12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions


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Information 12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

Title : 12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

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Frames 12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

Description 12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

12 San Francisco Christmas Attractions

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Svetlana Stepochkina
Svetlana Stepochkina 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your great video! I wish I were there!

Rick Le Blanc
Rick Le Blanc 2 months ago

GEAR- R -Deli.... not GEE-are-deli......

Traveling Queen
Traveling Queen 2 months ago

Nice video thanks

Angela.S Mak
Angela.S Mak 2 months ago

awww, almost 10 years in SF, I don't know all of this places, thank you very much for all of these informations! Happy holiday !

aurella 2 months ago

Every single year i go down to union square to look around even though I go downtown all the time

jc2delaga 2 months ago

Definitely this is the San Francisco Xmas experience!

Tanvir K
Tanvir K 2 months ago

Great info. thanks

connect2krish 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing these spots. Very helpful

Rabb Dogg
Rabb Dogg 2 months ago


add19455 2 months ago

Handsome bear

T Price
T Price 2 months ago

Busy sidewalks, shitty sidewalks dressed in holiday brown. In the air there's an essence of Christmas.


oh my gosh literally thanks so much for making this video cuz I currently live in Korea and I'm planning to go to SF during my winter vacation to see my family! I just couldn't remember the Christmas spots back in the states :(

Tez 2 months ago

Awesome video! It reminds me of the great times that I've spent there years ago... and hopefully will get to visit again this December.
The only problem that I have is that you mispronounced Ghirardelli...

Nealsen Pe Benito
Nealsen Pe Benito 2 months ago

I just randomly came across your video and saw a clip of my friends and I at 3:08. Tripped me out for a sec. great videos.

Marlen Marlencita
Marlen Marlencita 2 months ago

So nice! :-) And I like all the Christmas hats so cool!! :-)

Addy Carter
Addy Carter 2 months ago

I've done the city lights tour twice!!! Totally amazing, really gets me in the Christmas mood

Mario Torrez Quant
Mario Torrez Quant 2 months ago

Great video! Thinking of a walking video thru the city?

Victoria Stelmashenko

Thank you for great spots!

Hippi Phuken
Hippi Phuken 2 months ago

are you giving a tour using the sanfrasisco poo map

Martha Ramirez
Martha Ramirez 2 months ago

Hola qué día es cuando toda la gente se viste de santa 🤔

That Earthy Girl
That Earthy Girl 2 months ago

We’re camping in Big Sur On Christmas Eve. This video has us convinced. We’re going to San Fran On Christmas Day. Do you thing all these stores will be open?

Isabela Schmidt
Isabela Schmidt 2 months ago

oh my lanta gimme that sweater I LOVE grinch

nano411 2 months ago

Thanks..gave me a lot of ideas

r-abl 2 months ago

Dude another great video!! Keep them coming!

Dr. Barbara
Dr. Barbara 2 months ago

Thank you!

Sammie Huang
Sammie Huang 2 months ago

Are these places still open after Christmas do you know by any chance?

Richard Hambel
Richard Hambel 2 months ago

All soon to be the next Hiroshima :( I hope to visit the city before that happens. Do you plan on leaving SF before the bombs drop?

Colin Remmer
Colin Remmer 2 months ago

Loved your video. Really well presented a narrated

scheis123 2 months ago

Great Video. Next time, you might also mention the ice skating rink in Justin Herman Plaza next to Embarcadero 4.

Jfina Perez
Jfina Perez 2 months ago

Thank you for your recomendación places I'm Gonig to go to San Francisco this weekend christmas happy Holly days

Airomee Wind
Airomee Wind 2 months ago

I have lived in S.F. For 2 years, many years ago. The time was the Patty Hearst kidnapping. I loved it. It was the most exciting place I had ever been. Lived 2 places. Mission District & later, downtown, across from the side of the main 📚 library, which moved a little and the older bldg. became an Asian museum, after I had moved away. Worked in business library in the Golden Gate Library. Also 2 health food stores: GNC and Golden Crescent (long since closed). Owner deceased. Fella, a neighbor’s dog and other S.F. Dogs & other things in S.F. In 1 of my albums in storage. The End (for now).

Travel Small Live Big

Oh wow ~ they all look awesome! Santa Con - how fun would that be...? And yeah your hats!!! Super fun video!

pianogoddess06 2 months ago

Haha, all of the different hats!!


You’re on point. I’ve been taking my son to all these places. We went to Santa Con last year and it was a lot of fun. Then we went ice skating, eating and shopping afterwards. Even though it rained on us we still had lots of fun.

Tod Abernathy
Tod Abernathy 2 months ago

SF SantaCon is the best; a must see...good call-out!

Travel To The World
Travel To The World 2 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎄