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Pixie St. John
Pixie St. John 2 months ago

I love, love, love snowmen !!!! I will be making this .

Carolyn Jordan
Carolyn Jordan 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing with us, so cute great job do you put treats in there.I like not of them.

Anita Willett
Anita Willett 2 months ago

So cute!

Robyn Weal
Robyn Weal 2 months ago

He is cute totally love the red one but maybe use green glitter strip also

norma johnson
norma johnson 2 months ago

What a great project 😊😉👍🏾

Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson 2 months ago

Either one is adorable! No preference on hatband colors. Thank you for sharing.

LeVerne Logan
LeVerne Logan 2 months ago

RED he is so cute thanks

Polly Weinmann
Polly Weinmann 2 months ago

Try using ART Glitter Glue it does not contain glitter. Once you use Art Glitter Glue you will never go back.

james Elstob
james Elstob 2 months ago

What a cleaver lady you are, the snowman box's you make are fantastic i love them, i am trying to make the box out of A4 english card which is 8 /14 x 11/34, have tried several times to change the size but have not bean able to do it, wondering if you could help. thanks

Lea Arnold
Lea Arnold 2 months ago

While I was watching this video and you were doing the brim of the hat I thought if maybe using some different square dies would work or using the We R Memory Keepers Frame Punch Board would work.

Tosamilu 2 months ago

Soooo great!! 😍👍🏻

Patti Kemp
Patti Kemp 2 months ago


Norine Mueller
Norine Mueller 2 months ago

I made one just need to fine a nose lol put it on one of my FB groups and gave you the credit thank you it’s so cute

Norine Mueller
Norine Mueller 2 months ago

This is just adorable love it. Love them both going to give this a try wish me luck going to need it lol

chop master
chop master 2 months ago

Hello I want to thank you so much for sharing, I have made 4 of these adorable snowman,but I made mine into laterns,I put a tea light candle in it and hang from my ceiling. These are so so cute thanks again.

1bjwlsn 2 months ago

I have made 7 of the Santa Suit Treat Bags.

1bjwlsn 2 months ago

Thank you! I ask before I read all of the comments.

1bjwlsn 2 months ago

Which side are you cutting on the 9in or 81/2in?

Kadie Labadie
Kadie Labadie 2 months ago

Angie this snowman box is ADORABLE.  I'm having a party (snowman theme) next week.......Might just have to make these for take away gifts for each guest.  THANK YOU for sharing.

chop master
chop master 2 months ago

What side do we cut the glue tabs on on the white paper ? Was little confused on that. These are cute and I can't wait to make these and hang from the ceiling with battery tea lights. As lanterns lol

Dianne Laliberte
Dianne Laliberte 2 months ago

I like the glitter paper better. It is really cute think i might make some for my friends where i live. They will really like them.

Crafty Mawmaw
Crafty Mawmaw 2 months ago

When I put my lid on, two sides of the box sides dent in some. What could I have done wrong? Did I make the glue tabs to big, or to small on the box? Am making these for my daughter to give to her co-workers for Christmas. They will do, but yours was so perfect, was wanting mine to look a little better than what they do now. Any help would be appreciated. Will wait to hear from you, so maybe the other 10 I have to make will look better. Thanks, Deloma

Colleen S
Colleen S 2 months ago

Adorable. Green band!

Bettie Strong
Bettie Strong 2 months ago

Stinkin' cute is an apt description for this project.  I think I like the green band the best.

deborah james
deborah james 2 months ago

how cleaver you are on making the hat, love it , in the making of making one and as soon I get a phone I will do pics. I love your work

Jeanette Duke
Jeanette Duke 2 months ago

Wow, Angie! That is one cute snowman! You are such a good creator. I have always loved snowmen and collected some really nice ones over the years but I have to say this is one of the cutest snowmen I have ever seen made of paper and I am making these for sure! I hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving and I guess everyone is in full speed ahead for Christmas! Thanks for sharing this precious little snowman box.

Paulette Melanson
Paulette Melanson 2 months ago


Christine Lazar
Christine Lazar 2 months ago

I love them both thank you so much

Margaret Ball
Margaret Ball 2 months ago

He’s cute! I bet you could make a round box too. The hat would be tricky though.

Lilette Autrey
Lilette Autrey 2 months ago

Beautiful box, i love both colours the same. They are adorable. I will make one or two for Christmas

Sue Abell
Sue Abell 2 months ago

Very cute! Loving your videos.

KINDERKRAFTS 2 months ago

Hi again Sweet Angie...

How super adorable. Luv both the colours.

This will be such a fun box to make. Snowmen are generic, not just for the holidays, and your little box is so super cute.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a fun evening.


Debi Lowery
Debi Lowery 2 months ago

I always enjoy your "boxes" videos. So cute. I can't wait to make some. On the white CS......did you do your first cut on the long side or the short side. TIA

Rhonda M
Rhonda M 2 months ago

Both are gorgeous

Blanky Jove Rojas
Blanky Jove Rojas 2 months ago

Both are adorable, love it!!!

Linda Strandquist
Linda Strandquist 2 months ago

This is very cute. Both ways.

sheila Howard
sheila Howard 2 months ago

Super adorable. I need gift boxes for some gifts, this is going to be great! TFS

sandra maddux
sandra maddux 2 months ago

This is so cute! I made five of them tonight after watching your video. TFS. One could also possibly use for a St. Pats day too. I thoroughly enjoy your tutorials. I don't know how you dream the creations; however, so happy that you do!

Michelle Byerley
Michelle Byerley 2 months ago

These are so darn cute. I plan to make some for Christmas. I like both the red and green hat band. I may try a glitter green. Thank you for sharing.

Pink Paper Crafts
Pink Paper Crafts 2 months ago

ADORABLE!!!! I like the red glimmer paper

JulieDChadwick 2 months ago

Hi Angie!!! OH MY GOSH!!! He is the CUTEST THING!!!! I am loving this tutorial!! I'm using the red glimmer paper, but I think the green is super cute too. I'm having so much fun making this with you!! I can already tell that he is gonna be addictive to make! These would be so cute to put on the dinner table by each person's plate. I love Snowmen so this is right up my alley!! I swear I don't know how you do this week after week, but I'm sure glad you do!! So does my Hubby.....he just won't admit it. HAHAHAHA How was your Thanksgiving? We had a really nice one. The time just goes by so fast when I'm with my family and that's my only complaint. haha Well....that and I get full SO fast on holiday does that happen? Lol I hope you have a wonderful day!! Hugs to you and your Mom. xoxo

Lorraine Turner
Lorraine Turner 2 months ago

Great box Im going to put it in my craft reference book, I like the both the red and green hat bands.  Both colour co-ordinate with the holly so very difficult to choose.  :O)

Carol Shafer
Carol Shafer 2 months ago

These boxes are so adorable! I like them both! Thank you for sharing how to make them!

chop master
chop master 2 months ago

This is wonderful my mom loves snowman are living room at Christmas is all snowman hehe. Don't see a lot of snowman project so thank you so excited to do this. Thanks for sharing and Love your work.

Crafty Mawmaw
Crafty Mawmaw 2 months ago

Love snowmen. Thanks for showing us how to make this box. :) Deloma

courtney Montgomery
courtney Montgomery 2 months ago

I love it.super adorable.

dorothykincaid 2 months ago

They are both lovely but I prefer the red glitter 😍 I will definitely be making these, thanks for the great tutorial.

deborah james
deborah james 2 months ago


Janice Walters
Janice Walters 2 months ago

To cute I like both of them

Terrie Rodrigue
Terrie Rodrigue 2 months ago

Great looking treat box...adorable snowman and I like both of them...well done Angie and tfs

stamps2much 2 months ago

another amazing box Angie tfs..Barbara

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