The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier



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Information The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

Title : The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

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Frames The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

Description The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

The Ritz Dining Room - The First Master Chef: Michel Roux on Escoffier

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Maven Frankeus
Maven Frankeus 2 months ago

I would pay just to watch this.

Hope Victoria James
Hope Victoria James 2 months ago

“Simon, good job with the sauce thing” 😂

Lynx 2 months ago

I can almost see that the duck still had a pulse when it was pressed in this contraption...

Marcos Loza
Marcos Loza 2 months ago

What is the name of the dish they are cooking in this video?

Marcos Loza
Marcos Loza 2 months ago

How do I find the Recipe for this dish?

saadamiens 2 months ago

why call it juice, just call it what it is duck's blood

Darth vader
Darth vader 2 months ago

pretty sure that was a mouse shit on the cutting board.

Aldrin Sangma
Aldrin Sangma 2 months ago

This food doesn't have taste nor it fills your stomach. So what does it do ?

Chef - "This food have history"

abdullah abdulaziz
abdullah abdulaziz 2 months ago

Why would anyone like to see their ducks cut and prepared for entertainment?

Bored Dice
Bored Dice 2 months ago

0:45 when my coach watch me fuck up my training vs my parents having no understanding of the situation XD

Evans Leif
Evans Leif 2 months ago

Couldn't bear French cuisine as a hotel chef back in the day. Wouldn't have touched most of what I had to cook for the fat rich diners with a fucking barge-pole. Relevant to today, the guy says? Fuck that. This style of cookery is dying, and good riddance to it.

Viracus Carrion
Viracus Carrion 2 months ago

Did I just hear Heston?

Cecilia Bush
Cecilia Bush 2 months ago

Too much fancy for me 🤷🏽‍♀️

Gary Ewing
Gary Ewing 2 months ago

Jacques Pepin "is" the master.

nlo114 2 months ago

When I do a curry, that has very complex flavours, I just bung a bit of everything in it and stir. No two are ever the same, but they certainly are complex and usually delicious. Trouble is I never remember to write down the recipe of the better ones.

TheCoolProfessor 2 months ago

I dare anybody to go to this restaurant and order a cheeseburger!

Charles Stanford
Charles Stanford 2 months ago

One of the worst efforts at jointing a duck I've ever seen. If that had been done at my table, I'd have gotten up and left.

Sebastian Neukomm
Sebastian Neukomm 2 months ago

I just came from watching a Gordon Ramsey episode of Kitchen Nightmares...... Man what a huge difference

clark kent
clark kent 2 months ago

Local white wine

Dauren Daurenov
Dauren Daurenov 2 months ago

Да сразу сырую ешьте, что уж там...

Prathmesh 2 months ago

Fwhooop tchack Noice😂

Nonna Bagdasaryan
Nonna Bagdasaryan 2 months ago

3 Michelle star...🏅🏅🏅

Nonna Bagdasaryan
Nonna Bagdasaryan 2 months ago

La France guermade...🙂

John Moore
John Moore 2 months ago

After watching this I had cornbeef & pickle sandwich.

Azer Allahverdiyev
Azer Allahverdiyev 2 months ago

Dennoch müssen wir dem Allmächtigen und den Lichtkräften für die Hilfe und Unterstützung danken, die sie uns gewähren

Александр Даурцев

И за это недожаренное мясо платить! ФУ, БЛЯ!

Вячеслав Ждановских

а мы в россии едим письки без соли

Neil Rafferty
Neil Rafferty 2 months ago


共匪 2 months ago

this is the most pretentious thing ive ever seen

John Coltraine
John Coltraine 2 months ago

French food???? the french learn from the italian...

Sally Portillo
Sally Portillo 2 months ago

I don't know the taste of the liquor, wine and liqueuer in sauces, its spirit may dissolve any unlikely odor and opens up the freshness taste or tanginess. The sauce is caramelized or creamy. How nice.

Razvan Ioan Sandu
Razvan Ioan Sandu 2 months ago

No thanks!

Acrobat 2 months ago

Portion size😢

Max Caysey
Max Caysey 2 months ago

You want to look at forward thinking chefs, you have to look to Denmark, and people like René Retzepi, Rasmus Kofoed or Rasmus Munk... This, however delicious is ancient food, dated and so last year!

I don't dislike classic french cuisine, but the contemporary restaurants in Copenhagen are some of the most interesting in the world!

Erik Halpert
Erik Halpert 2 months ago

That duck is raw.

Dean J. W. Ferris
Dean J. W. Ferris 2 months ago

French food is the worst on the planet.

ziminvideo 2 months ago

あなたのビデオをグッド。 東京レストラン1999

Dr Joan W Rayner MD PhD DDS

Used to go to the one in NYNY often

bunny foo foo N.
bunny foo foo N. 2 months ago

It's Raw!

kurikokaleidoscope 2 months ago

Rich and complex.

Jun Lee
Jun Lee 2 months ago

You should be sitting down when eating a dish like that especially in that setting.

Rohan Chauhan
Rohan Chauhan 2 months ago

looking for a job. Is there any vacancy for Chef De Partie?
I have 9 years of experience as a professional chef,
Comment reader please help me to get one. Help will be much appreciated 🍀

Golden Trowel
Golden Trowel 2 months ago

Fucking chooks raw helllo salmonella

Theressa Murphy
Theressa Murphy 2 months ago

I am so fortunate for spending several days at the Ritz in Paris...just wonderful❤️

Gaikokujohn 2 months ago

my bean burrito is still cold in the middle

mynameisray 2 months ago

Escoffier was fuckin garbage

이준남 2 months ago

I don't care whether it is undercooked or not. I care whether the poultry is rubbed with STOCK CUBE PASTE before roasting. It's my choice.

MRSomethin1 2 months ago

I originally worked there as a the Chef De Partie but when we started doing mucous mornay I was promoted to Chef De Mucous and would finish the dish at the table

andreas Bühler
andreas Bühler 2 months ago

lol it looks shit, i eat my bratwurst and it probably tastes a thousand times better.

Tomas Leitao177
Tomas Leitao177 2 months ago

"Can I have a big mac nigga?"

James S
James S 2 months ago

I’d rather take the family to Dennys. That meat looked undercooked.

Татьяна Дорожкина

Фантастики ,фантастик жрете полусырое мясо а потом спрашивают откуда вирусы

Sean Juhn
Sean Juhn 2 months ago

Not my cup of tea..Im the millionare who's eating at a nice tex mex resturant..

R V 2 months ago

How much 60-80€ per plate i guessss

Beach Samurai
Beach Samurai 2 months ago

@3:07 Heatons still cooking that roast chicken...been 10 yrs already.

Neil Rafferty
Neil Rafferty 2 months ago

🤢 Enough to turn a man vegetarian .

Sunny S
Sunny S 2 months ago

Don’t go for complex things,butter chicken is still simple and best for west

Gananazo 2 months ago

French can’t evolve. They keep eating food from the XIX century

Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder 2 months ago

Can't stand Roux pompous little prick. Still living of the Roux name.

Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder 2 months ago

It's all show..

Peaky Blinder
Peaky Blinder 2 months ago

Looks raw.

cowboy0212 2 months ago

Im eating instant ramen watching this, and those were the best damn instant ramen I’ve ever had.

filmchild78 2 months ago


Serena Santoro
Serena Santoro 2 months ago


J A 2 months ago

French are good at making disgusting food look good, no taste just looks.

Max Musterbeispiel
Max Musterbeispiel 2 months ago

what does 1 night in a ritz and such a meal cost?

Prasetyo Poerwono
Prasetyo Poerwono 2 months ago

There is no real recipe

PANKAJ BAJAJ 2 months ago

All meat cooking luxury cooking appliance

PANKAJ BAJAJ 2 months ago

Inside out uranium ball with robotic laser external turntable Turkey cooking in seconds from drdo make in India chefs

D. G.
D. G. 2 months ago

I'm going to need a shot of cognac before i eat that

AJ Hubbell
AJ Hubbell 2 months ago

Thank you.

Chris Rambarran
Chris Rambarran 2 months ago

At 3:16 I don't understand what he is talking about, sounds like blabbing but I like it.....

poporotismo 2 months ago

Pêche Melba y la música

Alexander Mirvis
Alexander Mirvis 2 months ago

The duck still has a pulse....

Tyfon 44
Tyfon 44 2 months ago

A good job with the sauce there... 😂😂😂. Okay, now leave the ketchup and taste the meat. Shall we ?
3:36 Than... “Stunning”. Followed by hmm yeah it’s good. 😐

Chltn 2 months ago

Apparently the rich eat pretty well.

Amenaz A
Amenaz A 2 months ago

Even Michelin star chefs put respek on Heston Blumenthal's name

d34dj0k3r 2 months ago

John Williams is multi-talented. He's a world renowned film composer and a chef in a 5-star hotel. I don't know how he managed to juggle between two professions.

Iron Vlogger
Iron Vlogger 2 months ago

No wonder Crowley and Aziraphale love it there so much 😍

cesteres 2 months ago

Does Michel Roux has some kind of liver disease?

H.S 2 months ago

Wow 😳

matt6360 2 months ago

Lame. Give me a pizza any day.

Alain Belanger
Alain Belanger 2 months ago


Hakan Keskin
Hakan Keskin 2 months ago

Raw duck or chicken is unhelathy or not? Disgusting

Ives 89
Ives 89 2 months ago

Is that chef a geordie? 😆

utopianfurbiscuit 2 months ago

Commentator sounds like tiff..

Jacquy Lenoir
Jacquy Lenoir 2 months ago

Excellente présentation, mais la cuisson du canard, heu, bon,

Adzy82 2 months ago

To be honest there’s others I’d rather try before that

jiri pribyl
jiri pribyl 2 months ago

Žrádlo pro hadrníky ne pro lidi

Rebecca Sowell
Rebecca Sowell 2 months ago

Bruno Albuze(s9p?) is a French chef to watch.

Rebecca Sowell
Rebecca Sowell 2 months ago

Are they squeezing raw blood out of that meat??are they cooking blood?

paul baker
paul baker 2 months ago

Now we have people with no toes.. I mean lactose and tolerant.. Intolerant. Or whatever. Vegan piss as far as the eyes can see. People marching for us to stop eating animals.then what. Animals will evolve and munch our asses. Brilliant. Or eat all the plant based protein.

Ali Najma
Ali Najma 2 months ago

ماشيء رز بخاري 😄😁😁😁😁

balu balu
balu balu 2 months ago

Am getting vomit ,by seeing the raw meat and that blood like thing coming out of that what ever🤢🤮🤮🤮


"Then, everything changed when the Vegan nation attacked..."

at1212 b
at1212 b 2 months ago

I'm drinking a beer watching this, and feeling the coldness of the beer in my empty stomach. I'm debating between a Jamaican beef patty or instant noodles.

Joe Baxley
Joe Baxley 2 months ago

I would rather have fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy made from pan grease, and biscuits. Now that's good eat'n.

Rinon Pflorante
Rinon Pflorante 2 months ago

medieval complexity..

Michael Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh 2 months ago

I'd honestly rather get a fish supper than pay for this poncey pish

number 1 enemy of the useless

I heard they got coupons in Saturday news papers for those wondering...