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Title : Doctor Who's Disastrous Christmas Special

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Doctor Who's Disastrous Christmas Special

Doctor Who's Disastrous Christmas Special

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Harbo Wholmes
Harbo Wholmes 2 months ago

patreon go la la la:

Overly Positive Fanboy

All I'll say is that the Skithra being derivative of the Racnoss is a funny way of theming the fact that they are an alien race that just scrounges other races' stuff.

Scorp ian
Scorp ian 2 months ago

Pretty awful episode all round...though very few 'specials' feel anything other than 'great idea but no real clue what to do with it'.

J Mace
J Mace 2 months ago

How come he didn’t try to save Foon and Morvin as projections? That’s not right.

Joel Kanamuli
Joel Kanamuli 2 months ago

Voyage of the damned is nowhere near disastrous not amazing either but definitely not disastrous

J Mace
J Mace 2 months ago

Let’s give it up for the late great Geoffrey Palmer and Clive Swift!

Donwald Hartman
Donwald Hartman 2 months ago

This special was the first episode of Doctor who to hit South African screens, this special launched the fandom of doctor who here

Bitter Liquid
Bitter Liquid 2 months ago

Always a chuckle how oversized the British Isles is on doctor who renders of earth

TheThistle Gunner
TheThistle Gunner 2 months ago

The most underrated Christmas special imo, my fav Christmas special and second favourite special behind only the waters of mars

Jon Smith
Jon Smith 2 months ago

This episode rates a 7.6 on IMDB, its a pretty weak score for that period but the same score as runaway bride, so where are you getting the 'disaster' part of this episode its within average for them? It was also the most watched episode of all the first 4 seasons by a long long way.....

Also stop claiming season 3 was so successful season 4 was the super successful won that got this so many viewers. Viewership was lower than season 1 or 2 and it jumped to its highest for season 4 so it was the least watched. Ratings wise it performs on a par with the other seasons in that era with certain episodes trashing the overall score and others pulling it back up. It has the worst rated finale by a long way.

I can tell season 3 was you went from being a kid you didn't really understand the show to being a legit fan aswell as it seems like you have a crush on Martha.
Put these things aside if you want to be an objective viewer, the facts don't fit your rose tinted narrative.

BladeSpark Studios
BladeSpark Studios 2 months ago

But I like this episode... 😥

kuneho 2 months ago

The only thing I didn’t like from this special was how the Doctor got over Martha so easily it was so “out of sight out of mind” which was really frustrating, meanwhile we had to hear about freaking Rose every second during the previous holiday special

Lindsay Allebest
Lindsay Allebest 2 months ago

Do people in the UK think America doesnt have roundabouts? We do, lol, states like Utah have them everywhere! We just think it's weird that you drive on the left side of the road...

Adam Fistler
Adam Fistler 2 months ago

Everyone knows the Land Titanic was far superior to the Space Titanic and the Water Titanic.

dreams I think
dreams I think 2 months ago

I did the maths from David Tennant saying that 50 million credits is 1 million pounds, and the Banoffs (forgot their name) saying that they won't financially recover from spending 5000 credits to get tickets via a quiz. They spent a whopping...

£100. Not a lot at all.

Earnest scribbler
Earnest scribbler 2 months ago

My favourite Whovian Christmas special is by far The Unquiet Dead.

henry schriemer
henry schriemer 2 months ago

I’m horrible for this but I laughed my ass off at 8:25, my brother and I also laughed when we were kids watching the episode for the first time.

Blondon 2 months ago

As an Aussie, I wouldn't call Kylie Minogue's accent Australian in this episode.

Ben Keenan
Ben Keenan 2 months ago

Hey. I'm re-watching random episodes and sort of watching your reviews alongside. You're review of gridlock really helped me see it in a new way and it definitely went up in my ranking!

But I definitely think you're a bit harsh with this one 😂 I loved all of the RTD Christmas specials and the speech from Tennant is one of the most memorable moments in Who history imo. I think you're right about the pacing (longer Who episodes always seem to struggle I think) and Capricorn (who I just dislike as a chanacter. But its Christmas! It's meant to be OTT and have a more hopeful outlook 😂 and I really like Kylie and Russell Tovey (who plays Alonso)

Keep up the great vids!

Alexander Cave
Alexander Cave 2 months ago

I'm sorry, but this is my favourite Christmas special of all time. It's hardly groundbreaking, but it's just so much fun, the stakes are constantly high and the story is surprisingly emotional towards the end. Plus, the pacing is fantastic, keeping the plot going quickly and efficiently, preventing it from dragging like it does in quite a few Christmas specials. My RTD era nostalgia might play a role in this, but I genuinely think this episode is a brilliant piece of entertainment. It's become a staple of my Christmas viewing.

Leanne Packer
Leanne Packer 2 months ago

as a fat kid this episode stuck in my head as it had two fat protagonists who werent secretly slitheen or whatever.

janetracer 2 months ago

I completely agree with almost all your praise and misgivings of this episode. The one thing I disagree with is I feel it's perhaps the best Christmas Episode.

The reason I think it's the best is a Christmas offering by the Doctor needs to appeal to a completely different audience from the regular series. It needs to be big and spectacular to get eyes to watch. (Check) Best to have a self contained story that non fans can get involved without having to have watched the show before. (Check) Needs to wrap up the story in the run time. (Check) Star casting, extra points to cover many generations of viewers. (Check)

Again average story but perfect Christmas faire. Also can be forgotten because it doesn't do damage to the series as a whole.

Photelegy 2 months ago

Is it just me or does the Doctor in this moment somewhat look like the Master?

Photelegy 2 months ago

Let us all welcome the Doctor in 2020 🤗

austinmj64 2 months ago

Banakaffalatta, CYBORG 💀

Daniel McCree
Daniel McCree 2 months ago

"Harbo Wholems, you're in violation of Whovian Culture. I accuse you of treason against the Grand Army of the Republic. You'll be demoted in rank from commander and subject to execution"

GreenIvy13 2 months ago

"Maybe that would have been a bit to sad for the kids on christmas day" Well, I'm not a kid, but I must say that The Snowmen is one of my favorite christmas specials despite...or maybe because it being so tragic :D

Maldon 365
Maldon 365 2 months ago

Voyage of The Damned is even better if you watch it back to back with "Midnight", you get to see the best and the worst of humanity in them

Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop 2 months ago

4:54 The Captain is played by the actor Geoffrey Palmer, who sadly passed away at the age of 93 last month (5th November) he also appeared in the Bond movie "Tomorrow Never Dies" along with Pierce Brosnan, playing Admiral Roebuck. Rest in peace

K O 2 months ago

Oh I hated this episode. Only one I had to skip last rewatch.

Sam Rudman
Sam Rudman 2 months ago

This is my favourite Christmas special. Its so wholesome.

Lucy Preece
Lucy Preece 2 months ago

I like when Doctor Who pulls from existing movies or movie genres and gives them their own Doctor Who twist like this episode clearly pulls from The Poseidon Adventure and classic style disaster movies and how previous stories have pulled from Base Under Siege stories and Horror style movies and you could even say detective drama with Blink. Even period style dramas as well. It shows that the writers all have a wide knowledge and a big appreciation for pop culture. I like that a lot.

Jamma77 2 months ago

Can I just ask where you intro sting is from? Because I definitely recognise it, and it's driving me crazy trying to remember where from.

MFD Talks
MFD Talks 2 months ago

Basically, this is too American to be taken seriously

Adam Appel
Adam Appel 2 months ago

Didn't Mr. Copper get written into other shows with the Mr. Copper Foundation?

Stephanie 2 months ago

I love the description of Christmas it's my favourite scene 😂. Since English isn't my first language I would totally understand the confusion about boxing day and eating turkey 😂. I mean Americans celebrate a holiday about killing natives and eating the people from Turkey so why shouldn't Brits get in trouble for celebrating boxing on Christmas and also eating people 🎄. You guys just refuse to celebrate important things. In Austria the 26th is St Stephanie a day. Since I'm called Stephanie I feel like everyone should have that day, boxing is brutal I'm quite nice 😇

Alvaro S.
Alvaro S. 2 months ago

My only complain is the main villain, everything else works fine. Not perfect, but overall fine

GwydionAE 2 months ago

....but America has roundabouts, why would we get excited about them? lol

Sörnyei Levente
Sörnyei Levente 2 months ago

This is legit my favourite christmas special

Jameschapman 2 months ago

balacavalata is the goat

Zack Attack Joseph
Zack Attack Joseph 2 months ago

You’re a mean girl, caddy. You’re a bitch.

Zack Attack Joseph
Zack Attack Joseph 2 months ago

It’s a titanic and a Poseidon adventure pastiche. Some of the moments are intentionally bloated.

Jay Brennan
Jay Brennan 2 months ago

It's The Poseidon Adventure in Space. What's not to love?

Adam Spry
Adam Spry 2 months ago

The fact that the map of Australia includes Mount Isa is the biggest bruh moment...

Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 2 months ago

wish the host was the Axons or Fendahl

Nordlys 2 months ago

I happened to like Voyage of the Damned.
Not big or important but a nice little story. Good for Christmas
One of the best Christmas specials in my opinion

VeracityLH 2 months ago

I agree that this one was an interesting idea that suffered in its execution. RTD admitted that the problem was that he turned in the final draft so late that the effects department did not have time to execute its shots properly.

I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of Foon's grief being a set-up for the Doctor's grief over Astrid. But also remember that this episode immediately follows The Last of the Time Lords. The Doctor had just lost--again--the last of his race, his former best friend, and his impotence in the face of the Master's refusal to regenerate was still fresh. So his anger and determination to save Astrid ("I can do anything!") is partly due to this recent loss.

Very much enjoying these videos!

Dr. Basil Disco
Dr. Basil Disco 2 months ago

this is a clear case of British colonial nostalgia and nationaliSM!! I am BLOODY FUUUMING how can you say ANYTHING about Australia?!!! I'll have you know that Australia is the GREATEST country ON EARTh!!! Without Australia you wouldn't have CLASSIC artists like flite of the concoards! Britain needs Australia!! So much you even took our OWN PM TONY ABBOTT TO HELP YOU WITH CREATING BREXIT!! YOU ARE A RACIST MY GOOD SIR, A RACIST!!!

The History Critic
The History Critic 2 months ago

The title:

“Who are you?”

“I’m the worst Doctor Who Christmas special”

“Do you have any idea on how little that narrows it down”

KidRisky 2 months ago

Favorite madlib classic Who story: The Web of Fear.

Robot yeti shooting webs in the London Underground. No two of those elements make sense together, so they threw even more in.

Ivan Štrobl
Ivan Štrobl 2 months ago

Now this is something I didn't expect. I respect the way you look at this special but I have to say I found this special really enjoyable.

Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon 2 months ago

Well you didn’t prove my this was Disastrous. Just felt like some kid pushing the Broccoli around a plate while moaning about not liking the colour green.

Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon 2 months ago

If you’re going to moan about Kylie sounding like an Aussie then you have to get annoyed about everyone other obviously alien characters sounding British.

Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon 2 months ago

Ok then... prove to me why the obvious Best Christmas Special is the most disastrous one.

Sci Fi & Fantasy Lover

A part of me thinks that Astrids ending was sort of Meta in a way. Kind of a way to perhaps helps Tennant with his grief over his mother?

Raymond Williams
Raymond Williams 2 months ago

Great Xmas Special. Fantastic entertainment. Kylie was superb and she brought in the viewers by the millions. Love it!

Daniel Williamson
Daniel Williamson 2 months ago

Voyage of the Damned was foreshadowed in The Invasion of Time and Rose. In The Invasion of Time, Borusa is seen reading a old newspaper about the Titanic disaster which The 4th Doctor claimed he had nothing to do with it and in Rose, Rose and Clive discover a photo of The Daniels Family and that The 9th Doctor stopped them from going on the Titanic.

Leo Guidi
Leo Guidi 2 months ago

This is the second best Christmas special, only beaten by The Christmas Carol


there aint' nothin' wrong with sounding Australian mate!
I thought it was a great episode
i'm surprised you didn't like Kylie in this episode, I always thought she did great, and was sad she didn't stay on as a companion
Maybe it's just because I'm Australia and used to the accent, but I thought she delivered her lines very well..

judgemario 2 months ago

I felt the episode is okay. It's not terrible. It's not great. It just exists. It's too action movie for me.

William Miles
William Miles 2 months ago

How can I find the full clip at 0:50?

Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 2 months ago

famed hollywood actor Dennis Hooper was originally lined up to play magnate Max Capricorn would have been one of his final roles too

Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 2 months ago

at least Kylie was Astrid and not the evil cyber-leader as rumours originally suggested in the press about this episode

Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader 2 months ago

I remember reading the newspaper that the last survivor of the Titanic complained about the episode for being tactless

Ima 2 months ago

Hey you got something against space Australia

turtle duck
turtle duck 2 months ago

Wait what do you mean Americans being excited about roundabouts in Europe, y’all don’t have roundabouts?? I’m so confused.
Anyway, The Voyage of the damned is my favourite Christmas special out of all of them, I really enjoy it even despite its flaws and I’m still sad that Astrid didn’t end up as a companion. I watch it every year. Well, I watch a bunch of Christmas specials every year but this one is always first in the line:D

beverly crusher
beverly crusher 2 months ago

6:09 do you think that this mister copper is the same person who founded the mister copper foundation that helped harriet jones former prime minister, develop the sub wave network in the stolen earth?

Matthew Burrows
Matthew Burrows 2 months ago

What the fecl does Kylie do, she cannot sing. Can't act, her lyrics are laughable. Oh and love don't have anymore plastic surgery, those stage lights may melt your face.

Captain Sinclair
Captain Sinclair 2 months ago

That whole insurance fraud scheme could be a throwaway reference to a conspiracy theory about the RMS Titanic disaster. The theory is as follows: “the White Star Line wanted to sink the Olympic to avoid having to do a massive overhaul after her collision with a Royal Navy ship. The damage was enough to bend the keel of the Olympic, causing her to have a permanent lean to one side unless they completely overhaul the ship. But this would be way too costly, and the company was already in financial trouble as is.” This much is true. But according to the theory, “they repaired the hole, as much of the list as possible, and renamed the ship to Titanic. The rest is history.” This theory doesn’t hold much water, pun not intended, but it’s nice to see a reference like that in the show.

Also, who else sees flight decks when they look at the engines on the outside of the ship?

Eric Robins
Eric Robins 2 months ago

How dare you, hahaha without this episode we would never have the sub wave network saving everyone at the end of Donna Noble's run.

Jackgames 2016
Jackgames 2016 2 months ago

I love how he's mentioned in season 4 his foundation makes the device to find the dr Harriet says so nice little throw back

John Hutchinson
John Hutchinson 2 months ago

TBF, Kylie does live in the UK now and has a track record of cameos in shows like Vicar of Dibley so she was probably somewhat easy to get hold of.

Hawk Summer
Hawk Summer 2 months ago

In my opinion, it would be better if Tennant regenerated either in this story or in "Last of the Time Lords".

Slytherin Ginger Witch

Me thinks we haven't seen the disastrous Christmas special yet.

Kieran Machin
Kieran Machin 2 months ago

Also this setup Donna storyarch later

James Adams
James Adams 2 months ago

I would actually rate this at S for the best.

IndiBrony 2 months ago

20:23 - wait, is that Dan from Game Grumps? Hah

Autolycus Romulus
Autolycus Romulus 2 months ago

22:41 I really hated this line. He's said "take me to your leader!" before, and it was in a RTD written episode!

SilverStormShadow 2 months ago

I really love this episode, yeah maybe the Capricorn plot line could have had a better pay off, but I always loved this episode, and I think the ending works really well, I always watch this episode at Christmas, It's easily my favourite Christmas Special.

SilverStormShadow 2 months ago

Harbo Wholmes: Praises almost everything about the episode
Also Harbo Wholmes: "I don't really like this episode."

Lleucu Jones
Lleucu Jones 2 months ago

Bruh voyage of the dammed is great... why is no one talking about the shit of a Christmas special that was the next doctor

Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 2 months ago

I think "disastrous" is a bit much
I love it (and looking at the comments, so do a lot of people), and an episode must be pretty great when one of the big problems is "this girl has a non-british accent"

bardlover6 2 months ago

Not my favorite episode but not the worst imo

Charlie Lynch
Charlie Lynch 2 months ago

If lots of planets have a North it's reasonable to assume a fair few have an Australia too 😂

Papa Luge
Papa Luge 2 months ago

nah nah nah


this is great

PT Carbon Productions

This episode should be included as a part of Defending The Despised series, as I once saw this story labeled as #9 Worst New Who story, between Victory of the Daleks and Let's Kill Hitler.

Alexander Nicholl
Alexander Nicholl 2 months ago

I didn't realise that harbo wholmes was doing every episode in new who so I'm exited to go back and watch them all.

Nightfall 2 months ago

I genuinely like this Christmas Special. I'd have loved to see Kylie Minogue being a companion

Juicebox_ryan 2 months ago

this is my favourite christmas episode of the new era

Kobe Cressey
Kobe Cressey 2 months ago

No I really love Voyage of the Damned

Devon Hopper
Devon Hopper 2 months ago realise that America has round-a-bouts right? Like they are a legit thing. 😂😂😂

Samantha Snow
Samantha Snow 2 months ago

It just kind of sounded like you didn’t like it because of Kylie Minogue. I really like this episode.

Dan M
Dan M 2 months ago

Apparently the actor who plays Rickston is in Revolution of the Daleks. Whether he’s playing the same character or a different one.

Monstro Azul
Monstro Azul 2 months ago

I love your video bring together the real whovians

Monstro Azul
Monstro Azul 2 months ago

I love your reviews

Vaughan Ellis
Vaughan Ellis 2 months ago

This Dr.WHO special is no way as bad as the one that will be coming up this year with the 13th incarnation not even Capt Jack can save it.

Peter Sheward
Peter Sheward 2 months ago

I love this episode!!! Great Casting, great concept and great extras 😉😝

Quinn Gauder
Quinn Gauder 2 months ago

Imagine not being able to use a teleporter as a savestate...

This post made by the Heaven Sent gang

NiteCrawlerz 2 months ago

Apart from Runaway bride (that’s only because of Donna) this is my fav xmas special

TheMagicMudkip 2 months ago

My favourite Xmas episode!!!