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Title : Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (The Making Of)

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Description Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (The Making Of)

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (The Making Of)

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas (The Making Of)

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Don Noel
Don Noel 2 months ago

Love you and miss you Greg.

spaveevo 2 months ago

i heard this song about 20 years ago as a teenager. I had no idea what the words were so i could never find it again. I knew it sounded like a 60s folk song but that was about it. Last year i heard it on the radio for the first time in about 20 years.

Jackie Eick
Jackie Eick 2 months ago

Mandy Brake
Mandy Brake 2 months ago

For me every time I hear this I know it's Christmas.

Gary Powell
Gary Powell 2 months ago

I disagree with Greg this was a Christian song, whether he intended it to be or not. Any song which diminishes the crass materialism and other lies associated with the event has to be.

Ralf Diester
Ralf Diester 2 months ago


feral mario
feral mario 2 months ago

How's the girl singing ?

LockDownOnSparta 2 months ago

I love this song like none other but it makes me cry, which I don't like as much but it just does that.

vinicius matos
vinicius matos 2 months ago

R.I.P great man

raiderdanCA 2 months ago

that little insert at 4:20 is HORRIFIC ....

Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson 2 months ago

Best Christmas record ever

WeAreAlienBand 2 months ago

I would love you to have a listen to my version of Greg Lakes I believe in Father Christmas!!! It's a stripped back to basics Acoustic version written after a difficult year of covid. I'd love for you to have a first listen to it! it's my first ever music video too!! hope to hear from you, xx merry christmas

416dl 2 months ago

Of course I love the song and very interested in its origins though was hoping hear Greg's thoughts on Prokofiev's Lieutenant Kije's Troika for which his song is such an homage

Jack Allen
Jack Allen 2 months ago

"Beautiful white teeth"
A true Brit.

Glad I am to be an American. (Have toothbrush, will travel.)



XO MtHood
XO MtHood 2 months ago

The anti-Christmas song.

Independent Rider
Independent Rider 2 months ago

When I saw the thumbnail for this video I thought it was Eric Bristow doing a cover!

k windsock
k windsock 2 months ago

I used to play air keyboards in my bedroom in a council estate. R.I.P. Keith.

nicedog1 2 months ago

He didn’t mention ‘The Troika, Lieutenant Kije’ riff that was used in the song.

Alexander Robb
Alexander Robb 2 months ago

It's not a Christmas song, it's a anti Christmas song.

Dave McKewan
Dave McKewan 2 months ago

I am a Toyah fan and that's just wrong... Some songs shouldn't be covered and this is one of them...

William Curry
William Curry 2 months ago

hey who was the girl singing ? anyone please & Merry Christmas n thank you

JustMe 2 months ago

This is the most honest song about what we have done to the whole spirit of Christmas.
And DAMN, I love it.

eric lecorney
eric lecorney 2 months ago

Mon groupe préféré et ma chanson de noël préférée.

KG GRAY 2 months ago


Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 2 months ago

The best Christmas song ever!!!

Heathco 2077
Heathco 2077 2 months ago

This seems to be a segment from a larger tv show. Does anyone know the source material?

Phil Reynolds
Phil Reynolds 2 months ago

its a mystery why greg lake allowed toyah to cover such a brilliant song of his

Ricky J.P.
Ricky J.P. 2 months ago

Dear God - I never knew Toyah crucified this most wonderful of songs. RIP Greg.

Advance Last
Advance Last 2 months ago

I don’t know where I have been but I had no idea Greg Lake had sad. RIP

Wee Jim
Wee Jim 2 months ago

This is one of the all time greatest Christmas songs. 👍👍👍

A Blast From Your Past

A Great Christmas Song From Your Past
12 / 20 / 2020

David Roberts
David Roberts 2 months ago


Adam Marsden
Adam Marsden 2 months ago

A tribute to the man himself.

Andrew Somerset
Andrew Somerset 2 months ago

Great song, I remember it well from the 1970s and I still love it.

I Racer
I Racer 2 months ago

"I believe in Father Exmas"!
WTF?! 🙄

Stephen Williams
Stephen Williams 2 months ago

What a contrast between Greg and Toyah one peaceful and serene the other demented. Indeed we get the Christmas we deserve.

luft84 2 months ago

I loved those guys. Sadly, only Palmer survives today.

Mike Carson
Mike Carson 2 months ago

Every Christmas Eve I play the song it's a Christmas tradition and in my book is the greatest Christmas song ever recorded!

Ray Manzi
Ray Manzi 2 months ago

I'm confused, why is the artist listed as Toyah?????

Fintan Barry
Fintan Barry 2 months ago

I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake
They said there'll be snow at Christmas
They said there'll be peace on Earth
But instead it just kept on raining
A veil of tears for the Virgin Birth
I remember one Christmas Morning
A winters light and a distant choir
And the peal of a bell and that Christmas Tree smell
And their eyes full of tinsel and fire

They sold me a dream of Christmas
They sold me a Silent Night
They told me a fairy story
'Till I believed in the Israelite
And I believed in Father Christmas
And I looked to the Sky with excited eyes
'Till I woke with a yawn in the first Light of dawn
And I saw him and through his disguise

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave New Year
All anguish pain and sadness
Leave your Heart and let your road be clear
They said there'll be snow at Christmas
They said there'll be peace on Earth
Hallelujah, Noel, be it Heaven or hell
The Christmas we get we deserve

artbylukebennett 2 months ago

Shout out to Sergei Prokofiev.

carmine redd
carmine redd 2 months ago

why they let that fat pig sing that song ?

Rose Barbara
Rose Barbara 2 months ago

How they are all dead...hope you did not go to hell...

Broc Scogmyre
Broc Scogmyre 2 months ago

Who even gave that red headed woman WITH THAT SHOCKINGLY AWFUL VOICE permission to attempt a rendition of the best Christmas song ever!?

Steven Harvey
Steven Harvey 2 months ago

I Didnt Know This Song Was An Early 1970's Hit. Seems Timeless To Me. That Chick Startled Me At 4:30/5:30 !

Bluebeard 2 months ago

Will make you cry. Will make you think.

Rantadad Moanicuss
Rantadad Moanicuss 2 months ago

A very merry Christmas war is over only if you want it to be
Have a peaceful new year one without the fear
We can all live in harmony.

Gerry Ogilvie
Gerry Ogilvie 2 months ago

Where was the Bedouin with his knife when Toyah started singing - sorry 'murdering' this song !!

H En
H En 2 months ago

What a beautiful soul. Thank you Greg Lake.

Michael Lord
Michael Lord 2 months ago

never got into ELP for some reason...but I love this song RIP Greg you're in Heaven

Matthew Oakley
Matthew Oakley 2 months ago

Toyah! Itth a mythtewy, itth a mythtewy!

Matthew Oakley
Matthew Oakley 2 months ago

Cynical and depressing lyrics... and they tried to get everyone in the mood by hiring a stripper. Great... real class...

chrismoff17 2 months ago

Here's a new Christmas song available for download shortly before Christmas raising money for The Samaritans.

Fil R
Fil R 2 months ago

It's a bit of a cynical song isn't it? I like it. This video really doesn't have much to say about the making of the tune. Greg lake was a treasure, we won't see his like again soon.

Howard Herrick
Howard Herrick 2 months ago

I love this !

Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson 2 months ago

You had the courage to write about what has been done to christmas

Michael Spears
Michael Spears 2 months ago

It is from a Prokofiev composition, and it's beautiful.

Craig Pattenden
Craig Pattenden 2 months ago

“The Christmas we get we deserve”

Jim Curry
Jim Curry 2 months ago

Doe's anybody else think the handsome, younger Greg Lakes looks very similar to David Cassidy? ..... I certainly do..

sjoanne brown
sjoanne brown 2 months ago

Ididnt know -there wasnt anything on the news about it -oh ! RIP greg

december's child
december's child 2 months ago

Always liked it, but now I have gained a new appreciation for this song. Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas!

Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith 2 months ago

Greg song is about the commercialism of Christmas

frankie post
frankie post 2 months ago

I was only five when I heard this song, but when people ask me my old time favourite, this is the one I chose. I didn't know Greg had passed away the same year as my dad, beautiful song.

TheBatugan77 2 months ago

I can't believe it's been 42 years ago that I saw ELP. Miss you Greg. Hope you're jamming with Keith.

ScrittiSparkle 2 months ago

forever christmas

Martin Lee
Martin Lee 2 months ago


Paul Griffiths
Paul Griffiths 2 months ago

Pete sinfield brilliant lyricist just listen to early King Crimson songs

Chris Wright
Chris Wright 2 months ago


Colin Baker
Colin Baker 2 months ago

When Greg Lake recorded this, he looked like a choirboy. Years later, he looks like you don’t want to touch his pint!

Papakoho 2 months ago

Heard this song on the radio today and then found this video. I hope Greg's songs live on and on. Rest in peace Greg and know you will always be alive in our thoughts and memories.

Robert Tilton
Robert Tilton 2 months ago

Not long now, RIP Greg.

Peter K.
Peter K. 2 months ago

Forever love to Greg.....what a great singer and guitar-player.......

Kevin Cole
Kevin Cole 2 months ago

Today he would have to call him Santa Claus like the Americans instead of Father Christmas.

Edward Spearing
Edward Spearing 2 months ago

I believe in Pancake Tuesday.. So does Toyah Wilcox judging by her mush in this piece.

John W
John W 2 months ago

Is that the stripper making an even more embarrassing cameo at 4:15?

Anthony Cashero
Anthony Cashero 2 months ago

Thank God for Greg Lake. Love and peace to all.

nunyer beeznaz
nunyer beeznaz 2 months ago

Christmas ditty that included more dark thoughts than light,as usual for lake and andersons ilk. Neither of those wankers ever had a clear thought. No more high esteem for Britains worst examples of royalty issues.

Stratman 2 months ago

RIP Greg Lake

Mike D
Mike D 2 months ago

THE best Xmas song. The album version is better than the single version though...

前橋みき 2 months ago

Best ever Christmas 🎄 song

Paul Williams
Paul Williams 2 months ago

Great xmas song

dessie diamond
dessie diamond 2 months ago


Jane Stratton
Jane Stratton 2 months ago

You are sorely missed Greg. Thanks for all the great music - this was one of your best.

Leslie Leslie
Leslie Leslie 2 months ago

Love this song R.I.P. Mr Lake!!

Wee Jim
Wee Jim 2 months ago

Great song

Andy Monaghan
Andy Monaghan 2 months ago

Best Christmas record ever.God bless you Greg and rest in peace

Peter Green
Peter Green 2 months ago

So sad he passed away in 2016,but what a song! A classic Christmas tune. My personal favourite

Matt Cain
Matt Cain 2 months ago

This is the most beautiful Christmas some ever written in my opinion. I tear up damn near every time I hear it.

Stuss H
Stuss H 2 months ago

My childhood revisited.🌷

Michel Beck
Michel Beck 2 months ago

thank you Greg

The iraQi PRO
The iraQi PRO 2 months ago


Brian Dunn
Brian Dunn 2 months ago

There are a lot of people I can think of that should of passed on before he did.....R I P....Greg Lake.......

Flickeda booger
Flickeda booger 2 months ago

What a BEAUTIFUL SONG... I still recall the 1st time I cried to it, age 12 I think. We, (those who found ELP are the chosen few), Back in the mid-70s filled my mind with ELP and KANSAS. No other bands could ever take their place
then along came LED ZEPPLIN. I never really took off with them, they were above my PLAY SCALE !!!!!

Claricei 2 months ago

Thank you gents for all of your perfect music-and this-the most BEAUTIFUL of Christmas ballads

Stoatwarbler Mangrove

Ye gods, who was that 80's wanna be that was covering his song at the end? Looked like a Ziggy Stardust knock off. LOL

Quarter Acre Adventures

RIP Greg Lake. I so loved your music.
My favorite version of this song is with Ian Anderson of 'Jethro Tull' in a beautiful catholic church.
(I am an Atheist BTW)

Drive Easy
Drive Easy 2 months ago

Why didn't they mention that the original tune was by Prokofiev?

Gino DiCarlo
Gino DiCarlo 2 months ago

Hysterical that there wasn't a Bedoin with a knife in 1982!

2003Cpayne 2 months ago

One of my favorite Christmas tunes ever! RIP Greg.

OzricAurora 2 months ago

When did ELP ever sing about pixies?