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Love_K_Nicole 2 months ago

Hope this gives you guys some Christmas Decor inspo!! Have you started decorating yet or are you tardy to the party like myself?!

Jessica Geexo
Jessica Geexo 2 months ago

Omg i need some silver decor for my glam room!! For next year tho I’m broke 🤣🤣

Jessica Geexo
Jessica Geexo 2 months ago

I use to buy real trees! Only because we didn’t have nowhere to store a faux tree! This year i went with the faux tree!

Jessica Geexo
Jessica Geexo 2 months ago

I feel like I’m there with you 🤣🤣

Loretta Pickett
Loretta Pickett 2 months ago

That's a great deal on the trees with the burlap on the bottom at target. Great find❤❤

Loretta Pickett
Loretta Pickett 2 months ago

Those trees are Beautiful ❤❤❤

Loretta Pickett
Loretta Pickett 2 months ago

OMG!!! THE CANDY CANE COLORS😍😍😍 And just Looooove the plaid as well

Albert L.A. Dickens II

i never knew that design was called buffalo check, it always makes me think of christmas tho

Cleaning With Rachel
Cleaning With Rachel 2 months ago

I went to Target yesterday and I spent too much but I brought socks Pjs Cookies cutters and the tress you showed thanks for sharing. I will be heading to Hobby Lobby

StyledBy Miss Linda
StyledBy Miss Linda 2 months ago

I love fake tree🌲. I went to Hobby lobby two days ago👍Inside is so beautiful. I’m loving all of this. Thanks for sharing stay safe and healthy.

StyledBy Miss Linda
StyledBy Miss Linda 2 months ago

Hey love 🥰 I’m here watching.

Jennifer’s Life
Jennifer’s Life 2 months ago

Hobby lobby has beautiful Christmas decor. One can easily get confused of the theme you want. I need some pajamas for family pictures. In love with all your Christmas haul videos. Lovely dear

MrRuceba 2 months ago

New sub! Oh wow how amazing! Like a Christmas wonderlannd!! Love it

amuse and relax tv
amuse and relax tv 2 months ago

like 23
nice video, thanks for sharing. let visit my house in your free times

Norma Does it all
Norma Does it all 2 months ago

Hey girl new subscriber here hope we can support each other and stay connected! Thanks for taking us to the stores they have amazing decorations ❤️

all things Yessica
all things Yessica 2 months ago

Hey girly I always love your intro! Love hobby lobby and target :) they both had really cute things but yes hobby lobby has better deals with the 40 percent off :)

Crystal Renee
Crystal Renee 2 months ago

Hey love! Of course I was immediately drawn to all of the shiny, sparkly and light up things!!!! This year will be our first tree together and I am a thinking we may do artificial. Girl, I haven’t even started yet so definitely late to the party! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Thank you so much for taking us with you because it helps to know what we have to choose from! I love hearing you talk by the way 😊

Hanna Benzema
Hanna Benzema 2 months ago

Hello I am Hanna gang Nice vídeo Frendy ❤💞 ❤💜❤💜❤

Keeping Home With Talisha

Hey girl! Hobby lobby had some really good tree toppers! and that candy cane theme was to cute. I love real trees but we usually go with a fake one. Omg those Christmas ornaments at Target are so pretty. I did a little shopping but these is telling me I need to get it together before everything is gone🤣 I don’t have a theme yet. I really enjoyed shopping with you!

CRISTIAN COLL TV 2 months ago

very good exelente video like
I subscribe Visit my channell

Candace Renee'
Candace Renee' 2 months ago

Love this shop with me!! Hobby Lobby has great Christmas decor..We do artificial but I put those smell sticks that smell like a real tree inside of the tree. The gold is beautiful!! Target had some great deals too I found a Christmas throw pillow for $10. Great video today ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄

Liz Herrling
Liz Herrling 2 months ago

Really looking to celebrate Christmas big this year. thank you for sharing!


wow ... your channel is amazing. very nice and interesting. I am sure that in the future it will be more advanced and successful ...👍💟

AD RAPPER MUSIC 2 months ago

great😍 your video is so beautiful so nice 😊🤘🤘🤘😎 I AM BIG FAN OF YOU I AM FROM 👍india really superb😍😍excllent😎😍 fabulous😍😍

Real APBT Pitbull
Real APBT Pitbull 2 months ago

Great video wish you a nice day and send you all my love hope you will give your love back stay safe and best greetings from Thailand👍 ✨.🙏..

Jenny From The Mop
Jenny From The Mop 2 months ago

My family always had a fake tree growing up, so as an adult all I want are real trees! I LOVE gold, so that gold section at Hobby Lobby is my jam. And I guess my theme would be minimal if that's even a theme. I can't do clutter, so I try to keep my decor simple!

Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson 2 months ago

Thank you for the unexpected motivation!!!...darn you❤️

Monika G
Monika G 2 months ago

Ohh my.. there are so many beautiful things.😮 I wish I could just fly over there. I love all their Christmas decorations.❤

Simply Anna Valeria
Simply Anna Valeria 2 months ago

I see a lot of cute stuff in this store 😍 I’m not decorating yet but soon like after thanksgiving or on. Thank you for sharing ❤️

Holo Holo Adventures
Holo Holo Adventures 2 months ago

So awesome to see so much Christmas stuff! I’ve yet to venture out to my local Target for Christmas decor. We don’t have Hobby and Lobby in Hawaii.
I need new cookie cutters for the holidays. I’ve always wanted a frock tree.

Miriam's Clean Living

Omg need to go to target soon. I haven’t gone 😩 love the door mats from target 🙌🏻🎄🎅🏻

Miriam's Clean Living

Hey girl here watching 🤗💕 thanks for showing the tree toppers I need one and hadn’t seen what they have. Need to go to hobby lobby soon. So excited🤗🎄
Love the hot coco section 😍😩🙌🏻🙌🏻

Celeste Oyin
Celeste Oyin 2 months ago

Hey girl! Love hobby lobby for all things decor😍 I normally stick with artificial trees😊 Target has really cute things as well! Thanks for sharing!🥰❤️

Squeaky Clean Life
Squeaky Clean Life 2 months ago

Hey boo!!! I prefer artificial Christmas trees. I enjoyed the shop with me. I actually did see a ton of things I'm gonna go look for this weekend at Hobby Lobby and Target lol. You're gonna get me in trouble with my spending girl. Everything is so pretty!! 😍😍

Real Men Get It Done
Real Men Get It Done 2 months ago

I see you...I wish decorating on this level was my strong suit...guess I can't do it all,lol! Great motivation..💪

Faith's Life
Faith's Life 2 months ago

Target & Hobby Lobby are my go to. Have you checked big lots if you have one? I haven’t checked them yet but I’m going to hopefully this weekend

Faith's Life
Faith's Life 2 months ago

So fun!!! I absolutely love hobby lobby

Keisha Lynn
Keisha Lynn 2 months ago

Ahh omg I want to buy everything in the stores!! Can't wait to decorate for Christmas!!🤍

A Fairytale Flavor
A Fairytale Flavor 2 months ago

I LOVE hobby lobby I got my Christmas tree last year for a great price. Great video, thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

Laura Barnes
Laura Barnes 2 months ago

Hey love!! I'm excited to go shopping with you. I prefer there artificial because I'm allergic to real Christmas trees 🙁🙁 I love how hobby lobby has all of their sections and themes! I really do love the cane candle theme.. theres so much you can do with that. Yea I wasnt that impressed with the in store Christmas section at target but they do have a lot more online. I hope they put out their stuff soon. We are gonna do a more a neutral theme with the christmas tree farm. This was one of the best shop with mes I have seen. Awesome video!!!

DHO Comedy
DHO Comedy 2 months ago


MommyandDecorate RyanMichelle

Hey sis. Here watching
I need to check out the hot chocolate bar section 🤩🤩🤩🤩. I haven’t visited hobby lobby yet 😩😩. I need to go today 😂😂😂

Laura Valverde
Laura Valverde 2 months ago

Hey girl here checking out your video ! I feel the same about Target. I love Target but they dont really stock up their shelves fast enough and sometimes I think their decor can get pricey if it's not from the dollar spot! I love Hobby lobby! 🥰