Bingam Franklin million dollar in Stamps


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Title : Bingam Franklin million dollar in Stamps

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Bingam Franklin million dollar in Stamps

Bingam Franklin million dollar in Stamps

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new yorker
new yorker 2 months ago

I have for sell , please contact me , [email protected]

Yasho Yasho
Yasho Yasho 2 months ago

One stam in my home sale pIz 0775980002

Jesus Acevedo
Jesus Acevedo 2 months ago

Vendo una

Emilio Nuñez
Emilio Nuñez 2 months ago

Tenguo estanpillas desas ylas vedo

Anil Puranik
Anil Puranik 2 months ago

Poor show ! should have a A P Foundation certificate !

Reuben Ramclam
Reuben Ramclam 2 months ago

i have one of these stamp for email is [email protected]

Figy Museum
Figy Museum 2 months ago

Hello! Do you want subscribe to my channel??

Canaanite Tv
Canaanite Tv 2 months ago

Light green franklins are garbage

Ghabii have 2002 Ghabii

I have for sell

Gulshan Kumar
Gulshan Kumar 2 months ago

3200 डाक टिकट उपलब्ध हैं।
मेरे पास भारतीय अमरीका आस्ट्रेलिया कनाडा जैमैका नेपाल श्रीलंका और ब्रिटेन और काफी मुस्लिम देशों तथा अन्य देशों की पुरानी डाक टिकट उपलब्ध हैं।

José Luis Licea Barrero

Buenas noches tengo 7 cellos de este precidente Flamklin

José Luis Licea Barrero

Buenas noches tengo una colección de cellos de Estados Unidos dentro de ellos 7 Igualmente a este como puedo enviar unas fotos

amit sharma
amit sharma 2 months ago

I have 3500 old Rare Stams for all over the world and I'm interested to sell. Pls contact me what's Aap +91 8968710749

José Luis Licea Barrero

Hola buenas noches tengo 7 cellos de este precidentes

Kenneth Crommett
Kenneth Crommett 2 months ago

Ken has some 207_509_1301

Luis F Casarez
Luis F Casarez 2 months ago

I have 30 a these stamps
2 a these stamp are rare in the colors and 11 perforacion. 3 colors green, purple and yellow.
What can I do

John Rutkowski
John Rutkowski 2 months ago

They are worth .45 cenrs

Amat Espinosa
Amat Espinosa 2 months ago

Hola....saludos desde Cuba...yo tengo una igual a esa...

Iulian Buica
Iulian Buica 2 months ago

Da super dar dacă mai doriți am și eu mai multe și dacă ați vrea să vă vând la jumătate din prețul cerut nr meu 0040725893642 sau dacă ați dori altele ca am de pe continente tari cum vreți

Abdelghane Adbelghane

عندي طوابع القديمة من يهمه الامر مرحبا 212626192039

Alex Parra
Alex Parra 2 months ago

yo tengo una de esas stamp cuanto vale tiene el sello de 1937

Patricio Berrutti
Patricio Berrutti 2 months ago

Son estampillas muy valiosas, éstas de 1 cen,verde claro manzana,d Benjamín Franklin!

goovialisticprofunks 2 months ago

Why are the exact ones on eBay selling for under 5 dollars?

India India
India India 2 months ago

I've got three of these

ifan qolbie
ifan qolbie 2 months ago

I have a number of these stamps. if indeed there are buyers I will sell whatever the price ... See my instagram account #ifantaherstamps#.

Lee Daintry
Lee Daintry 2 months ago

This guy hasn't a clue, what he should be saying is the rare ones have a slightly different design size, 22.5 mm tall, rotary press is perf 11, Scott 596 and 19.3/4 mm wide, rotary press, perf 11 is Scott 594. All 13 other types are common and worth 25 cents.

kyleah parris
kyleah parris 2 months ago

i got 15 of them...not once does he mention a scot#

Sergio Gomez
Sergio Gomez 2 months ago

Hola cordial saludos.fotos reales .del presidente Lincoln y negativos .y estampillas .de los grandes presidentes de estados unidos . disponible [email protected]

Doug Bice
Doug Bice 2 months ago

I have some just ike. Those franklin stamps post dated 1905 to 1915. Up here the people I called say. No value or very little valued for them. Can u tell me what they could b worth and. What I should do thank u

dale grendahl
dale grendahl 2 months ago

I'll give ya 5.00 for them.

Raymond Burbridge
Raymond Burbridge 2 months ago

I love your show but some times when I get a phone call I have to much going on or I just forget about who I am expecting to call me I have some stamps that are half cent but I don't know what they are worth.

Raymond Burbridge
Raymond Burbridge 2 months ago

I will sell what I have when I find the right buyer.

Rachel Higginbotham
Rachel Higginbotham 2 months ago

I have 2 of these. Who can I sell it to?

Md Omer
Md Omer 2 months ago


SNEEKS 208 2 months ago

Contact me. I have 2 of these and 5 world global books that are stuffeddddd

Raymond Burbridge
Raymond Burbridge 2 months ago

I have a sister who lives in Memphis TN who has a few of them to but she was surprised when some of them went missing too.

Juan tel. 686 3909773 Bautista vizcarra

Saludos bonito video también los colecciono tengo a todos los presidentes