Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity


Don Sherwood

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Information Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

Title : Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

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Frames Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

Description Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

Creating a Life Size Christmas Nativity

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Risky Ronald
Risky Ronald 2 months ago


Craig Hefright
Craig Hefright 2 months ago

Nice job!

EMELY Demaree
EMELY Demaree 2 months ago

Love It!!! Need some animals around it.

Sanjay Sandy
Sanjay Sandy 2 months ago

Really this video deserves million views ,hatsoff to the great idea and i can see hardwork but really welldone. some object were missing, like animals, gift boxes, lamp etc..these things may make highlights

Sab I Am
Sab I Am 2 months ago

This is incredible! I was hoping to make a nativity but I think I might just use plywood (we are out in the country, so plywood with light shining on them will be more visible from the highway and I don't have to worry so much about the farm dust/dirt/straw getting on them) but I adore this idea so very much!

Nikkie Jones
Nikkie Jones 2 months ago

Oh wow wow wow 🤩 this life size nativity is amazing you did a fabulous job! What a lovely scene walking up to your front door! I bet you get a lot of people who stop to look? I love it! Thank you for sharing, and I loved the bloopers lol 😆 nothing ever runs that smooth does it! It must of set you back a lot of money! Even down to the sandals. Great end result and I really enjoyed watching you put this masterpiece together! There’s not many of us that celebrate the real meaning of Christmas! God bless & much love from me! 🙏🏼♥️🥰

Terry Villagracia
Terry Villagracia 2 months ago

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻very nice 👍

Delia candelaria
Delia candelaria 2 months ago

Beautiful, I love it!

Royce Fran
Royce Fran 2 months ago

Ammazing work but forgot gabriel

Jessie Vermoi
Jessie Vermoi 2 months ago

Nice one..😍 just love Christmas 🥰

ambu rose
ambu rose 2 months ago


Jeremy Mikels
Jeremy Mikels 2 months ago

You did a beautiful job.I love it

Dale Makeover
Dale Makeover 2 months ago

Where's the angel?

NL John 6:53-57
NL John 6:53-57 2 months ago


Derek Shelly
Derek Shelly 2 months ago

How is this holding up? Any lessons learned? I want to do the same thing in my yard.

Steven Wolfe
Steven Wolfe 2 months ago

You did a really great wonderful job. My wife has been wanting to do this but with plywood. Yours looks great really life like great job and what a great sister you have thanks for sharring God bless

Annette Bertora
Annette Bertora 2 months ago

very,  very nice.

Miguel M
Miguel M 2 months ago

Great work!! Looks amazing!!

2emeraldeyes 2 months ago

Wow! Awesome, beautiful! How much fun it must've been for your little girl to help † You should have tons of thumbs up!! (??)

Italolatin7 2 months ago

Wow! This was artistically done! Just superb! Thanks for sharing.

Margaret Turner
Margaret Turner 2 months ago

I've collected beautiful clothes to set up a scene similar to this ,I even have mannequin heads, but was trying to figure out how to make bodys, never thought about the whole bodys! Can I ask where did you purchase? Wonderful job by the way! !!!

paul ummidi
paul ummidi 2 months ago

Superb.......... brilliant work..

Marymelodi Ward
Marymelodi Ward 2 months ago

Nice job. I foresee many years of enjoyment.

Kevin Sudweeks
Kevin Sudweeks 2 months ago