How To Fluff Your Fake Christmas Tree Like a Pro


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Title : How To Fluff Your Fake Christmas Tree Like a Pro

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How To Fluff Your Fake Christmas Tree Like a Pro

How To Fluff Your Fake Christmas Tree Like a Pro

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De'Mone Dynasty
De'Mone Dynasty 2 months ago

Who's going to say it?

Juanita Nlemadim
Juanita Nlemadim 2 months ago

Rachel, I'm annoyed. Give her space to talk. Let us hear her. Glad she handled you graciously. She realized your talkative nature and just put the spot light on your big ass mouth.

Tony Montana
Tony Montana 2 months ago

In and out and go deep! 🤔
I wonder why she didn't say it again 🤣

Melina Curtis
Melina Curtis 2 months ago

Hell Rachel should have showed the audience, damn

Stephen Heath
Stephen Heath 2 months ago

What a load of nothing

Pedro Avilez
Pedro Avilez 2 months ago

What name of that thick girl

Shivanne Khan
Shivanne Khan 2 months ago

Me :watching this at 3 am my family like what is that noise and I'm like nothing nothing 👁👄👁

Sewranie Naraine
Sewranie Naraine 2 months ago

Is she drunk? The way to fluff is one to the right one to the left and one up. Keep this method and it will be full and natural looking.

Harlem Lee
Harlem Lee 2 months ago

Double cheeked up

D' Gypsy
D' Gypsy 2 months ago

Saying the word "fluffed" 5 MILLION times does not mean you taught us anything about actually fluffing a tree!!!

Shane 2 months ago

Fluffing their holiday bush

Seema Mehta
Seema Mehta 2 months ago

Most are made with harmful plastic

luxaholic anonymous
luxaholic anonymous 2 months ago

I clicked on this video because I thought they were going to show us how to fluff a Christmas tree. I LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! 🥺🙄😡

LeAnn Alfrey
LeAnn Alfrey 2 months ago

Jesus the host will NOT stop interrupting

Blue Light
Blue Light 2 months ago

Rachel never lets the guest B. That annoys the crap out of me! Anyone else? I quit watching her show for this particular reason, however, it popped up in my feed on how to really fluff an artificial tree and I still don't know how.

StormyWeld 2 months ago

Thanks. This video has inspired me to watch a better video.

chidrummer1 2 months ago

Ok why have a tree expert on your show Rachel Ray, if you are going to be talking the entire segment. I learned nothing on how to fluff.

Caitlin Tidwell
Caitlin Tidwell 2 months ago

Wow thank you so much I learned nothing about fluffing the tree lol

Forbes squad
Forbes squad 2 months ago

I wish she would shut up and let the lady talk ! She getting on my damn nerves

RUBEN 2 months ago


Sandy Mitchell
Sandy Mitchell 2 months ago

If rchel knows everything why bring in the professional? geez girl let some one else talk

Shaniqua Little
Shaniqua Little 2 months ago

Why does she keep interrupting her? Geez.

chingn33 2 months ago

Those Red Fitted pants 🤩 😛😋!!

Emma Leitch
Emma Leitch 2 months ago

My goodness, imagine being stuck in a lift with these two Mouthy females!!!

Mike B.
Mike B. 2 months ago

Go in there deep with the fingers.

Noneyah 2 months ago

Rachael please shut the hell up. I had when host don't allow their guest to speak. Ugh

You do not no the way

POV your watching this in 2020

Marley Richardson
Marley Richardson 2 months ago

Fluffing the tree is the worst part...jk. If I don’t do it right (that’s why I’m here lol) me mother makes me do it, till it’s right.

Stephanie Wandick
Stephanie Wandick 2 months ago


Danniiee M
Danniiee M 2 months ago

Rachel we get it it’s your show but gosh let her speak

XSean 2 months ago

Lauren thick thick 🤤

Dan Seabreeze
Dan Seabreeze 2 months ago

I disagree, when the tree is in a store, mall, in her program or anywhere with strong florescent lights or a strong sky light then I agree to put so many lights but when you have a dimmer atmosphere and warm colors I don't like to put such an excess of lights. I have 300 muti colored lights on my 6 foot tree and it's just right for my dim lit, warmly decorated (warm colors, wood, brick) apartment.

Jak Progresso
Jak Progresso 2 months ago

Donkey thighs on the left 😈

Emily Dillon
Emily Dillon 2 months ago


Cubs City
Cubs City 2 months ago

Forget the tree! I wanna fluff and decorate her!!! ☝️ 🤩 😳 😯😍🥰😋

Nim Belina
Nim Belina 2 months ago

Does Rachel ever let her guests speak without interrupting?

Tasha Hargrove
Tasha Hargrove 2 months ago

I hate fluffing the tree.

ervinjohnson40 2 months ago

Nice big butt on Lauren.😃

T Price
T Price 2 months ago

Rachael blackin' it up

Brown & Confident
Brown & Confident 2 months ago

Did I miss something she didn’t really show us nothing . Smh

Push Harder
Push Harder 2 months ago

Look at the size of that thing, i'm not talking about the Christmas Tree, i'm talking about the Butt, beautiful!

Giselle Joseph
Giselle Joseph 2 months ago

I need a tree

Ladale Nesmith
Ladale Nesmith 2 months ago

Damn Lauren is fine and thick as hell 😍