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Aniqa Khan Vlogs
Aniqa Khan Vlogs 2 months ago

V good🌹❤️💕

JAVED ALI KHAN 2 months ago

How are you beautiful princess ??

JAVED ALI KHAN 2 months ago


CHICHI JUDIE TV 2 months ago

You seem to love pets cute,loving this creativity,looks beautiful especially now that xmas is around the corner.

Evelyn Darabos Of USA

Thats beautiful 3D wall christmas tree.

helena quejano
helena quejano 2 months ago

it's so cute hanging christmas tree

margie Life
margie Life 2 months ago

Ang ganda at cute ng christmas tree mo ate

WBD VLOG 2 months ago

HAPPY CHRISTmas to all- HE is the Reason for the Season... Jesus Christ my Lord and My Savior

Rems Lyn 41
Rems Lyn 41 2 months ago

Ang ganda at very creative ng idea...after Thanksgiving start na rin ako.

Ruthie Roses
Ruthie Roses 2 months ago

Advance Merry Christmas Sis! Parang kelan lng Christmas na ulit!

Calix Eraso2
Calix Eraso2 2 months ago

beautiful almost feel na ang spirit ng xmas

Robbie Garnz
Robbie Garnz 2 months ago

Wow! Maganda iyan! Maligayang Pasko coming up!

Eders USA
Eders USA 2 months ago

I love your Perret pet too post more videos of your pets

Eders USA
Eders USA 2 months ago

Very creative! I just live it! Thanks for sharing

Chris&Ana's Journey
Chris&Ana's Journey 2 months ago

Beautiful christmass decor, malapit na ang christmass,

Remi's Kapampangan Recipes

merry christmas enjoy..god bless

Niza Delmundo
Niza Delmundo 2 months ago

lk42 wow maagang xmastree ang cute naman sis oi

Janet Basilio
Janet Basilio 2 months ago

Merry Christmas. tamsak host

Bunthoeun Soth
Bunthoeun Soth 2 months ago

best like

VTB Tien8
VTB Tien8 2 months ago

oh diy christmas tree beautiful, happy

Diana Family
Diana Family 2 months ago

Like 40,nice video thanks for sharing

JRose Almendras
JRose Almendras 2 months ago

Very nice wall decoration and christmas coming soon sis advance preparation much better

jen recipe
jen recipe 2 months ago

ang galing naman gumawa ng christmas tree

CaseyMichelle Vlogs
CaseyMichelle Vlogs 2 months ago

Merry Christmas in advance guys. Your pet looks cute. Very nice decors.

Rashmi's ABCD
Rashmi's ABCD 2 months ago

Good content and really beautiful presentation
thanks for sharing 👍 lk35

LVL vlogs
LVL vlogs 2 months ago

Hello baby girl very good full video ok thank you so much 📨

TheTravellersVLogg 2 months ago

beautiful Xmas tree wow good job

Sức Khỏe Mỗi Ngày

Good evening. Merry Christmas

MsTebmatil 2 months ago

The spirit of Christmas is already here. Merry Christmas!

Agus Hariyadi Chanel
Agus Hariyadi Chanel 2 months ago

Nice 😊👍

Venila Kitchen
Venila Kitchen 2 months ago

[email protected]
wow...nice sharing frnd, looks so beautiful decor

Thanh Đồng Vlog
Thanh Đồng Vlog 2 months ago

trang trí giáng sinh cây thông đẹp lung linh luôn bạn ơi

Mars N Teng Family
Mars N Teng Family 2 months ago

ganda naman ng diy christmas tree mo Sissy sana all miron din kami salamat sa pag bahagi

ryannecitas 2 months ago

A very nice video, my friend. Great DIY idea of that 3D wall Christmas tree decoration. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.

RenAnne J
RenAnne J 2 months ago

ganda ng wall christmas tree beautiful ang design

ceagre manuel
ceagre manuel 2 months ago

thumbs up ang ganda ng diy xmas tree mo sis likeit

Tycy's Kitchen
Tycy's Kitchen 2 months ago

Wow !!. nice video. Nice presentation as well.. Thanks for sharing. 👍😍

Art for Life
Art for Life 2 months ago

awesome Christmas decorations! fantastic creativity! stay connectd .

SHIE Vlog snp.
SHIE Vlog snp. 2 months ago

pasko na tlaga hala cute nman advance merry Christmas hereng ulit

Arjan vs The World
Arjan vs The World 2 months ago

Fab video

Sujan Vlogs
Sujan Vlogs 2 months ago

Keep going 🇳🇵♥️ Support each other youtuber ✌️♥️ love from nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵♥️

RelaxedOwl 2 months ago

I can't wait for you to subscribe

jane's Diary
jane's Diary 2 months ago

Wow ramdam na ramdam na ang pasko!

K4KALEEM NASIR 2 months ago

beautiful sharing

Food And travel
Food And travel 2 months ago

Wonderful video you shared 👍🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Alpha Wood Viet Nam
Alpha Wood Viet Nam 2 months ago

xin chào chúc bạn sức khỏe thành công

JOCELYN VLOGS 2 months ago

Galing nice is very soon christmas coming so Advance Merry Christmas Sis

Ding's Simple Living
Ding's Simple Living 2 months ago

Thats a great idea/creations sis out of reach for kids and dogs,thats perfect for me since my dog and step daughter will mess up my christmas tree and decor,i will try your this one,less hassles and tipid pa,at least may spirit of christmas pero cozy naman tingnan,very creative ka talaga sis,thank you for sharing us your creations.Advance Merry Christmas.cute ng pet

The Sisters Amber & Andrea

Its the most wonderful time of the year.. Oh we love dollar tree too. Dun kami bumibili nung nasa California din kami. Parang PInas na rin tita.. maaga ang pasko. hehe

ARI KRIS CHANEL 2 months ago

Day kristimas treem

Trần Minh Đăng Official

Christmas tree is very beautiful

Rein1123 Channel
Rein1123 Channel 2 months ago

beautiful diy christmas tree

RACHEL BISAYA 2 months ago

16likes for you beshykoi watching here ok.Parating na Ang Pasko.Merryxmass beshykoi ok

Lillie Vibes
Lillie Vibes 2 months ago

Awwwww there so cute. You started decorating for xmas

CNM 2 months ago

Happy Christmas dear new friend 🔔👌👏

Simply Shan Crafts
Simply Shan Crafts 2 months ago

Napintas mareng,keep sharing.
Tamsakers na here #14
Pintas met bosses mo mareng ko aya.😉

INDOOR KITCHEN 2 months ago

Beautiful sharing. Like it

Du Lịch Đất Tổ

Diy christmas tree is very beautiful, thanks for sharing

FOODemic Kitchen
FOODemic Kitchen 2 months ago

Beautiful Christmas trees. Very attractive.

My Favorite Channel
My Favorite Channel 2 months ago

Supr video

REDJENTV 2 months ago

nagpipintas mit dagita decorations mon ate

Nenzies Channel
Nenzies Channel 2 months ago

damang dama mo na talaga ang pasko. It makes you feel happy talaga. thank you for sharing. see you around,

Blissful Lady
Blissful Lady 2 months ago

Ang ganda ng DIY Christmas tree.Malapit na ang pasko

Walking Walking
Walking Walking 2 months ago

Wow very nice

beybs life in the US
beybs life in the US 2 months ago

Ganda ng decor my friend

Litzpi USA
Litzpi USA 2 months ago

Lapit na ang Christmas Sissy. Ang cute ng mga decorations mo sissy. Thumbs up done.

Priya Deb
Priya Deb 2 months ago

Wow Merry Christmas

Saisrang Family
Saisrang Family 2 months ago

Great DIY Christmas tree

Hai Móm Vlog
Hai Móm Vlog 2 months ago

Đẹp quá bạn ơi tkank you bạn nhiều ,

Nene Bloggers in Sweden

Xmas na talaga sis replay

Happy Dutch Family-CS Hà Lan

Wow, i love your craft, good idea for Christmas. Is that your hamster?

ERNESTJAN TV 2 months ago

Spirit of Christmas is already in your home
Merry Christmas

Cooking with Saeeda and vlogs

Nice sharing stay blessed stay connected always

Họ Nguyễn Vlog
Họ Nguyễn Vlog 2 months ago

like 80

ehorn online
ehorn online 2 months ago

Thank you

The Great Mr. M
The Great Mr. M 2 months ago

Very nice my friend

Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw 2 months ago

Christmas is coming soon sis

Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw 2 months ago

Nagamo man sis deta

Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw 2 months ago


Jhen Torres Ofw
Jhen Torres Ofw 2 months ago

Tamsak sis