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Abdikariim Mohamed s.

I don't like Jimmy kimmel any more hhh kids is a gift of god and itis the beautiy of the life

Claude Herac
Claude Herac 2 months ago

This is like spending someones salary. Of course theyre hurt haha

Antonio Hunter
Antonio Hunter 2 months ago

2:00 What kind of vitamins is that kid taking

a p
a p 2 months ago

I don't think parents understand how much emotional distress sweet-stealing causes children 🤣🤣😭

Stanley Chen
Stanley Chen 2 months ago

I don’t get to eat any of my Halloween candy

johndee759 2 months ago

That is so mean

johndee759 2 months ago

That is so mean

Howling Wolf Studios
Howling Wolf Studios 2 months ago

3:52 telling your kids you ate their candy while they are in the bathtub your son & daughter both together. Til your daughter stands up. Funny

Dante Ortiz
Dante Ortiz 2 months ago


Amy Lopes
Amy Lopes 2 months ago

The kid who had the paper when she throwed the paper be like yeet

Sploshy YT
Sploshy YT 2 months ago

5:51 rlly surprised me lol

LUISA PORRAS 2 months ago


LUISA PORRAS 2 months ago

2:58 not nice*

*: he's angry

LUISA PORRAS 2 months ago

Remember, the pranks are not funny

Colton Clark
Colton Clark 2 months ago

It is not funny

Reading Area Railfan
Reading Area Railfan 2 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel needs counseling.

Mike Lytou
Mike Lytou 2 months ago

I mean seriously, some of these kids shouldn't eat any candy at all for the next 2 years until they get to a normal weight for their size.

Magical 2 months ago


2 D
2 D 2 months ago

This is a terrible challenge. Your a terrible person for not realizing that

Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 2 months ago

4:25 the kid having existential crisis 😂

Mr. Tin
Mr. Tin 2 months ago

People in 2021: this is child abuse

Randy the wolf
Randy the wolf 2 months ago

I hate these kids so much

kaanger 2 months ago

2:00 that baby is freaking buff

FACT SHEET 2 months ago

The Cereal girl and Boy with Sesame Street shirt was raised by their parents well

FACT SHEET 2 months ago

all of em are nominated at Oscar's Best Actor and Best Actress except those first two kids.

Vansylvania 2 months ago

It’s hilarious seeing kids cry others laugh kids disrespecting their parents others laugh .. can’t stop LOLing

Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats 2 months ago

jesus loves you guys

Israel Ortiz
Israel Ortiz 2 months ago


Ronel Toling
Ronel Toling 2 months ago

Mom: I ate all the candies
Kid: But you don't have even a gal blooder.

Adrian's funniest moments

5:50 Watch Your Language

Erin Tracy
Erin Tracy 2 months ago

So mean

JadeRabbit 2 months ago

young addicts apart from that girl who said it's okay

ZerolordXXX King
ZerolordXXX King 2 months ago

I really did not eat much candy so I would not care

Ender Tobias
Ender Tobias 2 months ago

I know I'm not a parent or anything but I dont know if I could do this to my child. Some of these kids are really heartbroken.

David Daniel
David Daniel 2 months ago

The kid at 2:30 was so precious in her reaction. What a good kid.

Nata Study
Nata Study 2 months ago

A couple of good kids and a whole bunch of spoiled brats.

Valentina Silvestri
Valentina Silvestri 2 months ago

2:04 he's Superman

Alica Ljungberg
Alica Ljungberg 2 months ago

2:00 what an absolute badass.

Samantha Hogg
Samantha Hogg 2 months ago

These kids r hilarious! Like take a chill pill children

Chaison Bogicevic
Chaison Bogicevic 2 months ago

These kids are so spoiled

Escavalier 2 months ago


Ca Lea
Ca Lea 2 months ago

Poor little girl at 2:33. She broke my heart 😢💔

Kristen Hammer
Kristen Hammer 2 months ago

Those kids when they get mad be like: 🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅🍅

mcfcguvnors 2 months ago

The cereal kid deserves a medal ,bless her

Diego Ventura Rocha
Diego Ventura Rocha 2 months ago

1:49 that kid literally acted like the world was ending and there was an earthquake happening 😂

Error 404
Error 404 2 months ago

1:22 Anyone else feel the spit coming on their face?

John Murie
John Murie 2 months ago

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Book of Daniel 11 20.
Joe Biden is the EXACTOR as written in the Bible.
Book of Daniel 11 2:0.
Glory to Holy Clean Jesus Christ my MERCIFUL MASTER Amen

Stopmotion Lunatic
Stopmotion Lunatic 2 months ago

These kids are lucky thay got candy

Stopmotion Lunatic
Stopmotion Lunatic 2 months ago

Like not one kid though that this was a joke

KrypticYT 2 months ago

Bro lil bro looks beefy at 2:05 he a beefy beef boi i aint messing with him he will 360 no scope 4LG Mc Donalds wi-fi me bro

IshwarMM 2 months ago

The last girl will grow out to be a legend

Ruwan Kaduwela
Ruwan Kaduwela 2 months ago


Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas 2 months ago

2:30 This one made my heart melt
That is one brilliantly raised kid

VTX mini ninja
VTX mini ninja 2 months ago

Kids: crying
Audience: hahahahahahahahaha

PETER FAVOR QUEEN 2 months ago

Why do dey always leave best for last😂 they were so funny

Ryan Bearse
Ryan Bearse 2 months ago


Swetha Samala
Swetha Samala 2 months ago

Not at all funny.. felt soo sad for these kids...

TruTThople 2 months ago

A few years pass you wake your 13 year old standing above you with an axe and all they say is “THAT WASN’T VERY KIND!” 2:51 how Hereditary started.

FATEHJEET SINGH 2 months ago

All those kids who "Overreacted "would have been beaten up had it been Asian parents.

mk salvador
mk salvador 2 months ago

that's baby andy samberg everyone

Iridescent Vampire
Iridescent Vampire 2 months ago

Jeez what a bunch of idiots.

Just Some Cthulhu With Internet Access

2:00 he’s ripped

evan_xai 2 months ago

1:59 this kid looks like he would roundhouse kick his parents for eating it

EpiphanyPANDA 2 months ago

Surprised this didnt get mass disliked

Perry The Platypus
Perry The Platypus 2 months ago

It’s funny. But kind of mean.

CT WU 2 months ago

damn, imagine your bank tells u the government took all the money

Joey O’Donnell
Joey O’Donnell 2 months ago

that little kid who said he’s gonna kick you is the most buff little kid i’ve ever seen

Gabriel Shapiro
Gabriel Shapiro 2 months ago

These video actually reveal a lot about how the kids have been raised.

Focuse 2 months ago

2:01 he built like a body builder

Anonymous 2 months ago

Halloweens and Hell Nights are for nothing but Pagan/Heathen tribal grotto cults and police high priests anyways (they're the ones that are putting the safety razors in the candied apples)

Spherh Ceboh
Spherh Ceboh 2 months ago

The last video🙆‍♀️🤭😬

Evandro Nakazone
Evandro Nakazone 2 months ago

"It is okay... buaaaaah..."

Gamer 94
Gamer 94 2 months ago


Purance Col Wayne
Purance Col Wayne 2 months ago

4:28 his face was like: Who are you?

Daniel Felipe
Daniel Felipe 2 months ago

2:09 HAHA

Daniel Felipe
Daniel Felipe 2 months ago

Their acting like their live is ending

Chrissy Malpas
Chrissy Malpas 2 months ago

Lol .. Love it !
Thanks for the laugher , much needed . 😂

Byron Gordon Beukes
Byron Gordon Beukes 2 months ago

The well-mannered young girl at 2:50 that says "its okay", broke my heart... what a lovely young soul. Her Mom better have bought her a car trunk full of candy for giving that response!

Toothless Monster
Toothless Monster 2 months ago

So funny and some were so polite but hated the kid at 2:04. Eating his candy may have been the best thing for him. Evil violent little 💩

TottsBianxa 2 months ago


Nivin Syju
Nivin Syju 2 months ago

4:30 that's joeys son😂

Nah Only for drama
Nah Only for drama 2 months ago

2:45 my heart..

Lakshita 2 months ago

That last one shook me

Chelc MM
Chelc MM 2 months ago

1:41 that boy is really mad he’s red all over

Joone Maple
Joone Maple 2 months ago

The first one seems fake

time Traveler
time Traveler 2 months ago

1:00 don’t give that girl anymore candy she is set to explode.

Jake Dressler
Jake Dressler 2 months ago

im drunk and this made me cry for some reason

Edited video I make so you don’t have to

1:42 I love his reaction

ChanTheDude 2 months ago

Can't believe that guy named Gus Johnson stole this video idea

John Michaelson
John Michaelson 2 months ago

the way they react it's like the parents are taking away their drugs LOL

love these kids

JOKER BATMAN 2 months ago

4:18 the fact that these kids laughed at it and all the other kids were mad at their parents

JOKER BATMAN 2 months ago

2:54 lol

JOKER BATMAN 2 months ago

At 2:00 can we appreciate how muscular this kid is lol

CHETHAN 2 months ago

2:00 The real one

Evan Marcus
Evan Marcus 2 months ago

2:04 the kid looked very buff 🤣🤣🤣

Fulcruman 2 months ago

That's really messed up

A duck with a YouTube channel

“Hah! You stupid child! I didn’t eat your candy! It was a LIE! A lie! And guess what? Now I’m gonna send this emotional manipulation to a TV show, for the WHOLE WORLD to see! Wouldn’t that be hilarious? WOULDN’T IT!?”
-The parents, probably

whapy 2 months ago

To think this kids are like 13 now is crazy

scteel24 2 months ago

The better title for these videos is how to tell if your kid is a spoiled brat.

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