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Mary Ellen McInnis
Mary Ellen McInnis 2 months ago


Cindy Gaudet
Cindy Gaudet 2 months ago

Oh that scissor keep! Even if i just use quilted fabric I need to try to make it. I have nothing to hold my scissors and always worry-it may wreak my fabric etc. Love that heart pillow. Ohh I want to do this stuff! I need to win even a small don’t buy tickets but.. 😉 lo, oh love that quilt! Hey garden fence! Ohoh thanks! I have some I am not using be great for a finish! I only have2 fabric stores and-no big box stores that have fabric. If I hadn’t been monogamous in July with stocking I would have done just get it done. Our garage is terrible too,but none is mine so… till he can get to it… sigh.

b ryan
b ryan 2 months ago

It was so good to see you doing well. You’ve been missed. It’s so hard when we are caring for a loved one. Thnpank you far all you share with us both creatively and spiritually. 💕

Lisa Maestas
Lisa Maestas 2 months ago

Bonnie, thank you for sharing "the good stuff" with us. Your stitching is beautiful and I enjoy seeing your work, but sharing your faith lifts me up each time I watch you. You are a light for me, thank you!

Deborah Wheeler
Deborah Wheeler 2 months ago

Your projects are beautiful. Thanks for the encouragement from God's word and the reminder to choose Joy

Michelle Chapman
Michelle Chapman 2 months ago

Hi Sweet Lady, I just had to tell ya that I’m so proud of you for your courage, strength, & faith! Love your beautiful needlework, so very pretty & you are so talented. But I had to let ya know that your talk at the end really touched me 🙏🏻, I’m so proud that you put your faith out there & are not afraid to say it!!!! I’m in a similar situation with being a full time caregiver to my disabled veteran husband & part time for my elderly Mother. It’s hard & I pray God gives you peace & Love along your journey. It’s like you were speaking to me personally, so thank you 🙏🏻! Prayers, Love & keep stitching! Blessings

Berdena Ham
Berdena Ham 2 months ago

I very much enjoyed your video. Loved all your projects. Thanks for sharing how you walk with God thru the difficult times.

Debbie Hunter
Debbie Hunter 2 months ago

Love your wool projects 🥰 I enjoy your videos so much and love your scripture readings at the end. Very uplifting 😊

Kathy Harris
Kathy Harris 2 months ago

Loved seeing all your projects. I love making project bags so I especially liked your squirrel and snowman bags.

Patty Reid
Patty Reid 2 months ago

Which one of your videos do you show how you do the large stitch hand quilting? I want to try. In the past, my hands get arthritis, but I love the look. Thanks Bonnie, you are the best!

Kitty T.
Kitty T. 2 months ago

Oh, I can relate to so much of what you shared at the end. Be well. Enjoyed seeing the projects that you shared.

Linda Cole
Linda Cole 2 months ago

I'm so glad you are doing so much better. Life can't get hard and knock you down but Praise God is always there to lift you back up. God is so Amazing. Love, Love all your projects. Especially Love the Good Stuff. You give me encouragement every time. Thank you. 💖💖🙏🙏

charj57 2 months ago

Psalm 27:1 ❤️

Cleocat 2 months ago

God bless.

AnnieBeez FolkArt
AnnieBeez FolkArt 2 months ago

I love love love all your beautiful quilts and projects!! Thanks for the video!

LAP Librarian
LAP Librarian 2 months ago

So glad you're feeling better! What devotional did you read from today? Thank you and God Bless You!

Lisa Shults
Lisa Shults 2 months ago

I am so happy to see you....I missed you 🧡✝️🪡🧵✝️❤🤍💙🇺🇸

Frankie Easter
Frankie Easter 2 months ago

What a great start to my day getting to see your beautiful projects and hear you beautiful testimony! I'm so glad you're feeling better and I hope you continue to do so. Some times life is just hard, but so worth it in the end. Take care of yourself and enjoy all of your handwork. Hugs!

K Ade
K Ade 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing all your lovely projects!! Thank you, too, for sharing about your life at the end. You seem such a beautiful person and I admire your lively faith.

craft fun forever
craft fun forever 2 months ago

Hi just wanted to say I loved the video but mostly the end . I love how God answers prayer. Sometimes he touches our hearts through a book or a sermon or just a word from someone. He knows just the right way to show us he is with us. Thank you for sharing. It's so true every breath is from his hand alone . One of my favorite songs we sing in church is God's breath in our lungs 😊 I can relate to the med problems I react to just about everything .I love all your projects I am working on a quilt for me this time I think lol. I realized I love tiny blocks 4x4 who new lol.... it's been a help to get some of my stress levels down . Along with cross stitching. Love your bags I so need to make some .question do you cross stitch in hand or hoops .I am also taking a big step and trying my hand at needle appilque I am excited I ordered a tiny iron and learning a lot from videos so I hope to try this weekend 😊I have only done the blanket stitch my sewing machine. So will see. Your videos inspire me have a blessed week .

Darlene Wener
Darlene Wener 2 months ago

Gorgeous bags and finishes.

Toni Faidley
Toni Faidley 2 months ago

I love the dresser you bought. What a good price... I would love to find one for that price...❤️

Diane Lemon
Diane Lemon 2 months ago

Hi bonnie. So glad i found your flosstube . i love love your needl3 book and all your wool things. Your stitching is so perfect and you pick such awesome colors. God bless you and keep stitching...please

Kathy B.
Kathy B. 2 months ago

Bonnie.... I am SOOO glad you are rebounding.... As always, was worried.. I pray for continued healing and for peace... for your choices, as difficult as they are right now .. and the strength, both physically and spiritually to heal... I suffer from clinical depression and I don't always win the battle, but our Jesus is always with us and just a prayer away.. God Bless and Fully Restore you!

Myra Lewis
Myra Lewis 2 months ago

Another wonderful post. What talent dear one. I about jumped outta my chair when you said you got the shaker boxes for $19.00 ... holy cow. I continue to pray for you sweet girl. My friend in the UK sent me a video from Tucker Carlson that aired a couple days ago. I had seen it and was going to send it to her .... she beat me to it. Anyway, you must watch this ...MUST! It's only 7 mins. long . It's part of an interview with John Voight. It wasn't planned.... that's what makes it extraordinary. ❤😘

Carmen Taylor
Carmen Taylor 2 months ago

Bonnie, you look so beautiful today, you look great in patriotic colors. I love, love, LOVE all your projects especially all your gorgeous quilts. I do have a question about your hand quilting, do you use a q snap while you’re sewing your quilts or do you just sew free hand? Can you show us how you hand quilt your quilts?

Kathy Snavely
Kathy Snavely 2 months ago

God Bless You!

Jenni Stitching Simply

Hi Sweet Bonnie! I was so excited to spend time with you today! All of your wool projects are so beautiful ... all of your projects are. Your shaker box find is such a treasure! They are so lovely! I am so glad that you are doing better, and I am excited to get to watch part 2:)

Nancy's Needlework
Nancy's Needlework 2 months ago

Boy, did I ever need a video(s) from you. Always such wonderful items and knowledge you share.
I love your style of hand quilting. Do you keep your needle on the top of the quilt or use a stab method?

Sara Brunsvold
Sara Brunsvold 2 months ago

I am so glad to see you again!!! Glad you are feeling better. When a little too much time goes by and no sign from you, it gets a little worrisome. I don’t know whether to bother you or not. Anyway, happy to see you again!! Your projects are beautiful and I love the needle roll!! Nice haul at the antique stores too. Old frames are my favorite!! Hopefully, I’m sure a ways off, we’ll be able to see your cabin. I would love a getaway!! We must always know God is with us. God bless you Bonnie.

Patrice Dodd
Patrice Dodd 2 months ago

As always I so much enjoyed your sharing all your beautiful works and all of your thoughts.

Margo McIntosh
Margo McIntosh 2 months ago

As I listened to your sadness I could feel it with you. I cared for my mother as she was ill and then terminal. She died in our home in April of this year. It was such a hard time for me but at the same time I’m so grateful to have been able to do this for her. She had cancer that went to her brain so with seizures and hallucinations and pain it was a very hard few months. I do natural health as well and have been working since to rebuild my adrenals and move forward. My stitching and quilting has really helped with that. I wish you complete healing. You are so talented and I just love seeing everything you do.

Linda Klinedinst
Linda Klinedinst 2 months ago

Wow - Your Projects are so beautiful - you amaze me with all of the Quilting - Stitching that you are doing and have done.

Take Care - Happy Stitching ❤️

Gayle Fansler
Gayle Fansler 2 months ago

Love your wool project's. Love the material you used with the snowman.

Marie Hahn
Marie Hahn 2 months ago

Hi Bonnie! Loved the video and All that You shared, take care and God Bless You!

Green Stick Cottage
Green Stick Cottage 2 months ago

Happy to see your smiling face again! 🤗 It seems like one of the hardest things to do sometimes is to be still and know that He is mighty in our behalf.❤❤❤ Loved seeing all of your pretty projects and all of your recent acquisitions.

Theresa Chucle
Theresa Chucle 2 months ago

Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful projects I love all your wool appliqué quilts.
I’m so glad you are feeling better I wish we were neighbors to give each other support. Our Lord has you in his palm ✋ and will always keep you safe. Have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching 😊🧵🪡🤗🤩

Theresa Chucle
Theresa Chucle 2 months ago

Hi 👋 Bonnie good to see you!