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Title : DIY: GOLD TREE Out Of Branches

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DIY: GOLD TREE Out Of Branches

DIY: GOLD TREE Out Of Branches

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Kimberly Lugo
Kimberly Lugo 2 months ago

fantastic! 💓

ShellShellShell 2 months ago

I'm loving this in 2021❗❗❗Great job Sis❗❗❗😍😍😍

Sjooke Kolkman
Sjooke Kolkman 2 months ago

Very nice.❤
Just maybe paint before,all together,than you waste less paint.

Margaret Shaughnessy
Margaret Shaughnessy 2 months ago

It's beautiful great ideas & talent 👏🏼 im gonna givit a try thanx 2U & for sharing 🥰

Randy R
Randy R 2 months ago

Do you still have those branches? How long did it last? Did the bark fall off? I am looking to do something similar but figured I might have to take bark off.

Jeannette Sikes
Jeannette Sikes 2 months ago

Your tree turned out beautifully.

Norine Williams
Norine Williams 2 months ago

Love you also

Mati Murray
Mati Murray 2 months ago

Très belle

Angel Francois
Angel Francois 2 months ago

I do it like that yesterday ,but I put cement in a bucket in put the branch and spray it after that ,it turned out really nice.

Joko Martina Chavez
Joko Martina Chavez 2 months ago

La branche naturelle est plus jolie

Shawn Jackson
Shawn Jackson 2 months ago

Cute my mom did this in 1979 she went back yard cut one down sprayed it ultra white placed in mirror container she added lights

A W 2 months ago

Love it! Thank you for sharing🎆

N.M. Leepsa
N.M. Leepsa 2 months ago

Fabulous, check my dead tree artwork here

Renisa Brent
Renisa Brent 2 months ago


Suru max Decoration
Suru max Decoration 2 months ago

What is tree

Jennifer Dixon
Jennifer Dixon 2 months ago

This is so awesome! I watch the whole video and I’m so inspired! I’m going for more of an enchanted forest themed wedding and I could really use this. I stopped in somebody’s yard the other day you were throwing away a bunch of perfectly awesome sticks, branches, and I was like, I could totally use these! Thank you so much for your tutorial and inspiration !! 😊💛

suzzette1980 2 months ago

Hi, this project looks very nice and hard work lol. Do you still have it? How long does it last?

Maria Grace Cuenca
Maria Grace Cuenca 2 months ago

I love this kind of idea..i love it it's really amazing 😘😘😘

ruchi mittal
ruchi mittal 2 months ago

Really very nice

Pamela Spence
Pamela Spence 2 months ago

I have just found you and I absolutely LOVE YOU :) and I will keep watching you from where I am here in Toronto Canada!!!!!!!!! Pam

alb 72
alb 72 2 months ago

could have put the branches in a vase..

Khan Brothers321
Khan Brothers321 2 months ago

Bakvas stupid

JoAnna Atkins
JoAnna Atkins 2 months ago

I have that a gold tree similar to that one I got mine from Goodwill $10.00

Piggy's Picks
Piggy's Picks 2 months ago

Great job. Looked really good on the table in front of the gold picture betwixt the two lamps.

Brandy Mzdollredd
Brandy Mzdollredd 2 months ago

These DIY videos are my favorite ones.

Mattie Ruth
Mattie Ruth 2 months ago

607k views of this video. It was one of my favorites!

Deanne Donia Muniz
Deanne Donia Muniz 2 months ago

You are marvellous. Love your tree keep up the ausome work creativity is very unique u got it God bless you i subscribed

Doreen Savoie
Doreen Savoie 2 months ago

Paint before assembly

Foreign Family Kitchen

I will make it

lourds 2 months ago

I had to mute volume since your talk was annoying, liked the tree but you didn’t show where you put it in your house.

A Smith
A Smith 2 months ago

thank you for the video was marvelous loved it

Dawn Morgart
Dawn Morgart 2 months ago

Woke up wondering- if I use branches for a project, do they need cleaned in any way...this video came up first...and you made my day! I loved listening to you! You made me smile..."the tree spoke to you"---I know exactly what you mean! Love your project

Jedidah Morrell
Jedidah Morrell 2 months ago

nice! if i use live branches and spray them gold, won't the branches dry out after sometime?

jenny charles
jenny charles 2 months ago

I just love your spirit 💁🏽‍♀️, very nice . I think I will try this one 😀😀😃

BoyMeetsGyal 2 months ago

Nice! How long will the tree last? Will the branches rotten out?

SULAIMAN ANSAR 2 months ago

Skip 1st 3 minutes, she only bark in that

K T 2 months ago

I love those black and gold drapes....where can I find those

David444 2 months ago

You made me smile first and foremost. Coming across your video, just by accident, is what the universe wanted for me - happy, light-hearted, fun and creative. That is what you are.
And even though the starting of my comment may not be in first reference to the tree project, I felt I needed to tell you that.
The tree turned out stunningly beautiful. I'll be making one myself. I love decorating with branches also. I have them throughout my home.
Thank you for the video and idea.

Sandra Mullikiin
Sandra Mullikiin 2 months ago

Awesome, loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Rosa Elena
Rosa Elena 2 months ago

Te felicito, tu trabajo está muy bonito pero mareas al hablar tanto.

Checho Torres
Checho Torres 2 months ago

Tanto q hablo solo para pintar unas ramas.

Manualidades para ti
Manualidades para ti 2 months ago

Esta super lindo... bendiciones!

kasey henderson
kasey henderson 2 months ago

I think i might have put the branches in a small bucket of quickrete or plaster of paris

Роксэт Р фа
Роксэт Р фа 2 months ago

Такая приколная чикса!) hello, baby! Very nice v

Parveen Ansari
Parveen Ansari 2 months ago


brittany22411 2 months ago

“What you would need is some tree branches, that I gladly grabbed over there” 😂😂

Rasheedah Talib
Rasheedah Talib 2 months ago are CRAZY...........and very TALENTED!!! You're such a highly, spiritual and natural woman. I've subscribed and clicked on the bell for notifications. Muah, muah, muah. Oesce be with you always!!!

Yudith Rosario
Yudith Rosario 2 months ago

Lindo lindo lindo!!!!!😊👍👏👏👏

Max Lee
Max Lee 2 months ago

So nice u job

Novlette Maxwell
Novlette Maxwell 2 months ago

you go, girl, your gold tree looking nice am going to do 2 a gold and a silver......

Kim Masick
Kim Masick 2 months ago

Ok I know I’m late to the party🤣but....we made almost the same trees for a high school play, they turned out GORGEOUS!!!! Only thing we did differently was we filled up five gallon buckets with quick set plaster, stuck the branches in, and put the buckets in Beautiful big plant pots. Really beautiful!

Yolanda Moffitt-Santiago


Sheila Crawford
Sheila Crawford 2 months ago

This is BE-U-TIFUL! ❤❤❤

fleshtone44 2 months ago

Your hair looks FABULOUS!!!!! And you are "off tha chain"!!!! I really enjoyed you so keep up the good work. :)

Glenda Jean Whitmore
Glenda Jean Whitmore 2 months ago


Susan Mueller
Susan Mueller 2 months ago

Very nice job!

ivorytower99 2 months ago

That "piece of solid wood with a unique shape" is called a beveled plaque.

noura fassi
noura fassi 2 months ago

I love you. Bravo i am from morroco

kgomotso dlamini
kgomotso dlamini 2 months ago

OMG you look and sound like actress Wanda Sykes, even have the same energy😃!!! Awesome awesome!!!!

Cheryl JF
Cheryl JF 2 months ago

Im with u this needs to b in my house lots of love u always make me smile and laugh even on a bad day

Dia Lankford
Dia Lankford 2 months ago

I liked ur video immediately because of ur personality😁

Joyce Robinson
Joyce Robinson 2 months ago

love the tree she talking to me to.

Koofs Wife with you hoez


Sandie Kiser
Sandie Kiser 2 months ago

like your attitude towards projects. I've only seen a few if your vids but look forward to more.

Tamara Hart
Tamara Hart 2 months ago

I love it I need a tree in my life lol tfs my love 😍😍😘

Lynn Bairefoot
Lynn Bairefoot 2 months ago

Oh Pamela you crack me up lmao! You have the best kind of personality that I just love girl! I’m definitely a subscriber now.

She Sangs
She Sangs 2 months ago

Beautiful!!! New subbie.

Nour Dette
Nour Dette 2 months ago

It's Sunday and I am watching your video :))

Isolina Valentin
Isolina Valentin 2 months ago

Son muy hermosos que dios te bendiga siempre

Liliana Kaspar
Liliana Kaspar 2 months ago


Sue Shaytar
Sue Shaytar 2 months ago

Newbie here, love the tree. Also wanted to ask about the wall hanging. Did u make that as well, n how if u don't mind?! Thank u very much!!

Voluptuous Von
Voluptuous Von 2 months ago

I like yours and Cathy's better than Tamela's cause y'all went big and bold. Cathryn did those side pieces too, waesome

Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero 2 months ago

Definitely would have primed it first just to save on the gold...and maybe would have put a card board around it to waste less paint. But great job! Loved it!

tameka hicks
tameka hicks 2 months ago

I used Styrofoam and poured cement,then added it to the base. If avoids the trying to hold and put screws in.

Pat Williams
Pat Williams 2 months ago

I would like to copy this tree. It is fabulous . Just like you Sharon. Pat Williams

Martha Villavicencio
Martha Villavicencio 2 months ago

: ( : ( : ( ????????¿???????

K&Q Creations
K&Q Creations 2 months ago

Love it

gema g
gema g 2 months ago

Hola , que hermosa manualidad saludosssssss

Armando Pina
Armando Pina 2 months ago

Loved it

Take a look at a dried century plant tree. Those painted any color are beautiful and can be decorated or not.

When you see it it will mesmerize you.

louise J.I Grant
louise J.I Grant 2 months ago

I like your spirit, you make me giggle EVERY TIME.

nora sly
nora sly 2 months ago

Love u Sharon...good job..

flower Flower
flower Flower 2 months ago

How about your car, did it got gold over spray?

Louise Watkins
Louise Watkins 2 months ago

Your home is beautiful ❤

Emilis Chiritescu
Emilis Chiritescu 2 months ago

The shape of your tree I hate it ,and u talk to much and loud, didn't like it,better don't do this again

Tearraa K.
Tearraa K. 2 months ago

- Did Anyone Else Here A Baby Crying At 3:11 Or So ?? 🤔🤔😩

Susie Q
Susie Q 2 months ago

Wow...very pretty

Sa'Rai Nance
Sa'Rai Nance 2 months ago

I love it! I wonder if it would have been better to laid it on some plastic first for the first coat and then screw it then apply a second coat .. just a thought.. but it’s gorgeous:-)

Aida Nunez
Aida Nunez 2 months ago

It's beautiful

Valarie Garcia
Valarie Garcia 2 months ago

Hi! Great work! How long would you say the branches would stay well ,do they start decaying over time? Asking for my wedding ....

B3autifu! WeirDo785
B3autifu! WeirDo785 2 months ago

I love this idea 😊❤🔥

miyonte1982 2 months ago

Hey, Sharon! U r always beautiful as ever, but that short red natural cut on u is EVERYTHANG guuuurllll! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Glauci Mantovani
Glauci Mantovani 2 months ago

Beautiful Sharon!

melissa pruitt
melissa pruitt 2 months ago

I loved it🤩

LGnLA 2 months ago


Olivia Short
Olivia Short 2 months ago

Did it start to get weak and chip off

Yusra Shaik
Yusra Shaik 2 months ago

I already did it 4 years ago

Anne White
Anne White 2 months ago

Think i would have moved the white car well away from your spray painting 🙈

Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal 2 months ago

Hideous. And the tree still had green buds on it.

Sissy Wekesa
Sissy Wekesa 2 months ago

We appreciate your post. Funny and catchy. My sis and I love it. It just might be calling🏃... 😂 😂 best believe we will answer but not in your basement.