C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs



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Title : C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs

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Frames C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs

Description C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs

C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs

C9 ceramic LED retro fit bulbs

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Sean Sales
Sean Sales 2 months ago

Can these be purchased as a set already assembled? Please help 🙏🏻

Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee 2 months ago

These are horrible looking and they will never look like the classic glow of the incandescent christmas lights....LED bulbs have a harsh color and the strobe...you can still order the classic style C9 and C7 glass replacement bulbs and light sets online....no need to use these ugly lights

Larry Barry
Larry Barry 2 months ago

no c9 LED will ever have the color of a incandescent C9'

Crypto Dali
Crypto Dali 2 months ago

I want to order but you do not carry any red bulbs of this retro type?

lt1caprice57l 2 months ago

I was searching Alibaba a little while back and discovered at least one vendor doing warm white LED filaments in opaque and transparent colored bulbs. Any chance of bringing something like that in?

Anthony Jaworowski
Anthony Jaworowski 2 months ago

Are these dimmable by chance?

lt1caprice57l 2 months ago

I understand that you guys have these custom-manufactured.

One thing I've observed about LED lights is that the blue and green "bulbs" always tend to be too bright, and the red and yellow "bulbs" tend to be not bright enough. With the old-fashioned lights, the white and yellow are the brightest, red and green are about equal with each other, and blue is the dimmest. If you could manage to re-create this, you'd have winners.

Perhaps 2 or 3 LEDs in the blue and green "bulbs", 6 or 7 LEDs in the yellow and white "bulbs" and 4 or 5 in the red and green "bulbs" is something that could work? Just thinking out loud here.

Alex Popp
Alex Popp 2 months ago

Any way to shorten the strand or turn off certain bulbs?

Richard Banke
Richard Banke 2 months ago

I've been waiting to convert my incandescent C9's to LED for years and I just happened to come across these. My biggest gripe with LED Christmas lights are the blue are incredibly harsh looking. I can't get a true sense of how these look but they seem better (Why not just use warm white in colored 'bulbs' instead of blue led's?), Can you elaborate as to how they compare with other blue led's? Also we live in Florida and the incandescent C9's available these days fade to white on one side in just 1 or 2 seasons, are these prone to fading?

pstar7 2 months ago

your led c9 light bulbs don;'t look like glass type like c7/c9 bulbs

Brandon Trichel
Brandon Trichel 2 months ago

Looking for some help..Was at Bass Pro Shop last year and noticed the had C7 style bulbd and they looked EXACTLY like the retro styles. The catch? When I walked up and grabbed one, it was COOL! Okay, so here's where I need help, I "acquired" one and dissected it only to find that it was CERAMIC with 3 LED diodes. Looks custom, but not sure..Anyone know where I would obtain these lights? They are in my opinion, the BEST lights I have ever seen.

Taylor Galante
Taylor Galante 2 months ago

Being that the bulbs screw into the original old fashion wire, does it still use a lot of energy or do the LED bulbs make it more energy efficient?

Andrew Pavis
Andrew Pavis 2 months ago

who is the manufacture of the bulbs? I read about them on a forum board and saw that the minleons kinda have a swirl to them. if they are not minleons are they brighter than opaque minleons?