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Gladys 2 months ago

Wilson! lol so cute the tree decorations

Emiline Bellé
Emiline Bellé 2 months ago

This is honestly the most helpful video Ive found, and believe me, I’ve been looking for a minute.

Heather in Oz
Heather in Oz 2 months ago

What paint did you use on the balls for the snowman please?

Fatema Kaddum
Fatema Kaddum 2 months ago

Your son is so cute he's so lucky to have a mom like you and I'm definitely going to try these out with my kids so creative keep up the good work

Lynnette Alexander
Lynnette Alexander 2 months ago

what a lucky child

Nallely Rodriguez
Nallely Rodriguez 2 months ago

What type of paint?

Brenda Tomchuk
Brenda Tomchuk 2 months ago

What kind of paint did you use on the ornament?

Pamela Bonus
Pamela Bonus 2 months ago

You are so good. And so adorable. Most definitely gonna do this too with my kids this coming Christmas

VentureWithVic 2 months ago

love love love! gave me inspiration to make my own version for toddlers of 2018 :)

Breasha Lantz
Breasha Lantz 2 months ago

My toddler he's 2 almost 3 he hates getting paint on any of his body I tried making a thing for his aunty but no he fricking screamed the entire time if it wasn't for Oreo cookies I would have had to put him to bed he is such a big momma suck. My baby is growing up to faast!!!

Cidra Zakarneh
Cidra Zakarneh 2 months ago

Wow that's so nice 😀😀

Zsuzsanna Matalucci
Zsuzsanna Matalucci 2 months ago

You are so great! Thank you for your great ideas!!!!

Sophia farquharson
Sophia farquharson 2 months ago

Thank you for the great ideas great job

Katie Smith
Katie Smith 2 months ago

Love your video! He is such a good kid, very helpful and such a cutie! What kind of paint did you use for all the projects. I would like to do some of these with my daughter, I think she would really get into doing projects

Manualidades para ti
Manualidades para ti 2 months ago

Hermoso, bendiciones

Khandela shaikh
Khandela shaikh 2 months ago

Christmas craft ke liye quit baby ka hand bigad diya Gore anda ka khud to Kali hai uska bap bi chodta hai meri friend ko

Krishna Barui
Krishna Barui 2 months ago

very good craft s😘

Vanessa Ortega subscribe

This was so adorable to watch and also let him experience it with you and I think that is very beautiful

jasmeen randhwa
jasmeen randhwa 2 months ago

Thankwwwww so much Mam I wanna also looking 4 these amazing ideas

MooMoo Veryzer
MooMoo Veryzer 2 months ago

Just kidding this is awesome keep up the good work

MooMoo Veryzer
MooMoo Veryzer 2 months ago

This stuff is hard like I just got clickbated

MooMoo Veryzer
MooMoo Veryzer 2 months ago

This is not for toddlers dude

Kathleen K
Kathleen K 2 months ago

Thank you these are great ideas!

Somethea Panhchatep
Somethea Panhchatep 2 months ago

That is the great craft ever I love it

Christian Family 101
Christian Family 101 2 months ago

Your cool

CaliToys 2 months ago

It's really great, perfect

Sumeet Singh Saluja
Sumeet Singh Saluja 2 months ago

great Jakob look sweet

Pradeep Nakashe
Pradeep Nakashe 2 months ago

oh wow that's really great

Aracelis Plaza
Aracelis Plaza 2 months ago

such a great idea for my 4 year old twin niece and nephew u are such a great mother😙

Diane Gribbin
Diane Gribbin 2 months ago


Karla Lopez
Karla Lopez 2 months ago

thank you !!!! wonderful arts and crafts....I love it..

Lori Sanford
Lori Sanford 2 months ago

Awesome ideas, Thank you so much for sharing ! 😊

Lou Hoss
Lou Hoss 2 months ago

We just loved this craft video. I noticed a lot of wildlife noise outside and couldn't place your accent but it sounded like you were somewhere in Australia. Am I right?

Laura Bianchi
Laura Bianchi 2 months ago

your ideas are very original and i like them

Maylene McDondald
Maylene McDondald 2 months ago

This is one delightful video! I'm glad I found your channel today! Great ideas for my granddaughter!

November Storm
November Storm 2 months ago

i absolutely luv luv luv your vids for toddlers. i have done all kinds of your halloween decors. i am wondering why with the mistletoe why you didnt do red toes for the berries. doesnt matter to much bc i subbed you. im sick so these vids are perfect for my son and i to do.

Laura Bianchi
Laura Bianchi 2 months ago

le tue idee sono molto originali e mi piacciono molto bravissima

Celine Mailloux
Celine Mailloux 2 months ago

Passe-temps le fun avec les touts petits. Amusez-vous.

Heena Malkani
Heena Malkani 2 months ago

ur such a good mother so nicly u treat ur childrns n also u keep ur fly al togthr thats d mail part.....luv watchng ur vedio....jacob and issac luv u umahhh

KidsPlanet 2 months ago

You have a really nice channel

Savitri Seepersad
Savitri Seepersad 2 months ago

Love iy

Bonapally Sathish
Bonapally Sathish 2 months ago

Really cute! Thanks for sharing.

JCJ SHINING STAR 2 months ago

im watching it at 2015..... really cute..... thumbs up fr ur prince n fr u...

Beverly mohedano
Beverly mohedano 2 months ago

Great craft ideas. I'm going to try them with my kids.

Tsheej Vammeej
Tsheej Vammeej 2 months ago

i had so much fun looking at you guys. you are very patient and creative

Craftylicious 2 months ago

I've had such fun especially with the snowmen decorations. my kids love it xxx

Jasmine Wells
Jasmine Wells 2 months ago

Can you put a list of everything you use in the description box

Anna Stalheim
Anna Stalheim 2 months ago

cute! Looks like fun

Rebecca Rugrat
Rebecca Rugrat 2 months ago

Such good ideas and not many expensive materials needed my kids and I will have loads of fun doing these, thanks for this video. p.s your lil boy is sooo cute.

Vickie Robbins
Vickie Robbins 2 months ago

What kind Of paint is you use? Xxx

Iced Koffee
Iced Koffee 2 months ago

jacub is soooo adorable!

Marisa Acosta
Marisa Acosta 2 months ago

Hi! I'm a new subscriber. I was looking for Christmas crafts ideas to do with my two daughters and run into your channel. I'm glad I did. This video has great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Doti Bear Tv
Doti Bear Tv 2 months ago

Very Nice :-)

Surprise Eggs Channel

Really liked your video!

J Kush
J Kush 2 months ago

He's so cute❤️

Darla Little
Darla Little 2 months ago

Where are you from? I love the crafts you do with your son, will have to try them with my grand kids.

Надежда Луканинец

Очень мило,трогательно.Мамочка молодец.Всех благ вам.С Новым 2015 годом!

Heather Murdoch
Heather Murdoch 2 months ago

My little Angel will love to do all that thanks for shearing amazing ideas xx

homemaker23 2 months ago

Love the ideas! What type of paint do you use on his hands?

create557 2 months ago

What wonderful memories!!!! Diana

Cinthya 2 months ago

gonna try the Christmas tree paper thing☺

kateylouisex 2 months ago

You've given me so many great ideas for my job. Thankyou! You seem like a great mother awww :)

Cheung Haily
Cheung Haily 2 months ago

Love the ideas sooo much! Thanks for sharing!

babescraftroom 2 months ago

He is so well behaved. And such a great little artist. I think i will try the first one with the hands on the balls with my grandchildren. 

Georgia August
Georgia August 2 months ago

You seem like such a great mother . Great videos ! 🎅🎅🎅

KeyonaBBaby 2 months ago

Cute crafts!