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Odeta Bickson
Odeta Bickson 2 months ago

Hello, i just came across this video today and I'd love to try this out. Can I please have the recipe. My email address is [email protected] Thanks in advance

Angie Camacho
Angie Camacho 2 months ago

Hi I'm Angie my aunti teached me this old fashion kinda recipe, and it's amazing, I love learn and mix new with classic, so congrats from México City 😙😙😙

MPLMA Credit Comunity

Hello....the fruitcake lòoks so yummylious n the receioe u gave at the begining of your video im am not able to see the ingredients because its not so clear.

Manjula Reddy
Manjula Reddy 2 months ago

Pl give the recipe it looks sooooo good.

Miss Yvette
Miss Yvette 2 months ago

Thanks for your tips!!!. My mother was born and raised in South Georgia and she used to make an old fashioned Fruit cake from a Southern living cookbook that I cdd as not find anywhere. I bake a lot, but never tried to make her fruit cake. This will be my first attempt at it so I’ll try yours. ( My fruit is currently soaking in brandy😩 ... wish I saw this video beforehand ). Can rum be used to ripen the cake when afterwards?