Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French


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Information Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French

Title : Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French

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Description Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French

Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French

Introduction to the Trust Technique with James French

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Kirstine Termansen
Kirstine Termansen 2 months ago

Logic we look down, relaxing, then what.

Ciccio Pasticcio
Ciccio Pasticcio 2 months ago

Today I saw your advertisement on YouTube for the first time and immediately looked for your video!!
I'm saying this: I love you ❤️
I don't have any animal but I am sharing your video with friends hoping this could help you in your wonderful work.
May the Force be with you ☯️😊

meghan macqueen
meghan macqueen 2 months ago

I just bought a yearling filly at an auction, and I'm getting her this week--I can't wait to try this with her!

Silas Aya
Silas Aya 2 months ago

It seems this technique could be also applied to the human subconscious mind

Laura Spicer
Laura Spicer 2 months ago

Found this via an ad in the middle of watching something else. He kept telling me to click the link. I wanted to. But there was no link available. Glad I worked out what to search for and found it! Just feeding back, saying click the link when it is not available is going to lose a lot of people who would otherwise view. Anyway, I am here now! Phew. Looking forward to watching....

Sweet tooth Marie'
Sweet tooth Marie' 2 months ago

I want to use this method on my workmates..

Kaiden Campbell
Kaiden Campbell 2 months ago

It warms my heart to see people rescueing animals

ben clarke
ben clarke 2 months ago

so you just lay down for ages ?

Good Food UnEarthed GFU


L. Ryan
L. Ryan 2 months ago

I must say that this gentleman makes perfect sense, animals "feel" things, they KNOW. And if you, as a HUMAN BEING, can relate to ANIMALS, then it is most certainly a wonderful thing. But, we as humans, must always keep in our mind, that the animal "feels" things, the animal "understands trust", but at the same time, we as Humans, must try to understand the animal. We must not try to put our human thoughts onto them. The animals will show us the way. Listen to them.

Pure Voice Power Coaching

I know this is an older video but I just posted it to my Facebook page POSITIVE ANIMAL NEWS.

Linda Antoinette Maria Adriana

first of all I am sooo blessed to stumble on you, I have learned this technique while I was learning to become a kindergarten teacher. This(as you say, all living (with a conscience)) also works for babies, toddlers etc. 
When I started a day by just being present IN that moment end not thinking of later or doing something, but watching and breathing and feeling each and every child, they became calmer with the minute. the hard part is when the most stressful kid walks up to you, cause he feels the difference of states between you and him or her and tries to get your attention, is to stay calm and stay focused on breathing while looking at that kid and not say anything back but just smile and make eye contact and say in your head its okay kid to become calm and connected to one another, I am here and I am not going anywhere, we love eachtoher and we are going Mohave a great day together :) 

From that experienced I have learned what is most important to me know. And since I have a cat I go to visit my cat one or two times a day for 10 to30 minutes just to be with him and listen to what he thinks and feels and I had the most beautiful moments like ; he was seeing and I went to sit with him just sitting and he looked up and looked into my eyes and he did not looked away for about 20 minutes and I felt some deep emotions, he told me so much and started to cry and than I started to cry, cause he had missed me so much and he went through something with another cat who, lets say, wasn't nice to him. After he let me feel what he was feeling he took a deep breath and stretched his body (like I hadn't seen him do in a long time) and fell asleep with sometimes him checking on me if I was still there hahaha cutie. Thank you so much, I hope this goes all over the world cause its the essence of life. xx

Gael Marconi
Gael Marconi 2 months ago

All kidding aside, James I’d like for you to read me a bedtime story 😊

L B 2 months ago


Vee Friend
Vee Friend 2 months ago

I was stunned! I've watched many of your videos in the past couple of months and am, as always, mesmerized by human/animal interaction - if this is authentic. Oh....., if only it was true. In this media, many tricks are used to induce an audience to an agenda.
A skeptic, it seems, is always skeptical.
The video is beautiful.
And what are the links to judge content? Are there any?

MsLuvan 2 months ago

I love love love this <3 <3 <3

LoveGuruBlaire 2 months ago

Wow, this is amazing! The images of the horses are incredible

RainbowRose 769
RainbowRose 769 2 months ago

“The trust technique works on all living things that have a conscience.” That doesn’t include my brother

Jade Stone
Jade Stone 2 months ago

Tell the many hours did you sit there???

MsDemeana 2 months ago

Have you ever considered coming to Australia?

Charlotte Webster
Charlotte Webster 2 months ago

Just your voice in the first 30 seconds or so was making me all nice and sleepy and I think I'll just sit myself down here... zzzzzzz

melody croft brown
melody croft brown 2 months ago

What remarkable work. So happy to see such patience, mindfulness and love in the world. We all need this in our lives!

auslaner50 2 months ago

If you could come to Australia's national parks and work with some of the brumbies rescued.. or 'trapped'.. by the parks and wildlife division... will save these horses from an aerial cull instead of saving them.

pc 2 months ago

If everyone watched this often, I'd imagine there'd be less stress in all of our lives.

Nina Jorgenson
Nina Jorgenson 2 months ago

wow can't wait to get started

Marisa Crisante
Marisa Crisante 2 months ago

great work - without big words - only wonderful. Thank you for doing this work.

stardust51 2 months ago


Stan M
Stan M 2 months ago

Why a paid member for such beautifal, that's not wat Reiki stand for!!!!