Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat


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Information Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

Title : Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

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Frames Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

Description Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

Salmon are sick and dying in Columbia River due to heat

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Arcanum 2 months ago

Wounds and fungus are common. Two most obvious solutions are culling sea lions and cormorants then releasing more water for salmonids and not junk produce we export to other countries.

Justin Boyd
Justin Boyd 2 months ago

Why so many lies these fish always get this way from being in freshwater and not salt the always get diseases when the get close to spawning out yes warm water temperatures in the smaller rivers that are not as deep causes less oxygen so they are more prone to die but these fish will spawn out and die. Notice the video title then they go on to say possibly could be happening in the Columbia River ..... why cant there be transparency instead of always pushing a agenda and the latest agenda is removal of all dams. Those fished they showed were way up river about to spawn out.

Matthew Gehring
Matthew Gehring 2 months ago

Oh well. People die to when it gets to hot. Yh should think more about humans

Ez 2 months ago


adrian hoffarth
adrian hoffarth 2 months ago

Nobody mentions the Indians that gill net a ton of fish all year long and then sell them stop that and more alot more fish will make it up to the spawn grounds helping the species climate change is a joke we have not been on this earth long enough to know its weather cycles.

Trumpy Bear34
Trumpy Bear34 2 months ago

One of the first fish has a would from a seal that got infected that’s not unusual😐 and maybe if they let some more water out of the dams the water wouldn’t be so hot

Steve Pierce
Steve Pierce 2 months ago

Wait. Salmon bodies historically deteriorate while returning to spawn, yes warmer water is bad, but let's face it, those involved in publication of this video are not providing to you all the facts. Returning salmon always began the deterioration process upon entering fresh water, not feeding.

Jvp Jvp
Jvp Jvp 2 months ago

More woke"climate change BS"...DROUGHTS HAPPEN ....DAMMS DON"T help...

SnizzlesYT 2 months ago

70!? That’s bullshit!

Jeff Archer
Jeff Archer 2 months ago

Dams usually create colder water downstream. Fish ladders work. Holding back water is safer than letting it go and praying for rain.
Perhaps these fish had to pass through farmed Salmon and got sick.

Salmon used to return to the exact stream they were born in to mate and die.
Their bodies fed the trees which shaded the streams and kept them cool.
Which is better a dam to go around or no water at all?

Josiah Benitez
Josiah Benitez 2 months ago

Yeah they closed nehalem river cant fish fuckin sucks

cali gdp
cali gdp 2 months ago

Scum o crats could learn why salmon shouldn’t be spawning up California rivers.

willy jones
willy jones 2 months ago

Could they show the same messed up fish any more?

Darren Cauppi
Darren Cauppi 2 months ago

fake news

Ed Quier
Ed Quier 2 months ago

The gill nets do not help either...

Mastermind 2 months ago

How about less rain in Idaho to dilute fertilizers and pesticides in the snake river? I've been monitoring a river that climbs up to the low 80's during every salmon season and they make it with no problems. I know the Columbia doesn't reach those temperatures.

yegfreethinker 2 months ago

I'm little tearing up. 😟 We must fix this now!

Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman 2 months ago

Climate change..the fish believe it. Why can't we

Raven Brown
Raven Brown 2 months ago

So many creatures are suffering because of our activities on this planet. I don't understand how anyone can be alright with that.

Joe Riley
Joe Riley 2 months ago

The only stress. Is the stupid Democrats!!!

Joe Riley
Joe Riley 2 months ago

Na.its pollution!

P 2 months ago

check to see if a fish farm is near the mouth.

Dick Dykstra
Dick Dykstra 2 months ago

Just what we need more river huggers pushing climate change to screw up the rivers, the fishing and the normal spawning cycle of our salmon. Salmon start to go down hill as soon as they hit the fresh water, net marks and seal and sea lion bites don't help.

Hot Guy Six Packs
Hot Guy Six Packs 2 months ago

71° (F or C)??

Elijah X
Elijah X 2 months ago

Its only going to get worse ☠️☠️☠️

michael husar
michael husar 2 months ago

Humans are determined to make everything extinct. It's what's been going on for centuries.

Mike McBrearty
Mike McBrearty 2 months ago

Where have you people been it happens every year why is it a big deal now come on it always heats up to the same temperature every year then they swim all the way up to there river Okanagan, Wenatchee, and wait there for that river to cool down people need to look at why are some of the sockeye waiting so long to start up the Columbia ,this is nothing new, come on

Zach Judah
Zach Judah 2 months ago


Lorn Tapani
Lorn Tapani 2 months ago

There stinkin spawning.

david roof
david roof 2 months ago

its heart braking the non profit for profit tare down that dam

Casual Browser
Casual Browser 2 months ago

How great it will be when Columbia warms up enough for people to swim in it, like the Colorado river for example? The salmon will always find a new place somewhere up north. But we can have a blast swimming in the mighty Columbia during the summer !!!

Large Richard
Large Richard 2 months ago

Allowing the river to warm? I’m pretty sure nobody has control over a hot summer and that is all it is ding dong, we have hot and cold years all through out history!

Sea lion Defense Brigade

These fish need thermal refuge! -- Bust up the Dams! Bust them up! 130 other species rely on these migrating cold water fish returning to the bioregion for their very sustenance not sport or profit.

Siren Faz
Siren Faz 2 months ago

human’s near future

Carol Bynum
Carol Bynum 2 months ago

Calling B.S. salmon have the ability to find cooler water and sealions kill more fish than you admit

Keyko5150 Estrada
Keyko5150 Estrada 2 months ago

I bet the HotSprings pouring off into it really helps keep it cool

m j
m j 2 months ago

All dams should be removed. Humans have no respect for the earth or other living things.

Blake 2 months ago

No they're not? They're fish.

Anyways there are no wildfires in Washington Oregon and California. Your welcome!

William Trowbridge
William Trowbridge 2 months ago

Dredge The Rivers And Remove The Damns

Jeremy Wing
Jeremy Wing 2 months ago

What's it going to take before its us humans?

Three GoodEyes
Three GoodEyes 2 months ago

Damn, you go me tearing up about salmon. Humans are a virus.

HR PuffnStuff
HR PuffnStuff 2 months ago

Any report on how the water is polluted in the Willamette and Columbia due to Portland dumping sewage into the water??

Cornbreadfed Kirkpatrick

This is happening in other places also.