like wolves. I like sharp objects. I like OBLITERATING RAID BOSSES IN ONE HIT. Zacian has all bases covered. Be like Zacian.

Bottom 3:

3. Keldeo

Yeah, I was surprised when Blue said Keldeo was a controversial pick. All my homies hate Keldeo. This derpy unicorn/pony thing is a legendary? Hard pass, thanks.

2. Mew

Woah, woah, woah, I see you clicking that dislike button. Slow down there! Yeah, Mew is cute, but that's it. It's cute. In a sea of Pokémon designs that exist simply to be cute. I love cats, but cute just doesn't do it for me when it comes to legendary Pokémon. Sorry, Mew. You're still cool, it's just a matter of being a small fish in a big pond.

1. All of the Tapus

All of the Tapus tie for my "why do you even exist" award. Does anybody even like these stupid things? Nope, didn't think so. What a waste of space...

Bonus: Guzzlord, you're extremely lucky that Ultra Beasts are disqualified. You still suck and Blue is 100% right about you.

Tim Lakin
Tim Lakin 2 months ago

Wheel of Content: Mr. fruit house tour MTV cribs style

Bortmen 2 months ago

That’s right fruit do t give into peer pressure

Amar 2 months ago

one piece is a lot better than naruto, and it doesn’t have any of those problems that naruto has. also j dilla is god

Andrew Britten
Andrew Britten 2 months ago

You guys should also start Jujutsu Kaisen. That’s another one that’s already amazing

Andrew Britten
Andrew Britten 2 months ago

I’m going to keep saying this until you start watching it. Start One Piece. I know you like pirates so therefore you will enjoy it I’m sure of it. And no it does not “pickup” around episode 480 lol. I don’t get why people hate on it so much. It’s good from the beginning and haters are missing out on it too

Lukeobot 67
Lukeobot 67 2 months ago

there is a good amount of V-Tuber tutorials you could follow on youtube

Maire 2 months ago

Hey Mr. Fruit,

I sent you a message on Instagram (ze_rogue_one). It says what it says below. If you’re interested and can shoot me a message there, that would be awesome!

Hi! First, you and your community are amazing. You bring my husband and I such happiness.

Second, my name is Maire and I wanted to ask you a question. I hope that is okay. I’m taking this anthropology class for my doctorate (it’s in research) and I wondered if you would mind if I could use your content (and interactions with the crew) for a research study? It would be an ethnographic one where I could get most of my information from videos you already have, but it would be cool if you could do an interview or we could do a group chat? You could even use it for content if you’d like! Maybe for the podcast? I don’t know. I thought I’d ask. If you can’t do the interview and are okay with me studying your videos, that would be great.

I know you probably get a TON of messages, so I will probably send this to as many forms of contact as I can in hopes that you see it. I hope that is okay!

Thanks again for all you do. Keep doing great things!

J-Wes 2 months ago

Please watch tenet

ChaosWarrior 116
ChaosWarrior 116 2 months ago

1 episode from 69 whoooopp whooooopp

Stitch Chubberton
Stitch Chubberton 2 months ago

Blue reminds me of Oscar from fish hooks, i can’t get it out of my head

James Coyne
James Coyne 2 months ago

one episode closer to 69

max hiebert
max hiebert 2 months ago

More temtem content!

Tyler Schaub
Tyler Schaub 2 months ago

Give us your thoughts on naruto in a video

Captain wb
Captain wb 2 months ago

wheel of content: upload a vr chat video

sam perez
sam perez 2 months ago

Oh Mr. Fruit you sweet summer child. So innocent of you to believe the in-n-out line ever gets shorter

ShrimpCards 2 months ago

Spellweaver in gh is op

Truviex 2 months ago

Why do people praise the food of In and Out? I dont get it.

Bob Frazd
Bob Frazd 2 months ago

Demon slayer doesn’t have the same power issue but it does seem a little rushed near the end

NorthWestClass PNW
NorthWestClass PNW 2 months ago

Guarantee the 8 dislikes are people who instinctively hit the thumbs down upon DEOXYS slander.
Goddamit Rob, we love you, but that's too far.

ZeroShadow 2 months ago

When you do a guest host get zepla and watch blue fan girl as she is a FFXIV streamer and content creator, @Zelpa HQ

NMWildAles 2 months ago

It's crazy that it has been 40 episodes since they all were together in the tavern.

Joshua Acosta
Joshua Acosta 2 months ago

I like how Mr. Fruit says he doesn't want to spoil Naruto. Like if you haven't watched it by now. It's safe to say that you won't ever watch it.

Jack Nguyen
Jack Nguyen 2 months ago


Logan O. Boyd
Logan O. Boyd 2 months ago

Plz talk football next week

Rogue F
Rogue F 2 months ago

Zarude was available in the US through an promotion on Pokémon’s website. Had to have an account that was signed up for emails from them and they sent a code.

Logan O. Boyd
Logan O. Boyd 2 months ago

You lift weights and throw your back out, is that not something to bring your body harm?

Devarshi Mandal
Devarshi Mandal 2 months ago

That's how every Ubi game starts, open world rpg

Kace White
Kace White 2 months ago

You then realize the regi's beside regigigas are actually gen 3

Kayla Morse
Kayla Morse 2 months ago

Wheel of content ideas: show us a daily workout/diet routine, film you eating a cheat meal, teach Appa and Olive a new trick, paint or draw on video, house your, desktop tour. I’d watch anything tbh. Lol

Joe L
Joe L 2 months ago


Gabriel Guzman
Gabriel Guzman 2 months ago

What did rhab say he was watching at 54:15?

vavargas22 2 months ago

Me shivering because I'm still on my third season of Shippuden and scared of spoilers.

Taylor 2 months ago

I am way too excited for the soul lock

wade evans
wade evans 2 months ago

people talk so much shit on one piece and its honestly just because its so long. Like.... what else do you expect from the longest running anime ever? ill never understand why someone would knock one of the best animes of all time just because of its size. If you include boruto, the entire naruto franchise is just over 900 episodes right now and one piece is in the 950's right now so like whats the difference if youre willing to watch naruto??

Rico Carlo
Rico Carlo 2 months ago

1:15:15 I recommend watching Jujutsu Kaisen. It has good animation and amazing soundtrack.

Tyrant 2 months ago

Legit my buddy has sneezed like 16 times in a row the whole time I’m like yep this is the last one hahaha

LazySuperman 2 months ago

Make the dive into One Piece. I'm coming up on ep. 700 and not regretting it.
Edit: I've watched over 400 different anime, and One Piece is now at the top of my favorites. It has great character development and tackles some very real issues very well.

Connor Elwell
Connor Elwell 2 months ago

One Piece is so good yall have to watch it!! And don't listen to those other losers it does not take light-years to get good its pretty solid from the beginning then just gets better!!

Yurei Le Smoke
Yurei Le Smoke 2 months ago

Dork as a special guest is gonna be (in Blue's voice) Nice

The Dark3ater
The Dark3ater 2 months ago

One Piece is super long, but its so worth it. Like the world building and characters are just amazing! Its one of the best manga and anime ever if not the best imo

Cullan Christensen
Cullan Christensen 2 months ago

I think my largest chain of sneezes was like 37 or something haha, and it was at my sisters ballet recital

Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos 2 months ago

Here’s my favorite anime’s...

God of Highschool
Demon Slayer
Tower of God
That Time I Reincarnated into a Slime
No Hero Academia
Vinland Saga
Fire Force

There are more but that’s just off the top

Caleb Tidwell
Caleb Tidwell 2 months ago

I made a load audible gasp when you said dork is joining for episode 69, I humbly thank thee my lords

Yurei Le Smoke
Yurei Le Smoke 2 months ago

Blue. You kind of lost me when you said Naruto was a tactical fighter. Nah. We was pure strength and then talk

Jake Wynn
Jake Wynn 2 months ago

Fingerling potatoes!

enno langus
enno langus 2 months ago

What was the anime that had the wishy washy place to start consuming it? At 56:00?

Gallium 42
Gallium 42 2 months ago

There isn’t going to be a Sword and Shield 2 cuz there was the dlc you dumb dumbs

Draconuv1306 2 months ago

I was smoking hooka when watching the podcast 100% don't recommend it.

Kenneth Payne
Kenneth Payne 2 months ago

you're 3 episodes away from a prime number....what do you think a prime number is?

Kuellos 2 months ago

I absolutely love Ultimate Ninja Storm! Such a good game

taine 2 months ago

the day we have all been waiting for is happening next sunday

miverick86 2 months ago

Fruit and Blue not liking Karate kid is a bummer won’t lie.

Sahil Shaikh
Sahil Shaikh 2 months ago

Awesome episode as always guys! I gave up on Shippuden but ironically still watch One Piece.

P.S. I feel like the creep who phoned you will now start looking into In-N-Out openings in Colorado

The Tender Troll
The Tender Troll 2 months ago

Whenever I watch Cobra Kai, I always look at the character Hawk and think "Thats Rab. They are the same person except Rab can't do Karate."

Sarah Carmicheal
Sarah Carmicheal 2 months ago

My top 3 are Mew, Lugia and Suicune