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You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown - SNL

You're a Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown - SNL

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Devlin Allistar
Devlin Allistar 2 months ago

Preteee, preteee

richard miller
richard miller 2 months ago

Oh you bitch..funny stuff

Marc Sanders
Marc Sanders 2 months ago

Michael Keaton impression is so underrated

TheBowlFoSho 2 months ago

Bill Hader doing an Al Pacino impression sounds like Strongbad.

Skye Broome
Skye Broome 2 months ago

I cried of laughter😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Kush Kuniss
Kush Kuniss 2 months ago

I really want to see this show live 😭

cartwright420able 2 months ago

This is gold!

Kava Kahn
Kava Kahn 2 months ago

Love it when Bill Hader does his Al Pacino impression

Marty Clark
Marty Clark 2 months ago

2 things...first, I legit clicked on this because I thought that was the real Larry David in the thumbnail...second, Michael Keaton impression freaking killed me! 😂

Andrew Conrad
Andrew Conrad 2 months ago

Undoubtedly my favorite and the best skit I've ever seen SNL perform. I almost wish they would revisit it.

RJG 71
RJG 71 2 months ago

You're out of eggnog Charlie Brown.

johnped63 2 months ago

When I first watched the video I really thought that was Larry David

Gaby Anahí Soto Taft

This is my comfort YouTube video

Gaby Anahí Soto Taft

I s2g I forget that’s Martin short every damn time I watch this

Michelle Davis
Michelle Davis 2 months ago

I see Martin Short, I click

LoTech77 2 months ago

I would go watch the sh*t out of this!

jedi1967 2 months ago

kids looks are CLASSIC like WTF?

Luna300 2 months ago

Wish this was a real show. Also, for those that may not realize, the kids were filmed separately. Don't worry about the F bombs. :)

Shawn McCormick
Shawn McCormick 2 months ago

Lol. This show actually being funny.

Dan 2 months ago

At first I thought Larry David had too much powder on his nose. I didn't even recognize Martin Short.

Brian Kadar
Brian Kadar 2 months ago

Wow - that's hilarious. I totally thought that was Larry David. I watched again after I saw the comments that it was Martin Short.

StuUngar 2 months ago

I made a comment that said, “every character was spot on except Larry David.”
I said that trying to be a smartass bc I thought Larry David was in this sketch.......

Silverwood Capital
Silverwood Capital 2 months ago

Its nice, but its not nice to drop F Bombs on fucking 6 year olds...

Darth Vyll
Darth Vyll 2 months ago

The kids reactions are what make this funny.

Sydney Slaughter
Sydney Slaughter 2 months ago

This is the only Charlie Brown I’d ever watch

Steve Libby
Steve Libby 2 months ago

1:20 the one kid reacting to the other kid.

Duane Lassiter
Duane Lassiter 2 months ago

I'd actually would pay to go see this.

Jennifer T
Jennifer T 2 months ago

Best snl skit

Alec Richards
Alec Richards 2 months ago

Bring back the cast of this sketch to do a full length "You're A Rat Bastard Charlie Brown".
i will give you all my money, i'm serious.

Joshua Selvig
Joshua Selvig 2 months ago

I’d go see it.

Neal Klein
Neal Klein 2 months ago

This was absolutely brilliant.

Whatitsallabout 2 months ago

"I want something to take me SKYHIGH"!!!!!!!!!

John Martinski
John Martinski 2 months ago

This one is up there with "motivational speech". Or "more cowbell"

Jacqueline Muqui
Jacqueline Muqui 2 months ago

Lisa D this sketch is everything

Matt Geary
Matt Geary 2 months ago


Yasin Subier
Yasin Subier 2 months ago

I'm watching this video for the 3rd time now and i just found out that was martin shortz playing larry david. like wtf he looks just like him.

Zazu Zazz
Zazu Zazz 2 months ago

Heartwarming classic!!! For the MuthaF***ing ages!!!

lisa438321 2 months ago

LOL those poor kids in the audience are so confused....

Kwon Schneider
Kwon Schneider 2 months ago

Best. SNL. Skit. Ever.

Ullisses Salles
Ullisses Salles 2 months ago

Martin Short nailed it.

Beau Billings
Beau Billings 2 months ago

Just think how many views this actual play would get... 😂

Sam Painter
Sam Painter 2 months ago

The oh yeah bill hader let's out gets me every time😂


Me: “Mom can we have Charlie Brown?”
Mom: “We have Charlie Brown at home”
Charlie Brown At Home:

Jeffrey Gillespie
Jeffrey Gillespie 2 months ago

I would pay Broadway prices to see this.

Edward Nieto
Edward Nieto 2 months ago

Awesome! This one never gets old! Still laughing at this years later!

746heat 2 months ago


Angelia Salah
Angelia Salah 2 months ago

I watched this at least a dozen times before I found out that was Martin Short and not Larry David. I didn't even notice, I found out in the comments.

D00MED 2 months ago


fernando lopera
fernando lopera 2 months ago

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cicalinarrot 2 months ago

I only recognised Martin Short as Larry David with the close-up at the end. Guy's got the most unique smile :-)

King Tigrones
King Tigrones 2 months ago

i want this to b ereal

Jason Bradley
Jason Bradley 2 months ago

Martin Short’s Larry David is spot on 😂

Rollo Maughfling
Rollo Maughfling 2 months ago

COVID-19 was formed when they rendered this video for broadcast.

Paul Vicory
Paul Vicory 2 months ago

That's a scary good impersonation of Larry David. Good grief.

Michael Montalto
Michael Montalto 2 months ago

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AJ Liberty
AJ Liberty 2 months ago

Tis the season of oh no, ya bunch of nutty ho ho hos

goodolarchie 2 months ago

Wow, I legit didn't realize it was Martin Short until about 5 lines in

FishingtheSkyxd 2 months ago

the title alone makes me crack up

nowake 2 months ago

Anybody gonna mention Fred Armisen playing Fred Armisen as Snoopy?

3comant4 2 months ago

yes -

byron p
byron p 2 months ago

This doesn't get old. And it's the Christmas show we all need right now (I do not CARE that it has nothing to do with Christmas).

Steve Libby
Steve Libby 2 months ago

I need this.

tintinismybelgian 2 months ago

If/Since rats can't get married legally, aren't all of their offspring illegitimate?

Anne Berlin
Anne Berlin 2 months ago

Wow, I've probably watched this sketch 50+ times, and am just now learning that it is Martin Short and not actually Larry David.

Elephantstone91 2 months ago

“Why don’t you go fuck yourself Charlie Brown!” My gawd that gets me every time 😂

ree ee
ree ee 2 months ago

Your move Hollywood

Brian Morton
Brian Morton 2 months ago

Ok I heard a Smash Bros gasp

He Who Walks Amongst Youtube

The leftwing anti Christian SNL.

Elle Smith
Elle Smith 2 months ago

If this were an actual movie, I would 110% watch this every year

James morgan
James morgan 2 months ago

This makes me laugh every year man. When she pulls the football back and he says “ Ah You bitch” in Al Pacino’s voice it kills me 😂😂

zavageese 2 months ago

this is lowkey the best snl skit

Arabella Stringer
Arabella Stringer 2 months ago

I would watch this.

Avatar zang
Avatar zang 2 months ago

That Keaton just killed! 😂

fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj 2 months ago

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Corndog Requiem
Corndog Requiem 2 months ago

The Al Gore Rhythm keeps making me watch this, and I'm okay with that.

Ngozi Nnunukwe
Ngozi Nnunukwe 2 months ago

The title alone makes me laugh 😂.

Scott Deaton
Scott Deaton 2 months ago

Michael Keaton via Bruce Wayne/ Batman was best.

Grace Buscaglia
Grace Buscaglia 2 months ago

“ Wdym Christmas isn’t for you if I say it’s for you than it’s for you!”
“Oh so I’m just supposed to accept everything u say well you don’t know the hell you’re talking ab!”
“Fuck you linus!”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jedediah Milachi Lebowitz

Fuck you linus

A C 2 months ago

2:16 Is that Steve Carrell as Snoopy?

I AM Zero223
I AM Zero223 2 months ago

He look nothing like Al Pacino but his impressions on point.

Jokers R Wild Studios

Martin Short as Larry David is a godtier impression.

martin gonzalez
martin gonzalez 2 months ago

TOP 5 best skits of all time🤣🤣🤣

Bd Sisid
Bd Sisid 2 months ago

Why don't ya go fuck yaself charlie brown

Townsen Nelson
Townsen Nelson 2 months ago

taren as keaton is fucking hilarious XD

julian schulz
julian schulz 2 months ago

A very young Lulu Wilson in the audience, at the 1:21 mark.

Budget Mike
Budget Mike 2 months ago

After watching this, I need an intermission. Al Pacino was meant to play Charlie Brown.

J. Celestin
J. Celestin 2 months ago

I would absolutely pay for tickets to that show!

Sampson 2 months ago

I was 100% convinced that was actually Larry David

Alex Gons
Alex Gons 2 months ago


l 2 months ago

2020 still holding up

yingyangdevious 2 months ago

I can't stop watching this.

JesusHippie 2 months ago

Who played Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

rudy nosa
rudy nosa 2 months ago

It got deleted again i know its true

746heat 2 months ago


Amanda Pagan
Amanda Pagan 2 months ago

Thank you!!!!

Sketchy Punch8
Sketchy Punch8 2 months ago

aw u bitch! lmao that gets me every time

TimesNewLogan 2 months ago

This felt like them trying to do three jokes at once, and failing to deliver the punchline on any of them. Almost like they just found an incomplete sketch lying around, and decided to roll with it.

A Nick
A Nick 2 months ago

This is how snl should have been done for 10 or more yrs...just upload the digital shorts and the impression skits thats it..

Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 2 months ago