A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)


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Information A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)

Title : A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)

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Description A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)

A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)

A Christmas Carol (2009) jim Carrey HQ (Preview)

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Carolyne C
Carolyne C 2 months ago

The candle is terrifying

Franco Castillo YT
Franco Castillo YT 2 months ago

1:35 those jumps are just too unnatural

Sweetest girl ASMR
Sweetest girl ASMR 2 months ago

I love the candle guy he is my favorite

Matthew Jimenez
Matthew Jimenez 2 months ago

It's old Fezziwig, bless his heart it's Fezziwig alive again

Abbie Matthews
Abbie Matthews 2 months ago

Scrooge Christmas is a good celebration grouch

phillip walling
phillip walling 2 months ago

FUN FACT: Fezziwig is portrayed by Bob Hoskins. RIP.

Flower Power
Flower Power 2 months ago


MsIrishrule 2 months ago

Jim Carey is amazing

Teresa Schott
Teresa Schott 2 months ago

would love a bunch of full movies...thanks

William Craig
William Craig 2 months ago

This movie has some moments when it comes close to being quiet and creepy like the novel was meant to be, but then it ruins it by throwing a whole lot of crazy crap in your face. If you ask me, Robert Zemeckis needs a visit from the Ghost of Subtlety Past.

ramprashad29 2 months ago

i have this movie on dvd i have watched it about 50 times already...what a great movie

Hugh Murray
Hugh Murray 2 months ago

full movie pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase i LOVE this movie it rocks

Beth Buchan
Beth Buchan 2 months ago

full movie

AnonyVoice 2 months ago

Full movies please :)

Trev B
Trev B 2 months ago

If you would like me to upload the full movie, please lave a comment and follow. 100 comments and 100 followers and I will start uploading full movies!!!!