Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano



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Information Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

Title : Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

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Frames Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

Description Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

Simple and beautiful music to practice and play on the piano

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James Zou
James Zou 2 months ago

So beautiful !!!!

Dan Chi Ngo
Dan Chi Ngo 2 months ago

Stupid song 👎👎👎

Chonng Kai
Chonng Kai 2 months ago

Beganner lololoolol

Tamara callisaya
Tamara callisaya 2 months ago

This Is a genius

Masaru 2 months ago

Bruh the background music only makes it good xD

Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 2 months ago


Apple Shadow
Apple Shadow 2 months ago


CBD KRIS 2 months ago

. This just taught me something 👏🏽

Natalia Hernandez
Natalia Hernandez 2 months ago

This song is only beutiful with volume
Esta cancion es solo hermosa con volumen

gurung sita
gurung sita 2 months ago

If you want I recommend you try 1.25x cuz it sounds better but just put on the volume on or else you will say OH No

Levi Smith
Levi Smith 2 months ago

virtuoso level wow....

LEXGGVS 2 months ago

Me who only took like a year of lessons hear to remember some things

Marek Funkas
Marek Funkas 2 months ago

To hard

Weekly Piano Presents from Joshua

sooooooooooooooo easy

Divyasha Biswal
Divyasha Biswal 2 months ago

first time me playing piano be like:
So easy.
After a few minutes:
this so hard!!!!!

Jie Wang
Jie Wang 2 months ago

It doesn’t sound great but I hope you could do better

THE TIGER 2 months ago

I wish I could play the piano beautifully like a pro but I'm less than a beginner 😔


me gusto mucho la canción pero me estoy trabe y trabe

Art stuff New stuff
Art stuff New stuff 2 months ago

Wow its nice sound

SunnyxFlower 2 months ago

So wonderful...

mirmirs 2 months ago

Very beautiful! :)

Salathiel Shakeel
Salathiel Shakeel 2 months ago

Ncie song

Blanca Gonzalez
Blanca Gonzalez 2 months ago

I know how to play it now thank u

Zoey Way
Zoey Way 2 months ago

Is it just me or does this sound like the music from mighty joe young after the mom dies from poachers and it’s the song they sing at her funeral

Salmon_zXz 2 months ago

My teacher forced me to play this song

Da Vinky
Da Vinky 2 months ago

Look I know I searched up easy. But I was expecting something a lot more challenging than this lmao. Like moonlight sonata or something (not the third movement I can only play like 20 second of that full speed)

rahama abdulkadir
rahama abdulkadir 2 months ago


Viktor Björkman
Viktor Björkman 2 months ago

Whats the real songs name?

S Pushpalatha
S Pushpalatha 2 months ago

Its life of Pi right..

BlueSteal 2 months ago

Bit to simple

Fauzi Naukri
Fauzi Naukri 2 months ago

Loved it!!

Lilianna Nguyen
Lilianna Nguyen 2 months ago


Школа фортепиано PianoArt

Could you please tell me what’s a program do you use for recording?

Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 2 months ago

Let them enjoy music. It may not be a work of art but someone enjoyed playing it until you bashed it.

Alfredo Contreras
Alfredo Contreras 2 months ago


arnob roy
arnob roy 2 months ago

Is it only me who finds this music so emotional?

billy 2 months ago

i’m speaking dude— bruh

ASimpleLesbian 2 months ago

By buy the soundtrack do you mean the single key melody or the background music???

Dreamy Kim
Dreamy Kim 2 months ago

This song is a bit of a rip off. Its only because the reality song is real bad don’t let the back ground music trick you.

Yudi Pitre
Yudi Pitre 2 months ago

What is the name of the background music , does anyone have any ideas.

Luanna Huang
Luanna Huang 2 months ago

I tried it and it doesn't really sound good

Yudi Pitre
Yudi Pitre 2 months ago

I love it, what is the name of song on the background.

sofi castillo
sofi castillo 2 months ago

Cómo se llama esa canción ?

Mary Palmer
Mary Palmer 2 months ago

Piano Hero in practice mode...but IRL I’ll struggle 🤣

Kaylee Howell
Kaylee Howell 2 months ago

I love it

Jonah Connell
Jonah Connell 2 months ago

Is this last Christmas? By wham

Rayyan Madiha
Rayyan Madiha 2 months ago

I can't its too fast

John Dai
John Dai 2 months ago

It sounds great and the background I even had to play with it

unnecessarily long rambles and comments

I wish I never went to band in middle school because they thought me all the wrong things about piano so now I'm re teaching my self

Supreme- Gee
Supreme- Gee 2 months ago

Thanks for the song I'm trying to win a girl back God bless u

VALO Valentin Lazar
VALO Valentin Lazar 2 months ago

THE SKY CHANNEL 2 months ago

Play at 1.5 times speed. Then it’s ok I guess

THE SKY CHANNEL 2 months ago

The song done not make sense without the background music at all

Rosie Red
Rosie Red 2 months ago

Why is every comment on here eithr R/Im14andthisisdeep or R/Iamverysmart?

Ikikuro Asawa
Ikikuro Asawa 2 months ago

Thanks for the music <3 it's hard to find some good music like this and play it

Santosh Bathija
Santosh Bathija 2 months ago


TooTube 2 months ago

Me: does this on the piano my parents:Rebecca that is beautiful! This is really helpful because I have simply piano but it is a trick so you can give them a lot of money so I begun to look for something like this and it turned my life into a tornado of happiness ps DO NOT DOWNLOAD SIMPLY PIANO

JohonTheMighty 2 months ago

When you take out the ear buds

Mahesha Athapaththu
Mahesha Athapaththu 2 months ago

Worst song ever junk

Ashok Kumar Yadav
Ashok Kumar Yadav 2 months ago

Not so good

Kashif Khan
Kashif Khan 2 months ago

What is the name of this music ? I really like it

Proximity 2 months ago


Eunice Lei
Eunice Lei 2 months ago

Why am I watching this? I don't even have a piano vrother '.'

Jiang Jiang
Jiang Jiang 2 months ago

Good I could definitely play it thx for that.

It'sShadow Plays
It'sShadow Plays 2 months ago

Teacher: Billy, what is 2 + 2?
Billy: uhhh..
Teacher: Billy, Speak!

Ella The Mango
Ella The Mango 2 months ago

Alright, I really recognise this song. WHAT IS IT? Can someone tell meh?

Anime Nightcore
Anime Nightcore 2 months ago

I just got this right on my first try omg my mom was crying when I played this

Caroliina Varemäe
Caroliina Varemäe 2 months ago

My favourite part was the:
" GuYs, I'm oNly NinE YeArS oLd..."

Marcello Loza
Marcello Loza 2 months ago

Lol my name is marcello

Jocelyne Francom
Jocelyne Francom 2 months ago

honestly i think this song was AnNoYiNg it's only bc of the background music that it sounds good i muted this video and played it and...yeesh and i'm not sure why i'm doing this XD i've been playing piano for 3 years now...well in a few months four

musical master palak
musical master palak 2 months ago

I know you are using that synthesia app
So like my post
Subscriber please eee..

Fire galaxy moon Fox cool girl

Can you make it slower please

Tamil Quality
Tamil Quality 2 months ago


Brandon G.
Brandon G. 2 months ago


Banana and Coconut !!!!


Idek Idek
Idek Idek 2 months ago

.. it sounds weird to be honest...

leandro mana
leandro mana 2 months ago

This is as Genius as its Beautiful, I loved it

Jonah Connell
Jonah Connell 2 months ago

Last Christmas lmao

Leon Long Blanke
Leon Long Blanke 2 months ago

This could be made by a 5 year old

S matern
S matern 2 months ago

I swear this is played in the Dual spirals episode of Psych

abhijit khopkar
abhijit khopkar 2 months ago

experts would indeed find slow. But it is really challenging for a novice beginner like myself. Thank you. Experts should obviously find harder lessons.

Landon Newsome
Landon Newsome 2 months ago

This is slower than a grandma walking that had arthritis in the legs for 40 year and just got off polio treatment

Tǝnd 2 months ago

It has background music which makes it good.

marijke dieusaert
marijke dieusaert 2 months ago


1 Như Khúc Tình Ca

Yes my name í Billy

Megaloryan 2 months ago

Yes it's very simple if you've played piano for a while. It's perfect for a beginner though.

Scaredy cat chica uwu

I love your video so much and I try doing it

KennyBossio 2 months ago

This is too hard

:] 2 months ago

Does this melody have a name??

TheGoldenGamer TDG
TheGoldenGamer TDG 2 months ago

I love 💕 this

Godblessme Imhawt
Godblessme Imhawt 2 months ago

Dafuq -_-

joy romie
joy romie 2 months ago

this is a good music it help me a lot

Zobia I
Zobia I 2 months ago

Easy to hard

Ajnic Sisic
Ajnic Sisic 2 months ago


keys2mypiano 2 months ago

Fantastic. Love it!

Jeremy Aguero copyright 2016

What's the one the that goes
Du dun da dun da da dun da dun da dun?
For reference I heard it in sml

Joanne Skillings
Joanne Skillings 2 months ago

I Think Its Beautiful I'm A Beginner I Love It. 😊

TheGazer_D 2 months ago

I got it to 8k likes no joke