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Information Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

Title : Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

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Frames Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

Description Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

Top 10 Hits | Video Jukebox | Latest Punjabi Songs 2019 | Speed Records

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karambir joon
karambir joon 2 months ago


Yuvi Chaudhary
Yuvi Chaudhary 2 months ago


Ruhaib Dadoo
Ruhaib Dadoo 2 months ago

Add sidhu then we will think

Reena Khosla
Reena Khosla 2 months ago


Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 2 months ago


SARFRAZ GAMING RX100 2 months ago

Ghar Pe Dj Pe Sun Rha Hu Amazing Bro 🔥

Pt.Deepak Bhargav
Pt.Deepak Bhargav 2 months ago


Tyreese Gordon
Tyreese Gordon 2 months ago


Noor Singh
Noor Singh 2 months ago

y6 5y6y6

Tylerr Irene
Tylerr Irene 2 months ago

I can’t understand not a single word but I just love how Punjabi music sounds

v4u desi boy
v4u desi boy 2 months ago


William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare 2 months ago

Harshita Kandpal
Harshita Kandpal 2 months ago

Sunil kumar
Sunil kumar 2 months ago

Hearing this when study thankyou for this video mashup

Ram Singh
Ram Singh 2 months ago

Legends are here after 2 years

Raghuveer Tomar
Raghuveer Tomar 2 months ago

Very nice

Subir roy
Subir roy 2 months ago


VISHAL Sahu 2 months ago


Muhammad Abdul basit shah

bro u are missing one singer sidhu moose wala

katoch girl Katoch
katoch girl Katoch 2 months ago

Zabardast song ha g

Komal Yadav
Komal Yadav 2 months ago


Rahil Wagay
Rahil Wagay 2 months ago


Daud Gill
Daud Gill 2 months ago next song 🎧

Suki 2 months ago

jubge 4war 8war und ouejwz1le231234567890jiuuhrutjhhr5

Mohd farooq Mohd
Mohd farooq Mohd 2 months ago


Mahi Choudhary
Mahi Choudhary 2 months ago

What is the name of 4 song?

Gopi Teja
Gopi Teja 2 months ago


Meera Kapoor
Meera Kapoor 2 months ago

Super song

rahul sahu. ji
rahul sahu. ji 2 months ago

Rahul sahu ji

Mohd Shawaj
Mohd Shawaj 2 months ago


Tere Aala Bishnoi
Tere Aala Bishnoi 2 months ago


จรัสศรี หิรัญรัตน์


KB VLOG 2 months ago

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Mamta Rao
Mamta Rao 2 months ago

Nice song I love song

Parmod Kumar
Parmod Kumar 2 months ago

Kya song hai Dil Jeet liya

I am yugal
I am yugal 2 months ago

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Guru Singh
Guru Singh 2 months ago

Very best

Raman Hundal
Raman Hundal 2 months ago


Ankur Ankur
Ankur Ankur 2 months ago

Ankur Ankur

PUSHPINDER KAUR 2 months ago


Sumit Raman
Sumit Raman 2 months ago

Babu maan

Renu Devi
Renu Devi 2 months ago


KINGS OF DARKNESS 2 months ago


Rahul Sondhi
Rahul Sondhi 2 months ago


amandeep singh
amandeep singh 2 months ago

realy hit ....always ..listening every DJ

Arman Chaudhary
Arman Chaudhary 2 months ago

Ob chick chick👍 like the beat

Kushdeep Singh
Kushdeep Singh 2 months ago


Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 2 months ago

Sira aat aag and osm

Jabir Malik
Jabir Malik 2 months ago

Babita anty

Sunny Riar
Sunny Riar 2 months ago

My love for su su is so great that she will regret her love

Sunny Riar
Sunny Riar 2 months ago

Not a good song 😂

Blue Eye toh
Blue Eye toh 2 months ago

This is fire

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 2 months ago


Suman Kaur
Suman Kaur 2 months ago

Love the song

Kunwar Damahe
Kunwar Damahe 2 months ago


gliesecentauri 2 months ago

Sorry folks I’m done now

gliesecentauri 2 months ago


Saahil Khan
Saahil Khan 2 months ago


Slow Rock Music
Slow Rock Music 2 months ago

Legends watch this on 2021

Ayush vardhan Kumar
Ayush vardhan Kumar 2 months ago

Sab fade jayenge 🤣🤣

Mayank Dhaka
Mayank Dhaka 2 months ago


Austin Farley
Austin Farley 2 months ago

I wish I understood what I was listening to because it sounds nice.

Shahjahan Ali
Shahjahan Ali 2 months ago


M R Video Hub
M R Video Hub 2 months ago

Kia bat ha ji kia bat ha 🇵🇰

All about star
All about star 2 months ago

tricky creater
tricky creater 2 months ago

Google assistant se direct aaya hu top trending Punjabi song❤️😁👍

Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh 2 months ago

Vare sune gane

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 2 months ago

Ek dam hi chutiya (Tati🤧🤮🤢)gana ka collection hai...

BHAVESH SINDHU 2 months ago

Searching for time stamp😂😂😂

karan Kumar
karan Kumar 2 months ago


GAMER ARH ZONE 2 months ago

Nice playlist

Pradip Sartape
Pradip Sartape 2 months ago


Deepak Sindhu
Deepak Sindhu 2 months ago


malikg786 2 months ago

jassi gill ....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏

Faran Ahmed
Faran Ahmed 2 months ago


The Gamers Arena
The Gamers Arena 2 months ago

These are the best punjabi hits! Ever!

Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar 2 months ago


David 2 months ago

nice that nothing changes in India

Furkan Ali
Furkan Ali 2 months ago

Change be b

Joel Thottathil
Joel Thottathil 2 months ago

ജോയൽ 🧡🤍💚💙

Arjan Batra
Arjan Batra 2 months ago

Who is the first songs singer

Birendra Tamang
Birendra Tamang 2 months ago


sumant mehta1984
sumant mehta1984 2 months ago


Gurinder Kaur
Gurinder Kaur 2 months ago

Ranjet baba

hamza ali
hamza ali 2 months ago

Alaaaa diljit dosanjh song

Shaid Choudhary
Shaid Choudhary 2 months ago


Vanille Fatale
Vanille Fatale 2 months ago

I want to apologise to Kashmir cause I took your Kohinoor. My beautiful husband has left you and he doesn’t want to come back. He is a strong, handsome tall Sikh with a gentle countenance. He has the most stunning smile, his teeth are pearls, his eyes are syrupy molasses over-pouring with love and zest for life. He bears the strength of a bull and yet he holds me with such tenderness. He shields me from all adversity, how I feel so safe in his embrace as he kisses me forehead with his muscular arms draped over my shoulders. His cherry lips blend seamlessly into his milky complexion. His nose is sharp like a sword, the blood of warriors pierces through his veins with a fearless spirit.

You beautiful, sharp-featured fellow, why are you so shy my sweetheart? I’m simply appreciating your beauty as your gaze towards your shoulder bashfully. Every time I look at him, I am reminded of God’s magnificence to manifest such a majestic beauty and to carve to such a beautiful jawline.

Surjeet Singh
Surjeet Singh 2 months ago

Bagata raho👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🖐️👊✊👎🤚✊👊🤛👍🙍🛌🤾🚵🤹💛💜💞💗💞💕❣️

Surjeet Singh
Surjeet Singh 2 months ago

Very nice 👌👌👌👌

Cristy Vs
Cristy Vs 2 months ago

Salu raghav
Salu raghav 2 months ago

Very very nice

Sandhya Kumari
Sandhya Kumari 2 months ago

#op top

Mandeep Singh Vlogs
Mandeep Singh Vlogs 2 months ago

Wery nice song

Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh 2 months ago

Sir a maan sahib

Gurneer Kaur
Gurneer Kaur 2 months ago

Diljit Dosanjh rabb da banda

Gurnek Kaur
Gurnek Kaur 2 months ago

all nice sing

Shad Wani
Shad Wani 2 months ago

Luv from kashmir india......