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Crescent 2 months ago


Tien Do
Tien Do 2 months ago

Dear @DW Documentary, could you reduce number of ads in this video? I see an ad every 3 minutes, it’s very annoying.

Truey 2 months ago

The sneaky scarf aesthetically gather because mirror partly disapprove worth a damaging sign. peaceful, hideous high market

Peter Benvenuto Stiegmaier

Perfect Lockdown Doc.

Chanel 121
Chanel 121 2 months ago

Great journey.. good documentary..👍👍

Larry Loveless
Larry Loveless 2 months ago

I enjoyed your video of the train route across the South in the U.S.. I agree with the comments that instead of taking a bus from New Orleans to New York Americans are more likely to fly or drive a car. The long distasnce train routes in the U.S. though do pick up passengers in the more rural and small town areas along the route. I have ridden all the AMTRAK routes west of St. Louis just as a means to see the scenery of the West. The history you provided along the route was very interesting and you visited places off the car routes I have taken from my home in St. Louis.

Patricia Yohn
Patricia Yohn 2 months ago

It would be more accurate for foreign documentaries to list distance traveled in miles, we don't use kilometers here.

pooli ramesh
pooli ramesh 2 months ago

Beautiful Journey

Dustin Autrey
Dustin Autrey 2 months ago

The way she pronounces Hurricane is funny. “Hurriken” lol

Lizzie Wallace
Lizzie Wallace 2 months ago

I have been to Alabama too

Lizzie Wallace
Lizzie Wallace 2 months ago

My grandma’s house was flooded real bad during Hurricane Katrina

Lizzie Wallace
Lizzie Wallace 2 months ago

I have rode on the crescent train to New York

Lizzie Wallace
Lizzie Wallace 2 months ago

I used to live in Louisiana it is my home state and always will be even though I live in Oklahoma now. I will always go back to Louisiana that is my roots are and always will be

Leo Game universe
Leo Game universe 2 months ago

I didn’t know that the Amtrak was actually called a crescent?!😱

operation nightshade Brian frumps

Put more commercials in there ...or start a go fund me

smoothjazzaxe 2 months ago

2:19 it's very rare for a street performer to be out that early. I was advised that in most cases they don't really start showing up in numbers until 7 in the evening

Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 2 months ago

Wow how things have changed in 3 years. NYC is dead as a doornail now since Covid madness. Pathetic. Glad we have these Docutimes to see how it used to be. Ty for these uploads. Trains are so nostalgic. Keep making these docs.

David Starr
David Starr 2 months ago

I still remember taking the L&N passenger trIn fro. TALLAHASSEE to NEW ORLEANS back in the 60s. Good times indeed

S K 2 months ago

Train just passed near from my home

Hussain Elb
Hussain Elb 2 months ago

I hope you made an Arabic version of it ❤️

Christina Fidance
Christina Fidance 2 months ago

I’m from Wilmington, Delaware (it’s smack dab between Baltimore and Philadelphia) and is a decent size city along the train route, but clearly not important enough for a mention! Lol. It’s ok, it never is!!!

Christina Fidance
Christina Fidance 2 months ago

2:55- now that’s something we don’t see anymore!!! Dude traded his iPad for a damn typewriter!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Floyd Sterling
Floyd Sterling 2 months ago

It’s the shore of the lake not the bend in the river nicknaming the city.

Ch Chaitanya
Ch Chaitanya 2 months ago

What ever you say..
Railroads across the world has different stories to narrate..
From combining people and gives us a view about the countryside of any nation..
I'm glad that I live nearby railroad..
Thanks DW for your marvellous content..
Hope you guys will continue to make rail road contents accross the world in future also..

iAva 2 months ago

The vibe of New Orleans seems amazing! I would love to go after COVID-19 is over.

phil fluther
phil fluther 2 months ago

'Small town by the tracks America' America.

The Random Guys {LarY}

Im lockdown my self in so facinating to watch this

Assaat Arsyad
Assaat Arsyad 2 months ago

i need subtitle

Jack Ginsberg
Jack Ginsberg 2 months ago

Can anyone identify the song playing over New York at the end? Shazam can't identify it. It sure sounds like Frank Sinatra though.

Anon Viewer
Anon Viewer 2 months ago

The US train doc has the most ads. No further commemts, your Honor.

Hu Wenkai
Hu Wenkai 2 months ago

I wanna be in the cavalry so I can see off whole Murica. That's right folks.

Sudeep R P Sonawane
Sudeep R P Sonawane 2 months ago

Informative. Well made documentary. Good visuals, excellent voice over.

annapurna cs
annapurna cs 2 months ago

This video is toooo good... Excellent clarity n nice video.. I love ❤️👍

MrStephen182 2 months ago

Good documentary. Donald trump does not work, he plays golf on the taxpayer dime when he should be working.

Trains and model trains productions

Am I the only one who noticed they said nothing about South Carolina other than they were confederates ow that hurt you could have at least talked about the hub city railroad museum that’s feet away from the line the crescent runs on and it’s stops there you can’t just put a sate on the dark side

Jack McKeague
Jack McKeague 2 months ago

Damn, the DW Crew went to New York like a week before that Truck attack by an Islamic extremist that killed 8.

billiamcow 2 months ago

39:57 Every half hours there's another big city- Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, and ... Trenton NJ??? lmfao

damatar 2 months ago

It's a shame we don't invest in rail in the US. I would love to avoid flying when travelling on the east coast, at the least. We took Amtrak from Cary, NC to NYC a few years back and it was so much better than flying... except that it took 10 hours.

Kiyoone 2 months ago

Oh thanks! Now that i saw what is like to travel to USA cities, i really never want go visit there. looking close, you'll find that nothing special. Just a "first world" country with "third world" problems
Just the nature worth it... the cities? big nope

George Donaldson Fisher

too many ads

Juan 2 months ago

Southern states " democrats"

Y 2 months ago

America: A German Perspective?

L33tSkE3t 2 months ago

America, I love you.. but we really need to work on our infrastructure

Drew Sanders
Drew Sanders 2 months ago

Good sale but i don't buy it. Fuckin' everystop must have some grusome black history ....

Ivan 2 months ago

Set playback speed to 1.25 or 1.5, thank me later.

Tina Aoro
Tina Aoro 2 months ago

0:12 I bet a lot of those cars can be turned into hot rods

keanuril basreeves
keanuril basreeves 2 months ago

of all train and bus rides docus by DW this one is the least interesting.... the doc is great as usual, it's just the material is quite boring.

Crescent view
Crescent view 2 months ago

New Orleans needs repaired roads , you already know

Alejay? Alejay!
Alejay? Alejay! 2 months ago

21:30 Official Hotel partner of Miss Universe 2019 😘, where the candidate stayed.

Isabella Estevez
Isabella Estevez 2 months ago


10klens 2 months ago

Looks like Thomas and friends
GTA San Andreas

Debraj Mukherjee
Debraj Mukherjee 2 months ago

I loved the journey ... Thank you very much ... from India ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Dennis Clark
Dennis Clark 2 months ago

It took two Amtrak locomotives to handle a measly little 9 car train ? Wow no wonder they say railroads in America sucks

kollo duke
kollo duke 2 months ago


Carlos Melgoza Sepúlveda

I'd love to have traveling on that train someday.

Andrey Yarmolenko
Andrey Yarmolenko 2 months ago

Too many ads

uprasad Kumar
uprasad Kumar 2 months ago

I remained spell bound, felt as if I'm a part of the presentation from DW. Truely masterpiece...Good luck for future endeavours...

kalo megh
kalo megh 2 months ago

This guy speaks very clearly and nicely in playback video. keep it up

Tư Diêu - QNg
Tư Diêu - QNg 2 months ago

Great share video new friend! Thank for sharing! Greeting from Vietnam.

Tyler Kochman
Tyler Kochman 2 months ago

40:21 "New York City" as they show footage of the train rolling into....PHILADELPHIA

Mike Ciulini
Mike Ciulini 2 months ago


Danijel Klaić
Danijel Klaić 2 months ago

Im sorry but this is UNWATCHABLE! I get a video-ad every 3 minutes! I got it at 3.00 then 6.00 then 9.00 and then I decided to watch something else......How can this happen if DW is funded by the german public broadcast licence ?!?!?!

Jahid Samed
Jahid Samed 2 months ago

Music sounds like tin tin in the intro

JP Prophete
JP Prophete 2 months ago

One of the things on my bucket list, to take the Amtrak somewhere.

Jerry Sinclair
Jerry Sinclair 2 months ago

It took about 4:00 of New Orleans and you lost me. big thumbs down 👎 very disappointed.

Greg Gross
Greg Gross 2 months ago

I made this run from New Orleans to Washington DC aboard the Crescent several years ago. As a kid, I rode the Sunset Limited from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Both those trains departed from New Orleans Union Station. The Crescent in your documentary is just as I remember it, minus all the excursion stops! Thanks for the memories.

Rauley Shar
Rauley Shar 2 months ago

At 15:06, that lady voice have no tone.

Peacefully 2 months ago

Now is this a American history or some random ass train

Francis Huddy
Francis Huddy 2 months ago

I have travelled the Crescent - and in the same direction, New Orleans to New York.  I still have my old ticket (as a souvenir), dated 19th September, 1990.  It cost $150, going one way only.  (Standard seating, no cabin).  A truly amazing experience.  In fact - unlike my two travel companions (BUNAC students, from the United Kingdom, the three of us), who had no nerve, and remained in their seats - I actually got out and had a walk around Washington DC, as the train was scheduled to remain at the station for about an hour and a half.  A brilliant documentary.  Well done!

John R
John R 2 months ago

Train ride through history, huh? Leave from New Orleans but don't even mention Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans? History tour my rear.

Ro Banks
Ro Banks 2 months ago

I'm on lockdown in London, but I'm travelling from New Orleans to New York on Youtube, why not, there is nothing else to do!

petko.petrik 2 months ago

Notes at 9:16 are hilarious :D

businessbuilding1 2 months ago

Really enjoyed this! Great journey through time and a good amount or railway footage. Most train journey documentaries ironically have less about trains and more about everything else. Well done guys!

Jhoshua Thomas
Jhoshua Thomas 2 months ago

I hope the DW Documentary does Washington DC to San Francisco by train, San Diego to Vancouver by train, Chicago to Seattle by train, Chicago to Los Angels by train by the Southwest Chief, Texas Eagle, and City of New Orleans and the Sunset Limited, New York to Canada by train, Miami to Maine by train, Boston to Chicago by train, Pennsylvania by train, Chicago to Washington DC by train on the Cardinal and the Capital Limited, and Michigan by train. Even Canada and Alaska by train.

roy hoco
roy hoco 2 months ago

I was hired by Southern Railway in Spartanburg, SC in Jan. 1973 back when the Crescent passenger train was pulled by Southern Railway electro-motive F & E units aka Covered Wagons. The Crescent would stop at the station in Spartanburg, SC and we would add or remove passenger cars as needed. The two trains arrived at around 11:45 pm (north bound train #18) and 4:30 am (south bound train #19) we had to get the work done as quickly as possible and not delay the trains or heads would roll. At that time Hayne Car Shop was located in Spartanburg and the shop repaired and refurbished passenger cars and the cars would be picked up or dropped off by the passenger trains as they came through on their long journeys. During that era of passenger trains railway employees could ride the trains free of charge and go north or south if they wanted to travel by train. those were the days!

Deontray Martin
Deontray Martin 2 months ago

I'm Going On My First Amtrak Train Trip To Chicago IL...

Subscribe Now
Subscribe Now 2 months ago

Lmao anyone else see the crack head lik

Patrick Magnum
Patrick Magnum 2 months ago

Great documentary, America's rural south looks too poor though.

W3stin 2 months ago

Why does the narrator insist on pronouncing the city names in such weird ways?

Russell Mancillas
Russell Mancillas 2 months ago

to many commercials, by

XanderShiller 2 months ago

I live in NYC how do I get on this train and how much is a ticket?

Mark Butuan roblox kid


DAVID PINES 2 months ago

when was this film made? not uploaded to YouTube

itookallthenames 2 months ago

song at 6:30 can anyone tell me? (jazz ignoramus here)

Claas Coors
Claas Coors 2 months ago

So Tom Cooper invented "the first American built steam engine"...after that thing had been invented in England before... How much more "American" can you get in spinning facts to make an American "first" in anything?!?!?

Adrian 2 months ago

Hurricane Katrina changed more than just landscape... It is an utter black eye on American history and the current sad state to government response to such a historical city and people, but New Orleans always prevails.
Edit: Haha... Crazy to see Tannehill and my home city on a DW Doc! I grew up spending a lot of time at Tannehill and it's a beautiful place, especially in the fall.
Thanks to all your documentaries DW!

Dragosh1776 2 months ago

God bless America ❤

Robert McGlinchey
Robert McGlinchey 2 months ago

Booking LA to NYC via NOLA involves a nighttime layover where NOLA hotels are nearby the station - I’ve yet to do this.
BUT DINING CARS HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY CEO RICHARD ANDERSON. This is true for all eastern side and may soon effect some western long haul trains. Last month I was on a long haul, the Lakeshore Ltd. ... NO DINING CAR!

Amtrak is for the people.

Christopher Dibble
Christopher Dibble 2 months ago

The engineer's don't wave from the trains anymore; not like they did back in 1954, still get a tear in my eye when i hear that lonesome whistle in the night.

F1Freak F1
F1Freak F1 2 months ago

As European would love to take a train ride across America

Ginger Dragon in Redshoes

Thank you for pronouncing Appalachian correctly!

Hiren Thanki
Hiren Thanki 2 months ago

DW Documentary, I have seen so many of your documentaries. Your documentaries are always 'on-point'. Thank you very much.

Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa 2 months ago

What a "matchful" analogy! New Orleans is to Big Easy as New York is to Big Apple. Wow! Big 'n new as civilly the biggest!

sprinx elminster
sprinx elminster 2 months ago

TIL New Orleans kinda really sucks.

sprinx elminster
sprinx elminster 2 months ago

2:00 plz don't

Nate Hill
Nate Hill 2 months ago

No, freight trains have priority over pax because THEY OWN THE TRACK. They paid for the land, they paid for the rails, they pay the taxes on them.

Nate Hill
Nate Hill 2 months ago

OK, I can see where a musician's piano or guitar would be of interest; but his dresser?

Sara Sturm
Sara Sturm 2 months ago

word on the streets is Amtrak has better on time stats than Deutsche Bahn. USA USA!

Sara Sturm
Sara Sturm 2 months ago

that feeling when Euros appreciate our "vibrant diversity". Fick du France

Sagar Rao
Sagar Rao 2 months ago

26:36 interesting choice of music....#facepalm