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Cassie Carter
Cassie Carter 2 months ago

I wish I had found your channel before Christmas! Such great ideas!

Cathi FAM Journey
Cathi FAM Journey 2 months ago

These ideas are awesome!!

diana becerra
diana becerra 2 months ago

Teacher here... I get at least 10 mugs a year... along with pens, chocolates and stationary. Those are the gifts we don’t want. I always donate them since I have no space. I’d rather people save their money, or get $5 gift cards for coffee. I do love when my kids write me letters. I have ALL of the ones given to me. So special!

Jen Flores
Jen Flores 2 months ago

Someone always gets a mug for Christmas 😂

Lisa Rose
Lisa Rose 2 months ago

These are the greatest ideas!!!

Diedra Eyraud
Diedra Eyraud 2 months ago

These are so cute thank you for the ideas!

Sherri Wilson
Sherri Wilson 2 months ago

Loved these I’ve actually never gave one but I’m this this may be the year!! Thanks 🙏

Keilani Flowers
Keilani Flowers 2 months ago

I love all of these! ❤️

Is this name taken idk

I'm 19 and in a dorm with a roommate, I really wanna get my mother something that's simple but meaning full, but since corona virus came around, I don't want to risk getting her sick by spending Christmas with her. so I thought I would just make her one of these gift baskets, I choose the baking one and adding a few more personal items to it, thank you so much for the ideas.

April Tilson
April Tilson 2 months ago

I am teacher & I get tons of mugs from my little ones!

Katherine Caswell
Katherine Caswell 2 months ago

I am a kindergarten teacher. I've been teaching for 17 years and I probably get 5 mugs a year. That's a lot of mugs. I am very appreciative of any gift, BUT I've had to give some away because who has that kinda cabinet space?! LOL

Janice Young
Janice Young 2 months ago

Very Beautiful Ideas! Thanks for sharing! I’m 46! And I still Love gel pens 😍

M C 2 months ago

You thought your hands were clean?? Not clean enough to be touching the product, especially when it's to give to someone. Plus you're wearing rings...you should be wearing food-grade gloves.

Toni Boyer
Toni Boyer 2 months ago

Wow in the second one, I got a lotion like that at walmart as well...I've found that sometimes where they have the same products and for some reason it always surprises me lol...oh and in the first basket the biscuit mix is really good yall...just made them with our spaghetti last night :)

Cathy Harding
Cathy Harding 2 months ago

Great gift baskets! I usually just bake cookies.

Angela Scapin
Angela Scapin 2 months ago


Lizz L
Lizz L 2 months ago

Great ideas I love making baskets not just for Christmas I’m actually putting a basket together for my niece who’s turning 10 in a few days with her favorite snacks

Tara Canavera
Tara Canavera 2 months ago

I loved baking and cooking with my daughter when she was younger, she would lb d open up and talk freely all the way into her late teens.
Now I do it with my son (ten year age difference). I have to look for that cook book.

Kim Bennett
Kim Bennett 2 months ago

My professional cook anxiety was triggered watching you make the baking mix with your sleeves dragging

kristen howell
kristen howell 2 months ago

I gave a fun in the snow kit. It had items to make a snowman. Hat scarf, glasses, and buttons. I also placed hot chocolate and a chicken noodle soup pack to help warm up from the snow!

Maria Perez
Maria Perez 2 months ago

Such great ideas, thank you for sharing.

Eileen Murphy
Eileen Murphy 2 months ago

Great basket ideas. Love them .So so clever.Thanks for Sharing

Trebushea 2 months ago

Such great ideas 💕

Regina Crystal
Regina Crystal 2 months ago

New subscriber! I love these ideas! Hope you come watch my Christmas decor.

Tamikka09 2 months ago


Janice Crowell
Janice Crowell 2 months ago

I love your mason jar yard sale finds. I would not give the dollar tree baking stuff unless it is to someone who would not already have better quality baking items. It would be good for a student going to college who likes to bake with mixes.

Janice Crowell
Janice Crowell 2 months ago

Was a teaching assistant and I got lots of mugs and hot chocolate! Loved gift cards best or homemade items like cookies or pictures the kids made.

Brittany Phelps
Brittany Phelps 2 months ago

Great baskets! In 5th grade, gel pens were such a big deal. I remember having a huge box full of them! 😆

Paula Davis
Paula Davis 2 months ago

I think maybe add some candy cane tubes to the bottom like a sleigh.

Carolina Castanon Rivera

Prek teacher 🏫 I love getting mugs! I do get them A LOT but I do use/need them 😆

Patrica Forde
Patrica Forde 2 months ago

Totally awesome good ideas thank you so much for sharing will be watching

Jean St. Aubin
Jean St. Aubin 2 months ago

Such great ideas!

Mignon Ero-Phillips
Mignon Ero-Phillips 2 months ago

Sooo cute!!! I love these! Most def doing the cutey basket with the cocoa cola lip smackers! Omg I loved those when I was a kid and they used to be so expensive! I love the cooking one, the kids cooking ! I used to be a teacher and I love mugs! I too loved gel pens when I was young! Loved to write notes in school with them!❤️ These are all adorable!!!! So making some of these! I have a 9 year old so thanks for the ideas ❤️❤️❤️🎄!

alecia175 2 months ago

Dollar tree has been my savior in 2020. Money has been tight but we have been trying to make it work and this year we are having a homemade Christmas. Hand made gifts and I will definitely be using some of these gift ideas.

Sara Kay
Sara Kay 2 months ago

Really loved this video

Michelle myers
Michelle myers 2 months ago

Love the crayola basket.

Laura’s Craft Room
Laura’s Craft Room 2 months ago

Love all of the ideas. Tfs.

Tiffany Sailor
Tiffany Sailor 2 months ago

New subscriber 😁 So loved this. Thank you for giving so many good ideas 🥰

Michele Strough
Michele Strough 2 months ago

NO MORE MUGS! hahahahaha!

baomin60 2 months ago

Thanks for sharing your very cool ideas! Maybe use double sided tape to hold things in place....?

cindy127 2 months ago

A teacher might like a Christmas pen to wear on her blouse.

cindy127 2 months ago

I bought my daughter a gift box which I left opened and taped it. She likes green...so I bought everything with mostly green colors. It looks great! Bought at 99 cent store. Pistachios, green mug, mitt, homemade little wreath,etc...I don't know how to send pic? Anyway your ideas are great....from granny.

Azoreanprincesa faith

Teacher here and I have tons of mugs from over the years. :)

Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 2 months ago

My kids are in special so that's like 3 teachers a piece lol but i love this idea

Rebecca Higgins
Rebecca Higgins 2 months ago

Watching this I was thinking the battery pack lights in the basket or muffin thing would be cute too

Catie Mason
Catie Mason 2 months ago

Love the ideas

Gloria Peel
Gloria Peel 2 months ago

Great ideas!

Tracy Riordan
Tracy Riordan 2 months ago

These are all awesome, Kristin!! Love these soooo much! ( :

Marcie 47
Marcie 47 2 months ago

A bath basket--

Kyriaaa K
Kyriaaa K 2 months ago

I’m doing some of my gift from dollar tree I can’t wait I got some stuff already I enjoyed Thisssssss❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thank you

juanita auelua
juanita auelua 2 months ago

With ur 10 year old I can kind of relate I have an 11 year old and two teens 13 and 16 its hard for me because there boys there growing up and u kind of dont want the gifts u give them.to end up in the closet the gift u made in the jar is pretty cool at Christmas I don't spend a lot for my kids and this year I'm.not getting them much but u also want ur gift to be meaningful at the same time

Patti Hernandez
Patti Hernandez 2 months ago


Tina Ellis
Tina Ellis 2 months ago

Such great ideas

Lydia Senn
Lydia Senn 2 months ago

They do have those Farm Fresh baskets! I just bought some.

Lisa James
Lisa James 2 months ago

Clever, helpful ideas! Thank you!🎄🌲🛷❄️

Mechelle Olson
Mechelle Olson 2 months ago

Love all your ideas❤️Really cute baskets

Liper 2 months ago

I am 36 and def had and loved gel pens!! I’d love that adult coloring book basket!! All my favorite things in there

Jayme Rutkauskas
Jayme Rutkauskas 2 months ago

I used to collect novelty erasers when I was younger & my sister & brother thought I was so weird. I don’t know why that brought me so much nostalgia but I just remember loving them! These baskets are so cute & well thought out! Nice job!

Kellie Roth
Kellie Roth 2 months ago

Love all these! You're great and I love watching your videos!

Jess Mejia
Jess Mejia 2 months ago

This helped so much !! Thank you !

Karen Rechsteiner
Karen Rechsteiner 2 months ago

Such cool ideas! I was thinking not just for holidays but because so many of us, especially kids stuck at home because of virus, these are excellent gift ideas! I already know several families who’s kids would love these boxes! Thank you! You are so innovative, Kristin!

Chantel Dumont
Chantel Dumont 2 months ago

I use to always have gel pens

Rebecca Quigley
Rebecca Quigley 2 months ago

Ditto to everyone's praise for your fabulous ideas--I love how you come up with your wonderful ideas. I just decided to make our family pets Christmas baskets--bowls, pet toys, dog leash or collar, dog treats etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brianna O'Duinn
Brianna O'Duinn 2 months ago

These are such fabulous ideas! The one thing that I would add to your muffin baskets is the baking cups to line the muffin tins. As always, I love watching your videos! Thanks so much for sharing.

Living Out Loud
Living Out Loud 2 months ago

Really cute gift basket ideas! Thanks for the inspiration without breaking the bank!!

Danicka Payne-Sully
Danicka Payne-Sully 2 months ago

Thousands!! Still grateful for my students!

Lillian Esparza
Lillian Esparza 2 months ago

Loved your ideas!

Cynthia Schexnayder
Cynthia Schexnayder 2 months ago

I love the gift basket ideas. I will use three of your ideas for my neighbors. One neighbor has two boys the game night gift is great. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you and your family. You continue to stay safe and stay strong 💪!

miki101801 2 months ago

Awesome ideas.
I hope they still have some yoga cards when I get there.
I have quite a few people on my Christmas list that do yoga or would like to...lol
What section were they in???

Donna Ondik
Donna Ondik 2 months ago

Are you wrapping the finished basket in plastic wrap? If so can you show how you do that?

Krystal Johnson
Krystal Johnson 2 months ago

Great ideas! Thanks

Vikki Stutzman
Vikki Stutzman 2 months ago

I love watching gift basket ideas, especially the baking ones! I love the snowflake jar you found at garage sale. ❄️

Sheryl Bridgeo
Sheryl Bridgeo 2 months ago

Hi. I have 52 mugs and no sets

Linda Trout
Linda Trout 2 months ago

These were all great! Thx for sharing 💜

Julli Giles
Julli Giles 2 months ago

Very cute ideas!

Creative on the Cheap

These are all such great ideas!

Erica Johnson
Erica Johnson 2 months ago

I love these ideas! They are really cute and really great gifts. 💕 I love doing stuff like this. I am going to make a few of these. Thanks for the ideas. ☺️

Pam Preast
Pam Preast 2 months ago

Love all these ideas....TFS

Jannie Vue
Jannie Vue 2 months ago

Love all the baskets!! And I loved gel pens when I was younger!

Jane Doe
Jane Doe 2 months ago

These are awesome girl!!! Love the cookie jar one💕👍👍tfs

Barbara Foor
Barbara Foor 2 months ago

I do gift baskets every year. I make then per each persons interests. For instance, my son in law reads James Patterson books so every year I get him 2 new books and snacks to eat and drink while he eats. Then I put a couple of things in that he isn't expecting. Then for about 6 months I can catch him reading his books.

Melissa Stout
Melissa Stout 2 months ago

I LOVE making gift baskets!! Thank you for so many good ideas!!

Tracy DiGiacomo
Tracy DiGiacomo 2 months ago

I'm a First Grade teacher. The gift I want more than any other is a Dollar Tree gift card. But I love anything they give me, especially if it comes with a note written by the child.

Chanel Davis
Chanel Davis 2 months ago

I haven’t received that many mugs. I get body lotion, body sprays, jewelry and candles all the time

Deb Francis
Deb Francis 2 months ago

Cute gift ideas.

Living My Best Life with Lisa Marie

Super cute gift ideas!

sheryl lawson
sheryl lawson 2 months ago

Oh my gosh Kristin I love these ideas so cute for Christmas

Chelsea Nhã Uyên
Chelsea Nhã Uyên 2 months ago

I had glitter gel pens but I gave them away but I kept refills and I lost them.

Sharen Legette
Sharen Legette 2 months ago

These are great ideas !!!! Thanks💖

Maggie Lipps
Maggie Lipps 2 months ago

Yes girl, I had those gel pens too ! 1982 baby here Lol I still debate buying them every time I see them because I don't need them haha. Very cute ideas! 😍 TFS

Robin Brown
Robin Brown 2 months ago

Hey Kristan , I’m so old I don’t even think we had colored pencils. 😂. We did have crayons. But definitely no gel pens. My daughters did though.

Teresa Juarez
Teresa Juarez 2 months ago

I love all the gift basket 🧺 ideas! I think because I have a big blended family I made to a Dollar Tree 🌲 with a $10-$15 limit- that sound fun!

Jeanna Pool
Jeanna Pool 2 months ago

Where is the recipe for the chocolate chunk cookies in a jar?
I love all of your basket ideas!

Aubrey Hall
Aubrey Hall 2 months ago

I guess I might be missing something but where is the recipe for the cookies in a jar and the printable??

christina rychleski
christina rychleski 2 months ago

I love wine baskets. Thats my go to.

Mehri T
Mehri T 2 months ago

Great idea.

Maggie Baxter
Maggie Baxter 2 months ago

These are all great ideas Kristin and I think the cookie dough in the jar is fabulous. As a retired teaching assistant I would have to lovingly say no thanks to any more mugs. The one thing we give to the elderly folks in our family (my uncle is 95) are cheese/crackers/pepperoni/salami baskets (& some sweets of course!) and a GC to get their hair cut. Consumable is great as people age and we often include a booklet of “coupons” good for shoveling, raking, errands, etc. They love these gifts, especially because the coupon books give them time to visit with us. Thanks for sharing and I hope your week is off to a great start. 🤗🎄☃️🎅❄️

Mary Parr
Mary Parr 2 months ago

Great ideas!!!🙂

Lisa Sylvia
Lisa Sylvia 2 months ago

Very cute ideas.

Sandy Miller
Sandy Miller 2 months ago

I’m a high school teacher, I get tons of mugs and ornaments and lots and lots and lots of cookies/candy. So over these gifts:)
best gifts I receive are the cards with kind notes or heartfelt gratitude for their love of my class! Free! That and $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards!