Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads


CMT Crossroads

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Information Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

Title : Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

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Frames Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

Description Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

Katy Perry \u0026 Kacey Musgraves Perform 'Roar' 🦁 CMT Crossroads

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bigLbeast 2 months ago

I love watching Kacey out of her comfort zone with the pop vibe. She's amazing. Visibly unsure of how to act and following Katy's lead, but nailing it the entire time.

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson 2 months ago

Kacey sings this with both hands tied behind her back and a rag down her throat. Child's play. Respect her love of the pop music. But kind of funny.

Emmanuel Hernández
Emmanuel Hernández 2 months ago

Kacey wasn’t used to so much belting and katy has a much wider range and is used to exploring her voice while kacey was barley starting her career and can easily show that she’s playing it safe

CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern

I hope they someday go to Mandarin High cause that's one of the songs I've wanted to play on a Pedal Steel. Of course they'll have to clean it, & re-string it if I'm ever going to add distortion to it,

CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern

I was playing along on the Pedal Steel Guitar

CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern

1:30 Kacey holds her mic towards the audience

Mc Ren
Mc Ren 2 months ago

It must be a challenge to do these artist mashups with different vocal range. Katys vocals are a little deeper than Kacys, so on Kacys songs Katy sounded kinda weird, and on Katys songs it sounded a little too low for Kacy.

bubba Wichita
bubba Wichita 2 months ago

this is awesome

Harold Tia
Harold Tia 2 months ago

You can never compare these two it's obvious that Kacey is better than Katy after all she has one won 6 Grammy awards whereas Katy who is still on the waiting list lol

Harold Tia
Harold Tia 2 months ago

Not gonna lie but I love Kaceys harmonies it's legit beautiful and her voice is amazingly stunning ❤️

Md. Irfanur Rahman
Md. Irfanur Rahman 2 months ago

Wish she could keep pace with Katy!

daniel 2 months ago

Yo, these CMT Crossroads are the shit.

George Jetson
George Jetson 2 months ago


Katy my sunshine
Katy my sunshine 2 months ago


Marcia Penney
Marcia Penney 2 months ago

I would love to see Lacey come out her quiet beautiful presence and ROAR! She was warming up, a few more songs and I think she would Country Rocked the Pop out of it!!

blake kaiser
blake kaiser 2 months ago

GREAT DUO!!!!!!!!!!! Katy has a more raspey, but beautiful, but kacey has a sweet tone almost like honey!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Mac
Michael Mac 2 months ago

Kacey writes her own music and plays numerous instruments and is such an amazing lady; Katy belts it out.

Todd Clark
Todd Clark 2 months ago

Love these girls 💕

Savannah M
Savannah M 2 months ago

Why Kacey, WHY!? 😒

Dani S.
Dani S. 2 months ago

People stop comparing these two, they are completely different artists, Katy brings the energy, Kacey is softer, both are beautiful.

Larry Gilman
Larry Gilman 2 months ago

Katy Perry is so underrated. She turned around American Idol and her live performances with the contestants are unbelievable

Racquel Castilla
Racquel Castilla 2 months ago

To be completely honest katy's presence overpowered kacey. 🤷‍♀️

Sean Jenkins
Sean Jenkins 2 months ago

Katy's live vocals are underrated

Williams Froilán
Williams Froilán 2 months ago

I love this performance it is one of its best.

Life of Dallas
Life of Dallas 2 months ago

I never understood why people like Katy her songs sound like childrens music

Leslie Sublett
Leslie Sublett 2 months ago

Cause Katie voice

Davidson Rozier
Davidson Rozier 2 months ago

I love these crossroads performances

Curious 2 months ago


Sydney Martindale
Sydney Martindale 2 months ago

honestly looks like they switched parts last minute or something - Kacey should be doing the lead on the chorus at least ONCE?!?!?!
I sympathize with the look in her eyes. She also may not be able to hear herself.

jrbland18 2 months ago


Dessy Turner
Dessy Turner 2 months ago

Bless her heart you can tell Kacey is nervous and trying to impress to impress Katy

Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia 2 months ago

Kacey did NOT want to be there lol

Andrew Gengler
Andrew Gengler 2 months ago

This was just Katy Perry singing and Kacey was basically a backup singer.

Xander Felargo
Xander Felargo 2 months ago

So cringy. That Kacey girl makes me wanna stop watching. No stage presence at all. SO boring to listen to and watch,

Bryanna Smith
Bryanna Smith 2 months ago

Seriously we need a recorded version of this so I can buy it. Cmt please make CDs of all of these performances

Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 2 months ago

There voices dont sound good together

Susie Smith
Susie Smith 2 months ago

Katy was holding back You’all

Natalia 2 months ago

Katy has a powerful and wonderful energy on stage 🤧♥️

Natalia 2 months ago


Xabier Royo
Xabier Royo 2 months ago

Upload the whole performance of ‘Thinking of You’ !!!

Dia Sparby
Dia Sparby 2 months ago


João Vicente
João Vicente 2 months ago

katy and kacey <<<<<33333

Virgil Jonas Dulalia
Virgil Jonas Dulalia 2 months ago

Oh my god they’re so beautiful 😍

George Jetson
George Jetson 2 months ago

Excellent ladies 😍😘😘😘

perrylogia lenda
perrylogia lenda 2 months ago

I still shiver at the beginning

Gilberto Sousa
Gilberto Sousa 2 months ago

Obrigado 😍😍😍😍

Dauri Perry
Dauri Perry 2 months ago

The Queens

Raul Aguayo
Raul Aguayo 2 months ago

Katy 🥰

Super_B 2 months ago

Kacey lacked confidence in her performance. Fish out of water.

TriHard cX
TriHard cX 2 months ago

katy carried this performance. kacey wanted to get out asap.

SUSANA92 2 months ago

I can barely hear Kaceys voice

London Tipton
London Tipton 2 months ago

My baby kacey look so nervous

Jordan Douglas
Jordan Douglas 2 months ago

Katy Perry without baby bumps

Jiya Jhonsa
Jiya Jhonsa 2 months ago

wow first view