Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe


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Information Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

Title : Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

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Frames Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

Description Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

Christmas Pudding Cloth making with recipe

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Carolle Enkelmann
Carolle Enkelmann 2 months ago

This is painfully disorganized, Delores! But, with typical Aussie Bravado, you carried it off. This looks VERY complicated! Maybe I'll try it before I die. Thankyou for the display.

Julie Palmer
Julie Palmer 2 months ago

Thank you. I used your technique and ended up with a wonderful result. RIP Judy, you will live on in this video.

Time-Out-Tuti-Fruti 2 months ago

Did you hang it in the same cloth or did you rewrap in a clean floured cloth? Some suggest rewrapping and i wasn’t sure why. Perhaps moisture could trap under the string? Mine is hanging having dried for 3 days. Thank you for sharing.

Karen Robertson
Karen Robertson 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. Born in Australia... living in Texas. Making My Nanna’s recipe this weekend with the guidence of my 80 year old Mum. I’m making it in a mold... but was feeling nostalgic for a cloth shaped pudding.

What a treasure you have here.

M H 2 months ago

The flavor will be lost bcoz it goes into the water? And why didn't she use a new cloth. It looks dirty

Josh Stewart
Josh Stewart 2 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing this video. Our family has been making a similar Scottish Suet Pudding for over 100 years. I can't wait to share with them some of Judy's clever ideas. I am sure my family will embrace them and we'll help carry on a little bit of Judy's legacy. :)

Cheryle Matthew
Cheryle Matthew 2 months ago

Thankyou for the video. Great instructions.
PichilmI she definitely sounds Australian.

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago

Hi sorry to be a pain what sort of string did you use and where did you get it thanks

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago

Hi how long did you hang the pudding

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago

what is ozs in grams sorry to be a pain

Michael Jones
Michael Jones 2 months ago

Just like my grandma did can you tell where i can get the cloth or the name thanks Plus she would put six pence in it

Michele Hicks
Michele Hicks 2 months ago

My mom past away and with her passing went the recipe she had for a cake she use to make for us kids. On our birthday she would make a pudding cake with money . She would put jam in a clean new white pillow case on top of that she made a white batter with money wrapped in foil. She would pour that over the jam tie it tight and put into a pot of boi!ing water . On the outside it was a nice jelly looking but not soggy and we each would get a peice and I would love to pour a bit of. I'll over top or cream . So you get a treat plus money ( it was when you could take 50 cents and get a huge bag of different candy.) If anyone has heard of this cake please send the recipe . My mom was from Scotland . Going to try this !!!

Ron Cooke
Ron Cooke 2 months ago

I can see who is the boss great video, do as the Mrs says, !!!! you should be on national television and give everyone a smile. Perfect instruction

M A Rodriguez
M A Rodriguez 2 months ago

This was so awesome. A beautiful way to honor your ancestors. Good food with good techniques never goes out of style. RIP Judy and thank you for this very informative video!

Katrina Bevan
Katrina Bevan 2 months ago

Interesting to see how someone else does this :-) however seeing as it's gonna be boiled for several hours I'm not sure sure that you need to be too worried about touching the cloth as I expect you're probably have clean hands when you are baking anyway butanything would be well and truly killed in that boiling process😀

B3NN1TH 2 months ago

Great pudding and method, thank you. Was sorry to read of your loss.

Deb Waterson
Deb Waterson 2 months ago


ROSEMARIE D'SOUZA 2 months ago

Thank you for sharing the recipe. I wonder if all the juices of fruit would go in the water.

daduna ghlonti
daduna ghlonti 2 months ago

Hello l m from Georgia, Tbilisi! Pls hell me to fined the hole recipe of that pudding!! Thank u!

hilmi 2 months ago

is this lady from australia? or uk?